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Gratitude for What?

September 22, 2015


Here’s a mystifying thing.

When I do healing work on folks, I know that they have fully healed from their trauma when they finally hear from their own Soul WHY they, as their Soul put this crummy or traumatic karmic event in their path—be that heartache, rape, profound loss, and so on. 

But the final measure of healing is when that person actually becomes GRATEFUL for that most difficult event(s) that caused such massive pain.   That’s because it put them on the most arduous road to great, deep healing that so immensely opened their lives for the better.  So, here are the factors involved that I have consistently observed:

1.       First the healed person has genuinely come to Neutral!  That is really a big one.  No longer does the healed person carry that emotional or mental charge that can be set off in an instant when it is triggered by the slightest fear of some similar incident.  You know what I mean.  Perhaps you couldn’t stand to be touched because it brought up that terrible haunting feeling of abuse—sexual, violence, or just plain creepy touch that you may have had such an excruciating experience with in the past.  Or maybe your anger hits the roof when others seem to give accolades to someone else rather than you, due to your own loss of self-worth.  And the list goes on, and on.  But finally since the charge is gone due to your healing and transformation, you don’t react anymore.  Those old habits don’t kick up in your face when you least expect it.  You just clearly flow through them with kindness, love, wisdom and compassion without getting stuck or triggered.  Whew!  What an infinite relief!


2.       Next, once you have fully exzmined that awful incident from all sides—as both the perpetrator--perhaps from a past life, and then also as a suffering victim, you instantly understand the ins and outs of every similar situation.  You can hold the integrity of that “space” from all sides, and in doing so you can truly help others.  Have you ever seen a sober alcoholic instantly call the evasive behavior of one who is still not quite sober, but is trying to hide their little sneakinesses?  Wow!  Witnessing that piercing, most accurate call from the sober one can take your breath away. 


This incredibly deepened awareness on the part of the healed one can open whole new ways for them to serve humanity, to carry out the God-given job that they came to Earth to do.  How purely satisfying!  It can give the healed one true, grounded and fully-expanded awareness that could not have come any other way.  They needed to go through the intense purging of that hell and huge expansion of the healing to become Who they truly are!


3.       So, the final proof of one’s very deep healing is that they are so GRATEFUL for all of this incredible depth, compassion, and pin-pointed understanding of all the aspects of their own and others’ similar victim process.  That whole course transforms one to finally become so clear becaue they have developed an entirely widened perspective on their world that they could never have attained any other way.  They have resurrected themselves from the chains of hell that kept them repeatedly involved as the beaten down victim.  When one is finally clear of that victim/victimizer loop, and they have gained such amazing wisdom and purpose, they are truly GRATEFUL!  They are as clear as a crystalline breeze on a beautiful sunny day.

And actually, that is how Soul in its most divine wisdom sets up our karmas.  As we have said before, there is no “good” karma and no “bad” karma.  There are only these events that we are faced with over time for the sake of our own growth and development.

Soul sets it up so that at some time—perhaps tons of lifetimes ago, we were the perpetrator.  Then what I find with folks on the healing table is that some very deep need for retribution from hidden guilt comes about way down deep in their consciousness, and this magnetic pull is what brings on those difficult victimizing karmic events.  We habitually suffer through these “crosses” until we have simply had enough.  That’s when we turn to the hard work of transformation and healing.  The way that one perpetrator event so closely sets up the patterns of the victim event is most remarkable to me.

For instance:

At some point way back, a person was a Roman guard who whipped Christians.  Really nasty business.  They really didn’t understand what unbearable wounds they were inflicting on others.  They were “just doing their job.”

Then in a subsequent lifetime in the Middle Ages, that same person—now in a different body was an inheriting son of royalty in a city-state.  However, since he felt such deep remorse and guilt, that prince’s uncle who was deviously trying to grab the throne encouraged the prince to whip and starve himself for the sake of religious penance.  You see, the prince was suffering from some vague guilt that seemed to require similar “pay-back.”   As he did so, the prince’s life faded, and his uncle grabbed the family kingdom. 

So, you see, that prince must have also tried at some point way back to have usurped someone else’s throne.  I have always been so very surprised about how literal these karmic causes and effects actually are!  But having had a front row seat in so many people’s past life regressions as the healer, I have found that same kind of precise correlation over and over again.

And by the way, this deep forgiving that I so often encourage folks to do as a key component of their healing process involves forgiving not only one’s perpetrator from deep within—not from the mind, but also forgiving themselves as the victim—yes, forgiving themselves for having been original perpetrator that has now led to becoming the victim.  But please let go of the guilt as you deeply forgive!  This karmic course is actually the divine path for learning and developing true compassion.  In the long run it is purely neutral and of divine order.

So, now you see why this astounding process of forgiveness is what actually dissolves that energetic, karmic procession of “back and forth” from lifetime to lifetime.  Finally forgiving the whole enchilada—past and present and in every detail is the way that you take charge to end that powerful karmic train through lifetimes so that at last you can free yourself to come HOME!

And for this, we are eternally GRATEFUL!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , , 2015.

You have permission to reproduce this article either in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and closely associated with the article.

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August 25, 2015

So, what triggers you?  And when your fuse gets set off, what erupts to take over your mind, your Consciousness, your joie d’vivre?

Isn’t it a bummer when that happens?

But I want to let you in on a little secret.  It’s not that “thing” that actually makes you upset, angry, hurt, lost or desolate—and so much more.  Oh, no.  Just look at Jimmy Carter’s reaction to his metastasized cancer.  The reporter said that he took that news of probable demise in stride!

So, Sweet One, let me try to explain what is actually happening.

If we were totally healthy in all aspects of our body, mind and spirit, our energy would be flowing totally unimpeded, faster than the speed of visible light!  We would be completely in the moment, and all of our answers, understanding and our very presence would be emanating from that incredible Light Source, our very Soul living here on Earth through our bodies and minds.  No problemo!


When we face something traumatic or scary, we tense up, we go into shock of some sort, which halts that energy flow into a kind of looped, repeating video that stays parked in our energetic system just like the digitized material on a DVD.  This is what Yogi Bhajan called a Trance, and he said that we have tons of them!  And they can originate from this lifetime or even earlier ones.  What an amazing array of Trances we carry!

Then when something similar to that original trauma occurs, this new event actually “triggers” or switches on that “DVD” material so that it plays out again to take over our awareness, our emotions and thoughts that produce similar reactions every time.  This full-blown Trance becomes our virtual reality, and it hides the actual reality of what is happening in the present.  When that happens, we believe that the trigger is at fault, e.g. “He did that to me again, and it makes me so angry!”  “Why aren’t I ever really, really loved?”  And so on.  But the Truth is that we yet again allow that trigger to set off our own Trance, our very own personal virtual reality yet again so the same old scenario plays out—again.  In truth, that Trance and all the pain that we experience is ours, not “their” fault.

Don’t worry.  It is the path of our divine karmas that act as regular triggers to set us off over and over again, until we finally get it!  We can actually take it upon ourselves to do something really effective about that Trance mechanism that we carry around.  We finally understand that our healing the “stuff” embedded in our Trances is the only thing that will really save us from our habitual torment.


So, what do you say?  How about if we take our quest for our own happiness into our own hands?  No more blaming those that act as our triggers—those that we feel hurt us, malign us, cause us shame and fear.  Instead, if we clear those most difficult Trances within us, and if we simply don’t engage with what set us off, then Yikes!  No more anger eruption, disappointment, blaming yourself or others, depression, and so on!  So, then do you suppose that happiness, humor and love might finally be able to shine through that once-dark-spot in our emotions and psyche?  Might as well try it and see what happens, eh? 

So, let’s take the 40 day challenge—at least to Oct. 6 to sincerely chisel out and work to transform just one of our Trances.  Are you with me?  Remember, this will take constant, accurate radar on your part to become really aware of what is truly happening and then consistent commitment to meet it squarely.  Spiritual Warrior, I believe is what they call you when honestly working this through this process.

1.       Begin with your commitment to do the amazingly powerful meditation “Breaking the Mask” daily. .  It is quite extraordinary!

2.       In your meditation and in daily life, watch what it is that sets you off.  You might find a few things, but begin to watch to see if they create a cluster of similarity.  For instance, do certain things make you mad?  Do you generally feel the anger is relatively the same way—perhaps with different intensity each time.  Or whatever your “thing” is—shame, loneliness, feelings of imperfection, jealousy, etc.  When you become aware of that common thread among your various reactions, then you can focus in on it.  You’re ready to stalk your healing!

3.       In your meditation, allow that emotional and/or physical sensation of your reaction to arise.  You may be going through your mental shenanigans, blaming, old story-line, e.g. “nobody likes me,” “they’re doing it again”…   Insert your own unique line.  Then as you are watching this all unfold, become the witness, not the victim as though you are watching an addictive TV show.

4.       As the witness, make the very real intention to give all of this unrest, hurt and pain to God, your Soul, to your saints or angels, or any amazingly clear being in the upper dimensions.  They all truly want to take your bedlam and transform that “digitized” energetic, repeating information.  Yep, that’s right!  That’s what they really, really want to do so that you can open to even greater access to the Light!

5.       You can use my most favorite mantra “Gobinday, Mukunday…” fervently, shouting, whispering, crying to actually break the bonds of that repeating Trance!  Take my word for it, it really works.  I have slain a number of my own dragons with this mantra.

6.       Love yourself and your trance.  Oh, yes.  This love for your own crummies does not cause greater attachment to them.  On the contrary, you begin to actually accept yourself in this very moment rather than fight.  It softens your whole being.  You allow self-love to flow through you just as the most kind mother’s love of a hurt and confused child allows the child to feel accepted, connected and OK, despite what has happened.  Mother yourself if at all possible.  Or go deeply into the experience of Divine Mother, Adi Shakti to hold you and bring you peace and love.  She is always there, just waiting to flow this cozy support to you.  Accepting her love is up to you.

7.       Forgive!  Do not try to forgive anyone or anything from your mind.  That will not work.  That will only cause repression of your true feeling, your sense of justice and more.  Instead, please begin Heart Breath to ease into your meditative self.  From there, feel the flow of your breath/energy to deeply forgive—without justification or judgment, forgive those people who you feel have wronged you.  You may find that you have to forgive God.  And then, forgive yourself even if you were abused as a small child.  The reason is that when we get down to that level, what we are doing is diffusing the energetic chains of karma.  For instance, since we abused others in some past lives, here we are becoming the object of that abuse.  So, deep inside we intrinsically are dealing with our own vague sense of guilt and retribution.  You don’t have to make a big deal of that, but kindly and innocently do forgive yourself as well, and also for your current reactions, blaming, etc.  Use your deep Heart Breath and deep forgiveness to propel the action of energetically dissolving the holding patterns of that Trance.  What a wonder that transformation is!

8.       As you go through this process, it is always most powerful to be chanting a mantra or having one play in the background.  You may feel the actual pain as it comes up to your awareness before it finds its way out of you.  Don’t let this process freak you out.  Just keep up, knowing that you are doing this work just right.

9.       Continue this process until you finally feel that deep clarity within your body and your psyche.  Consciously move through every place of stuck or painful energy within your body and mind in this way until is all feels clear.  Then revel in this flow of brilliant Light that is the freed-up YOU!

10.   So in the future, watch your own habits.  Remember you can always fall back into your habitual reactions if you are not watchful.  If this begins to happen, on each occasion that you are triggered, just immediately begin Heart Breath and let that addictive reaction pass.  Be neutral, not numb.  Give that trigger to God and watch the magic unfold!

Always remember that it takes “two to Tango.”  That means that if you don’t react to someone else’s taunting or hurtful projections and habits, it can’t set off your own triggers to engage your old Trance.  Potential triggers will always abound!  The trick is to neutralize your knee jerk reactions, to let go of your part of the dragon-dance, and you will be so amazed at what happens.  You will be FREE of those particular nasty patterns of guilt, heartache, confusion—whatever.  Just don’t play that old game any more.  Neutralize and transform your Trances consistently along with their triggers, and make this quest become your method of operation for your whole course through life.

That’s how you grow spiritually, emotionally and so realize the most sublime, comfortable and supportive peace and deep assurance within, no matter what.  After all, isn’t that what true happiness is?

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2015.

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Mom and Dad Are God!

April 22, 2014


Dear One,

Just think about your idea of God for a second.

Since I have worked with so many people and their Souls, I am fascinated by each one’s own personal relationship with what they see as “God,” their own personal “authority,” or bearer of wisdom, etc.

What I have found is that often, our bond with that Infinite in our lives is totally based in our own relationship with our own parents!  For instance, one fellow just could not trust Soul or that God.  He was totally sure that that “voice” would tear him apart, would abuse him and put him down with guilt and shame, and would belittle him.  He just “knew” that that God could not be trusted because “He” has never been trustworthy.  Nothing has ever really worked out with that God.

It turns out that he was highly abused by his dad, and this feeling was the same feeling that arose when he thought he was connecting with his Soul!  Woops!

Another person, in deep moments would be inspired by the new information given her by her Soul, but acting on that information never seemed to last very long.  She would be right back in her mind/her “everyday self” that tried to figure everything out because at the root she really didn’t feel that she had permission to trust Soul.

Now in her situation, her dad had promised to take care of her in every way and admonished her in subtle ways to not trust anyone else.  She spent her life proving her worthiness to her dad who has now passed away.  But that relationship was still going strong!

In her case, when she got to the bottom of it all, she had to ask her dad for permission to follow Soul as her chief guide and benefactor, and then she merged her dad with Soul.  Such a beautiful and powerful Light ensued.

So, I no longer argue with the psycho-analysts of the last century who claim that God is a parent figure within the human psyche.  It just depends on how much of one’s psyche is still taken over by the original parent/child relationship. 

Now actually, when one does actually feel Soul or Divine Mother—devoid of the carry-over experience from their own parents, they have the very real experience of being wrapped in the most divine and trustworthy love and care that a devoted parent could ever give.

So, this explains the viewpoint of those who say that they could not have survived their childhood without the very real experience of God, their Soul, Jesus, Mary, etc.  They KNEW this pure love and Consciousness and related to it as their first and last hope.  And this has surely carried over to their adult relationship with the Unseen, even though there may be confusion because our culture gives the message that they surely must be locked in the looney bin for such a fantasy-based attitude.  Whereas the “everday”—mind-oriented culture is actually the fantasy-based attitude as it shuts out the very real Consciousness of Soul.

It was Freud who first truly mapped the human psyche.  So, among the ego, id, conscious, subconscious and unconscious, he also defined a “super ego” that acts as our conscience.  However, I call this part of our psycho-map “Mother Superior.”  You see, this is the learned aspect of what we call right and wrong that has been embedded in us from an early age and which takes over when “right and wrong” decisions need to be made.  The only problem is that it acts from a static viewpoint of “right and wrong” and doesn’t actually grasp the whole situation at hand. 

To really find out our TRUE course of action, we would need to check in with Soul who sees the whole huge dynamic situation at hand, and that understands the situation from every angle over lifetimes, our particular needs for growth, our personal evolution as well as that of the collective, and where the “facts” are constantly in motion.  That most trustworthy, wise and TRUE guidance actually comes from our Soul, our True God Self—God and me, me and God are ONE!  And that is accessed through the portal of Freud’s Unconscious where he says that divine experience comes through. 

Question is: When we tune into a relationship with Soul, are we relating to our “Super Ego” with all of our parents’ and teachers’ recurring voices ordering us—which is a part of our “everyday self” or mind.   Or are we sourcing Soul fully from the Unconscious, when we are relaxed in neutral, and Soul surprises us or confirms what we already sorta knew with Its guidance for us. Learn to listen to Soul at .


Now, here is another amazing situation that appears to be natural to all children.  When something goes wrong with the family, especially a divorce, or with an immature, depressed, mentally unstable, or alcoholic parent who cannot take care of themselves, much less their children, the child will automatically blame themselves for the upheaval.  They simply believe that they have done something wrong to break up the parents, for instance.  And they feel the full responsibility for taking care of the disabled parent, even though they may have only just learned to walk.  Has that happened to you?  You can read more about that in the article “Daughters Get Done In” at .

And to this day, you will most likely find folks who as adults of any age are neurotically torn because they never feel good enough.  That’s because they could never adequately take care of their parent and make them well enough to take care of them as children.  They simply feel that they are not good enough in any situation.  That is a terrible automatic bind to be in, and this “trance” carries over to every aspect of that one’s life. 

The cure is to deeply, meditatively forgive the parent for not being there for the child.  So, this deep forgiving is not from the mind that will just overlook what has happened and say, “Oh, that was OK,” which it was surely not.  But that very deep meditative forgiving actually moves and dissolves that frantic or nervous energetic information that has continued to play through the child/grown-child like a broken record whenever a similar incident triggers it.  In this deep forgiving, no blame is placed because certainly by this time the grown child can see the difficulties that their adult parents faced and how hard it may have been for them to adequately cope with them, especially if this kind of behavior has been passed down through the generations.

Then once the grown child has fully forgiven the parent so there is no charge left that one can feel in their body or mind, then the grown child deeply forgives themself for actually believing that they should care for their parent in that way.  Of course, when one is a child, one feels obligated to do what their parent/God demands of them.  But with this very deep forgiving, one absolves oneself of this repeating, most unreasonable duty that they have sworn onto so many years ago.

With this most deep and meditative forgiving, those ties that have bound the grown-child their whole life to dissolve them allows them the great freedom to be Who they really are from the inside out, to be safe and happy.

Now in this process, it is also important to get in touch with one’s own inner child and parent it as it needs so very much from the adult.  The adult aspect then gives their inner child such courage, love, and trustworthy safety so that aspect of oneself can finally grow into the love and support that they will naturally find as they accept it.  Bringing in Divine Mother to help with this healing by allowing her to supply very, very palpable forever-flowing love and safety is the greatest support ever in this process of finally claiming the Truth of Who one actually is!  What a cozy and free way to finally BE!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2014

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Jan. 24, 2012

Because I have worked with so many people whose difficulties are based in their mother’s mental state while she was pregnant with them, I am providing this very special article for you on Yogi Bhajan’s instructions for women when they are with child, as well as guidance for those around her.

Another fact is that while a woman is pregnant, her own mother’s difficulties at the time that the daughter was in utero may actually come up to be played out during her own pregnancy.  For instance, if the mother was insecure, or didn’t want the child, the grown-up daughter who is now pregnant may find those thoughts and feelings flowing through her, even though she can’t find a “base in the reality” in her lifetime.

How extraordinary that our mental states can be so powerfully handed down through the generations!

The following article is from “The Ancient Art of Self-Healing” by Yogi Bhajan, edited by Dr. Siri Amir Singh Khalsa, DC, copyright 1982 by Yogi Bhajan and Dr. Khalsa, p. 40. This book is now out of print.

MIND BUILDING by Yogi Bhajan

It is a simple idea that out of the woman comes the human generations.  Whatever her mind is, that will be imprinted on the child during pregnancy, which is 9 month and 4 days, exclusive of the day of conception. 

Whatever she conceives and imagines her child should be, that will be the structure built up in the child in the first 120 days, because there is no soul in the first 120 days.  When there is no soul, there is no mind. 

After 120 days, her behavior will imprint on the child’s mind.  So actually the child’s mind is built while the child is in that pregnancy.  This is why as a rightful ritual after 120 days we ask the woman to come and all the relatives come around and bring her presents.

She is relieved of all hard duties and is assured sympathy, because with the biological and psychical changes the woman goes through during pregnancy, she normally becomes insecure in those days. 

The second month she doesn’t want to eat, she starts vomiting normally and feels bad about food.  The third month she is tired, and the fourth month, when the soul enters, she is less effective; she wants to rest more.

Now all these changes look unusual to men.  They don’t understand.  But her total structure inside changes, her metabolism changes, the composition of the important ingredients like metals and vitamins change.  Therefore, those months she is required to be in circumstances which are very secure, respectable, comfortable and in which she can have a lot of understanding around her. 

We always know how to raise the rose bush, but we never have tried to study how to raise our children.  Our children are actually raised within those 9 months of pregnancy and development.  Those are very important days of life of the child.

From Siri-Gian Kaur:

So, if you know someone who is pregnant, or you are contemplating pregnancy, please be very sure that all know these very important facts.

Now, if you are pregnant and have any of these seemingly “out of nowhere” emotional challenges, please set about healing them.  In your meditative mind, become very clear about what they are, and then find meditations to melt their hold over you.  Deeply, meditatively forgive all concerned so that the ties to those emotions may thaw and evaporate.  Use your mantra to break out of their hold. 

And then Love, Love, Love!  Love the baby, love yourself, your environs, your partner and all.  Sing songs of goodness and greatness to the child, and free yourself to be fully ready to receive this precious new Soul into the world.  Don’t pressure yourself, but do know that what you implant in the child at this point will not only affect him or her for their whole lifetime, but also affect all the generations that come after.

Best to relax in Guru Ram Das and Divine Mother--Adi Shakti and sing their blessed songs to your baby as beautiful, expansive lullabies.  Snatam Kaur and her mom, Prabhu Nam Kaur have made a wonderful CD called “Divine Birth, Meditations, Shabads and Songs for your Child in Pregnancy and Life.”  You may listen to it in your own healing/rebirthing process as well.  CD is at

Yogi Bhajan always said that Jesus was so great because his mom always told him that God was his father, and he lived up to that.  What can you tell your baby?  Or what will you tell yourself as you rebirth your own self?  You can do that, you know.  You truly have the power!


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Dear One,

Since I have never seen Yogi Bhajan’s answer on this, I will just tell you what I have seen in working with so many people over time.  Maybe someone else has his exact words.

First, the Being of the child from the time of conception is based in an energetic structure.  This is a kind of patterning, or master matrix for the child’s body and energetic system that will be the “seat” for this child’s mind, emotions.  The mold for the child’s energetic structure is originally supplied by the mother’s projections while she is pregnant.  So, her energetic system at that time arranges or molds the baby’s energetic system—its subtle structures.  (Once the child is born, the developing child continues patterning on both the mother and the father’s energetic systems throughout their childhood.)  It is a very dynamic process. 

Also, the very real energetic imprint of the trials and triumphs of generations preceding this child come with its body’s DNA.  (Yogi Bhajan said that when we are liberated, we also liberate 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.   From what I have seen, all those samskaras* of all those ancestors that have been passed to us actually reside in our own make-up.  But as we heal those inherited samskaras within ourselves, we are liberating ourselves from the energetic bonds that hold us to this created realm.  This healing process gives us the freedom to be liberated, as well as the healing process liberating our ancestors.  And then we pass on this energetic freedom on to the following 7 generations.)

Now, the memories of past lifetime events—whether overt or hidden continue to reside our mind and emotional makeup, as clearly evidenced through regression therapy.  It appears that the information and processing of what we call the mind comes in with the Soul at 120 days.  Now it is our Soul—our true Self that decides which body, which parents, environments, etc. will best serve this lifetime’s opportunity to pay accumulated karmas, and heal its samskaras.

So, from the 120th day of pregnancy forward, the mother’s thoughts, emotions and energy, actually “lay tracks” in the child’s mind.  They continue to resound within the child’s entire life.  Of course, the growing and grown child can address these and heal them over time.  But imagine if the mother is kind, sweet, unperturbed and living in her highest consciousness while pregnant!  What an amazing head start she gives that very lucky child.  Although if the mother slips and gets insecure or emotional, she should not worry that she is damaging the child.  Remember, the Soul already knows what will happen and has chosen the mom for Its own profound reasons.

*Samskaras:  Ingrained habits of attachment—energetic, emotional, conceptual, etc., which continue to create karmas, and consequently bind us to this karmic cycling.


Do you think the soul coming into the body gives energy, or life, to that connection in order to make it happen - sort of like you have to turn on your computer for it to work even though the hardware is already there so it can work.

Dear One,

I feel you have asked a very sweet question.

Actually Yogi Bhajan has told us that the Soul comes into the little embryo at 120 after conception.  It is quite remarkable that this is the exact time of "quickening," that is when the mother first feels the baby move inside of her.  What an extraordinary and magical time that is!

Now, I have talked with a couple of women who had no idea of Yogi Bhajan's teachings when they were pregnant.  However, when that quickening time arrived, either with their open eyes or in a dream state of seeing reality, They saw a focus of Light that they reach for.  In that dream-seeing state, she finally asked her husband to help her bring in that Light.

Only years after that time, when she heard Yogi Bhajan's teachings, did she realize that she was actually facilitating that beautiful daughter's Soul coming into its body!

Now, in my own experience, it appears that the Soul of my daughter actually led me pay attention to her future father.  There was a knock on the door, and when this fellow whom I had never met walked in, I saw a light over his head (kind of like a lightbulb in a cartoon), which in retrospect I believe was the Soul of our future daughter.  We "fell in love" pretty instantly, and within the year, we welcomed our sweet daughter, Siri Atma Kaur into the world.

So, from my experience the "child's" Soul has a lot to do with picking the parents, but of course, the parents' Souls do agree to this.

Lots of love,
Siri-Gian Kaur



In, "gurukaramyoga" <lk108@...> wrote:
Sat Nam,
Wow, great response Siri Gian! 

My immediate response to the question was this. The mind is the servant of the soul. Therefore the soul must precede the mind. 

Blessings, Guru Karam

Dear Guru Karam Kaur,

So good to hear from you, Dear!

For some time, I have been puzzling about where the mind goes at death and how it comes back into the next little body, bringing its continuity of memories, samskaras, "identical identity", which is a sort of unique vibrational signature that Yogi Bhajan says continues with us through all of our lifetimes. It is this Identical Identity that we feel when we are in touch with each of our saints who no longer have bodies nowbut each one "feels" so remarkably different, and different people totally agree on what each saint feels like from their own experience. For instance, Yogi Bhajan feels strong, massive and totally present.

So these are my thoughts. Since Yogi Bhajan said that at the time of death, the subtle body encapsulates the Soul to move It to another dimension of frequency between lifetimes, I would say that the mind is either associated with the subtle body or is also encapsulated by it in the Soul's journey of transmigration. So, it appears to me that the mind comes into the body along with the Soul.

Now, here is the real secret! We know that we are all headed for Union--meaning our full Consciousness knows itself as Infinite Consciousness. So, that would mean that our mind fully gets that in fact it is actually an extension of Soul. But the mind is that part of Consciousness that has forgotten Who it really is so that over time it can experience "finite" creation and grow in awareness and "memory" of Who It really is. And our path back to Union is actually healing those misconceptions that the mind and its samskaras have developed over time. To read more about why the Karamic Cyle of Soul does this, please go to .

Yogi Bhajan always said that the spiritual path is about changing our identity--from finite to Infinite--God and me, me and God are One! Consequently, learning to live entirely from your intuition, that is receiving and following the direction of your Soul, your God Self at every second is an essential step. Mind or "everyday self" as I call it learns to clear itself of old self-centered habits of thinking, needing, reactive emotions, etc. (true non-attachment) and simply becomes the clear and happy projector of Soul's input, making Soul's direction become a reality in everyday life. In this way, mind becomes the happy and free "servant of the Soul". This is true Partnership which leads bit by bit to practicing Who you really are. With that continutal transformation over time, the Infinite Soul finally "enlightens" the mind with the experience of total Union! Union is the total experience of there being no difference between finite and Infinite.

I hope this helps, Dear. Maybe this is more information than you were asking for, but it seemed to be important to put it out there.

Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur



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Yogi Bhajan used to talk about the sensory human which I see as a situation where the mind - in all its facets - is being used as a servant to the soul, rather than as a servant to the various energetic maps nicely described by Siri Gian. Would you agree with that?

Dear One,

Actually, I see the"sensory human" as our ability to use all of our senses on a subtle level.  That would include the ability to see, hear, know, move (kinesthetic), feel, and even smell and taste, plus more in a most subtle way.  That subtle feedback is the way to get information and direction from Soul! 

Now it takes a bit of practice to tell the difference between when "everyday self" is giving the input, and when Soul is communicating with you.  This subtle, sensory feedback from Soul is actually the very real experience of what we call "Intuition."  Yogi Bhajan talked so very much about how important our intuition will be in the Aquarian Age.  (I actually teach a number of courses on INTUITION TRAINING.  You can see more about the basic course at

For instance, "hearing" on the subtle sensory level doesn't mean actually hearing a person's voice in your ear.  Rather it has more of the quality of remembering someone's voice, but when it is from Soul, it will tell you straight and simple--but most profound things that you may never have thought about.  Or it might verify something that has been occurring to you over time.

And "seeing" on the subtle level may mean getting a picture--whether still or moving in your mind or seeming to appear on a subtle screen a few inches in front of your eyes.

The "knowing" is that you just KNOW in your bones, or in your gut you might say. 

This is not psychic ability, the judgement of which can easily lead you astray.  Yogi Bhajan said that only a few have psychic ability.  Rather he said that everyone has intuition--or subtle communication with Soul and "higher" beings.  But there are two very important "tricks" with this.

The first is to become very practiced in understanding the difference between communication from your "everyday self"--made up of your mind, ego, emotions, memory, cultural conditioning, etc. and your Soul.

And the second thing is that once you are sure that you are listening to Soul (Guru, the teacher aspect of God), you follow Soul's direction at every moment.  This is where it is important for everyday self to become healed and clear so that it can trust Soul's direction and follow it, even though everyday self doesn't know the outcome before hand.  This is how the mind becomes the servant of the Soul.  When you actually get into it, that is when you gain the real peace and security of living from Soul.  This coming Tuesday's Soul Answer Newsletter will be about that.  If you like, you can sign up for weekly newsletters when you join the Soul Answer Community at

Thanks for your lovely questions, Dear.

Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur


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