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Yogi Bhajan used to advise us to rely on St. Anthony to help find lost things, and I have always had good luck with this.  He learned this when in Catholic school in India as a boy!

"Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony please come down.  Help (your name) find what can't be found!  (Then name what you are hunting for.)

The following mantra is one that Yogi Bhajan taught in later years.  It calls on the third and fourth Sikh Gurus to send your prayer, and it is quite effective.  This is a "transliteration" of Gurmukhi mantras so that it retains its original, powerful sound current.

"Guru Amar(a) Guru Siri Saat - Kalijug(a) Rakhi Paat"
Raj Jog Takhat Dheean Guru Ram Das

followed by

"Ardas Bhaee Amardass Guru Amardass Guru Ardas Bhaee.
Ram Das Guru, Ram Das Guru, Ram Das Guru, Sachee Sahee."

Yogi Bhajan said that the latter must follow the initial phrase to "seal" the result.