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As many of you may know, I spent 9 years taking care of my ill parents.  To keep everything organized in a way that would keep me sane, and also get the best care for them, I developed a style of keeping records for my parents.
When you go to see a doctor, insurance payments now dictate that he or she can only see you for about 10-15 minutes, except for unusual cases.  Especially if you are seeing a new specialist in that time, or even if you are catching up your internist on what you or your person (patient) has just been through--perhaps at the hospital, you need a succinct way to quickly and thoroughly hand that to the medical professional as base information, so they can begin to do their part.
All the doctors, therapists and hospitals that I gave medical information in this format to were always very happy and relieved, especially since it was all so complicated and many layered.
Although my medical situation is fairly simple now, I have begun keeping my own records according to this format so that I only have to change it as I go along, and not have to reconstruct all my history when I may not be able to do that in the future!  I find this format a great tool, and hope that you will, too.
It is over 12 document pages long and quite specific and easy to understand with descriptions and samples.
For example, it covers:
  • How to keep very organized and succinct health records of history, diagnosis, and remediation by each disease, condition, system or body area.
  • Listing and keeping all the facts concerning personal records including insurance, important legal papers, family history, immunizations, non-hospitalized conditions, and hospitalizations.
  • How to list doctors, treatment centers and testing services.
  • Replacement hardware identification
  • Drugs--those that you or your person are taking now, their allergies and side effects to some drugs, and discontined drugs.
  • How to keep a list of drugs and supplements that you put out in pill boxes that are to be taken at specific times of the day.  This cuts down on a great deal of confusion!
  • How to list the ingredients in your supplements to watch for proper dosage and drug interaction.
  • Plus lots more great tips such as good reference material, how to get and store reports and films, and more!

If you manage health care for anyone--parent, child, spouse, yourself, this is an incredible format to manage all of their medical information!  The best that any doctor, nurse, therapist, etc. that I encountered had ever seen--and believe me, there were tons of them!

Cut down your stress and give your person the best medical support you can with this information format and tips.

Now, you can use this style of format and apply it to whatever other needs your person may have—e.g. legal interviews, records and judgments; care-giver schedules; and so on.  You can keep related material in this booklet, or you can create other booklets for different subject matter. 


The point is, you will be organized and be able to present complicated material in a very quick, complete and straight forward way to the professionals, with easy reference to all the details of backup material.  And in the process, you will stay up to date and “studied” in the information so that you can communicate well with the professionals—not emotionally!  Emotionality doesn’t carry much weight with the professionals, but facts do!  The result is that using this method will help you and your person stay in charge of the process as working members of the care team to get the best care for your person that you can.  Don't be victims of the process due to disorganization, overload and lack of understanding!


Open up the elusive mystery of what can seem to be the enormous and overpowering health care industry with your own organization and study of your person's condition, and healing.  Don't fall victim to it when you and/or the doctors can't keep track of all the information.  This organized recording system and recommended reference material will help you figure out how to collect, study, weigh and present the information that know in your gut would help your person!

You can access and print out this 12+ page document yourself for just $18.  Although I feel that if you use it, it will repay you a jillion times over--in money and support during stressful times!

Lots of Love,


If you would like to get this format for creating a PERSONAL HEALTH CARE CHART, please click on this button!

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