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December 16, 2014

Isn’t it odd that at this time of festivities, love and peace—of the rebirth of Light on this Earth finds so many of us at our lowest?  Depression actually reigns beneath the glaring Christmas carols.  Feelings of loss and separation inch their unpleasant way into our normally “up” spirit.  Bummer!

Actually, one of the reasons for this is that in our mind-Trance about this holiday season says that we are owed feelings of coziness, the unconditional love of close family and friends surrounding us, hugging us and sharing glorious fattening food.  Wonderful presents from our loved ones will fill every hole that was ever hidden in our hearts.  Or we bust our budgets on goodies for others so that we may prove our love for them—so that they will approve and love us in return. 

This amazing celebration of capitalism with some religious overtones is billed as the most glorious, happiest, most cozy time of the year.  So, if we just don’t have all of those promised circumstances to fulfill our dream of happiness, love and belonging, this plunges us way down to emptiness, blaming of those who are not making us happy, and reinforcing any picture of ourselves that may say that we are unlovable, undeserving, or a failure as a loving/loved person.  We desperately believe that we have been dropped from the human race for sure.  Again—Bummer!

Best Beloveds, this is all a pile of smelly poopy!  The Truth is that our culture implants so many ideas, systems for living, goals for success, judgments and so much more into our craniums.  These are what we call Cultural Trances.  They have their own rules.  They set up their own expectations.  And they are all a Trance, a hypnotic dream.  They are definitely not the Truth!

What you really are is the ultimate God living and loving in the costume of your own body, mind and spirit.  Yippee!  You are pure Light, pure Consciousness, pure Love, and that is the pure Truth!  I don’t care if you have made lots of apparent “mistakes” in your life, if you have been abused or you have been the abuser.  No matter if you are deemed a “success” or “failure” by the unnerving and untrue standards of this Cultural Trance, you are actually God incarnate!  So, why not take hold of this pressurized vs. peace season to reverse its bottom layer of lies as you turn it around to explore the real Truth?  How about taking the adventure of actually projecting yourself into the very real recognition, the very experience of Who you really are?  Yes, that does take guts, but you’ve got them, right?

You are Human, which means that you are “HU” meaning Light, and “MAN” meaning mind.  This is not a joke, this is not just another religious Trance.  This is the Truth and you can experience it if you put your mind to it.  The question is, will you take the initiative to throw off that mantle of sinking to instead jump into your own pure coziness, connectedness and deep gratitude once you melt through those doors of your own beyond-words sacredness?

So, here is your Emergency Kit.  How about printing it out for easy reference during this most challenging season?

1.       Begin Heart Breath right now! .  That is healing energy coming out of your very Heart Center.  So let the sorrows, the depression move up and out of you.  You may feel it coming out.  Instead of getting discouraged, shout Hallelujah because that most hurtful energy is leaving you and going for recycling.  Be sure to let it all out.  Keep up a strong and very meditative Heart Breath.

2.       If you let it, this Heart Breath will take you to neutral—not numb, but neutral where you will no longer have those “shoulds” haunting you, which are the habits of your mind bombarding you and making you believe what is NOT True.  In this quality/space of neutral mind, just relax with Heart Breath deeply into your third eye, and into your Soul.  Yep, your Soul lives there in you.  The first thing is to let yourself feel Soul’s True Love for you.  It will not give you any fake or pretend Love, but the real thing.  Soak it in and know that this is entirely REAL!  Be grateful and enjoy it without question. .  In this you experience that you are deeply connected to ALL in ways that you could never have imagined!  This is your Light connecting up with ALL!

3.       If you just cannot get to #2 above, then please do the Gobinday, Mukunday… mantra forcefully, completely and continually. .  Or go to .  This is a mighty warrior’s mantra that will break you out of the Trance that is holding you down.  Keep Up with it so that your most difficult Trance may shatter into shards of Light forever!  Then you are Home FREE!  Peace enues.

4.       Take a bunch of dates or trips with your own Beloved Soul.  Oh, yes you can do this and it is lots of fun.  Just ask Soul what you all may do and when you will do it.  I suspect that you will be really happily surprised by the answers that you get.  Soul is by far the very most creative Source that I have ever, ever come across.  Then when you actually go on your date, ask Soul what to wear for a fun outfit, and stay totally connected in the experience of Soul’s full love for the entire time.  I bet that you will discover an amazing smile on your face as you step out together, heart to heart.  Let the good times roll—don’t let your wounded mind hold you back.  Just give yourself—your whole heart to your relationship with Soul.  You might even find Soul telling you some jokes and giving you surprises that totally tickle you.  Or Soul may suggest a most cozy and intimate time at home together, perhaps in deep meditation, or even a most refreshing nap.  Such is your close relationship with the very real Consciousness of your Best Beloved Friend forever!

5.       Using Heart Breath, go way deep into a meditative condition where you can totally and completely forgive those that you wish were connecting with you now for not being there—whether because of death, their attention going elsewhere, fights and feuds, travel, etc.  This forgiving is not saying that anyone did anything wrong, but that deep forgiving—not from your mind but from the very energy of your heart will actually dissolve the ties to those painful memories or ideas that keep attacking you over and over again.  And while you are at it, please forgive your own self for your feelings of regret, separation, what “ought” to be, and so on.  It is amazing that this whole difficulty is a trick of your mind, and not an actual reality.  So, why not forgive your mind while you are at it for feeding you such ideas of emptiness, when the actual fullness of the Light is your real cozy Truth?

6.       The food treats of this season will surely take you down.  Science and personal experiments will show you that all those cookies, cakes, sugary coatings, sauces and drinks, pies, pastries, breads, alcohol and candies will play havoc with your mind’s chemistry.  If you are really serious about squaring off with this Christmas ghost of depression, you will take the hero’s route through this season and never let any of these bad boys pass your lips.  Instead, stock up on nuts and seeds of all kinds.  Also make tangerines, apples and other fruits—even a few dried fruits become your new holiday BFF’s (best friends forever).  How about dates stuffed with cream cheese for your signature holiday hostess gift?  These foods will actually nourish you and give you some protein and vitamins to sustain yourself over this most challenging season.  And be sure to drink plenty, plenty of water!  Yogi Tea, fresh Ginger Tea and Golden Milk are so very festive as well, but they actually perk up and heal you rather than taking you down.

7.       If you love any of the amazing decorations or events of this season, please partake!  Be sure that you have completed #5 first so that you can go in sheer delight, rather in begrudging distraction. For instance, I love the lights that my neighbors string up on their houses.  I just think of the love and sharing that prompted them to make these beautiful displays.  There are all kinds of ballets, plays, dances and so many more kinds of spectacles and gathering that invite all.

8.       You may love the music of this season.  If so, be sure to get your fill.  Go to concerts and other places where people are singing their hearts out.  I am not much for Christmas music, but a few years ago, I was staying with my mom in the hospital after a horrific surgery.  When a lively church group came caroling down the hall, I was overjoyed and tears filled my eyes!  So, you might join a singer group and touch the hearts of others.  Or you may immerse yourself in Mantra music that will surely lift your stuck energy into Cherdi Kala, Rising Spirit.  Check out or and give them a holiday donation of appreciation while you are at it.

9.       Jump on a plane right now to get to a tremendous spiritual event.  That is Winter Solstice Sadhana in Lake Wales, FL.   Dec. 16-23.  You would fly into the Orlando, FL airport and get a Solstice shuttle or rent a car from there.  Solstice is where you will be magically transported to your own sacredness, to your very Light within, and you will certainly be sharing that with other Light-minded yogis.  What an incredible gift to yourself in this Solstice season of return of Light!  Nothing better!

10.   Address these destructive feelings at their energetic root, at the very source of your mind Trances.  Remember, you are not up for blaming anyone for your difficulties.  You just want to ease out of them, break their hold over you so that you emerge into peace!  So, check out these amazing kriyas and diligently USE them as your greatest tools of self-mercy.  or , or .  And lots more at .

11.   If you feel obliged to attend parties where the company irks you, such as your office party, your neighborhood, your family, etc., here are a few suggestions.  First forgive everyone for irking you or making you feel unwanted or avoided as in #5.  Let go of trying to decide whether this is their problem or yours.  Rather take responsibility for the fact that it is lodged in your own psyche.  Then openly send unobstructed Heart Breath to all, and genuinely connect to all, without reservation from your heart both before the party and during.  You can send this most powerful healing heart energy to individuals as well as to the whole roomful of guests—openly without begrudging at all.  Then you don’t have to stay forever.  You might arrive a bit late and leave early—just as long as you have connected most kindly.  And remember--lock your hands in your pockets when near the refreshment table with all those sugary and alcoholic goodies!

12.   Find people for you to serve.  Giving/serving purely selflessly from the depth of your own heart is surely the best way to find very real joy in this time.  Remember, this season is really about serving others, rather than being dragged down by your own notions of what “should” be.  Food banks, The Red Cross, Community Soup Kitchens, Toys for Tots, local churches and so many more organizations could surely use your help to serve those in most need over these holidays.   When you get over yourself and your woes to fully have fun and give to others, you have created the greatest gift of the season.  When I recently asked Soul about these depressive conundrums, Its’ quick response was, “This is not about you, it’s about other.”  So, sweet ones, join up with Soul and find what delicious mischief you can get into by serving, joining and bringing love, happiness and peace to others—not from your needy self or with expectations for a return, but with sheer abandon, also called delightful non-attachment.  When you let go of trying to get love in, then Love can flow from your heart.

13.   This may be the most incredible time of year to actually mend your broken heart, and not to wallow in it.  What do you think?  If you would like to focus squarely on this, then please go to to merge yourself into Guru Arjan’s longing for his dad, Guru Ram Das.  It is a song of pure love that can repair the separation of your own beautiful heart.

So, please break this oppressive seasonal Trance of Expectation!  Do you remember that “Expectations Will Kill You?”  Trade that invasive Trance in for the sheer joy of your own self-Love and joy of your own Light, the very real experience of paling around with your best beloved, your own Light, your most personable and loving Soul.  And serve others with your great love, Light and joy from within.  This is how you actually and truly bring Peace to this old planet.  Your vibes actually reach out on the web of shared Consciousness to affect all--whatever they might be, so might as well make them brilliant and unfettered as your gift to humanity.  Shed what is not True and doesn’t work, and fling yourself into your own Light!  I have every confidence that you can and you will.

Celebrate your own Light!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2014.

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