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Dear Ones,

Baba Siri Chand, who has been giving us such amazing direction and powerful meditations, says that he wants to talk with you, each one of you even more—very personally.

So, he—-honest-to-God—-Baba Siri Chand himself says that if you make a phone appointment for my discounted rate, he says he would like to make it free, but this girl (me, Siri-Gian Kaur needs an earthly exchange to carry on), he will have a chance of “exchanging breath” with you.  This means not only a talk with pure insight, but also his healing energy.

He says that he is being very generous with you in the sense that the world at this moment has started its labor pains to completely birth the energies of this new time.

In the process, everyone, but EVERYONE is being pressured from every angle to pop out those old mesmerizing habits that cause us so much unhappiness and confusion.  Even though those old habits may lead us to believe that our wishes and our wants are justified, and our entire lives depend on those old ways, he says that we aren’t ready for this new time until we transform all that old stuff—-judging, wanting, needing, hurt, envy, grief, loss and lack, insecurity, fear, and so on.

“These are the days that count,” he says. 

“Even though we are feeling pushed to the wall now, we are still living in the time of luxury when we can quickly transform our misapprehensions and blocks without them being enforced by instant, dire and very real threats. 

So, it would be a great blessing for all of us to take advantage of purely healing EVERYTHING in our psyches to clear the purity and power of the vision within us.  This will ground us in the cosmic/Earth foundational grip of All That Is ! Then we can live the Universe’s plan by being centered in it, rather than being slammed by it.  Getting slammed happens when our consciousness stays on the outside of that pure and powerful Consciousness.”

Now, my dear Ones, I (Siri-Gian) know better than to make up such a story about Baba Siri Chand if it weren’t true.  He is much too powerful and can cause severe repercussions if anyone tries to mess with him!  So, it is with pure humility that I repeat this offer from him to you. 

And here he is, just delighted and dancing at the prospect of meeting you “face to face, heart to heart, and having the blessings of your Soul ripped front and center for you to taste It’s nectar, and to rely on It’s sustenance.”

So, he says that his offer will stay in effect until he changes it!  But he asks you to jump in now because even though the times are definitely a cauldron on slow boil now, the intensity is heating up.

Now he is dancing his happy dance!  So fun and cute!

All Blessings and All Divinity are Yours for the Asking!

Siri-Gian Kaur in humble service to Baba Siri Chand

If you feel called to have a session with Baba Siri Chand, but the fee is just too great a challenge for you, please let me know and we will work something out.

A caveat: Although this healing with Baba Siri Chand has brought people back to living before they had almost left their body, and brought someone out of an intense seizure, Baba Ji does not promise things like healing from mental disorders, provide magic success in taking school tests or getting jobs that pay more, finding a marriage partner, having a baby, and so on.  What he does is help you through your great difficulties if you committedly follow his healing path. But he does demand that you engage your effort!  He will give you clarity on how to handle situations so that you can become stronger and wiser, and the situation improves, and you grow--but you must do the work yourself!


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Some People's Experiences!

Fabulous reading.  It has honestly changed my life.  I am doing so much better at not judging myself and working on not judging others.  I have been actively giving my life up to Baba Siri Chandh and the Gurus and itmfeels wonderful.

Southern California

So I'm sitting in a meeting this morning, and I was getting ticked off, everyday-self getting all itchy, and then I had a insight that Baba Siri Chand was sitting at the meeting table, and it was so funny and reminded me not to take it so seriously and that everything is a learning experience, an opportunity to participate with my soul and not siphon it off for just meditating.   I just starting grinning and laughing inside thinking of him sitting at the table. And it helped in some other meeting I had today too. Also, you know the idea that the EDS (everyday self) relaxes into the soul, and the soul protects the EDS?  Well when we did that yesterday, this image of the Adi shakti immediately came up; the soul being the miri/piri encircling the EDS, which I guess would be the sword.  I find using the adi shakti a good visual aid to get quick sense of that self/soul balance.

Also, I had a session with my accompanist last night and my singing was very free-feeling. But I was very light-headed and out of it all day and in sadhana I was very physically weak.  Who knew that soul healing could be so deep---I think we tend to think we need big sorts of events to heal, but the more subtle stuff seems to go the deepest.  :)  Haha!

I had a concert I was supposed to do miraculously fall away on the 25th, so I think I'm going to sign up for the soul training course.  hehe, it looks funny, i wrote in "8pm soul".  But then I also wrote in "Saturday-creativity!"  so funny.....

Thank you so much!  I really am grateful for the service you (and Baba Siri Chand) are providing.  I'm gonna rest tonight and take a bath now. 

peace and love,
Kehar Kaur, Alexandria, VA

Words do not really express what happens at a soul level when receiving a healing session.  However, let it be said that I am filled with gratitude for the depth of truths that came across to me as well as confirmation of what already my soul has been telling me.  The words of wisdom will lead me to another level of healing and understandings which will benefit me as well as others.  My humble thanks to you.

Patricia Dymond, Ottawa, Cananda

My session with Baba Siri Chand was so healing for me.  I feel my triumverate ( Baba ji, Siri Singh Sahib, and Guru Ram Das) around me, within and without  all the time.  I have given them the burdens I have been carrying around on my shoulders, and I feel the love they have for me.

When I slow down during my busy day and do my heart breath I tune into the infinite and feel deeply connected to the spiritual consciousness
of the universe.

All love in the divine,
Didar Singh, Miami, FL

I do not know if you remember my call w you and bsc. He asked me to promise him when I getting in funky space to do happy dance w him. Just to let you know funky space was happening big time the night before and a little on that day (my bd). The thought crossed my mind to give up. I was feeling very pulverized in my body at the time. Giving up does not work nor is it an option. It did not work when I tried it before and will not work now. I have work to do that is why I am in physical form now. Why I agreed to whatever I did at soul level before I was born in this lifetime. I do the happy dance w him. In public view sometimes it just looks like I am jumping up and down. The blood flowing and chemical released during that is awesome. Movement of my body helps clears toxins accumulated in my body from my thoughts, food, actions and poor habits etc. It is all good. I am just starting to get it. We all receive so much guidance and love. I had to learn to believe that I am truly this immense beautiful being of golden light and love. It sure helped me when bsc showed me and then through you told me what I was really seeing. So very cool how we are all pieces of the same big puzzle and how working together everyone can create such wonderful beautiful things. It just takes coming from the heart and not the limited filtering of our everyday self. There is no power greater than unconditional love which to me is this golden light.

Atma Karam Kaur, Norfolk, VA


Thank you for the wonderful call this morning and for all the calls and your continuing services. I truly feel you are a gift to all of us...and it's so great to know how loving and supportive you are and how you hold the space for us to express ourselves.

I hadn't written to you before b/c I didn't want to jump the gun and speak before I let the dust settle but I want to tell you that ever since my session with you and Baba Siri Chand I have found a new level of strength and centering I hadn't accessed in a long time. A lot of the petty worries I had a few weeks ago have diminished greatly, and I've even come across those 'difficult people and situations' with calm and's amazing! I am back to doing a stronger sadhana and am upping my yoga practice again...I have a greater trust in how things are and am allowing things to flow as they come. I feel very connected to Baba Siri Chand, Yogi Bhajan and all the other Masters and Yogis and if it weren't for services like yours I would feel really in the dark and disconnected.
In my session you mentioned I am blocked at my solar plexus, or at least that I am holding a lot of emotion there. I didn't know that the solar plexus is considered a separate entity from the navel chakra and the heart chakra, as that wasn't really made distinct in our teacher's training book, but last night I got Guru Rattana's book on the Chakras and started reading about the solar plexus and could relate to so many of the symptoms of not having it was actually very comical b/c that was me exactly written in her book!

I look forward to starting the set on anger management next week and seeing where it takes me....I realize now my solar plexus and diaphragm have been giving me signals for months that something is wrong and no one had been able to determine what it was until my session with you. I have been going to a chiropractor who does muscle testing and works on the spirit body as well and all I ever got from those sessions was more of a band aid fix, eventually the problems would come back and I was back to square one.  Someone else suggested it was my navel and that's why I focused on that for a reality I have a pretty strong navel even though you wouldn't know it by looking at me, so things didn't really add up. Funny thing is I have a tape of Yogi Bhajan teaching the anger management set that I had bought like a year ago....who knew it would be so handy! I am very hopeful and excited to see where all this will take me.
Your words about me not being myself rang so true and it is one of my resolutions and intentions to live out as the person I am, however frightening that may be. Little by little I plan to take steps to coming into the comfort of being myself again. Thank you again, I feel very grateful to have your guidance in my life.

With lots of love and gratitude.

SC, California

I felt so calm and at peace after our session, like the hole that had been my heart was full and complete and at peace.  And when I think back to it I find that comfort and peace, yet my mind has the tendency to bring me back to the pain and the torture of Paul's life here on earth.  I try to go back to the heart breath to realize Baba Siri Chand took that all away from him...and from me...and now there is only peace where the pain was. 

The pain and loss of self has just been a deep part of me for so long it is a very hard habit to break.  I just bring back the vision of Paul with Baba Siri Chand and the smile on his face and joy in his heart and I am comforted, uplifted and positive, all is well.  I have been using the Tratakam meditation to help me focus and release.

I never ever expected when I called that you and Baba Siri Chand would take me on such a journey and could never have imagined the peace, clarity and joy it would bring me at such an impossibly hard time.  I am so grateful.

Thank you for the call, so good to speak to you, you are such a blessing!

Peace and Light-

Har Rai Kaur, Colorado