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Here is a question that any number of you may have about the cost of a healing session!  Since, Janice asked it, I thought I would share it with you all.



I just wonder if you can tell me why all "healing" processes cost so much money?  I like the messages that I receive from you and others, but cannot understand how 1 1/4 hours is over $100. 


I don't mean this as a put down, but it is a question that has been nagging at me for a while.  Not just you, but many involved in the healing process seem to be charging such high fees.  Can you help me to understand this better?







Dear Janice,


Thanks for your most sincere question, Dear.  I will try my best to answer that.


The thing is that healers are not like hourly workers who are paid for a regular guaranteed quantity of hours, who work on their boss' property and who get health benefits, tax contributions, paid vacation and sick leave as well.  That means that for every hour of work that we do healing, there are many hours of non-paid work that we do to support that, as well as added expenses.


For instance, it takes me a good deal of time to write up and format the free newsletters that I send out, and to provide all the free information on my website.  Also, I spend a lot of time answering people's questions by e-mail for free as well--like this one, which I am happy to do!  Also, healers usually need to rent or buy and keep up the space where they work, cover their equipment and materials, let people know who they are and where they can be reached with flyers, etc.  And if they travel, they have to cover plane fares, etc. and share the income with their hosts.  Also, we have to cover taxes--in New Mexico that means gross receipt taxes on every session, plus regular income taxes and property taxesl  And of course health insurance comes out of our pockets since we are our own employers.


I love giving free stuff, and wish that it could all be free or low cost all the time, but the reality is, my electric company, etc. like their bills paid!  So, for me to stay in business and share this precious healing that comes through me for the best benefit of others, I need to charge a certain amount to a number of people that will cover the whole shebang!  And if the number of people who come to me continues to grow, then I need to hire some one tp help me do some of the things that I do now.  So, it seems to never end! 


In the "Old Days," before money was available, people would bring practical things as an exchange for healing services, such as chickens, a goat, vegetables, wheat, etc. as a donation.  But I have found that in this day, healers who only ask for donations cannot afford to do their healing full time.  That is because most donations usually turn out to be much lower than set fees.  Also, this fee amount is just about the same as, or even a little less than what a good coach or a therapist charges--all for the same reasons as I have described.


But I do my best to make my services affordable and keep them in the ball park with other healers--not judging whether the others give better or not as effective treatments.  Now, I do have a policy that if someone really wants and needs a treatment, I find a way to give it to them either with a reduced fee or with some kind of exchange.  Also, when a person pays a fee which makes them stop and think a bit, I have found that folks choose their healers more carefully, and pay attention to what they need to do themselves to continue their own healing process.  They place a high value on it and pay good attention to what is being given to them.


If there comes a time in a person's life when they need some expert help making some really big changes, then I have found that a really good healer is worth every penny and saves one lots of time and grief in the short time of that visit.  For instance, when my mom was dying of cancer, and I was her care giver, and my family was not there to support me, and my life was changing greatly as well, I went to see a wonderful healer in Maryland every week for $100 per hour.  She gave me fantastic support by eliminating any tangled energy that was coming up and tying me in knots!  I could not have gone through that extreme stress and stayed healthy, as well a provide good care for my mom unless I had had that great care from my healer! 


So in that light, look at this another way.  What's the cost of not healing?


Well, my Dear, I hope that this has addressed your puzzle!  And I hope that you get great value from my healing for you!  Please let me know if this satisfies your question that was so sweetly asked.


Lots of Love,




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