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 How do I know what my destiny in life is? How do I find out what I am supposed to do and what part I am supposed to play in life? I need guidance as I am really confused, I have begun to walk the path, but become more confused and held back the more I want to go on. I need to have a clear answer or find a clear answer on what my role is in life and how to tap into it, my destiny (?)

Thankyou for your help, kindness and patience,

Many blessings, T. Kaur
Dear T. Kaur,
Destiny is not "what I do in life."  Rather it is coming into real alignment with "who I am!"  And that is knowing fully that "I am I am", knowing that I am the God that flows through me, and that all that I experience in any way is God!  Then you consciously live your life only by acting from communication from your God Self, from Guru, from your Soul!  That is why I teach Intuitition Training--to help people learn how to do that, and to really get set on that road! 
And all the Gurus have given us so very many ways for us to put ourselves in that frequency in which we can communicate directly with Guru and know how He is directing us!  And, of course the daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation also supports us in that as well.  The whole idea is that you get your direction from Wahe Guru rather from traditions, the culture, your family and friends, fear based on past exprience, or longing for what we think will make us happy and secure.  We just prepare ourselves properly with our incredible practices, and then open ourselves entirely to Guru's direction!  That's it!  And that really gives us the understanding that we are the mind, or the Soul Bride who entirely falls in love with her Groom--the Guru, our Soul, our Godself.  Then follow His direction meticulously, dealing with letting go of our fear or misgivings as we move to unite with Him on the "marriage couch."  So, Guru rarely tells us where we will end up our life regarding our Destiny, but rather usually gives us day to day instructions on how to change ourselves in the present and how to proceed one step at a time.
Then we trust the Groom, Guru to act absolutely personally to direct us in every aspect of our lives, including the work we do, etc.  That is when our work becomes our Destiny work, when we are following Guru's direction for us.
You might try doing the meditation Accessing the Knowledge of the Universe at for the full length of time for at least 40 days continuously, or even 1000 days without missing a day to master this!  If you miss a day, then start all over again!
I hope this answers your question, Dear!
Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur