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Congratulations on your fine work and your courage for moving through old difficulties, identities and emotions that may have kept you stuck and unhappy.  My prayers are with you, Dear as you move into this great new phase of your life!


As you know, when you left our healing session, you may have felt somewhat light headed as your whole energy and nervous system were rearranging themselves.  Once those old patterns have been loosened up and gone their way for Universal recycling, your systems can then reformulate themselves in much more healthy ways!  This is called the healing process.  After such a session, it is not unusual to actually feel the synapses in your brain changing!  Your synapses are the connections between your nerves that make up your habitual nerve information pathways—and they actually change. Great!


Right after our session, you may find it useful to eat something, drink water and rest to ground yourself before driving home—very important!  Don’t drive when you are discombobulated.  If you are at my home in New Mexico, you can either stay in my house, or sit or wander my lovely healing gardens!  The devas (angelic spirits) there will help you lots!  But wherever we do our session, please do stick around until you are very sure you are grounded.


It appears that in a healing session, your metabolism speeds up considerably to eliminate toxins and transform.  Therefore, you may find that during or right after a session, you urgently need to urinate.  And because your bowels have speeded up as well, you might find that you have a little diarrhea.  That is part of the cleansing process, so you might consider eating a light cleansing diet for the next few days to stay in sync with the process.


Since you have been in such an altered state, it is a good idea to write down everything that happened in our session.  It is not unusual for these realizations to fade once you move again into our “everyday world.”  But it is very important that you record this direction from your Soul so it can continue to guide you in a conscious way, give you buoyancy of spirit, and for you to click into the reality of what you have experienced.  Remember, we are looking to merge our spirit and Greatest Self with our everyday self all the time!


Now, you may feel these effects of being lightheaded, tired, not able to focus well, etc. up to 3 days after our session, so don’t worry.  This is just the time that your body, your energy system and your psyche are pulling themselves together in more healthy patterns.  If you don’t feel all this, don’t worry either.  Every person is different in their process.


Soaking in warms baths in which you have dissolved a pound of sea salt and a medium sized box of baking soda will draw old toxins out of your body, and will relax you.  This actually puts me to sleep!  So, this is another great way to aid your healing process by drawing out the actual residue of your old stuff.  And it’s just fine if your bath water turns black!


During this time, please keep your diet light—especially eating vegetables (green veggies are really supportive at this time), fruits, beans, raw nuts and whole grains.  Fresh vegetable juices are especially good at helping you cleanse and rebuild!  Please do not drink alcohol, eat white sugar, or take recreation drugs during this time, and it would help your healing in the long term if you dropped all of them completely.  Drink lots of water to aid in the flushing of your system, thus promoting transformation.


Doing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is amazingly helpful in your transition as well!  From what I see when doing these sessions, performing these practices makes all that dark old stuff much more permeable, and loosens it up so that it can move out of your system much more easily!  To find a few of these exercises or “kriyas” and meditations, please click here.  Choose what seems would be best for you, and try it!  But please be sure to “tune in” first.  This is really very important!  Please click here to learn how to tune in.  And you can check out Ancient Healing Ways to get your own yoga manuals and mantra CDs for a wealth of these healing practices.


Or you can take Kundalini classes in person!  Since we have worked together, I probably saw you in a place where they teach this yoga—which works incredibly different than other yogas, and this is not just a sales pitch, believe me!  Or you can click here to get a list of Kundalini Yoga teachers in your area.  And if you are in Los Angeles where I often come to do this healing, please click here for their class schedule!


Now, if you find that those old emotions that have given you so much difficulty continue to come up, this is great!  It means that things are still moving!  Keep on doing all that is described above and definitely please e-mail me at about what is happening.  I want to be sure to follow your progress until your healing is complete.  That is extremely important to me!


And when I am not traveling, I am available for phone appointments.  Please click here to see how to connect.


And if during our session, you have experienced your Real Identity emerging, please keep up with It!  This is not your imagination, but rather your Real Self!  So, pay very close attention to it, love Who you really are, and nurture your Real Self.  If you do, your life will change around you.  You will not react in the same ways, but rather in much more healthy ways!


Please stay centered in your magnificent neutrality!  Don’t call back your much more limited or stuck ways of interacting with the world just because it is what you have always known.  Instead, realize that you are on a great new adventure!  Have lots of fun, naturally let yourself drop old ways of thinking and understanding that may no longer have power over you, watch with happy anticipation for new, more supportive ways of interaction to develop, let go old acquaintances that kept you stuck and embrace new supportive relationships that will be drawn to you. 


Please don’t hide from the new power, freedom and happiness that may come your way, just because it is something new.  Love your Real Self for all you are worth—and that is everything!


And you might find that if you continue getting this Transformational Healing every once in a while, it will help you move into greater and greater happiness, joy, self confidence, success, and peace with your world, your Soul and your everyday self.




As a result of our session putting you in full contact and flow with your own Divine Self, your Soul, you may feel Light and bright, no worries, love flowing, no question of hurt or pain, no need for courage because you have a feeling of expansiveness, all "just is."  Now, if you would like to keep that amazing reality, you will need to train yourself to daily and constantly reconnect with Soul and that beautiful full Light of Who you are all the time.  This is the experience of your own Divine Soul, and you can never actually lose It.  But your mind and emotions can cloud it over again if you are not vigilant in truly maintaining that amazing connection with your God Self!  


So, please continue your Heart Breath , especially when you find your mind or your habitual emotions trying to take over your Consciousness.  Instead, immediately switch to Heart Breath and allow yourself to go into your "Soul Space".  Do your meditation and your Yoga, and consciously move out of those habits that haunt.  This is what your daily sadhana if for.  So, this process is definitely not repressing what ails you.  Rather depend on the energy of the Light of your Soul to take care of the challenge or difficulty.  This is how you continue your healing through your own life, using your own self-direction.


If you have any questions, please send them to me at .


And if you would like to invite a friend to consider this transformative healing work for themselves, please click the following button!  But please do change the text on that e-mail to your own words.

Lots of Love,