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Move with the Punches or Get Punched!

 Baba Siri Chand

December 25, 2018 & June 14, 2011


Change is inevitable.  It always is!  But now you have no choice whatsoever.  Either you move with the punches, or you get punched down.  That is the law of this Universe at this time.

You are given to waiting until things subside—let them cool off, or let them mellow, or let “that one” pass me by.  But Dear People, there is no such refuge left for you.  Do you know that?  Do you really know that?

Now, I would like you to perceive your life in the last 24 hours.  Has it been hectic?  Has it moved fast—faster than perhaps you would like it?  Are you fine with eating dirt for lunch?

You see, all this has relevance to your future position on this Earth as you move on this current trajectory into the future.  You have this chance, and then you have that chance, and so on.  But after a while, your chances run out as we run smack into the Aquarian Age.  And you will be oh, so surprised when that happens!

So, my dear Creatures of the Earth.  You have given up so many pleasures to be here—on Earth, that is pure sublime peace and knowledge.  But as you saw, that got “boring” after awhile, and you set foot on your strangely entrancing planet.  You have seen it through the evolutionary stages coinciding with your lifetimes.  Now, dear Ones, this is the time that you have been gaining speed for.  This is the one that has been tucked in the brim of your hat, in the folds of your turban for so many lifetimes.  This is when you will not only shine brighter than gold Light, but you will be doing the yeoman’s share of “heavy lifting” of the spirit.

You—any of you who are reading this letter are engaged as a teacher, a “Light Worker,” one who raises the vibration of the planet to help Her move on to the next “gig.”  She is truly the great One, you know, but of course you are of Her essence, and now is the time to lend your conscious hand to Her pursuit.  You are not proud, or crippled, but you often do pretend that you are victims, or you play dumb in not acknowledging that YOU, My Dear are truly viable and ready for duty. 

You try to hide in your belief that all this change is going to happen all around you, and not to you, but are you forgetting the very most important thing?  That is that it is YOU who are going to carry this planet forward.  That is You in your own conscious, totally unique way.  DO NOT FORGET THAT, AND DO NOT AVOID THAT.

Now, here is the first step of many for you to follow:

Be kind and gentle to yourself and everyone around you.  Remember, you are moving out of the Stress Age and moving into the Flowing Age.  If you try to bring that stress forward because that is your security, your addiction to feeling that you must stress, feel left behind, separate, and unattended to try to feel safe, then that shall surely crush your world.  That is because whatever you send out for will indeed return to you 100 fold. 

On the other hand, if you relax so profoundly—primarily by sinking into your Divine Sadhana (spiritual practice) daily, as well as living that Presence throughout the day and night, then all will mystically come to you with grace and ease!  Remember, grace, ease, connection, support, prosperity, divine intuition and more come to you on the breeze of profound, divine relaxation.

 Can you do that right now?  Can you switch your breath—long and deep?  Switch your mind and your energy to your Center, to your Soul, to that place of pure calm, expansion, simple sight that presents all complexities in a most orderly fashion—that is recognizing the solutions and connections, and goodness as it is presented to you?  Can you do this without stressing out on the false belief that you are fully responsible but you can never seem to quite pull it all together?

Let God work for you!  I assure you, that is the only way to move through this new time.  That is full equanimity, enjoying all of the little and huge surprises that are pulled your way.  “Let go and let God!”  Never was there a truer statement!  “Let go and let God, knowing that all that is presented to you is for your best good and pleasure.  You just have to turn the facets around so that you can see the situation from new and different vantage points.  Move out of your old rigid ways of seeing to find the new surprise, the new ways that God is working for you!  Get into the rhythm of it, the joy, the dance!  It is such a magnificent road.  Enjoy!

Begin by enjoying Heart Breath which will cleanse you, flush out any mess that wants to stick there in your heart.  It softens you and all those around you, and puts forward the real power of the Golden Age that is arriving!  Test it out before you believe it.


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2018 & 2011


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