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My Culture Made Me Do It!!

October 8, 2019, December 15, 2015 & September 24, 2013

How many beliefs about your life and how it should operate did you originally come up with on your own?  Or were they provided for you with their whole array of values, approvals/disapprovals, goals and so much more?  Our personal culture is derived from the habitual framework from such sources as our families, religion, region, ancestral origin, education, media, and so much more.  And yet we rarely notice this powerful source of what we believe to be true, just as we don’t see that proverbial forest for the trees.  It’s just too intertwined in us.

So, let’s take a good look at a few of your own personal culture’s defining values:  How do you gain your security (do you need a partner to protect you, does your job provide your security and what do you have to comply with to get that security, etc.), what you should look like (group acceptance by adhering to the latest fashion in hair, clothes, home, car, cell phone, opinions, etc.), who should you please (the high school clique, your parents, your boss, abstract ideas of goodness, etc.), what are your goals (being rich and beautiful, have everyone like you, etc.), how should you be treated ( your “place” in your social group), whether you are “high”—valued or “low”—not valued.  You can examine these, along with every other miniscule and massive aspect of your belief system.  Please be aware of the fundamental “colored glasses” through which you see your world.

Our CULTURE is the conceptual “architecture” that forms the way we see and understand what happens in our lives. It is the structure, foundation, syntax of how we think, what we believe, how we judge each other and ourselves, how we decide what is important, what alliances and loyalties we live by, what and whom we value, who and what we reject and rail against, how we relate to one another, and on and on.  The tyranny/support of our culture and how it frames our expectations, our dreams and our paths through life just never seem to end, and they can be in continual flux.  The guiding principles often vary from time to time, and place to place. 

For instance, the Northwest American Natives would gain respect by how much they gave away, rather than by what they stockpiled for themselves or displayed.  Some Southeast Asian cultures accept selling their daughters to get sustenance for their families.  The chief “advisory council” of many Native American communities was the Grandmothers.   Hitler built a culture of violent fear and superiority. Jesus promoted a culture of love of God, one’s self and ALL others, but those concepts often got hijacked for crooked purposes.  Yet in its purest form, that culture has also created a touchstone of compassion and dignity over the ages.

Each culture is its own belief ecosystem where all of the ideals, rules of interaction, and laws are entwined to support any mixture of the actual controllers of the community (from tyrant to full group consensus) and their ideals.  And in these days of immediate communication, we live from a real overlap of several cultures.  What a dynamic dance!

Take a minute to see through the “Emperor’s New Clothes” of your own cultures.  This takes a heap of detachment.  Please make a habit of it to find real clarity. 

Take inventory of what works for you, and what doesn’t.  That is the question of lifetimes.  When you can move into a fairly neutral perspective to view all of these assumptions of truth that you personally share with your particular “cultures,” then you can fully cherish the parts that do work.  And on the other hand, you can discern the built-in cacophony that sends you into conflict and chaos.  That is the head-space you need to reformulate your own foundational Truth!


But as humans, if we find that our cultures and history don’t provide us with a complete or true foundation for our ideals, values, relationships, self-identity, and support that really work—no matter what, then we are hopelessly cut adrift—no anchor, no land in sight! 

In fact, we certainly do need a firm conceptual framework to order our lives.  So, what can we really and truly depend on to guide our way through all of the confusing incidents of our life?  Where can we find trustworthy directions to size up situations, figure out how to act, what to hold dear, what to let go of, what to build, and what to transform that will totally support ourselves, our families, fellows and relationships—that is to support our whole life for the best good of all?

What can help us create that incredible firm core of our SELF—our true security and very real purpose, as well as inform all of that little tiny stuff of our daily lives, such as “where are the car keys?”

So now, just for a few minutes, feel what it might be like to have cozy, trustworthy guidance that is available at every second that will truly support you, that will call you to transform all the confusion and pains that you might normally stumble into, and guide and hold you in loving arms as you heal those misperceptions and horrors on the highway of life.

Imagine if you let go of the old cultural imperatives that cause you to “should on yourself” and others.  What if you were led to actually respect the exquisite unassailable value that is YOU and “OTHERS?”  What if you found True Love within yourself that gave you unquestionable security, and that you could most comfortably share with others on a whole new, non-needy and non-judgmental level?  What if your life became a kind of engrossing Treasure Hunt to find the real, loved, wise and totally expansive YOU, and which would naturally spill over to all humanity—whether close, such as to your children, or far such as to the Middle East?

You can definitely put yourself on this road to Pure Freedom that is solidly rooted in True Reality by listening to your own Divine Soul, your most real and authentic Self at every moment! .  Be sure to do your daily spiritual practice, your Sadhana so that you can be clear, elevated and open the very real pipeline to your most loving and down-to-Earth Soul.  And then develop the best of habits to stay tuned in to your Blessed Soul, your Real Self all the time. 

Then life is not so hard.  You are connected to all.  You are in a “space” where you are not continually dragged down or overcome.  With Heart Breath , you can easily move into this expansiveness.  You can easily be comforted and guided perfectly because Soul has your whole life mapped perfectly so that you will be led to your greatness and your profound coziness.  How about that?

And you also rely on Soul to take care of all that you encounter—all that you love and all that you never thought of loving!  You watch with interest and amazement as the sequence of events seems to magically get rearranged with perfect timing to support you and all that comes to you and around you.  And imagine if others also entered this realm of the Culture of Soul for their own personal wisdom, values, support, love and security.  Imagine if a good many folks around you were fully engaged with faithfully coming from Soul as well—with no other human intervention as well.  Just you and the True Divinity that you share with all of Humanity.  Then, my Dears we might find that our progress through life might become effortless, with pure ease and the most satisfying, pure love—both given and received.  We would find that our connection with “others” is pure, effortless and loving.

Baba Siri Chand let us know a couple of times that if 40% of us trusted enough to dedicate ourselves to living from the Culture of Soul, that the whole world would change to a culture of peace and contentment in a flash.

So, let’s start somewhere.  And that place of course is within our own selves in the very present.  This is a full life-time commitment where we learn, heal and live from this common and most personal Source as much as we can at every moment.

As we do, as we remember, as we trust and allow ourselves to get back on track over and over again in relying on our precious Soul, and maintain the pathfinder’s focus on our amazing spiritual explorer’s  course through thick and thin--then bit by bit we learn to trust and enjoy our most satisfying authentic selves!  We can joyfully dance with each other from our very hearts!  And we can leave worry and fear behind as pure knowing and strength without question simply appears as the natural replacement.

Let’s join together from our Hearts and Soul to naturally create this great new Aquarian Culture of the Soul, which is our True birthright, our place of refuge and pure creation of what we deeply long for—peace, love, wisdom, prosperity, and security!

Sat Naam.

By the way—Ek Ong Kaar Kaur will be teaching us how to do this step by step in her upcoming webinar series “Success and the Spirit!” from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.  And you can also use the recordings for self-study long after the original course was given. .

And you can also begin your study with my semi-annual course “INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening!” .  

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013.

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and closely associated with the article.

You can easily print out this article at .



Part #1
"The Longing to Belong"
May 21, 2019, September 27 & March 27, 2007

Here’s the conundrum. When is a culture supporting you, and when is it holding you hostage?

Have you ever really considered what your culture is, and what is does or doesn’t do for you? As I see it, “Culture” is that nameless mass of attitudes, judgments, values, and instructions for life that somehow osmoses in through our pores without ever understanding how we arrived with this huge load of a specific architecture for seeing the world and creating ourselves to fit in. Culture appears to be a totally pervasive formational structure for molding interpersonal relationships with others of the same “culture,” as well as forming ourselves as participants in it—whether we conform to it, or we rebel against it.

And a culture seems to be a huge communal identity that is based on a whole set of “norms”—acceptable and encouraged behavior, along with non-acceptable or taboo behavior, plus a whole set of operational rules. A culture constantly evolves as does its language and concepts. Consider the way we Americans are accepting not only full nudity on TV these days, but I saw two full sex acts within 20 minutes at 8:30 PM the other night on the Sundance Channel. What a contrast with “I Love Lucy’s” twin beds of the 1950s! On the other hand, we may be becoming more compassionate and truthful, such as not accepting or hiding domestic violence as was done in the 1950s.

Now I can only laugh at myself for knocking up so hard against the Indian culture of having NO personal space! They don’t line up at all or respect MY place “in line,” because there is no line. They all jam together, moving sort of like a massive school of fish. And they smush their way to the front if they want, which is fully acceptable unless, of course you are evidently of a lower class. That covers how traffic works as well—forget red lights and lines down the middle of the street.

When my friend and I went for Lungar—the freely given meals at the Golden Temple, we went to wait in front of a small door. A bulge of incarnate souls mushroomed around us. When that little door opened, suddenly we were mushed together as one big undulating pile of silly putty, extruding through that little opening until we each popped free, laughing and breathing again on the other side!

These are just tiny little differences that I am using to help you get to thinking about what a call to homogeneity (making all the same) a culture demands. If someone doesn’t live by the rules of their culture, by definition, they become an outcast. They lose the privileges of belonging—others of that culture don’t want to participate with them, they may be activity ostracized, they lose methods and rights to survive and flourish, and they lose a huge chunk of their identity. For instance, even though Galileo found the simple truth that the Earth rotates around the sun, the progenitor of culture of that time, the Church excommunicated him (really big deal then), banishing him to hell, and they tried to wipe him clean from interaction with the individuals, institutions and society of the times, as well as from the records of European culture.

It is so difficult (or how about impossible?) to live without the comforts, support, benefits and protections of participating in and identifying with our culture’s social flow—family relationships, friends, economic exchanges (trade, income, etc.), music, clothing styles, encouragement, “proper” restrictions for protection, recognition of oneself as an accepted person on this planet, the satisfaction of “belonging” by being a member of a larger group, participating in acceptable, admired goals and measures of success, and on and on. We are totally wired to be these integrated social beings! Yogi Bhajan called this simply the “Longing to Belong.”

On the other hand, threat of excommunication from all this becomes an extremely violent threat. Tyrants of all ilks often use this threat to keep their members towing the line. Look how Hitler defined and enforced adherence to his fabricated Aryan concept-culture by contrasting it to the extreme with those who didn’t fit his model—causing rock rigid loyalty to the head of the culture and its tenets on one side, and extermination on the other side. You might recognize some of these methods, somewhat toned down operating in the cliques of your old high school, or perhaps in your current office environment, or maybe in our national government—although it seems that that mess might be becoming exposed nowadays!

And of course, there are dominant cultures—for instance, being “American,” along with subcultures, such as: “New Yorkers,” “Cowboys fans,” “Baptists,” “Smiths,” “Greens,” “Latinos,” “runners” —unending! Each has their own conditions for belonging, ways of seeing themselves, bonding, benefits, shared ideals of what is good, with taboos, expulsion procedures, rituals, methods of communication, social structures, operational rules, etc. Certainly in the US, we have a tremendous smorgasbord of subcultures that we can choose from, and we normally participate in an amazing mixture simultaneously!

Whew! That was a lot! School will be out soon!

But the reason that I bring this whole jumble up is that I find that many of those who spend some time on my healing table or on the phone suffer greatly from non- recognition by the “Culture” that rules the conceptual framework of their families (especially in their formative childhood years), friends, schools, business associates—basically everyone they know! These are amazingly extraordinary spiritual beings who face a blank, non-operative space when trying to identify with their Unlimited Souls that are “dying” to express themselves in great and original ways, if only these folks could fully recognize, affirm, and be mirrored their Real Selves!

For instance, has anybody out there ever feared being locked away in a loony bin if it were known that you commune with great spirits? The obvious option is to hide the truth so as not to deviate from the culture’s rules, and so avoid their consequences. So, for our mutual support and discovery of our True Identity— full realization of ourselves as our Unlimited Souls, wouldn’t it serve us well to choose a culture whose ideals and rules promote that? Thank God now, in this time in history, and generally in our governmental dominions, we can finally take advantage of this great privilege of Conscious Choice that arises from our depths! We are the recipients of hard won evolution!

And now it is our turn to participate in, reap the benefits of, and contribute to this great evolutional machine— creating a culture that REALLY supports us, and allows us to bloom brilliantly in the pure Light—the Real Us, that is! And we can do it together, as opposed to being isolated in a culture that doesn’t recognize the first basic Truth about us—our Souls are God, and we can support each other to feely live openly and expansively in that amazing awareness!


Part #2
"Consciously Conscious"
August 27, 2019 & April 10, 2007

So, now that we have established how powerfully pervasive and stealthy our culture can be, how about if we spend some time observing what works for us? After all our contemporary culture has actually granted us the incredible freedom to believe and follow the path that our Soul in reality lays out for us! When you look at history, this is an extraordinarily amazing time! No purges or pogroms here, now!

So, you might begin by employing your fine-tuned awareness to seek out and expose all those petty tyrannies that the culture imposes so insidiously on us, with their implied promises for our well-being. Honestly, are we looking to satisfy our fears or insecurities? There’s that brick wall ready to slam into us again!

Try switching your mind to be acutely aware of your habitual thoughts and motivations for a day or a week, just for an experiment. This means becoming ultra-sensitive to what is automatically going through your mind all the time, or a good bit anyway! Try not to get exhausted, though! Just become your own best detective. You might even keep a journal of your discoveries.

Find out how many automatic judgments you place on yourself that are founded in actual Reality, or on superstitions. For instance, our current dominant culture, especially advertising and the media—the greatest purveyors of the culture seem to impose the superstition that if you are really sexy—in your manner, your flirtations, if your sexy body hangs out of your sexy clothing, if your hair style ultimately aids your sexy signal making, your body language, your sexy insinuations, casually hooking up for a bit, and so on, you will definitely become happy! Woops! Didn’t seem to work for the mega-queen of sexiness, Anna Nicole!

Believe me, I am not putting sex down, just questioning why someone would want to stake their whole gift of Life on throwing out this most precious, sacred and wonderful aspect of themselves as bait seeking only the poisonous aspects of sexuality to penetrate them, while denigrating the amazingly unlimited energetic expansion of “spiritually protected sex!”

It seems that if you are actually becoming more and more sensitive on the spiritual path, you would rather protect your own gorgeous energy from assault, so that you can share it wonderfully just as you choose with your very most special person who plans to not desert you for the rest of your lives together!

And so why would you feel down on yourself for not “measuring up” to that Soul-blocking sexy lifestyle? At the heart of the matter, it’s all in the PRESENTATION of one’s stunning, health body— attracting by being sexy to the general public, or attracting by simply being magnificent to the general public?

So, you see, this overt sexiness might be a cultural superstition that we consciously would not want to buy into. You make the judgment! What other superstitions can you find? Write me about them!

On the other hand, if you truly want to live fully as an expression of your own special, amazing Soul, just listen to It through your meditation and your intuition to find out how It wants to project Itself through you today! Do you suppose It would want to radiate power, kindness, brilliance, strength, nobility, sparkle, radiance, fun, beauty, security, vitality, juicy with Spirit? And what else? In this Life, if what you really want is to live from your terrific Soul, then don’t hesitate to listen to It at every, every turn!

So, really work this over in your mind and heart. If in truth you think about it, will you be happier by unquestioningly “fitting in” to the whole dominant culture—whatever that is? Or, in the end, will your real, sustained happiness become bankrupt? If you can identify the culture’s superstitious beliefs concerning “the Emperor’s New Clothes,” whatever category you are dealing with, then nail it! Become Conscious in your choices. This is what Yogi Bhajan called becoming “Consciously Conscious that you have a Consciousness!” Consciousness refers to that great awareness with its flowing, comfortable power, dropped fears, and uprising Spirit your freed-up Soul creates within you when you move towards it.

With your intuition, your pipeline to your Soul, test out and unravel the clues that the Universe is always sending you—what you see, hear, read, experience, and just “know.” Be extremely frank with yourself when unearthing what rewards you are really looking for, and which ones you reject for your Self—not judging others’ choices. After all, this is evolution! Search out the implied hooks in some culturally advocated idea or procedure. Then determine if that cultural promise will satisfy your depths—your Soul. Some will, some won’t. Just be genuinely Conscious in your decision making process.

There are so many cultural superstitions to track down! What fun! Have a great time excavating and tagging them! You will be so surprised at what you find, Dears. For instance, which of these will make you greatly happy for the rest of your life? Being perfect—according to whose standards and how? Holding control—of what and why? Being impressive—to whom and how? These are trick questions and have lots of subtle layers!

Figure out what the perceived rewards are of following “our” cultural ideals, and how to wend your way through them. And if they were radically tweaked, how would they serve your Soul? Let your realizations be really creative—from the great originality of your Soul! It takes attention to sort out all the subtle ins and outs, and this process can even become a life time avocation. But you can certainly have Soul satisfying fun doing it!


Part #3
"The Bok Choy Incident!"
April 24, 2007

I just had a wonderful note from someone who has recognized that her work environment is a kind of tyranny as described in the first of this series, but with a spiritual veneer! Oh, my. If only we could all change to our new culture instantly! But the problem is that this is an EVOLUTION, which means that we bring our old stuff forward, that is old habits of fears, power trips, lack of concern for the other person, not standing up for ourselves, or even for the greater good. But look at it this way. Those rough spots in our culture of consciousness that are left over from the old culture give us the opportunity to repair that junk bit by bit! And by the way, we do inherit some good stuff as well!

So, in this case, I suggest that you first start with the recognition that both parties in this case- boss, employee, co-worker, or volunteer are all in a relationship on the spiritual path, and we are all working for personal change to better express our Souls. And even if your other person is not expressly on a spiritual path, check with your intuition to see how much of these ideas will work for your circumstances.

In the "old days" of living jammed packed together in ashrams, Yogi Bhajan used to tell us that to help each other change, we should "poke, provoke, confront and inspire or elevate" each other! The problem with a lot of us implementing this strategy though was that we could use the first three admonitions to get a really good blaming or power trips going! Then we would remain self-righteous and forget to inspire or elevate! In our old hippie language, we called it "laying trips on each other."

But with this method, we really did run smack into our own stuck, unhealed places really quickly. And then we would have to face our difficulties by changing our selves with this invaluable yogic technology, because there was no other place to turn when your stripped-bare heart kept you anchored to this outfit. Ah, the old days! But that was the start of evolving our culture that recognizes one's Soul as the Real Being, and taking personal responsibility for stripping away anything in us that got in the way!

Now, since a lot of us are getting this idea, we run first to the Kundalini Yoga and Meditation technology as our very first resort, not our last. When we change ourselves-our powerful but misconstrued vibrations, our non-productive habits, such as fear, playing the victim, victimizer, etc., that is when the situation changes. Remember, it takes (at least) two to play a game, or to continue a difficulty.

So, if you change to stand up for your Self, seek the Truth of a situation in your heart and through your intuition, honestly and humbly serve others, and look out for the welfare of all, then the game or the difficulty can no longer continue. This is a tremendous way to evolve our culture, and take leadership from your own Self. But the key is that you can't blame the other person when you see the Truth. Just take kind, gracious and real responsibility for your own processes and actions, while uniting with the Soul of the other person.


Last week, while doing a healing treatment on a friend, I found that when people did things that were annoying to him, or that stepped on his toes, that he would stand back from the other person, and interact with them less. This left him with a small circle of friends and kept him somewhat seperated from the wealth of interaction with the community, because this kind of thing happens unconsciously all the time. Instead, I suggested that in such a situation, it would probably be better if he would first unite his energy with the other person (feel his heart uniting with their heart), and then in a kindly or joking way-which he is a master of, tell the other person what his problem with them was. That would most likely help both him and the other person.

So, guess what? He did what I asked and so reminded me about when we-he and I had chopped a huge load of bok choy together for lungar-our feely given meal that our particular group (called a misl) makes each month for the whole community. He said that he was put off because I was really bossy and seemed irritated! Yikes! What a humbling realization! But he was really kind about telling me this, and of course, I had asked for it. And he pointed out that (luckily) I had a positive bank account of good will with him, so he could overlook my annoying behavior!

Evidently I had come up with my own "very efficient" (ego- based) chopping system and didn't cotton too well to his! So, he had pulled back from this wonderful "seva," or service that his heart really did enjoy. And then our misl lacked for help! Oh, my! What a lousy snowball!

Well, of course I really did apologize up and down, and vowed to seek out and transform any bossiness in the future! And he promised to address me straight if something like that ever happened again. The system would be that he would either put his arm around my shoulder, and kindly tell me how he was put off by my being a goof, or he would kindly and jokingly get after me. That way, he would help me be more considerate and aware, and he would stay joined with me and the community activity. So, we shook on it! That was my blessing! And that is one way individuals can change the culture and themselves-staying connected while helping each other change.

So, please go deep within to change your own attitudes and habits to be the ones that your Soul wants to express. Then "join with" the energy of the other person, and kindly speaking from your loving, subjective experience, discuss what the difficulty might be. No blaming, please! We are usually guilty of whatever we blame others for! Just search for the truth and resolution together. Pray for each other and for yourself. It is amazing what powerful changes occur when the energy changes, even without speaking!

But if in the long run, if after committed work on your part in this regard, the other person still doesn't want to enter into this kind of mutual relationship, then you might kindly excuse yourself from it-but don't close the door! Then you can search out situations where you are more free to grow and nurture both yourself and others. And by all means, be grateful for that difference of opinions, because without it, you would not have had the opportunity to explore your own self, throw out what doesn't work, build what does, and listen so closely to your Soul! This is how our culture-our guidelines for social interactions change!


Part #4
"Culture of Our Souls!"
March 12, 2019 & May 8, 2007

Now, here is the real, absolute reason that I started exploring this thing about Culture. It is because when I work on folks on my healing table or on the phone, I find that you all have the most amazing abilities, understanding, insight and destinies, the outrageous experience of your Souls locked up in there! The difficulty often is that because our current Culture, that is all those interactions with family, friends, school, TV and so on over all our lifetimes, we often suffer from the "I am nothing" syndrome, which can lead either to feeling less than others, or trying to control people and situations, or think of yourself as being superior to others.

In other words, your Soul's greatness, and all that It is and all that It has experienced is not only NOT recognized, but you are denied or hauled over the coals if you express It. You are made to believe that you are a misfit, or not worthy of living from your Divine Soul!

My concern may seem overdone to some of you. But when I find extraordinary wisdom, spiritual power and Light gone inactive simply because it is not accessible due to the blindings inflicted by the Culture, I am not too happy. I understand that all this process of uncovering the Greatness that lives within you has actually been written into your journey through Life by your Soul. But now, I am suggesting that we change that whole Cultural denial thing for each other!

We learn by what is mirrored back to us. So, how about if we each mirror back to those around us the finest their Souls have to offer? So, what would this look like?

How about if when someone feels confused, instead of telling them what to do off the top of your head, you actually tune in with them, help them go to their third eye, and with their using long, deep breath, help them find out what their Soul's best answer is. Or, if they are feeling unappreciated or thwarted, how about showing your kindness and genuine love for them? I'm not talking about sending them flowers, although you can, but simply feeling their heart and their Soul, and accepting them for who they are, where ever they are. Or how about just letting the joy in your heart reach their heart? A genuine juicy smile, Light to Light works wonders!

Now, I am not asking you to stand by while they hurt themselves, but rather just be present for them and non- judgmental. Then tune into YOUR third eye to find out how to give assistance. Maybe your Soul's answer is that nothing more is needed. Maybe helping them explore their situation based on their Soul's Truth, not competition, or wishes, or habitual emotional patterns is the best thing. Or perhaps stark feedback like you give a child when she reaches for the stove. But always pray for them, or send them Light, or Love, or both, no matter what the relationship or the situation is!

And as for yourself, my Dear! How about making it a game to stop yourself when you either get down and negative on yourself, no matter how true you believe it to be, or when you feel that you must definitely be superior to someone else in any way? Instead stop yourself and affirm the expansiveness and full power of your Sacred Soul, as well as the other person's. Be in total neutral and total Truth. Go to your heart and your third eye to know the Truth of this, and accept the tremendous humility it takes to neither be low nor high. Just BE!

If we all did this for ourselves and others, kindly helping each other to bring our Souls out of hiding and to appreciate or mirror that for each other, what an amazing Culture we would bring about! Eh?

Then who knows! We might even create the Hundredth Monkey effect! The story is that there were lots of monkeys living on an island. One monkey figured out how to wash the sand off his food in the water. Then another learned from the first, and consequently more and more learned this great revolutionary feat! Finally, when the hundredth monkey learned to wash his food, suddenly every monkey on the island knew how to do it. And not only that, but monkeys on other islands began doing the same, even though they had had no physical or visual contact with the original monkeys! That is the storey of evolution, Dears!

So, wouldn't it be amazing if all of our actions together actually evolved a culture that supports living from and for our Souls and those of everyone! Yikes! Think of the consequences, would you? Peace, kindness, upliftment and all the other jewels that go with it as well! A Culture of Our Souls!


Part #5
"Luv Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be"
January 19, 2016 and May 22, 2007

You know of course, that there is nothing greater, more refined and more essential than LOVE! This is what all the New Age devas teach and preach about. That's what all the TV shows, books and movies are about, and that is what we all seek. Right?

Now, I want to tell you something a little different. "Love" is not all that it is cracked up to be--at least not the love that is promulgated in the press, media and some of the new culture gurus. Rather our current culture is brain washing folks into believing that this "airy fairy" love of big eyes and "heart felt" expression is love. As a result, people are changing from one relationship to the other because when the "love" or the "magic" disappears, they feel mightily justified in believing that this is the time to jump ship, "get out the back, Jack," to look for a more promising fairy land, or addiction to being head over heals!

And the myth making language describing love that we hear everywhere is a kind of gobbledy gook that breaks down commitments and boundaries that need to stay in place to protect the integrity of individuals and relationships, no matter what. That kind of "all is love" language can also be perverted to gain tyranny over another for one's own selfish benefits. "Just go with your heart," can translate to "Go with your most ephemeral, neurosis based emotion!" Yikes! What a shaky basis for a life time relationship!

Oh, no. Love, REAL LOVE is so much greater than that short term feel-good! Real love means totally abiding in the profound energy of the heart, in total neutrality--period. And in a profound relationship, this means that both abide in same energy of the shared or One Heart together. Oh, yeah!

So, how is this possible when the other has halitosis, snores, doesn't want what you want, forces their ideas or needs on you, can't stop whining or shouting or disappearing or hanging on too tight? What happens when your beloved doesn't cover your insecurities so you might not have to face them, or worse when they smack your insecurities and fears right up in your face? Woops! What happened to LOVE?

If you have made a commitment to another person to develop love, the real imperishable love that buoys you up; that transcends worries and fears; that heals hurt, pain and mistrust; that demands the bottomless depth of compassion and patience; and provides ballast for your everyday lives together, then you have a chance!

Then you have made a commitment to no longer wallow in separateness and anger towards one another. Then you can or will at least attempt to vibrate from your heart centers together, even in the most uncomfortable of situations, and sometimes only on your own to hold the space for both until the walls finally come down, powerful softness emerges and your hearts merge again. And you will do this over, and over and over again until both of you completely live the drill and do not stray from it. Until this becomes the very habit of your lives! Powerful disagreements can occur, but hearts will not be separate!

I am talking about dealing with the real locus of your heart chakra, that amazing strange and wonderful location of your energetic anatomy where you can experience the depth of calmness once you "breathe" through it by using the physical exercise of long, deep breathing from your belly which profoundly moves the stuck energy of fear, pain, hurt, denial, loss of dignity, and so on. Click here to learn "Heart Breath."

As you move your heart energy together, you will most likely find what REAL LOVE is as you heal your short sightedness together and explore Real Love's profound intimacy. No words are needed! Just the experience of the heart--the joined heart. It takes courage, you know, lots of courage to do this with another human being. But isn't that what real, true, living intimacy is about?

So, remember: Real love is enduring, but not necessarily always endearing! It takes commitment, courage, and focus with the constant practice of joining the actual energy of your hearts--whether you are in the same room or on the other sides of the planet. There may be differences of opinion, but always working to join and weave your hearts together with no barriers of your heart energy! Always respect, no forcing or coercion.

So, how about if we radically change the Culture of Love, my Brave Hearts? Possibility?


Part #6
"Gimme Passion, Baby!"
August 6, 2019  & June 5, 2007

Passion, my Dears seems to be our current culture's leading "raison d'etre," reason to be! Passion gets our juices going, gets us revved up, and takes us out of the mundane hum-drum. Passion gives us feelings of enthusiasm and fulfillment, and a real high! Yeah!

The idea goes, if you don't have passion for it-- whatever "IT" is, if it doesn't make me happy NOW, if it doesn't provide me with "bliss," then drop it like a hot potato and move on! And many folks use this concept of "I deserve to be happy NOW, however I can get it" as a simplistic oath for their lives. Heck, we're "living in the moment," aren't we?

Well, now. I am sorry to say that I believe this "passion/bliss thing" is a little more complex than that. So, let's just dive right in to the Passion Pool! OK?

First, let me suggest that there are two kinds of passion, and they are divided by the sources where they originate deep within us.

This is the kind of passion that is usually used as a juicy base for getting you to buy stuff, such as in advertising, movies, books, computer games, hot news stories, and amazing media as well as person to person gossip that often actually makes this kind of passion really attractive, seemingly highly valuable, and "gotta have it!"

Now, our own deep individual sources that activate these particular passion flavors are usually from-- get this: our overwhelming and un-worked out longings that spring from terrifically strong emotions such as our heavy duty feelings of inadequacy, hurt, shame, un-connectedness, and lack of love--including self-love. Also from our need to control and manipulate, learned survival tactics from this life and past lives, copying our parents and others, skewed energetic patterns as a result of abuse, abandonment or flawed training. Yikes! Gnarly, huh?

This type of passion can also spring up as an avoidance or blinding tactic, perhaps to steer clear of taking responsibility, or flee fear and dread, or to dodge looking closely at our own shortcomings and hurts. And of course, they can arise from out of control "animal survival instincts" such as the sex drive, competition to get ahead and get what one wants--no matter what, lashing out with raw anger, and other reactive behavior. They can also result from out of whack body chemistry, either endemic or from what we ingest. And, may I say that these kinds of passions are at the base of addictions of all kinds? Now, addictions are really PASSIONS!

As you can see, this category of passions actually glorifies methods of amazing self-destruction, and actually feels itself justified because of its relatively short lived periods of "happiness!" Problem is, that when that happiness vaporizes, we get buried in deeper and deeper poop, that needs greater and greater passion to get out of. And so the story heats up and continues mushrooming! So, moving right along...

This group is much trickier to identify if you haven't sorted out the media hype! This is the area that doesn't get too much press, and even in our New Age Paradigm, it can get pretty twisted and intermingled with Source Group Number 1. So, set up your passion radar with new, improved programming, Dears!

When Joseph Campbell, our sweet Master of Myth and Mysticism told us to "follow our Bliss," you can be sure that this bliss has nothing to do with the above Passion Source Group Number 1! No way!

Instead, he is alluding to the bliss of following your Soul! He was talking about the deepest fulfillment and satisfaction! Believe it or not, following what your Soul wants for your life will give you the greatest, deepest and most enduring satisfaction and bliss. And becoming fully engaged in this development, this quest becomes your most delightful and compelling Passion, your real, enduring source of happiness! And it will promote your health on all levels--body, mind and spirit!

Now this is not some churchy thing where you have to follow dogmas, and rules that someone else told you. Uh-uh. What will work for you is to explore your own depth. Find out what is in there--REALLY in there, to discover the presence and the voice of your Best Buddy, your Soul. It can feel absolutely inseparable from you because It is the Real You! And It wants to work Its own wonderful uniqueness, expression and kindest power through you--which is the Real You, that which you have probably always longed for, but may not have known how to access. To be in full tandem with your Best Buddy is "Soul-satisfying Passion!"

Now, the trick is to figure out how to do this, and to be able to really, really trust it! That's where this thing called meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices such as Kundalini Yoga come in. I call these the process of "clearing out and powering up!" It can be a very discreet and subtle process at one time, or it can literally whomp you with its power at another!" Your regular, purified practice is your foundation. Click here to learn a very basic, but powerful meditation.

In your meditation, search for and wait for the voice of your Beloved, and learn to trust it! This telephone line to your Soul is what I call Intuition. You can listen to your Voice primarily at your "third eye," your heart, your gut and other ways as well, especially when you are in this "powered up," completely still and neutral place. And I will teach you more about that in upcoming courses on Intuition!

But you know what? Sometimes our Souls throw us into conflict with our own special, unsolved aspects of Source Group Number 1! That's so that we can see them, and find ways to heal and transform them-- the "clearing out" bit. Yep! This is the hard part, but it is so terrifically rewarding to do the battle well, no matter how very terrifying it may be, and then to come out the other side! The rewards are that you have recycled the self-destructive stuff, have developed new and deeper abilities and wisdom, and now have a clearer, more open access to your Soul! Oh, yeah!

And this is an on-going process, Dears! Healing one aspect from "Source Group Number 1" gives us the ability to tackle yet another aspect, on and on. So, in our expression of Soul Passion, instead of spiraling down as in Group Number 1, we spiral up in Group Number 2!

And by the way, the origin of that wonderful and simple phrase "live in the moment," as I understand it is a Buddhist practice of living in the profound stillness of what might be interpreted as your Soul so that extraneous stuff doesn't pull you about every which way. Somehow that concept has gotten turned on its head in our contemporary culture! Please watch out for that!

Now, of course we are talking about developing the natural and great experience of bliss, contentment, engagement, Love, satisfaction, creativity and so on. And you may find that being initiated in so many ways--working in your garden, hugging your kids, playing your flute, repelling off a sheer rock face, making great love with your beloved, taking your business to new heights for the good of all, standing at a bus stop, or whatever. You're in the Soul Zone!

But remember, that's because your very own Soul has taken over your being and is sharing Itself fully with you--the everyday, Earth-living aspect of this Great Union! Now that's PASSION, Babe! That's REAL BLISS! Follow it, create its expansion in your Life and you will really know the GOD* within!


*GOD is an acronym for the totality of the Generating, Organizing and Destroying energies of the Universe!


Part #7
"A Culture of Personal Gremlins!"
June 19, 2007

Well, in light of what Mother Planet told us last week about getting to know just Who we really are, I just wanted to share something with you. It concerns our Personal Culture--as opposed to the greater culture! This is constructed of all the voices that live within us and do their best to protect, guide and educate us. They do their best to keep us on the right track, usually--or at least what they "think" is the right track.

Some of mine often sound like Mother Superior, the head nun (product of Catholic school)! I suddenly found that these voices can be quite strict and often put me down! Yikes! "You didn't do that right!" "What were you thinking?" "How could you possibly..." The voices of guilt, shame and unendurable everyday rebukes. Do you have that, too? Just check it out, and with your light sensitivity, be courageous and listen to see if those things come up, Dears!

There may also be the "Blaming Birds," of "he or she is responsible for my misfortune"--bringing on seething annoyance; or the "Not-for-You Bats;" or the "Hurt-Him- Before-He-Hurts-Me Wolverines;" or the "Who-Said-You- Could-Have-That Weasels." These and so many more are all the little feisty Gremlin voices locked up in there telling us all kinds of crazy stuff!

We can certainly recognize most of them as voices of early experiences, but there of course, some that we have no idea from whence they have sprung. They are just here, the whole crowd of them, creating a culture of havoc for our own True Selves!

Our Souls really would support us in every way--with direction, kindness, best advice and Self love, if only we could just nab all these other little critters of our habitual minds, gently let them know that even though they have done their best for us, we won't be needing their services just now (or ever again)!

If we just perhaps send a little Heart Breath their way, they would feel cared for to the extent that we could gently put these little guys to sleep, or out to pasture, or where ever so that they no longer tangle us up! I have seen that if you fight them though, they fight back with a mighty ferocity! So, it is much more effective to just thank them, then as we say in Aikido, LOVE THEM DOWN!

As we remember to do that more and more, we finally get the unclogged psychic space to listen to our True Love--our own Precious Soul! Won't that be fine? You can't go wrong by putting your Soul in charge and having it whisper "sweet everythings" in your ear!

We'll talk more about that in our INTUITION TRAININGS, Dears! You will find that these trainings are becoming available now. Click here to check it out!

I would love to hear any of your stories about bringing out these voices of your well-meaning but invasive little Gremlins, and inviting them to high-tail it out of YOUR Life!



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