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DANGER!!  Be Safe

April 14, 2015

Mike was beyond enraged!  He had a terrible fight with his wife—the kind where you lose track of the particulars and get taken over by a massive red storm of anger.  No judgment or reason was left intact--only a volcano of red hot emotions.

In a fit, he grabbed his guns to storm out of their rural Alaska cabin, jump on his horse to gallop off to unknown destinations, fueled by his blinding rage.

It was 1:30 PM when the neighbors got wind of this terror.  To save Mike’s wife and young daughters from what might have been imminent danger when Mike returned, one neighbor quickly got on a small plane back to the city.  All the other neighbors were notified to go to the village safe house until things got sorted out and cooled down.  No one knew where Mike was headed, but they feared that he was off to do harm to any of the folks with whom he had previous altercations.

As soon as our friend Harimander Kaur heard about all this, she immediately call on Baba Siri Chand, our most available yogi saint whom we tune into every Wednesday morning.  She used his powerful mantra only once—“Alak Baba Siri Chand Derak”!  (see more about that mantra at )

Later in the evening, she learned that Mike had either fallen from his horse or been bucked off.  When he fell, he hit his head and was knocked out until 7:30 PM when he got up, still dazed and walked home.  But due to the blow, Mike had forgotten all that craziness that happened just before he got knocked out.  He was full of remorse when he found out and is now seeking healing.  That was last Thursday.  Please send him Heart Breath. .

But here’s the point, if you would like to believe this:

Baba Siri Chand immediately heard Harimander’s call when she used his mantra.  What happens is that Baba Siri Chand re-routes negative energy and sends it back to its source—in this case to Mike.  He was put out of commission for a number of hours that could even have been fatal to a number of people if he had remained locked in his huge rage during that time.  And he even lost the memory of it so now the re-telling of his own actions has actually scared him onto his own healing path.

This is the way that Baba Siri Chand works.  You might deny it and say that this was all a coincidence, but when you see this kind of thing happening to the originator of gossip, rage, black magic, hurt and harm once Baba Siri Chand is called up with this mantra, you begin to see the pattern repeating.  

So now understand that in any dangerous situation, you only have to call on this most amazingly powerful saint and yogi, the son of Guru Nanak for help, and believe me, the most appropriate circumstances will immediately be put into motion.  Do not try to order him to create the outcome that you desire.  Just let him do what is necessary.  Stay firmly in neutral, and by all means watch what happens.  Astounding miracles occur in the most down-to-Earth ways.  Just call on him and them watch.

You can listen to Baba Siri Chand’s free TeleTalks that I, Siri-Gian Kaur repeat to the phone gathering every Wednesday morning.  You can get the phone number and time to call in at , and since that site is having trouble holding the recordings, you can listen to your choice of hundreds of them at

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur





Courage to Relax and BE

Baba Siri Chand, Aug. 31, 2016 & Jan. 31, 2011

My Perfected Yogis,

I have so many stories to tell you.  Stories of indulgence, of mayhem and of pain and blowing up the pain to the “tantric steam”—the energy of forgiveness and transformation.

You are the best fed, best organized and best versed people as a whole that the world has ever seen, my intrepid band.  But as you are seeing, that is not enough.  You keep floundering in your wondering of what is cool, what is accepted, what will energize you, what you will take for granted, how you are to be fixed as a luminary in the stars in whatever life area you fix your sights on.

That, my dear yogis can help or hinder you—depending on your story.  If you have bad dreams of where you are going, you will certainly be destroyed.  If you enjoy precipitation of riches, you think that you will enjoy it, but then again that might just take you into more bad dreams.

These—all of these are the ties that bind you so very tightly to who you THINK you are.  Don’t you know that is a trap of the grandest order?  Don’t you know that so many of you continue to dunk yourselves down that rabbit hole in quantum layers?  You keep yourselves stuck in very “old fashioned” ways that can only hamper your “success” in moving into this very newly organized Aquarian time.

You may not have riches of money at that time, once the conductive and productive energies of that time are in full swing.  You may not have fame, or you might have an extreme amount of it.  Your question is:  who will be in charge?  Will that be your small pea brain image of yourself and all that you “need” to accomplish to feed your worried mind, or will you flow into that essential Self of Who you are?

My sweet yogis.  If you have not made resolution and set your grand sights on your deepest humility to your very Soul, to the seemingly mythical Being of the quality of your own Soul, then you shall have lost all meaning, all operative power, all forecasting ability, all sheer happiness and joy. 

You are of my yogi band.  You wrap yourself in your yoga practices.  But do you allow those practices to take you way beyond who you THINK you are?  Do you use them to shed old imprisoned ideas of who you are and what you should be about?  Do you free yourself at every angle, at every breath, at every understated and fully stated situation?

This YOGA, my dear yogis is to drop your innocent play of your separateness.  Your life of dedicated yoga is to drop your sharply defined shell as you move into the perfection of moving, thinking, living, absolving from the center of your pure innocence.  Experience deeply the greatness that flies within you.  Feel Its coziness.  Be at One with It.  You are ONE with It.  You are that of purity, innocence and power.  Relax, drop pretense and worry.  Relax and listen.  Relax and dance with that Oneness.  Relax and keep your attention on the cozy Fire of Life that burns within.  Relax and BE.  BE.  BE. BE.  BE……

Relax and BE.  When you do that in every situation—no matter the pressure or pre-conceptions, you become the GOD, the greatness on Earth.  You, de facto are the Living Presence.  You are not bound by limits, expectations or worries.  When you Relax and BE, all perfection moves through you.

Do you have the courage to Relax and BE at every moment?

Your Yogi,

Baba Siri Chand