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These articles originally appeared in the Newsletter!

Heart Breath!

Let Your Life Soar!

Want to lighten up, heal your heart, have things and people work out well—even magically?

Well, just try this amazing experiment for yourself!  Just try it!

Start with long, deep breath through your nose, taking a longer time than usual to breathe fully into your abdomen and then breathing out again by pulling your belly in, without ever holding your breath. 

OK.  Now, just on the exhale, feel as though the air that you are exhaling is actually coming out of your heart center.  Yes, that’s right!  How does that feel?  In just a few breaths do you feel movement in your heart?  Do you feel your world opening, getting brighter?  After a bit, are you feeling calmer and more peaceful?  Cool, huh?

Next, if you find that someone is bugging you, or even yelling at you, or if you are in a group that is always bickering and not getting along, or your children are noisily unhappy, just do this fascinating Heart Breath as you consciously direct it towards them.  Don’t give up, keep up!  And as you do, just track the miracles of change happening before your very eyes.  They happen so subtly, so very naturally.  It just might amaze you. 

That’s because you are actually moving incredibly powerful healing energy on your breath!  But by no means get uptight or try hard.  That would block this beautiful healing breath.  Instead, just relax and calmly breathe out of your heart.  This is your own essential healing breath.  Use it all the time and watch your life become magic!

Siri-Gian Khalsa
Intuitive, Healer and Teacher of Soul Connection


Your Breath!  

A Healing Adventure?

Such a simple thing!  Our breath may seem just too mundane, too “normal” to assign any real importance to it.  After all, it’s just there!  But thank God it is!

Our breath is such a miraculous operation.  Not only does it do the physical things that we learned about in high school biology—takes in oxygen and lets go of carbon dioxide wastes to enable our body to work, but it is also a great door opening to our mental, emotional, and spiritual realms as well.  Oh, yes! 

So, let’s take a trip of exploration through some of these most amazing effects of our breath “portal” with a series on breath, published from time to time.

First adventure:  If you ever feel stuck, shocked, overwhelmed, angry, or reactive, check your breath!  Chances are you have either quit breathing, or you are breathing fast and shallow.  Since your breath is intrinsically hooked to the flow of your vital energetic system, your breath in this state disrupts the pranic energy that your mind and body depend on for healing and nourishment.  That cramped breath actually cramps your mind, continuing those counterproductive thoughts and emotions within you.  And that, in turn causes all kinds of caustic nerve and hormonal distress to your body.  Yikes!

Next time, be alert to quickly check your breath!  Inhale really deeply, and begin long, deep breathing the more powerful, the better.  It will free your jumbled energy, clear your mind and emotions, and circulate pranic health to your body, plus support your autonomic nervous system to move out of the grips of its stress response.  And while you’re at it, have a big refreshing glass of water!

Too simple?  Try it and see what a world of difference your own precious long, deep breath makes!

Siri-Gian Khalsa
Intuitive, Healer, Teacher