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Dear Ones,

The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is the several thousand page long scripture of the Sikhs.  It was written by a number of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs between about 1300 and 1700.  Many of these songs or poems were collected and written in the early to mid 1600's.  When one of the collectors was asked how he knew which ones to choose, he said, "I know the voice of my Beloved!" 

These are not histories, but descriptions of the experience of being immersed in the state of what we would call God Consciousness or the experience of Soul.  Or these songs tell us how to get to that Consciousness in all kinds of ways--both allegorical and practical. If you ever get a chance to read these beyond denominational mystical scriptures, you will probably find that your questions are surprisingly answered and that your state of mind changes automatically for the better.  It is really quite magical!

Right now, a large group of us are attempting to sort of re-translate these scriptures into a more understandable English version.  So, for my part, I will post my translations here for you.  My assignment starts on page 1215 of the original volume or "Bir."

 These are the last 3 lines of the poem that starts on the preceding page:

I have given up my delusional way of living.
Instead, I remain in the attitude of peace, which gives rise to beatific trance,
Where I know my Lover as the Intimate within me, His devotee!

As I am absorbed into His dynamic vibration (sound current),
With pure spontaneous ease,
I flow into His elevated experience of festive joy, playful fun, and pleasure!

Nanak says:
All that happens is caused by this One Consciousness by Its own accord.
And all that is, is of this One Consciousness!


Sarang 5th Guru (This gives the instruction for the tones and rhythm in which this poem is to be sung, and lets us know that it is written by Guru Arjan)

The ambrosial nectar Consciousness upholds my mind.

I bow only to the all pervading Guru (transformative Consciousness) to whom I am a burnt sacrifice in Its earthen lamp.

The poison of my anger and lust is burnt off.  As my desires are quenched, I am happy in natural, intuited ease.

I am seated in the Formless “I am,” this restful place where I abide, free from coming and going.

Manifesting is the One; beyond comprehension is the One; absolute, utter darkness is the One.

That very Consciousness is the progenitor of the primal, the middle, and the completion.  Nanak says make this Truth your meditation.