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Unlock Our Identities—LOVE

February 7, 2017


These days, I am doing my best to understand the great divide in this country—where did it come from and where are we going?  It has been so hard for me to understand why folks vote “against their own self-interest.”  And why they appear to be so dedicated to those billionaires that they feel will save them. 


But guess what?  It appears that we are all lulled into trust and inaction until we realized that we—all of us are threatened.  That is our true humanity, our Unity of Human Spirit and Heart are being stolen from us to the extent that we allow that to happen.  And I have been helped by Baba Siri Chand to see this whole machination as an opportunity to heal our Shadow—our collective Shadow—not just “THEIR” shadow, but MY shadow, OUR shadow, our COUNTRY’S shadow, and mostly our historical and current COLLECTIVE shadow.


You can read these most incisive commentaries yourself and test out the truth of them with your own experience, as well as feel from Soul whether or not they ring True to you.  An incredible blog is by Jonna Ivin, called “I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump,” which is an experiential discovery coupled with an excellent evaluation of history at

And the other is a wonderful book on collective “framing” of cultural identity and consequent outlook by George Lakoff called “Don’t Think of an Elephant.”   It helps us understand not only the conservative mindset, but the progressive as well.  Understanding and compassion is what we as Light Workers are after, and definitely not blaming any “other”, which would take us right down into our hurting minds and emotions!  You are truly better than that, Dear One.

In this quest, I have had to deal with my own pre-suppositions as well, and I invite you to do the same.  I have been having a big conversation with Soul about what is REALLY going on.  I feel that parsing all this out is an important way that we all can get to the very bottom or common factor—that of our common humanity, our shared Divinity within.  This is a path of engaging great forgiveness and humility, letting go of our personal hurts, blaming, and divisions that we have picked up along the way, exploring the Truth to find our next step together on this road to full Aquarian realization.  It is a primary way to truly discover an approach to open our hearts to one another to realize the Aquarian Dream of peace and love—safety, support and dignity for all. 


Yes, can we lower our walls of maintaining power over each other, or becoming powerless by consciously giving up our habitual statements of “I am better/worse than they are.” That causes such division in our cultural thinking and identity—whether within our own group or towards other groups.  That happens even in ashrams, and is called “spiritual ego.”  Yogi Bhajan told us over and over again--“there is no high and no low.” 


Imagine if we, each one, “took hold of our Golden Temple”—mind and body to live that freedom, which is in pure humility to the most sagacious, readily available and trustworthy guidance from our very God Self and insisted on kindly recognizing that spark of pure Consciousness within each other simply because we know it is there, even if they don’t.  Giving joy and kindness, while anchored in Truth becomes our pure joy!


It is our only personal and joined salvation to live in the deepest compassion and commitment to never blame, but profoundly forgive these deeply held divisions that hide the Truth of One Heart; to stay rooted in our humble vulnerability.  But at the same time, not be invaded, put down, or smashed.  Rather go beyond the great smoke-screens produced by those who want to divide and conquer us all so that they can keep us distracted by fighting one another, while the ones “on the top,” who feed us lies of separation escape with all the spoils.  These are some of the “top” or wealthiest 1 to 10%.   Yes, this country is rigged by them so that the rest of us can be used for their own purposes—black, white, brown, red, or yellow! 


It looks like the days of the Robber Barons are back, but with a global vengeance.  And they have done this by miraculously convincing many that they are the gracious Papas taking care of our needs.  Yikes!


Being obscenely rich and grabbing for more, rather than sharing through generous and worthy philanthropy is seen as affirmation from God that these folks who would take over others’ minds and prosperity are good and just, versus the rest of us—whether we identify as red or blue.


So, Sweet Ones, it is appearing that this is not actually a red/blue thing after all.  But rather an enormously rich/poor thing, that set up outrageously strong lines of identity division, which at its root is a real crock!  Back to one, joined human heart for the love and good of all.  Yogi Bhajan always said that the spiritual path is one of changing our identity—that is real, practical knowledge, the everyday experience of living from and as your God Self, your Soul!  This is the opposite of “holier than thou.” It means becoming absolutely authentic, with no identity walls hemming us in.  It means that we live strictly from the flowing heart and rooted Truth within us. Cook and serve lungar (free meals) for everyone--everyone!


So, you see, this is a huge challenge for all of us to first let go of our old belief systems.  No blaming or judging of others.  NO GOSSIP!  The ones who are inflicting and re-enforcing these judgmental divides are not just “them,” but all of us—starting with the proverbial and very real ME!


Let us serve and deeply love one another. That is the only way to shine the healing Light on the powerful Shadow.  The love, the Light will dissolve the Shadow, just as Dorothy threw the bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the North.  Can you see the steam rising now?


Remember, stay in your heart and serve the hearts of what may appear to be “others.”  But in fact, we are One! So, if and when you see or hear someone being hateful, or blaming or going on a nasty rant, don’t let that trigger you into fighting mode, hate, or hurt.  Just immediately realize that the other person is in extreme and deep hurt, even though they may be very aggressive and angry.  Immediately jump into strong, healing Heart Breath for them.  They will be affected by this healing energy in some way, but you surely will greatly benefit! It will bring you back to your core, firmly rooted in Mother Earth, stable, yet flowing in kindness and neutrality.


Jesus laid down the New Law two millennia ago.  He said that the New Law is no longer an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, but rather “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and Love your neighbor as yourself," for the love of God! 


Guru Nanak gave us “Nirbhao, Nirvair”, which is Without Fear, Without Revenge.  Yogi Bhajan’s parting words were “Live FOR one another.”  Remember, this doesn’t apply to just “our group,” but to everyone in every group!  This is Universal Truth.  This is the healing balm, the actual creative “stuff” or energy that has the capacity to change the world—even, or should I say, especially in these times of deep division.  With the current great influx of Consciousness, if we but heed what is being transmitted from Soul to us, change for the miraculous happens.  Baba Siri Chand has told us many times that if just 40% of us switched to Soul, our whole world culture would follow. 


Serve the hearts of all kindly, simply and freely.  Don’t blame or preach.  Never get caught up in “my way or the highway,” or blaming someone for doing that—including the 1%.  This is our sacred opportunity to just be simple, talk simple, love simple, without all the political identity “meshugas” or craziness.  Be strong and creative in resisting oppression and lies to support the Truth, the shared heart! Laugh, dance, sing, create, and love often! I am sure that anyone in the Women’s Marches felt that.  It wasn’t AGAINST, but FOR.


We can do this together; we can do this in Divine.  This is where our personal and fused Destiny is joined.  And we trust that as we live in this most simple habit of Soul, we will successfully arrive at the sweet fruits of the promised Aquarian Age!


Chaos Anyone?

February 14, 2017


What explosive blather we are drowning in!  I understand that our Head of State sets the day’s news agenda with his first tweets of the day between 3 and 8 AM.  Don’t fall for the mayhem.  Turn to Sadhana, your daily spiritual practice at that time.  Know what is happening on all levels.  Definitely use your impeccable intuition to discern the actual Truth, and give your chaos to God to handle.


These situations that we are seeing develop can slaughter our hearts and spirits.  Folks are challenged to stay afloat mentally and emotionally, because the kind, supportive and dependable world that we have grown used to seems to be falling apart at the seams.  It might appear as though our world is crashing around us, or perhaps we might feel like we are fiddling while Rome burns.


Oh, my Darlings.  That is not the case, I can assure you.  What is happening is that our kind and protective Mother Earth is expelling our Shadow--the dark side of power grabs, underhanded deals, and corporate control of the people of this great democracy.  When you are healing deeply, you experience that excruciating turmoil as it comes out of you.   But it is our chaos that holds us to remain defeated and NOT stand for the Loving Light, and Truth that is present for us always.   Let’s use this craziness as our impetus to facilitate our own personal as well as our unified healing.


So, start by consciously not going into chaos.  “Gird your loins” every morning with a strong connection the All in All, your cozy, down-to-Earth Soul, your most dependable God Self!  Do this with your meditation and Kundalini Yoga.  Then listen, listen, listen to the directions that you are most gratefully getting from your always dependable Soul. .


Now, isn’t it remarkable that so many have heard the call!  We have joined together at our heart to protect one another and the Earth from this mayhem.  This is a growing movement of heart and spirit.  Don’t leave yourself out of this most astonishing joined effort.  This is the time to realize that we belong together; the “side” that we take is to free and support each other.  It is no longer political in nature, but deeply, innately human. This is to elevate ourselves to bring kind mercy and positive strength to our various missions that we have been entrusted with as we grow into our Divinity, to our Destiny. 


Who are you joining with?  In joining, we all will definitely be challenged to go way deeper than our personal conceptual and emotional positions to glean the Truth of Love and bonding of spirit that we find when we listen closely and deeply for the Truth within each other. 


It means softening our own personal screaming points or emotions of fear, or inadequacy, or need for control, or need to run away and hide that arise from within ourselves.  Sweet Ones, Mother is giving us this immense opportunity to join with the great multi-faceted Truth that is flowing now, as we care for each other.  Please give over to it.  All this change pushes us to grow in our united Consciousness which is sourced in the extraordinary Aquarian energy that is being supplied to us now.


Baba Siri Chand says over and over again that we, who are following our spiritual paths would not have been born now if we did not have a Destiny to grow into at this time.  I am definitely not saying that this is going to be easy.  It was not easy for Guru Gobind Singh whose army defended religious freedom for ALL in the late 1600s and early 1700s.


Now we are being asked to be stalwart in our commitment to our personal Destinies to bring in this new Aquarian Age.  So, let’s start now.


First: Do your sadhana as if your life and the lives of humanity depended on it, because that is the Truth!


Second:  Develop your persistent practice of healing Heart Breath for yourself and others.  It magically clears your difficult emotions and chaotic mindset.  What a gift!  Then it also changes situations and people around you for the better.  Experiment with it over and over again so that you fully understand that what you are seeing in this healing is true and repeatable.


Third: Give your chaos and fears to Soul, to Divine Mother, to Jesus or Whomever you most love and trust on that divine plane.  They will love to take your nasties and replace them with ease, Truth, and solidity if you really do this intentionally.  Give, give, give over!!  Then you can transform the chaos and all the emotional and mental turmoil that would bring.  Letting that emotional and mental crap go, wipes clear the chaos smoke-screen of confusion, so that you can hear and digest your actual, personal/Universal Truth from your Loved One!


Now, I am planning on developing a course called something like the “Aquarian Warrior” to help everyone get into this spirit and head-space so that we may stay rooted in Mother Planet’s stable center, and move from Soul’s Truth, and our own expanded, Universal heart to heal ourselves, our culture and all of humanity.  This is the way that we truly serve each other as well as our Destinies, and move into the treasured promises of the Aquarian Age.  So, stay on the lookout for it in our newsletters!  My prayers and Heart Breath are with you.


Lots of Love,