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Your Own Unique Greatness!

October 22, 2013

So, last week after our newsletter called “CHOOSE!  Destiny or Fate?” Liz, one of our lovely and dedicated Tribe members sent me a question about this excerpt:  “Your Soul is actually relentless in training you to your own unique ‘greatness.’  So, as you are serving Soul so pricelessly, this is when you may find that you are serving many, many!”Her question on that is: “How do you serve your Soul?  Is it through daily practice and self awareness?”

Well, yes that newsletter statement has tons of information behind it, so let’s explore it bit by bit:


It looks like we are going to have to go back to the very beginning!  That is that you are actually the eternal, omnipotent, impeccable, limitless God Consciousness—no fooling.  There is nothing, I repeat nothing that is not the full presence of the God Consciousness! 

But as the full GOD, in Your wisdom You wanted a way to experience Your Self from a limited perspective in which you would not actually know Your Self as You “for the moment.”  To do this, you would apparently separate from the One Consciousness, and then over “time” find your way back to complete Self Realization of your Oneness.  It is a cycle of leaving Home and then returning Home.

So, you, along with tons of other “bits of full Consciousness” broke off from Unlimited Consciousness to join in the great cycle of “FORGETTING” Who You are.  That is lifetimes of birth and death in this great time and space continuum where Earth resides. 

And now, since we have completed so many of our 82.4 million lifetimes here on Earth—half of them in water, our own unique consciousness has grown and REMEMBERED more and more of Who We are through the experiences of having lived  many, many lifetimes in human bodies. 

That amazing creative “mechanism” called Karma is what has led us in some lifetimes to be the “perpetrator,” then the victim of similar perps, and finally to heal and transform through it all.  Participating in this great course of transformation over time, we gain the awareness, the strength, the renewal, the wisdom, and real healing ability as we grow in Remembering the pure Consciousness of Who We are!  That final and full step back to timeless Oneness is called Self-Realization, Liberation, or Yoga/Union. 


Now, Soul is actually that Pure Consciousness of Who You Are that expresses Itself in this limited “time/space” arena.  In the ancient sacred literature, the Soul or Atman is described as the totality of the Brahm, or the all in All—along with being your singular divine Self.

But then, your Soul is the actual Source of you. Yet It also creates the limited identity of you that we call our ego—what we know as our “everyday self”.  Your ego knows itself primarily as you in this limited culture of family, friends, work, striving, hurting, loving, planning, etc., etc., but it has actually forgotten Who You Really Are.  Therefore we often feel separate, alone, unconnected and wanting love.   

And yet, it knows its job for you is to protect and project you, but it does that by relying on old, incomplete information that it has picked up over lifetimes.  For instance, if you were burned at the stake in one lifetime for healing your community, you/your everyday self might be pretty fearful about offering healing in this lifetime, even though you may not know why.  In that former lifetime, your healing came from a deep Remembering.  So in this lifetime, your everyday self might fear or at least feel really hesitant about truly Remembering.

But healing—or neutralizing the energy of our pain and raising our vibration brings us step by step closer to Remembering.  That process removes those barriers to the experience of connection to Who You Are,  which brings love, ease and real prosperity to your life here on Earth.

Yogi Bhajan likened this path of transformation that brings us HOME to our Real Selves to a of lump of coal that has been under great pressure and heat for a very, very long time so it may finally transform its very structure into a diamond!


But guess what?  Your everyday self can actually listen to your Soul!  Oh, yeah!  And you can actually train your everyday self or “EDS” to listen to Soul.  

Now when your EDS or your mind finally settles down through meditation, yoga, or when you get to that very neutral place in your psyche, also called Shuniya, then you can actually feel your own Soul’s most cozy love for you and/or hear Its direction for you.  No joke! 

Soul is so sweet and personal, and you can make this connection in an instant because of course, since your Soul is the real core of you, It’s always there waiting for you to tune into It to give you the most amazing solutions to your quandaries, prosperity, and pain.  This is what you do on your journey HOME. 

For the time being, it seems as though EDS, who has felt that it had the great responsibility or burden of being in charge of you all by itself now has to clear itself of disbelief and mistrust of listening to and partnering with Soul.  In that loving connection to its True Self--Soul, everyday self can finally relax, relax, relax and trust, trust, trust Soul. 

Then as EDS finally rests in Soul’s love and carries out Soul’s guidance—no matter how strange or unheard of these directions may be, that is how we/EDS serves Soul. 

This is the most grand partnership there ever could be.  And living from that great partnership is what I call “living your Destiny!”


Now, of course as EDS becomes more and more clear and humble in carrying Soul’s every direction, you will find that Soul will strip away any smallness that EDS may still be carrying.  You might feel that in terms of healing because you will meet every obstacle within yourself that keeps you from knowing yourself as Soul—true completeness and loving connection.  This is how you are honed and healed into your Greatness. 

If in your true humility and trust, you carry out your own unique Soul’s expression, what else could you be but great?  This is quite the opposite of the untamed ego’s conception of great in which one is thoroughly recognized and has big power over others, but has no connection to Soul. 

Rather you find that you will actually be serving humanity on every level because Soul will lead you there.  The growing energy and Consciousness of Who You Are will affect other individuals as well as the whole human collective.  Others will actually “feel” your own Soul through you, even though they may just call it feeling calm when near you. 

When you live by Soul’s direction, you will become more and more satisfied and heartened by living as Who You Are—whatever your perceived “job” may be.

 For example, raising a child to relax in their own Light is the greatest Destiny ever!  Living this beautiful flowing energy of your Soul that so truly is received by others is your “Presence.”   Although you may do mundane office work your Presence is such a benefit to those you meet while it impacts the whole of humanity as we are all fully connected on the subtle levels.  Or perhaps you find that you are guided to give up your acute shyness to be able to hold this Presence for hundreds or thousands of people while you humbly deliver Soul to them.  

There is no high or low when living your Destiny as Soul—just pure Presence as you live in real energetic and conscious condition of being in Soul, yet you are thoroughly grounded and totally connected to the world around you.

“Remembering” is how you become the really authentic, down-to-Earth you.  You don’t have to hide behind what you think you ought to be or what others tell you in so many what you ought to be.  As you live in Soul, you just happily and freely become your own most unique, capable, great, flowing, and fun self/Self no matter what comes up!

This, Dear Liz is how you serve your Soul!

"Only two things will work:Your Presence and your Unlimited Projection."     
Yogi Bhajan (From the book called “The Mind” p. 55)  

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013.

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and associated with the article.

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CHOOSE! Destiny or Fate?

Oct. 15, 2013

You know that Yogi Bhajan talked so much about fulfilling your Destiny vs. your Fate. 

He taught us carefully that living your Fate meant that you were tossed about as a victim of your karma. 

You know what Karma is, eh?  That is the wheel or action of the Creative Force.  Easily put, with Karma whatever you do to or for anyone or anything is returned to you in kind in the future. 

Most folks name the events that are presented to them, but which they don’t like or that are hard for them as “negative karma.”  On the other hand, they name fortuitous happenings as “good” karma.  But in fact, we--as our Soul signed up for all our karmas of all stripes and colors so that we may use each “opportunity” to develop and grow, if we but embrace every opportunity to transform to the next rung of pure connection with that most Holy “substance” of Who we are—that is our very Divine Soul!


Now, when we remain Victims of our Karmas, we are bashed left and right.  When we don’t ask our very own teacher/guide Soul to point the way for us, when we don’t follow Soul’s direction, and when our mind, emotions and subconscious “stuff” continue to rule us.  This is when:

·         we blame others or our karma or God for our “misfortunes,”

·         our minds live in a constant state of misfortune—no matter what,  

·         our same difficulties continue to repeat over and over again in recognizable patterns, if we just take a second to observe these patterns,

·         we obsess that we “need” or “want” something or someone,

·         we continue to feel tortured or stressed or are stuck in lack of something or someone,

·         we play subconscious games with others such as manipulation, or “I love you, so you must love me”--no matter how overt or subtle,

·         we live for the object of our expectations to diminish our insecurities,

·         we refuse to see the reality that is right in front of our eyes, such as living in dream world of “how things SHOULD be,” falsely believing our dream world to be the “correct” or reality,

·         we operate from fear, no matter how subtle or overt that may be,

·         and on, and on…

But you get the idea.  When you try to live just from your mind, from your conditioning, from societal norms, from subconscious ideas or emotions from past lives or earlier in this life—that is any time you don’t put Soul in the Driver’s Seat of your own life to guide and heal you, that is when you continue to repeat your Fate over and over again.  Did you ever see that wonderful movie “Groundhog Day”?  Watch it again!

So, to me that kind of life that tries and tries to protect and promote itself but while not accepting Soul’s immaculate guidance and healing power as its leader-in-chief looks like the shredded sails of a ship that has faced so many violent storms and has not ever been repaired.  Powerless, wandering, and a wreck.  In that case we live as a victim of repeating storms of karma.  And we all do this—no exceptions!

So, are you sure that you want to keep up that tack?  You can change it, you know—just follow Soul.  Really acknowledge Soul as your Best Beloved, your most intimate companion, your primary business partner, your extraordinary Divine Teacher and Healer.  This, my Dear is what we call a life of Destiny!  It is a full time relationship with Soul that gives rise to the juiciest, kindest and most prosperous life you could ever imagine!


You know, so many people think of Destiny as doing some wonderful work where everything goes so smoothly.  There are no more hurdles to mess you up.  You are serving the world with some highbrow activity, you finally can relax and enjoy being acknowledged for your own divinity and accomplishments, you are well off, you are loved and appreciated.  You can finally change your opinion of yourself from small and scared to one of impeccable Light! 

Or you might expect a special paying job to come your way as your Destiny.

And the idea is that either this just happens to you because it is your time and you deserve it, or that by having endured tons of crap caused by your “negative karmas” you have finally “paid off” your “karmic debt” enough that you would finally have bought your heaven on Earth—your Destiny without your   deepest persona having changed an iota.  It is an expectation that just having no more karmic challenges brings you happiness.

But that ain’t quite it!  Oh, no, no, no!  Not a bit!

From what I have seen, Destiny is when your mind humbly lays down its control over you, giving up its “small minded” belief that it has all the answers.  Destiny is when mind finally surrenders itself to being that constant, pure and humble servant or partner of your impeccable Soul!  That is Destiny! 

It is when your mind takes finally directions from Soul and then carries them out with the best of its ability.  Mind becomes the Chancellor to King Soul.  It is the local Army Major taking orders from Central Command Control which has the great big picture and knows how Major perfectly fits into it all.

It is living from the great connection with Soul, accepting Its eternal Love at every moment, undaunted by mind’s doubts or worries about Soul’s direction, especially when you can’t understand what the outcome might be, or when Soul’s direction seems goofy or too ineffective to remedy your direst of situations with such directives as “Relax” or “Expand”.

Living from Soul is a life of constant healing, of learning to see the world differently—through Soul’s eyes at every instance.  And in the long run, you discover that you are seeing the world and deeply interacting with it all—even the hardest things with grace and love! 

You find that the big ticket items that really used to bug you and tie you in knots, the things that you used to fear or those mind-sets that kept you stiff and judgmental with its multitude of “shoulds” has now shed a good amount of its heavy power over you.  This is when you observe that your life is flowing, even though yout circumstances/karmas have not changed and perhaps have even heated up. 

Then when you most humbly and constantly bathe in your own flowing neutrality where Soul lives, your world begins to serve you without your commanding it.  It just happens in great simplicity and in surprising ways as you drop your expectations. 

Your Soul is actually relentless in training you to your own unique “greatness.”  So, as you are serving Soul so pricelessly, this is when you may find that you are serving many, many!  Your simple wisdom may show up to share with others, you may notice that your Presence heals those around you without trying anything but living in Soul.  You don’t have to prove anything to anybody, most of all your ego doesn’t need exterior approval after all.  Your “self-awareness” becomes sourced in and contained in Soul so that true ease and pure potential (power) is your simple but profound Source. 

You find that you live from a pure “attitude of gratitude” rather than any emotional mind set based in lack or victimization or blaming or worries or “if onlys.”  You find that every “challenge” is actually a great opportunity to transform through, so that amazing, unexpected gifts may show up for you on the other side of your healing such as actual personal peace and satisfaction!  Yes, this is a reliable Truth.

As you follow Soul’s direction, you humbly give up those everyday difficulties in mind and emotions to Soul to work out, and you join ever so closely with Soul to transform and heal those challenges within yourself by committing to your sacred technology, especially Sadhana (daily spiritual practice).  Then your actual ingrained barriers to happiness, self-love, and prosperity come tumbling down bit by bit.  It is the very process of living Miracles!

This is DESTINY, my Friend!  Destiny is not really a destination, but a system of living Life where you expand and grow at every moment in Union with your Best Beloved—your very Soul.  It is a life-times commitment.  It is your very path HOME to fully and completely uniting with your divine Soul.  That is your very real, your profound DESTINY, regardless of the particulars of your life!

Your Destiny will unfold in some lifetime.  Yogi Bhajan assured us of that.  But, if you would like to give up your current system of personal torture, to healing over time towards profound ease, love, prosperity and service, then please do choose your own beloved path to Soul—your very special and great DESTINY!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013.

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August 20, 2013


The great dark source of fear of the inevitable?  That which robs you of life, of love, of wealth, of security?

Or is it that opportunity to finally lay down your mental machinations, your anxieties and fears?  It is the time to finally give over entirely to God’s will, to rest in the countenance and love from and of the Almighty?

Our human life is such a gift in which we have the free will to express just exactly what we choose.  Oh, yes!  The circumstances that we are presented with are our very neutral karmas.  How we deal with them is surely our choice.  And if we feel that we have no choice over our reactions and responses, then certainly we give into our hopelessness and fears.  Strength and love drain from us.  We become addicted to covering our pain anyway we can.

Every one of us has the choice at every minute to delude ourselves with great fear of insecurity—revolving around money, love, respect, acceptance, survival, and so much more.  We may allow shame or guilt to lock us out of peace, kindness and forgiveness for ourselves and others.  We may continue being seduced by our self-righteous, subconscious habits of victimization.  Every time we blame someone else for our unhappiness, you can be sure that we are choosing to live in pain, holding strong to our own unconscious perception of ourselves as the victim.  That is pure death of our spirit, of our Consciousness at every turn.

On the other hand, using all of our incredible yogic technology to turn around our dramatic reactions to the apparent hard, judgmental hearts that we encounter, committing to give up our most difficult responses that explode from us, confuse us or carry us way down—giving all that back to the Godhead, our cozy Soul, our great Guides—Guru Ram Das, Yogi Bhajan, Baba Siri Chand and Adi Shakti is the “death” that actually delivers us to our greatest Consciousness!

That is where pure peace resides.  Knowing that there is no good or bad, thinking makes it so.  Living the absolute reality that “if you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.”  Experiencing the very real Shuniya—pure neutrality, not numbness or blindness that is the actual doorway to the coziness and direction of your own Soul, your God Self.  This is where all free and calm strength abounds.  This is where you find your natural Authenticity, where you deeply forgive yourself and others at a place much deeper than judgment from your mind, others, or any part of the culture.  That condition of pure surrender is so sweet and amazingly without fear or worry.  When you feel the very natural expansion of your Being, this is it!

In this true condition of Soul, you are not attached to anyone or anything, but fully connected in pure love and kindness to all!  You don’t condone destruction or hate, but you extend your healing energy to the Source of it.  You defend and promote the Truth of the situation as your Soul guides you, no matter what.

This, my Friends is what Guru Gobind Singh meant when he advised us to be “Dead while yet alive!”  Give all—every aspect of your life, every opinion, problem, possession or personal outlook to Soul’s direction and coziness.  Give all to become ALL!  Pure LIFE!  Absolute humility, not taking anything for yourself, but serving as only as custodian or supporter of that which is given to you—fame, riches, heartache, success, recognition, loss, demise.  Untie them all and give them most humbly and gratefully to the very Master of you—your Soul!  Strip your small self bare—that is your “ego idea” of the non-God of you so that you may finally experience Who you are! 

That is the way to Union, Dear One.  This is a process over time.  Anything else falls short of the sheer freedom, compassion, unconditional love, wisdom, strength, command and Presence when you clear the way for Soul to fully become You!

So, why not start that process of “dying while yet alive now,” rather than getting caught at the very end of your lifespan?  As you surrender, move into the ease and pure abundance of you as YOU!

All Love is Divine!

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright, Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013.

You have permission to reproduce this article either in print or online as long as you keep this copy right large and closely associated with the article.

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Dear One,

Here are the Hukums or Guidance from Guru--the Infinite Teacher that were taken "at random" from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib the day after this article was published.  Notice that they both advise being "dead while yet alive"!  The first was taken at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.  The second was taken in Espanola, NM.  They are both from Guru Nanak.


Sri Amritsar 
(Wednesday August 21, 2013) 

Dhanaasaree, First Mehl: The body is the paper, and the mind is the inscription written upon it. The ignorant fool does not read what is written on his forehead. In the Court of the Lord, three inscriptions are recorded. Behold, the counterfeit coin is worthless there. ||1|| O Nanak, if there is silver in it, then everyone proclaims, "It is genuine, it is genuine."||1||Pause|| The Qazi tells lies and eats filth; the Brahmin kills and then takes cleansing baths. The Yogi is blind, and does not know the Way. The three of them devise their own destruction. ||2|| He alone is a Yogi, who understands the Way. By Guru's Grace, he knows the One Lord. He alone is a Qazi, who turns away from the world, and who, by Guru's Grace, remains dead while yet alive. He alone is a Brahmin, who contemplates God. He saves himself, and saves all his generations as well. ||3|| One who cleanses his own mind is wise. One who cleanses himself of impurity is a Muslim. One who reads and understands is acceptable. Upon his forehead is the Insignia of the Court of the Lord. ||4||5||7page 662



                                       SIRI SINGHHASAN E KHALSA GURDWARA

                                   Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Espanola New Mexico

                                                  (Wednesday August 21,  2013)



GAUREE, FIRST MEHL: Meeting the True Guru, we are shown the way to die. Remaining alive in this death brings joy deep within. Overcoming egotistical pride, the Tenth Gate is found. || 1 ||   Death is pre-ordained - no one who comes can remain here. So chant and meditate on the Lord, and remain in the Sanctuary of the Lord. || 1 || Pause ||   Meeting the True Guru, duality is dispelled. The heart-lotus blossoms forth, and the mind is attached to the Lord God. One who remains dead while yet alive obtains the greatest happiness hereafter. || 2 ||   Meeting the True Guru, one becomes truthful, chaste and pure. Climbing up the steps of the Guru's Path, one becomes the highest of the high. When the Lord grants His Mercy, the fear of death is conquered. || 3 ||   Uniting in Guru's Union, we are absorbed in His Loving Embrace. Granting His Grace, He reveals the Mansion of His Presence, within the home of the self. O Nanak, conquering egotism, we are absorbed into the Lord. || 4 || 9 || page 153 




Feb. 5, 2013

Have you ever noticed that a deep seated need to feel safe and secure actually brings on its antithesis called FEAR?  And trying really hard to make the best decision or figure out what is truly happening brings its opposite called CONFUSION?

And my God, nothing brings on that old "Fight or Flight" or even getting frozen right there in the headlights than both FEAR and CONFUSION together!  Yikes!

Yet, here we are in a state of rapid change, which instantly turns on both these mischievous sprites.  Weather is changing fast with big consequences!  Even though technology often makes our life easier, when it goes haywire, so does our life!  Variable jobs and incomes challenge our security.  There is so much information out there, and it changes so rapidly that we sometimes feel that we have no secure and safe basis for making our way through our day to day dilemmas.  This and more quick change may make it feel like we are mired in quick sand, rather than anchored on a dependable footing.

Fear of being judged may cause us to judge others heartlessly in return.  "If I think that she/he doesn't like me or tow the rules of my tribe, I will cut her/him out to keep myself safe, or keep me in the 'in-crowd'."   As humans  we have an overwhelming need to be accepted by each other and be part of an accepting community with all of its cultural imperatives for tribe membership, even though those membership requirements such as having to agree totally with the "leaders" make us actually feel squashed and fearful.  "I will give up my subtle inklings of what is really True (intuition) in order to keep my tribal membership intact."  

The need to be accepted by others, much less loved by them is a survival instinct that can often be harshly tested with things like adverse "public opinion," or criticism for deviation from a cultural norm.  That might be not wearing the "proper clothes," not rooting for the right team, not being against certain ideas or people such as those with a different sexual orientation, not adhering to the published "company line" or orthodoxy,  taking the path less tread, and on, and on.

Survival on all levels is an overpowering human need!  And the threat of separation or not surviving in any way can provoke huge fear that tempts us to be less than loving to ourselves and others, as well as avoid the real Truth.  And both self-blame and self-righteousness can really rock you to your foundations. 

Other threats to what we call "stability" or security may be becoming faced with crushing debt, not being able to discern any believable solutions to these or other threats, having no viable or dependable support, not being able to determine a well-defined or well-trod, yet satisfying path through life, etc. 

Then wrestling with all this fear and accompanying confusion can truly wreck havoc with your body, mind and spirit.  All you are left with is either self-immolation by your exploding emotions, or grasping panic-stricken at solutions that pretty instantly evaporate from your hold.

Do you recognize any of this in your own life--whether in big or little things?



Now you may truly scoff at what I am about to tell you.  After all, you have tried everything already and therefore may instantly judge this solution to be truly "airy-fairy," without any foundation in reality!  After all, based on our cultural standards, who ever heard of such simple and stupid notions as these?

So, my question to you would be, "Have you had enough yet?  Have you been slammed to the wall hard enough and enough times with the old ways of trying to solve things until you are totally bloody and without any other recourse?"

 If that is so, my Dear, you have been given such an incredible gift!  You are finally slammed into at least exploring new ideas, new cultural norms, forgiving your old unworkable ways of dealing with your life.  After all, what more is there to lose if you have already lost it all?

Now, here we go...

When we let go of understanding our way through life by the old, debilitating cultural focus and test out this new outlook, we find that we have been seeing the Emperor's New Clothes by implicitly agreeing to his own unfounded dictates.  Yet, when we take off our clouded, myopic spectacles to discover the naked Truth, we find that true Reality is brilliantly simple--actually magic-like!  But it takes constant training to transform our old addictive and self-defeating ways of seeing, understanding and acting to do this.  Oh, yes. 

So, here is Patwant Kaur's very real experience that shows how this all works!

"I’d like to share an experience I had recently because I am very grateful for the support of Baba Siri Chand (and that I am getting better at leaning into his support!) .  I've been struggling to retrieve my security deposit from the landlord of my office after I moved. Rather than go into the details of the story, suffice it to say that I was getting worked up.

It sort of caught me off guard because I do think I’ve gotten much better over time at living in my neutral mind and not letting many things upset me that used to do so. I felt surprised by the intensity of my frustration and anger. Now I realize I became trapped in thinking (ok- maybe obsessing) about how ‘wrong’ this person was and how I was being treated ‘unfairly’, this allowed me to feel righteous and to dwell on how I should defend myself, escalate to legal remedies, and alert the new tenant. I’m not saying I should not stand up for my rights and others. The problem lay in the way I was addressing it. What I woke up to is that this issue was taking me over. I was feeling ‘icky’, it was filtering into my dreams, I was caught in its web as I spent lots of time on the internet trying to figure a way out.

SO, I became more disciplined about taking the problem into my meditations. I finally handed the situation to Baba Siri Chand (since he is a ‘restorer of harmony’) and asked him to help me mend the tear that had come into my relationship with my landlord. I put the emphasis on mending the broken relationship, but also visualized my deposit coming back to me.

Wow! That day, my landlord finally set up a time to meet and he returned my whole deposit the next day! I feel so much lighter as I have also released the resentment.

Thank you for letting me share my story as it helps me to cement what I have learned!"
Do you see the things that she did?
  1. Recognized that she was obsessing over this situation that she had no control over and it was making her feel "icky."
  2. Realized that she was not in neutral.  Now this neutral is not being numb or avoiding the situation or dumbing yourself down.  It was truly letting go of her expectations for the solution and all that was tangled in with it.  You can get to neutral or "shuniya" with Heart Breath, and mantra--my favorite to break that obsession is Gobinday, Mukunday... .  You will find others in these two fine videos that are posted above in today's newsletter.
  3. She re-routed her intention from self-righteousness to the good of all--"mending the relationship."
  4. She left the entire solution to Baba Siri Chand, that incredible yogi to solve it all for her, with no expectations of what that would look like.  She "rested her case."  You can "let go and let God" by also giving over to your God Self--your Soul, to Guru Ram Das, or any of the incredible Gurus and Saints who are just standing in wait to help us when we are ready to let go and entirly trust their help!  She switched her own mental and emotional shenanigans out of the way so that Baba Siri Chand could take over.  She unblocked the energetic commands in the ethers, so to speak.
  5. As the most "magic-like" outcome came about, she recognized what was happening and flowed in wonder with it.  When Catalyst Yogi in this video related that Yogi Bhajan said he was always in a state of confusion, that meant that he did not know the outcome, but stayed fully grounded in his intuition--his reliance on his Soul and the Gurus to lead him at every second and to provide the perfect solution as he was truly clear, neutral and trusting.  He may not have known the outcome at the moment, but when you give over to that extent, you trust, trust, trust that every moment is given by God/Soul/Guru/Saints exactly as it is meant to be, and the result that comes about is perfect--no matter what that happens to be. 
  6. She was truly grateful to Baba Siri Chand for this marvel and made it most real in her own consciousness by expressing it. She did a wonderful job of sharing it all with us, for which we are grateful.  This is the beginning of creating new, True Reality cultural norms for our Tribe that really and truly do serve us!
Thank you, Dear!  Now, the tricky thing is to make this method of "magic-like" Reality become our normal way of operation.  Take my word for it, too.  This is the most amazing process if you give it a chance.And as we do, we also let go of all that oppressive, crazy fear and confusion.  You just TRUST with every ounce of your Being, no matter what is happening--even if your physical life is leaving you, or you watch other apparently terrifying events unfold.  Be fast and firm in your total connection to this great dimension of consciousness that you reach through neutrality and mantra.  And realize that whatever is happening as Soul/Saints/Gurus are in charge is the exact perfect thing for you on your most unique path to your special Destiny.  I assure you that you will be amazed about what develops!Lots of Love,Siri-Gian Kaur  


Choose Your Only Enemy?
June 5, 2012
"The strength of your judgment is the only enemy you have. You don’t look at things in the Light of the Soul, and you do not believe and trust that everything is the Light of the Soul. Things fit in when they want to fit in. You are not required to fit them and unfit them and make people believe or force them to consider." -Yogi Bhajan

Here is a little questionnaire!  

On each line please choose which question you would most likely answer YES to:

1 Do you ever believe that the flow of your Life is against you?

Are you interested to see where the flow of your Life takes you so that you use every situation as an opportunity for healing and growth?

2 Do you rail against what is happening, or feel victimized by your circumstances?

Do you take responsibility for the fact that Soul/God is in charge of which karmic situations you face at every moment so that you can pay off your karmas with grace and love no matter what they are, knowing that Soul has gems of wisdom, clarity and ability waiting for as you let go and let God?

3 Do you pray over and over again that things will turn out your way, and are you truly disappointed if they don’t?

Do you pray that you can easily let go of your own expectations of the Universe to provide you with what you regard as security and prosperity so that you can easily flow with the action of the Universal, knowing that all is lovingly perfect for you?

4 Do you feel stymied, put down, lost or without hope?

Are you grateful for every moment to the point that you dissolve into shunia where total connection lives—where there is no question of security, fear, fulfillment, loss, etc.—where all simply IS and you can dance with it?  Do you live in the pure Presence of your own Soul?

5 Do you react with anger, or judge heavily whether things are right or wrong?

Do you live in the freeing awareness that “there is no ‘good’ and no ‘bad’—thinking makes it so.” (Yogi Bhajan)  And then do you humbly ask your own Soul how to respond to what is presented to you? 

6 Do you reject certain people because of what you think of them?

Do you recognize the Soul, the God-Self within each person to the point that you humbly realize that each one is playing the very role that their own Soul has created for them in this lifetime to move Divine evolution along in a personal way— both yours and theirs, as well as on a global scale?

7 Are you upset when things don’t turn out the way that you think they should?

Are you deeply satisfied with your circumstances, whatever they may be?  Do you listen to your own Soul to discern your best direction, and do you accept and invite that guidance to the point that that concept becomes your own powerful intention that you hold lightly, in humility with grace and gratitude?

8 Do you ever try to control people, situations, and circumstances?

Do you go into a state of grateful wonder and forgiveness when things turn out differently than you expected, asking Soul to help you understand as you flow from Soul’s direction?  Do you revere the action of the Universe, the Adi Shakti of creation?

9 Do you judge your world by what suits you?

Do you turn to your Soul to discern the path that you should take at every instant and are you humble enough to follow that at every moment?

Please make your choices and then study how you approach your Life—from your Soul, or with your ego/everyday self in charge, or perhaps some combination.  Survival in this Aquarian Age is demanding that we turn to Soul, to Shunia, to Flow, to pure humility to the Universe and unite with Its actions, rather than separate.  Anything less only leads to continuing chaos.  Please consciously choose what really, really works for you and keep up!

If you would like some help on this path, you can join our course “INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening!” on 6 Wednesday  evenings, Aug. 22 to Sept. 26, 2012.  TeleCourse, which is available by phone globally.

And here are a few things that can help you break your ego mind’s spell:

Dive totally into Gobinday, Mukunday….

Do this most effective Meditation for Change.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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Got the Grumpies?

April  17, 2012

You know what I’m saying....  “They are so mean to me.”  “I don’t have enough money.” “Why can’t things ever go right for me?” “That person is so weird or out of touch.” “I’m so scared of being left out.” “I’m so lonely/downcast/disconnected/overwhelmed/angry/etc.”

The biggest problem is that we take these repeating mind-nasties as absolute Truth!  We actually believe all of that hurtful, self-defeating, isolating stuff that goes on ad infinitum in our own brain.  We habitually beat ourselves up and others along with us.  And we actually talk ourselves into believing that if we keep quiet about it all, then no one is hurt.  Or we might give way to some really juicy gossip to vent our downward mental slide, or explode our really confused mental tangle on someone else.  And we actually believe that is all justified and natural.  OMG!

Well, maybe it is normal, but who wants to be “normal” if it means continually jabbing yourself and your world with self-imposed hatred and discontent?

My Dear, did you know that you actually have the most amazing super-power of transforming your perpetual or even intermittent grumpies?  I don’t care if you are convinced that you are being personally victimized by the Universe Itself every time you turn around.  You have within you the God-given ability to actually change the prism of your own mental process so that you can finally participate in the actual Truth of your life, where contentment, ease and satisfaction abide, while fear and all the rest of the grumpies evaporate!  Yes, we often tell such lies of hurt, shame and difficulty to ourselves that we completely obfuscate the Truth of what is right in front of us.

Now this changing of our old thinking patterns is definitely not lying to ourselves or going “Polly Anna” (oblivious to the real dangers that lurk in reality).  No way!  This is getting right down to the very nitty gritty Reality of Who we are, and what we are about.  So, if you are earnest in your desire to live in content and ease, then please…



NUMBER 1:  Watch your mind at every minute, just as you would in watching a 2 year old to keep it safe.  Encourage it to be happy and to explore.  But if it slips into the very real self-danger of grumpizing against yourself or others, immediately stop, inhale and do heart breath, and go to neutral with the profound understanding that this crumminess is not the real story. 

NUMBER 2: Now you may even have to wrench yourself out of the very deep belief that this nastiness is REAL and must be continually supported in your vulnerable mind or else you are not being responsible, or realistic, or whatever.  For this, dive deep into your favorite mantra.  As you know, “Gobinday, Mukunday…” at is my very favorite for breaking off this monkey business.

NUMBER 3: Now there certainly are things that you DO have to pay attention to, but if you are locked into fear, dread, outrage and so on, your outcome can only match your projections.  So, best start your response at neutral so that you can DISCERN from Soul : 

A. What is the real problem is

B. How to best deal with it

For instance, the real problem with judging and complaining about other people may be self-projection.  That is, your subconscious is constantly judging you, but that gets turned around and then presented to your conscious mind as judgment against others, which is a neat trick to keep you “safe” from judgment by your own mind.  Ingenious, eh?

Then to best deal with the difficulty, your Soul may very well surprise you by saying something like “Forgive the guy who spat in your face, forgive yourself for being angry, and send the poor dilapidated bloke healing heart breath.”  Now that could be a tall order.  But if you are really serious about living in ease and contentment, you’ve got to take the giant steps that will get you there.

Now, here are some more amazing supports that will be sure to keep the grumpies away:

  1.    Daily sadhana (spiritual practice) where you get to work out your difficulties with Soul Itself, let go the automatic programs that keep you chained to downward spirals, and build your self-confidence and self-control with the extraordinary aura-building materials of naad—that is sacred sounds that change your energy patterns, increase your access to Self/Soul, and strengthen your neutrality.
  2.   Upgrade your diet.  As you know, eating sugar, processed food, caffeine, high carbs, alcohol, chemicals and an unbalanced array of nutrients can cut you off at the knees, making you susceptible to every pitfall.  You know how to remedy that, and if not, help is available.  And as every dieter knows, low blood sugar can turn you into a red-faced monster in a moment.  So carry something like nuts, seeds, fruit or tofu around with you as a light but powerful and safe energy booster when you need it.
  3.   Stay with Mother—Nature, that is.  Getting outside to blend with Her exquisite energy magically relaxes your own knots and tangles.  Talk out your challenges with her and actually listen for her response!
  4.  Exercise of all kinds eases out the very real psychic energy that tightens your body.  Do your yoga—both the stretching and the building kriyas, plus walking and any other sweaty physical endeavors are superbly designed for the health of our human bodies and minds.

You have my every wish and prayer to continually move into a grump-free life—full of wisdom, contentment, ease and surprisingly wonderful solutions.  This pursuit is surely the adventure of lifetimes!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Khalsa, , 2012

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Don’t Get Bitten by the Jaws of Your Polarities!

October 10, 20116 & October 25, 2011


Your Polarities will eat you up quicker than any wild animal with long, ferocious teeth.  They will consume you on the spot, with no remorse.  The fear, doubt, trauma and so much more can relentlessly rule your life without a bit of respite or remorse.

So, since they stay hidden in plain sight, let’s stalk them for a while to get the true measure of them.  These are what we might call our automatic programs that only need the slightest trigger to rear up to their full power within your own consciousness—superimposing all the tightness and many other emotions, as well as their own unique ways of seeing the world.  They capture and consume us!  They involve the very real tug of war between what we might call NEGATIVE and POSITIVE aspects of the same thing.  For instance, here are a few examples:


NEGATIVE: There is this little voice that seems to tell me that I am not worthy; that I am a failure; that I am guilty; that I can’t get anything right; nobody could care for me; I am alone and never will be enough.  This leads to depression, self-inflicted hurt and self-hatred, breakdowns, self-blame, etc.

POSITIVE:  Look at me!  I need to be seen as a bright and shining star; I am being given respect for once, I will do anything to keep that; I need to keep up appearances; I work so hard to keep up my reputation; I am so scared to be seen as negative or less than perfect.  This leads to being frantic about how I am seen, controlling and manipulating to get what I want or being seen as important; success at all costs; hiding in my personal terrors; stealing; etc.


NEGATIVE:  I feel destitute; so unconnected that there is no hope for me on Earth; lost; abysmally unsupported and alone; primal scream; no one to turn to; no comfort; hate being in this body and mind (opposite of self-love).  Can lead to screaming depression, self-punishment, unable to love or really connect with others, numb, etc.

POSITIVE:  I am everyone’s friend and lover; I will do anything to get one drop of love—no matter what I have to do to get it; I can be dishonest and disloyal to get it, or I can be obsessively honest and loyal to get it; because I never feel fulfilled, I struggle over and over, more and more to feel fulfilled by others; no matter how hard I try, no one’s love is enough to really make me whole; I give love to the point of exhaustion.  Can lead to hysteria, much anger, loss of power, scheming, grasping, blaming, etc.


NEGATIVE:  I have been kicked, beaten, degraded, abused, and raped to a pulp.  I have no self-respect or even hope to have any; I don’t have any real self-image; others seem to constantly take advantage of me and continue beating me up.  Can lead to loss of seeing reality; constant hurt and degradation; magnetizing abusers to me, habit of hurting myself.

POSITIVE:  I am in charge now!  I mete out punishment to whomever I see needs it; I take what I believe belongs to me—stuff, business and personal advantage, including sexual advantage; my self-respect at the cost of yours; I can inflict my pain on you because you deserve it.  Can lead to bullying, smashing others, false sense of my importance, flagrant and secret abuse of others, pernicious loss of self-worth, etc.

So, you get the idea.  These are only a few.  There are so many more!  We, in the course of our lifetimes are so very creative in coming up with these polarities, these push/pulls that take charge of our lives and create so much havoc.  Can you identify any in your life?  I find it is such a surprise to discover them!

One clue is that if some idea, some emotion is tying you up and giving you lots of problems, I will bet you that you have some wild polarities on your hands.  Don’t fret and try to flee.  That will never work.  As much as you try to deny them or run away, they will gain in power over you, to be sure.

Instead, go right to your altar—either your physical altar or the altar or seat of Consciousness in your own mind and being.  Tune in and then with your breath—long and deep breath, pranayams, heart breath, allow yourself to get to that sweet place of neutral that we call meditation.  Then ask that you be shown your polarities bit by bit.  As you see one side, take a genuine look at the other side—positive/negative, back and forth.

As you unravel your polarities, please don’t dare to get into guilt, self blame and all that stuff.  That’s just a sneaky trick that seals you into those Polarities.  Instead, get into the wonder of it all!  Find out how amazingly perfectly the positive is tied to the negative and vice versa.  Become aware of all those tightly-held, subconscious patterns and belief systems that you can.  Let any pain or anger move through you so that it can get unlocked from your innards and be transformed.  Just neutrally sit with it, using your breath and mantra.

In this way, you will find such an extraordinary story of your very own life unfold!  Become neutral as though you are watching a movie.  Forgive yourself, forgive others to dissolve those bungie cords that have bound you to those scenarios.  And be sure to do pertinent Kundalini mediations and kriyas.  They are the finest tools that you have for untying those great tangles of your polarities that have tied you up over lifetimes.  And fall into the loving arms of your favorite gurus, teachers, saints, angels and your very own God Self—your Soul for very real help with your discovery and transformation.

And then respect your experience.  Understand that as you unravel what was held in those polarities, as you introduce them to one another so that they may finally relax into neutrality and love, you will find incredible wisdom flowing from your new awareness.  And, my Dear, the most remarkable thing is that you could never have gained such wisdom, depth of self-love and healing in any way other than healing from those ferocious polarities! 

And, my Dear, this process is a very big part of what we call “The Path.”  Might as well get into it.  You could only become wiser and happier.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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Aug. 16, 2011

What are the two hardest things

to do in your life?

They are:

·         Recognize when your mind is destroying you and your environments, and do it in that very moment, “mid-coitus”!

·         Consciously turn your mind around in that very moment.

How successful are you at keeping your “thought radar” on automatic so you can catch those thoughts and emotions that render us helpless in the face of such things as “our justifiable anger,” “self-deprecation in all its disguises,”  “our quicksand of certifiable loss,” “overwhelming but picayune judgment of ourselves and others,” and so much more!  Yogi Bhajan called those unruly mind viruses “Trances”.

They not only throw a huge smoke screen around what is really happening, and jerk us into their own non-reality, but by their very creative energy they magnetize more of the same to materialize in our present and future.  Yikes!  Let me outta here!

This is what Patanjali, that ancient codifier of Yoga described to us so many centuries ago.  According to the “Aquarian Teacher, KRI Level 1 Textbook,” p. 45, “It is the habits of the mind that bind us to attachments and duality and, in turn, suffering.”

But there is a remedy! 

“It is also the habit of mind that leads to non-attachment and to the practice of merger with what is real.  The mind is a sophisticated tool that can give us liberation and the transcendence of conditional living, or it can give us confusion, ignorance, and bondage.”

Guess what that means? 

Once your mind becomes aware of that automatic “thief in the night” that is stealing control over your consciousness, you can actually CHOOSE to reel your own mind and emotions back in from its churning habitual crap that pollutes your whole system—body, mind, emotions and energy flow.

YES!  You CAN CHOOSE, and you can be effective!  This, my Dear is the only way that you can finally find happiness and peace.  This is the path of Yoga or Union.  If you don’t choose, you are consistently setting yourself up as the victim/victimizer target in your own personal shooting gallery, especially if you believe that you have no responsibility in the matter—“It is someone else’s fault”.  (See   “Don’t be Doomed by Your Own Backstory!”) 

You are in charge of your own psyche!

So, now how do you choose to move out of the dark anger, hurt, numbness, etc.?  First of all, let me put in a plug for strong daily sadhana.  That clears layers of mind-gunk and gives you better ability to move through this process.  Then at the moment:

1.       Catch your thought or emotion to realize this is actually self-sabotage, not true reality.  This step is really, really important because it sets the whole process in motion.

2.       Go to neutral.  Long-deep breath, Heart Breath , changing your mind to welcome the bigger picture that had been obscured, calling on our saints and Gurus, etc. for help.  This is not avoidance, going numb or jumping out of your body.  Quite the contrary.  You are taking back the engine of your consciousness to actually deal with the energy and experience of the Trance at hand. 

3.       Move into healing and change.  This is where your genius of awareness and spectacular free will come into play.  They come through your strength of determination—your true CHOICE!  Don’t take “NO” for an answer, but definitely don’t beat yourself up for getting yourself in this difficult condition.  That would really be counter-productive, don’t you think?

a.       Ground yourself by sending your energy down into the center of Mother Earth/Adi Shakti and continue to cycle it back up again through your body and mind to root you, to clear you, and switch from the chaos of mind and emotions to weighted strength.

b.      Grounded in this state of neutral awareness and yogic breath, let the emotions, feelings, mind’s tantrums run through your being without being overtaken by them.   Adding mantra, banis (powerful prayers), Kundalini yoga kriyas will quickly move this process along.  Remember, you will re-experience your Trance as it moves out, but don’t get freaked.  Just abide with the process until you know that this “sitting” is done.  You may find previously unseen realizations and the ability to reframe your situation arise like misty fairies in your reality.

c.       Different manifestations or degrees of that same Trance may continue to come up over time, but use the same process over and over again.  You will be addressing different layers each time, so respect the process, don’t get impatient with it.  This is your Transformation to Peace—your true path of Yoga!  Remember Yogi Bhajan and Patanjali.

4.       Expansion—Now, begin to let the wisdom that comes from your healing trickle into your consciousness.  When you “listen” you may be amazed at what incredible messages,  yearnings and remedies were snarled in that Trance, but now are freely accessible.  Forgive yourself for not having recognized them before, and allow yourself the great freedom to accept and integrate these “new” abilities and freedoms into your personal world.  Be grateful for this incredible process.  And reside in True Love which is radiant Light, Pure Truth. 

This is how your mind CHOOSES the process of peace to work for you.  It takes creating a “mind muscle” with repetitive use.  So, now your mind can choose to move your system’s energetic vibration to actually magnetize even more peace.  Whoopie!  Way to go, Friend!

Make CONSCIOUS CHOICE your regular and most dear habit.  Happiness will pursue you!

Copyright:  Siri-Gian Khalsa, , 2011

You have permission to republish this article in print and online as long as you keep this copyright large and readable.