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The Aquarian Dimension

with Siri-Gian Kaur

A Tele-Course

Wednesdays, Oct. 29, Nov. 2, 9, 16, in 2011

From 6 to 7:30 PM Mountain Time, USA

Available from anywhere in the world you have a good phone connection 

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“These are the times that try men’s Souls.”  Thomas Paine described the American Revolution so well with these words.

Now we have a new kind of revolution—the most natural revolution/evolution of Souls, our God Selves that sometimes seem to be dragging us along with them to heal, to revitalize, and to move us—our whole person into the greater ranges of frequency or dimension that we are calling the Aquarian Age.

The whole Universe is speeding up!  Scientists have actually discovered that, much to their dismay.  In our own lives, stress is building from the wobbly economy, folks are working longer and harder, debt piling up, people around us beginning to get freaked in strange ways, and our own emotional crises seem to gobble us up when we least expect it.

And yet, this Aquarian Age is what we have been waiting for for so very long.  We look towards common ground, kindness, caring, community, connection, genuine humanity and respect.  But it all comes at a price.  And that price is CHANGE!  Yikes!

There is nothing that distracts us more, or makes us more insecure than change.  Change into this Aquarian time is fraught with all kinds of challenges.  What are YOU dealing with? 

And yet, this is the time that our Souls will birth through us the grandest dimension or frequency of existence.  This period in our very quick evolution into Higher Consciousness will present the crossroads of healing, loving, wrestling with appears to be lost dreams to discovering the monumental but most cozy and connected life that anyone could ever expect. 

And all that is available to us in a twinkling.  We only need to move our consciousness over to that “place,” that “dimension” where know and experience our firm Center that knows no fear, yet knows just what is right for us, right in that minute!  It is dropping separation and joining at that True, most essential level.

This is the experience of the Aquarian Dimension.  This is the frequency of the Aquarian Age.

As you know—especially those of you who have practiced Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, that place of “shuniya” or neutrality is one of pure potential, pure power in blessed, non-self conscious humility.  It is the experience of being fully Present, and purely authentic.  No question of up or down, not hiding or shying away, simply rooted, aware and expanding Light.  It is the experience of All, being all inclusive and allowing, but in a very down to earth way that is so cozy and contained. 

Anyone who has taken “INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening” realizes that the “Unknown is Known to me” in the very simplest of terms, yet most profound.  You know, feel, see, move, etc. easily in that knowing without being vexed or confused.  You just are.  All just is.  And keeping pace with your Soul’s or Guru’s leadership, trusting and following Its every move becomes fun, like dancing to the lightest, richest and most delightful music. 

Even though you may march up to hurdles, as you stay firmly rooted in this great, so easily accessible Consciousness, you KNOW how to change yourself to move through, with and around those apparent road blocks.  And with your own transformation, you finally find that what previously seemed to cause you anxiety and hopelessness, now gives you the great joy of situations to flow with and move through, unexpected treasures to discover within yourself and your relationships and community.   This is the flow of living in the Aquarian Dimension.

It is a real frequency, a true Consciousness, a haven of “virtue” you might say, where you live in ease, even when the rest of your surroundings may seem to be falling apart when judged from the Piscean perspective. 

As you become whole and practiced in living in this Aquarian Dimension that is truly and deeply grounded in Mother Earth, Adi Shakti, and well as imminently flowing from the Infinite Being at your crown, your whole life then flows entirely from your own expansive heart—the true center of the Aquarian Age.

Come learn more about this Aquarian Dimension and how your life can be expertly solved and expanded by wholeheartedly climbing into it.

Experience it, learn to trust it in your own life!  This is your backbone and your salvation in the challenging changes to come.

Many years ago, Yogi Bhajan would look directly at me with direct focus to ask, “Are you consciously conscious of your Consciousness?”  Then, I was sorely confused.  Now, I get it!  This is Who we are and what we have been training for for so very long!

You may want to discover this Aquarian Dimension on your own journey.  Or you may prefer to join us for this course of talks, text, practice and sharing.  And as a wonderful companion, you might also investigate Ek Ong Kaar Kaur’s very provocative course called “Be the New Human!”  She does a wonderful job of relaying Yogi Bhajan’s own teachings on this new way of Being.  And although she didn’t use the phrase “The Aquarian Dimension,” she is delighted with it!

So, let’s all jump into the Aquarian Dimension together!  That is where we will find the promise of the New Time—together.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

"No one outside of you can give you joy.  You have to give yourself joy from your internal self."


Yogi Bhajan     


For 4 classes, recordings of classes, forum, text.

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