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March 15, 2016

Now is the time to talk directly to you. 

I have been obliquely addressing the current challenges in the USA election process because it is not my policy to take sides in a political event.  But I hear that similar things are also coming up in some European countries.  What is happening now politically has been forecast by sages as we move into the Aquarian Age. 

So, this situation has moved from the strictly political realm into my territory—healing of ourselves and the planet from our hearts! 

Now, realize that we are not bound by those difficult predictions, but from them we can understand the tremendous implications of what is showing up now in our political process.  This process of transition can be hugely smoothed and elevated as each of us joins together with our focus on deep connection from within that results in healing.  No joke!

I find that sensitive folks are becoming fearful of what is showing its ugly head and they are feeling deep pain seep in from the collective unconscious as we move forward at this time.  Many of the parents and loved ones of those that I work with have been passing from their bodies in unusually high numbers over the last six months.  This is actually shaking up these devoted folks’ habitual order to the point that they are now moving into their very special Destinies.

We have all seen the dishonor, distrust, intractable behavior, anger, epic untruths, and more that have been fed to large groups of vulnerable Americans come to the boiling point over the last few decades.  As you have seen, certain information providers have shouted in certain media outlest, e.g. TV news shows, talk radio, newspapers, as well as political strategizing have been pandering to folks’ pain, fear, confusion, and more to gain control over their minds.

So, now this dangerous strategy has created the inevitable monster! I surely don’t have to go deeply into that.  You understand the current out-of-control Fascist rhetoric that is fast killing the moral roots of our country.


Now is the time that we have been trained for with our Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Heart Breath, Soul Listening, Banis and more.  This is the time not to fist-fight—unless, of course your life and limb or that of others is being attacked. 

Rather this is the time to actually change the energetic structure from the Creative Dimension.  This is the vibrational level where actions and objects come into their primal condition before they are manifest in our conscious awareness—this “normal” everyday world. 

We know that movements in the planets vibrationally cause predictable changes in our awareness and the situations that face us; and we empathically experience the emotions and consciousness of other people, as well as various locations on our planet.  It is on this most subtle, yet most powerfully effective and connected level that we as Light Workers and Warriors of Peace—of all spiritual paths, are called to interact with our very real Collective Consciousness to practice our incredible art of Peace!  That not to exclude or judge, but simply relax deeply into the pure acceptance of All from your pure Self, your Sat Nam, your Soul.  Yes, astonishingly this does work!

Those of you who have used our most simple, but amazingly effective healing Heart Breath to solve your worries and anxieties, and who have provided this amazing gift to others have seen the extraordinary results that occur in such breathtakingly simple ways!  So, now this is the time to make your intention to send the current of your Heart Breath to these candidates and their supporters—all of us.  This is how you do this divine work to help humanity.  Don’t forget that you have signed up for this, your Destiny at this most crucial time in history!

Now remember, whatever vibes you send out will be the ones that are felt on our “spider web of existence”.  So, if you are just trying to use Heart Breath to stuff your fears while sending this healing energy to others, that will not work!  First, you need to actually give your fear and pain to your Soul, your angels and your saints.  They want to take it, but that is only possible when you release it to them.  Free will, you know? 

Then instead of getting lost in the pain and fear of this transition time, immediately inhale to initiate Heart Breath.  Let yourself relax into neutral mind—not numb, blocked or disconnected.  Neutral mind is actually the profound experience of the next dimension where our Soul and the saints reside.  We can experience it.  It is the  “place” where our collective unconsciousness meets and formulates the manifestation of our Earthly “reality”.  It is where we meet our True Self in meditation and with other spiritual practices that access that “higher” or “deeper dimension.” 

Be aware!  It is absolutely important that you don’t infect your prayers and meditation with your own fears or begging.  Heal yourself as you are in your most expanded state.  Whatever actual energy you put out is fuel for the Collective Unconscious.  So, please endeavor to truly heal yourself of fear and pain, both for yourself and for the sake of our whole, Divine Planet.

 Otherwise that hurtful energy will manifest in our Collective.  Yikes! 

Join Together!

So, let’s all together consciously contribute to our planet’s huge transformation to the Aquarian using the great energetic mechanisms of Heart Breath, pranayams, mediations and prayers from the core of your heart in all forms—chant, mantra, dance, tuned-in signing, rituals, banis, yoga and much more done in this vast, connected and open awareness.

The point is that we join with each other in our collective focus or intention.  As we join together on this incredibly divine level—no judgments, just Being, the power of this combined vibration increases and effect all exponentially! 

March 21, 2016, Spring Equinox, next Monday

We are so grateful that the “Peace Troubador,” James Twyman is calling for yet another of his “Synchronized Peace Meditations.”  A number of years ago, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi called for meditators to focus on Washington, DC, an immensely turbulent city for about 2 weeks.  It was found that the terrible crime rate fell significantly during that elevated time. This is what we are doing now.

James has organized these Synchronized Peace Meditations before, most recently in Syria, with meditators around the world holding that meditative space together at a specified time.  Soon after, a peace agreement was made to curtail that madness! 

This is the same opportunity that James is leading for us on March 21 when he and others will quietly meditate at a Trump rally.  And he is providing this great focus for all of us to join in, either by going to any candidate’s rally, or sitting together in our communities, churches/temples, yoga studios or individually, wherever we are.  Just meditate!  And in our case, please add Heart Breath.  We are grateful for the privilege of joining together in this most Light-filled way to act as midwives to birth the deep and powerful peace of this new Aquarian time. 

Join us, won’t you?  Please invite all your concerned friends and relatives to join us for the Time of our lives.

 Here are some wonderful connections for this most incredible experience!

·       Elevate the US Election! Synchronized Meditation

·       World Peace Pulse 

·       Snatam Kaur’s Interfaith Prayers for Peace, Part 1

·       Kriya for Fear Eradication


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, 2016



November 22, 2016 & September 30, 2014


Lack of kindness and compassion will destroy you in this developing Aquarian Age!

You see, the Aquarian is all about “letting go and letting God” take the lead in all of your conundrums, to lead you in all of your pursuits.  In other words, in the full blown Aquarian time, folks will be acting on the direction of the Great Consciousness because finally we humans shall have found that nothing else works!  That is the great promise of this new time.  But in order to “get there” we have tons of work to do.

If our old pains resulting from someone having hurt us in any lifetime is still on our “burner,” that is still actively operating from our subconscious, those putrid effects will come lashing out when one least expects it!  One may turn their interior pain to act and project aggressively, or passive-aggressively, or with subversion such as spreading negative gossip to control situations to what they might think is their advantage.   Oh, yes indeedy, that approach has worked so well all through the Piscean Age.  So many historical accounts, so many dramas written, so many personal accounts that we can personally list.

But as we advance into the Aquarian, folks will be much more sensitive to the Truth.  Starting with the internet, for example, politicians are far less able to perpetrate their lies because there are always those who prowl for Truth and are more than delighted to publically expose lies, any lies.  The consequence is that the lyer actually destroys themselves and their reputation with their own fabrications or exaggerations because they get found out—the louder they crow, the heavier they fall.

So, you see that if one does their best to maintain or build or hold onto their ego domain through underhanded tactics, in fact in this Aquarian time they are digging their own grave, because at some point they will be found out and held to task.

On the other hand, the Aquarian Age demands that we not blame such unfortunates who use hurtful tactics such as rejection and negativity for their own gain because we who are on the Aquarian march to Consciousness understand that they must be in deep pain and insecurity in order to perpetrate such nasties.  Those folks may be totally unconscious of what they are doing in their self-righteousness, jealousy or insecurity.  Yet, those who understand what is happening actually have a choice of many actions towards that situation:


·         Stand up for those who are being attacked.

·          Make your voice heard with the Truth that you hear from your own Soul, but never from your ego or your own pain or insecurity, which would be counter-productive.

·         A simple, grounded rebuttal to negative gossip, especially when heard in a group setting can monumentally change the course of spreading lies. 

·         A positive endorsement of the one being attacked can make all the difference. 

·         A close questioning of the spreader of negativity about how they arrived at their judgments can often elucidate the lies and exaggeration.

·          Take the leadership to investigate the Truth yourself!  Ask questions of the recipient of the attacks or shunning. 

·         Offering support to the one who is attacked provides immense kindness from the heart—so completely important in this opening to the Aquarian energies of kindness and deep love.

·          Your courage and dedication to your Soul’s Truth that prompts you to not go along with the prevalent lie just to keep you from being on the “outs” with your group or clique is huge! 

·         Personally dedicate yourself to Truth and not to those who would subtly demand your allegiance to destructive lies.  That tactic is favored by dictators, popular high school girls, and jihadists.


·         Recognize that the perpetrator is acting from unhealed pain.  So, the very first thing to do is to send them healing Heart Breath. .  That may help them cool their engines and break their negative focus.

·         Do not get into a fight or blaming.  That would only put you in the same course of destruction, and where would that get you?  It would just take you down to that nasty level yourself.  And who wants that?

·         Make every effort to go to neutral rather than fighting mind!  Fighting mind and raw emotions will only take you over and blind you to your Soul’s Truth and how to follow Its direction to create the greater good for all.  Heal your own reactions.

·         Be patient!  I know that may sound unproductive, but reflect on Yogi Bhajan’s admonition “Patience Pays.”  As you patiently watch the situation and send healing energy to it, tune in to actually watch the situation from your Soul’s eyes.  What surprises you will find!  You will probably see those circumstances develop from the subtle level in ways that you could never have predicted.  This is really an amazing and miraculous process if you do Heart Breath and actually apply your subtle attention to it all.

·         Always find your true compassion in the situation by understanding that the perpetrator is undergoing a crisis of consciousness based in their own pain, even though they are projecting their subconscious hurt and anger on others.  Find the good in them and in their achievements and concentrate there.  That is how you help them find their own goodness, their own Soul.  Stand for that!  That is what the holy Masters and Gurus have done.  Stay strong and grounded in that most productive attitude.  After all, the result that you would like is their own fully healed and forgiven self that is freely contributing beauty, grace, prosperity, support and kindness to all that they come in contact with.  Support them in totally projecting their very Soul!

And the benefits to you will be thousand fold! 

You will break that lineage of subtle terror, and jump out of making nasty karma for yourself and others.  You will find yourself to be a leader for healing, kindness, unmitigated love in the most practical sense and a real force for change in growing this Aquarian construct of Consciousness, rather than retarding it. 

Practicing this pure, strong kindness and healing from your most neutral and grounded center will surely build your own muscles of compassion that will lead you to your own great destiny—for Real!  You will plow through any grain of victimization that may be hidden in you.  And you will find that steadfast Truth and kindness from your robust—not sentimental heart will grow impeccably.

The pressure of the times will push all of our poop to the Light to be dealt with and healed.  And this is how we do it together.  This is how we actually create loving group consciousness.  Granted, this is not so easy, but who said that self-growth and accepting our roles as leaders in this New Age would be easy?  Let’s pray that we become who we are destined to be with grace, gratitude and kindness.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2014.

You have permission to reproduce this article either in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and closely associated with the article.

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Sept. 2, 2014


How’s the world treating you this week?

Are you finding that you are being slammed with really deep, really persistent calls to upgrade and change your identity—such as “How can I be or do that?” “My environments and the people that I am around are not making me feel comfortable, or they are downright dealing me heavy blows!”

Perhaps you will find that things that have bugged you your whole life are hitting you full in the face with nowhere to go but to finally deal with them.  Your current experience may even be the cutting edge of a string of past life-times that include your being either the perpetrator or the victim of such personal hooliganisms.  Maybe those old situations affect your current relationships with your friends, family, work or community.  Maybe it’s about your abundance—what a big category that is!  Maybe it’s the last straw for you to actually accept your own pure self-love through lots of deep forgiving and lots of healing!

So, the big question is: “What is your Real Identity?”

When we welcomed in the Aquarian Age, most folks thought that there would be great big upheavals immediately, or that everything would be totally fine—“la-di-da” fine, that is.

But what we are grasping now is that the Aquarian energy really sneaks up on us.  It is subtle so we don’t see it, but it surely affects all of our psyches.  It pushes us, it nags us, it confronts us.  That amazing conscious energy that organizes and magnetizes all the actions in our life operates by having situations and people push our buttons like crazy, and I mean CRAZY!

The reason is that this Aquarian Age demands that we fully prepare ourselves daily, with our own sacred healing and purging to come into its full grace and sacredness to be fully cleansed and bright with no contractions to flowing our own Soul’s very Light.

It is like many ancient sacred customs of totally purifying yourself before you present yourself to the Holy of Holies—before you rise up to the next step!  Think of the vigil of the medieval knights, or of the Native American vigil for the young brave, or their most painful but powerful sun ceremony, or even of Army boot camp that trains you for the “real thing”.

This is the time for our identities, our egos to be trained, to be cleared out, to be forgiven by us, to be streamlined and re-arranged so that we may be fully prepared, cleansed of those “trances” that have kept us in our doldrums and emotional reactions.  This is the time to totally re-route our knee-jerk woundedness and victimization.  That is so we can become so clear, so humble, such a polished channel of Light, grace, happiness and flowing natural wisdom that we shine like the sun, and become the true Lighthouse to help others who come after us.  They will need our most compassionate help to deal with their heavy challenges.  Healing ourselves is how we become clear enough to hold the very real, most neutral and full healing space for others.  Neutral is where Soul lives and where It can create real change!

And oh yes, all of our healing with Soul is so we can become really, unshakably happy ourselves!  No kidding, it is possible!  Happiness is when we are able to fully relax in the very real and cozy Light of our Soul and humbly follow Its guidance at every step.  It is when we are finally able to feel full of Light that sails us over our formerly habitual tribulations.  It is called “Cherdi Kala” or “Spirit Rising!”

That is what this Aquarian energy is pressurizing us to do.  Absolute personal House-Clearing!  This means to just stop and totally, deeply listen to Soul about what is truly going on and how to solve it. .  This is a most humbling process, believe me.  Soul can:

·         Let you know how to get out of your own hurt feelings, and become the leader of happiness that you are destined to be. 

·         Take you to the string of past lives where these situations and karmas were first set up—a very chastening experience.

·         Bring up the pain of all these difficulties so that you actually feel them emotionally and physically.  You might want to scream, or cry, or feel that you are on the hot seat.  But let it happen.

·         See the whole picture and why you are being scrubbed with a steel brush to really cleanse your psyche and emotions.

Please keep your recording of any of our mantras going and let all this work through.  Let the pain steam out fully and completely, be humble to whatever Soul brings out so that it may be released from you. 

Allow Soul.  Let yourself actually feel the great love, and coziness of your own Divine Soul wrap you in its great heart where you are safe—no matter what is happening around you or bubbling up through you.  Raise yourself to the actual experience of Its vibration, Its dimension or Soul Space, Its Cherdi Kala.

Give into this great personal work, and take the courage to change your so that it totally serves Soul without hesitation, without insecurities, without pre-judgments.  What transpires is then great joy in Being, serving and living the Light which is pure love.  That is when you will be truly living the Aquarian.

The Aquarian is not outside of us, but it is us and it is demanding that we let go and live our True, Beautiful Selves.  As we kiss and bless our old stuck self goodbye, it morphs into an exquisite butterfly of Soul!

Yes, it is hard work when we have so much that has piled up over lifetimes right there in our face right this minute.  But I know of no other solution than to deal with this squarely, courageously, humbly right now.  Otherwise, instead of being a Light leader of the Aquarian as is our Destiny, we become a victim of it, we become part of the problem.

Yogi Bhajan told us that people will be going crazy in these times coming up.  Now we can see why.  If we or they don’t do this most sacred cleansing and personal work that is arising in us and our environments, where else can we go but into craziness?  But please remember not to judge anyone who is not heading the call now.  Just send globs of great Light to them on your breath to help them along.

So, please understand this most sacred cleansing vigil of change that we are on together!  Visualize it, become involved in this most hallowed process, drop the victim mentality and dress yourself in your most Divine Mentality!

After all, we are the Ones that we have been waiting for!

If you would like my help in sorting out this great and most amazing process, please schedule your own phone appointment at .

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2014.

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Hold Each Other’s Hand!

February 8, 2011


Yikes!  Do you feel as though you have just jumped off a speeding train to now hanging tightly to the outside of a hurtling space shuttle?  Is it all going too fast to be controlled?

Are your old expectations of the way things should be happening getting smashed right and left?  Did the dog shred your plans for your present and your future?  Are old forgotten fears jumping up and slapping you in the face?  Do you feel your workload increasing exponentially—like having to plow the bottom forty using a teaspoon?  Are you short on gas, but your gauge reads “overwhelm”?  Well, it’s happening to everybody!!  No one is immune.

That, my Dears is evidence of our switch-over to the extremely speeded up energies of the Aquarian Age!  Yes, this is it!  It may feel truly frantic where you are.  And since it affects everyone, you may feel your co-workers, friends and family demanding more of you at every turn, and so there’s no one to help you, nowhere to lay your head for a little respite.  Tempers get shorter, but your to-do list gets longer.

So, here’s a great solution. 

When someone comes to you in that frenetic panic, lay aside your own most concentrated and strangling “fast forward” modus operandi.  Then hold that person’s hand (figuratively or in actuality), do some good heart breath to pull yourself back into the Real You—that great place of no/all time and no/all space.  Then listen, LISTEN clearly and intently to the other person.  Now you can HELP them accomplish what they need.  It may take just a few seconds of your focused interest to help them calm back down.  Or it may take an hour or two of your joining with them to get over the hump together.

But the point is, you have joined with them—presence to presence, heart to heart, simply, without impatience, or anger, or depression, or fear.  You have welcomed them into your solitary space, you have expanded your “space” to exponentially bring about more Light and both of your experience of that Light!  Be aware of the blessing and the joy of such simple simpatico.  This is what is behind real Seva, or “selfless service.”  It is a chance to expand beyond our tiny, singular framework to feel the heightened Oneness that is available in our very Real connecting.  So, you can only be grateful for the opportunity!  “Grudgingly” doesn’t operate here.

Now, I am not saying to avoid the responsibilities of your own life.  But here is your chance to drop your fears about not having enough time, money, help, goods or energy.  We are talking about courage to truly, firmly know that when you offer this kind, joined help with another to solve their dilemma, your responsibilities will also be covered somehow, even seemingly miraculously—by the great Force that runs through both of you, and that makes ALL happen.

This is the real, tangible way that we get through this Aquarian Age.  We come out of our “ME” shells, and join together for the benefit of each other.  Sharing “heart” is the glue of community, and we already know that community is paramount in all ways in this upcoming time.

So, remember.  When someone is panicked, lost, overburdened, drowning in fear and so on, don’t judge.  We can’t judge others because we all visit those difficult places at times.  And don’t separate from them.  Instead, just breathe, cool your jets, and hold their hand sweetly and firmly to accomplish with them whatever they need at the moment—not FOR them, but WITH them.  Then you become Aquarian.  And have the humility to accept this heart joining when it comes to you.  Really a much more sparkly and free place to be!


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa, , 2011

You may reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep the copyright very readable.