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How Does Christianity Fit with Kundalini and Soul?

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Dear Sangeeta,

I am so happy that you are finding that it is much easier to live in the Soul power that flows through your "hara" rather than holding back.  I find that holding back the expression of our pure, flowing, powerful and most sophisticated Selves is actually quite painful.  Why live there? 

Now, you bring up some interesting points about the connection between Christian symbolism and our way of seeing things through Kundalini and Soul.


In the Christian framework, humans are not God but are made in the "image of God." Humans are sinners who need salvation, and the church ministers are usually in charge of how to get that salvation.  They have put clergy or the Bible or their judgments and teachings in between the individual and God (regardless of Martin Luther’s assertions), using a kind of love/guilt and unworthiness dichotomy which I find extremely confusing and innately separating us from the God that flows through us. Christianity is based on dogma, not on personal experience.  However, when you read the mystical experiences of the saints, you will find what we call true Kundalini experiences!

So, Kundalini and Soul Listening or INTUITION TRAINING are technologies used to facilitate your own personal experience of the Almighty of you, with the understanding that all is God projecting Itself in this finite arena.  The idea then is that Infinite God is experiencing the finite as us, and our "Path" eventually leads us back to full Conscious Union with Who we really are!  Read more about the workings of karma at, which is the first article which is at the bottom of the page.

Now, these INTUITION TRAINING courses are to set us on that route of direct experience--creating a conscious partnership between Soul—the God of us, and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation which certainly give you the very real experience of God flowing through you as you just described above in your class.

Therefore, our foundation thesis in INTUITION TRAINING and Kundalini Yoga is that we are expressions of the God (Generating, Organizing, Destroying) Consciousness, and as we gain all kinds of experience—none wasted, we begin to shed our shortsighted awareness that we are separate, and begin to fully live the God or Soul or cozy Universal that is truly us.  And the “secret” is that everyday self (ego, separate self, emotions, memories, etc.) is actually a projection of Soul!  But at this point on our Path, we are simply moving into conscious Partnership between the very real and accessible Soul (God as us) and everyday self at this point.

However, in relating to the very real presence of Soul, Its total coziness, protection, unending love, and incredibly wise direction for us, we have learned to name that as Holy Spirit for Christians because Its presence and the experience of It is so very, very real and powerful!  This is a way that Christians can truly experience God, or the third person of the Blessed Trinity, which is God!  So, Christians do in fact partake of the Conscious energy flow with their devotion, sacraments, ceremonies, their disciplined purity, and so on.  It is just that realizing yourself truly as God would be heresy, so its dogma cuts you off from that realization.


I can’t really speak for the Christians, but it seems that in their mythology, the serpent is the one that convinced our original predecessors to turn away from God, with the idea that they thought they knew better than God—a huge sin of pride.  So, our primal parents were turned away from living heaven on Earth, so to speak for not listening to God. 

Perhaps that story is an analogy for everyday self giving up its awareness of itself as Soul.  But in this Kundalini, INTUITION TRAINING framework, becoming un-Conscious of Who we are would be the very real primal pain that we suffer as we come into the cycle of un-Consciousness and then return back to full Consciousness over lifetimes.  That happens with every Soul Who takes this journey.

You will see the serpent at the feet of statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it seems that it is described as the personification of evil in the world.  She is often crushing its head with her foot.  So, the serpent and the devil have become synonymous in Christianity.

On the other hand, the Kundalini is known as the serpent energy that is usually coiled dormant at the base of your spine and when awakened, as with the practices of Kundalini Yoga, moves up your spine to connect your whole Being to that powerful Light—which is the real stuff of Creation and Consciousness!  It gives you great wisdom, knowledge, abilities and confidence, and you know yourself as this Infinite Consciousness in varying degrees as you develop this over time!

Why a snake?  In 1975—just before I met Kundalini Yoga, I was guided by Soul to do a certain meditation.  What happened was a real surprise!  I saw in the vision that a 3 headed hooded snake had come up my spine and their heads were hovering over mine.  Then a number of years later, I met a Buddhist monk in Japan who reported that he knew he as a healer because in meditation, a hooded snake had come up his spine and hovered over his head. 

And if you will notice on the caduceus, which is the ancient Greek symbol that we use for the medical/healing profession, you will see a pole, with two snakes intertwining up its shaft.  This pole also has two wings extending from near the top.  When I have seen certain people that I “know” are angels, I see the kind of waving white energy emanating from their shoulder blade area that can appear to be wings.  And when I work on people in a healing session, I always spend time holding their vertebra at about the level of T4.  This seems to be the back of the heart chakra, and lots of old stuck energy flows out of that.  This appears to be a very important connection point between the human body and other, more refined and powerful dimensions of energy.

Now, there are folks who will warn you that having the extraordinary power of the Kundalini rise too quickly can be harmful to your nervous system—it can blow you out.  That can happen in certain accidents, unprotected practices, and so on. 

However, the beauty in Yogi Bhajan’s formulation of this Kundalini Yoga is that in practicing what he taught, our Kundalini rises in entirely protected and safe increments when you perform it according to his well-defined direction, which includes tuning in before a session with the Adi Mantra for protection and guidance. . 

And we certainly don’t mashup this most sacred and powerful process by using drugs or alcohol when practicing Kundalini.  Yogi Bhajan certainly warned us about this, but I have seen mayhem to a young fellow’s central nervous system when he tried using lots of drugs plus the most powerful Kundalini practices. 

Understand that this progress of the Kundalini rising has its own time that is fixed in our personal evolution.  However, the practice of Kundalini yoga does accelerate our evolution.  And a constant and fully risen Kundalini is the actual energetic condition of Union with the Consciousness that we call GOD.  When one is in that condition, they give off an extraordinary Light as the story describes Jesus’ appearance after the resurrection, or the saints in mystic Union when they are sometimes observed to be rising off the ground.

When your Kundalini rises, you are in Union with your Soul.  The Kundalini is the core energy that is the Light or presence of your Soul in you.  And you personally have felt Its Presence as calm, assured, expansive, kind and loving, protective, powerful and more.  Plus you have had the experience of simply switching over to that Presence by just changing your focus.  Right? 

So, you see why it is so important to do your Sadhana daily—to clear out the impediments to this Union, and to allow Its Light to amp up in our everyday life.  Remember “Power Up, Clear Out, Tune In” from our first Soul Listening course?


Now I have to ask Jesus Himself to describe this.  He says:

Often people believe that I came to resurrect humans from their “sins”.  In fact, I came to show you the Way (Path).  Your Bible has even preserved that statement so that you can understand it now.

I am showing you the Way to behave with love, kindness and forgiving of all animosity.  You cannot go forward into the great Light that I have demonstrated without freely expressing love, kindness, and generosity of Spirit. 

The dogma of the Church isn’t where you will find the “loopholes” that will “let you into heaven.”  No, the way that I have shown you is simple kindness, forgiveness, and living in the trust of My Name.  I say that because I have become one with the GOD, and that invitation is open to you, Dear Hearts.  All you have to do is to call My Name (My energetic “phone number”), and I will become aware and potent within you.  I will shine from you.  I will move you into “your” full expression, understanding and experience of the GOD consciousness, which is unlimited and All.

There are any number of others who have made this transformation—some known and many unknown.  We are present for you to make your own Ascension to your own GOD Being state.  Just call, and We are here to help you become WHO you are!

All Love in Divine, Your Very Divine Soul!


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur