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Your LOVE Bubble!

September 15, 2015


What?  Live in a bubble of kindness and love for the rest of your life?  What are the odds?

Imagine yourself flowing without frustrations or misgivings, touching and being touched in the kindest way everywhere you go—even if other folks are rude, nasty, blaming, lying or impatient.  How about fiercely allowing your heart to open for both yourself and everyone you meet, so that the peace and contentment that usually seems so elusive becomes a living reality?

Well the funny thing is that on the one hand, LOVE—that is the real LOVE that feels so cozy, kind, supportive, totally connected and really like HOME in ways that you never thought possible is already in you.  Oh, yeah!

The challenge is that in order to reach that LOVE, to spread that LOVE, to be fully present to experience that amazing innate LOVE we need to do some real, fully Conscious work on ourselves, to upgrade our mind and emotions--to “shine our own instrument, so to speak.”  After all, our mind and emotions are where really experience LOVE, isn’t it?

Now first let’s get things straight.  You know that I am not talking about sexual love.  That is great, but I suspect that sex can be just a distraction from real LOVE if you if you aren’t tuned into the real thing.  But with the real thing—wow!  Deep LOVE as the foundational flow between two people would be heaven.  Yes!

And this brand of True LOVE is not used as a “hook,” as Yogi Bhajan used to call it.  That is, “Since I love you, you give me what I want.”  And what “I want” is usually for you to “meet my needs” or make me feel whole, which no one in the world can actually do for you.  That is really a premise built for failure.  Have you discovered that yet?  Only when you uncover your own rich and beautiful LOVE that authentically resides within will you finally feel whole, loved and be so happy with what the Flow, or the action of your Beloved Creator sends your way in every moment.  That, Sweet One is the very heart of your Divine relationship with your own most powerfully kind and sweet Self.

Also, I am not talking about people-pleasing, or putting yourself last as a martyr, or being sticky sweet, which is actually nauseating and quite a distance from pure LOVE, because True LOVE starts at home, right there in your own heart.  It is humbly for and from your Self, your Soul and is the opposite of narcissism. That is where you get consistent access to that treasure trove of being “beautiful, bountiful and blissful”!

Your True LOVE is not based in any return that you get from other people, from your job satisfaction, from your living quarters, from your bank account, or from fancy vacations, etc. Although those things are marvelous and tremendous, if we are really dependent on all that stuff to supply our own innate LOVE—well, you guessed it, none of that is really dependable.  So, you can bottom out really quickly if these ephemeral things are what you depend on to give you LOVE and happiness.  I don’t actually have to tell you that, eh?  You already got it?  And they don’t go deep enough to be that “forever” kind of satisfying, do they?  The thing is that you, and everyone around you is very deep, whether they acknowledge it or not, and that is what we are all looking to fulfill. 

Don’t we long for the deepest parts of ourselves to be held, to be known, to be loved and appreciated for who we actually are--whether we are “perfect” or not; whether we live up to everyone else’s standards becomes irrelevant; what we have done or not done, or who we will become is beyond the actual question.  We just ARE!  We ARE simple, we ARE free, we flow and expand so naturally, we are connection itself, and we constantly experience gentle, compassionate and very real LOVE, just because.

True LOVE doesn’t have anything to do with worthiness.  When you experience True LOVE from within, you become free of all restrictions, and you live so comfortably in the pure Present, without worry about what will come or what has happened.  Now that doesn’t mean that all those crazy and challenging things will automatically stop.  Nope!  They continue on as usual, but do we get hung up in them?  And it doesn’t mean that we become Pollyannas who simply keep themselves in the clouds to avoid what is happening on the Earth level.  Quite the opposite.

Opening to this confident and peaceful grace is what the spiritual path is all about.  It is not actually some high and mighty course.  To the contrary, it is coming down to the pure humility that we are all in this together, so might as well be kind and flowing from your very heart, even if others are lost in their judgments, their crappiness, their depressions—well, you know the drill. 

So, let’s go to what is really solid so you can open yourself to it.  And that is the “place” of Soul or the Soul Dimension and you get there by way of your Heart.


Begin with Heart Breath in the moment .  If you sincerely do it, your vibe will change quickly to the point that you are no longer stuck in your own junk.  Things begin to flow, and you are able to finally switch out of your emotional jail to the Soul Dimension!  It is subtle, yet this is so very powerful!  This is how you allow the frequency of LOVE to flow through yourself and actually radiate out to others who may be opposing you or in a frenzy of negativity, and so on.  This is how you actually bring Peace and LOVE to this world in a very “concrete” way.  And yes, it is miraculous!

As you know by now, when some folks were being really nasty to me, Soul just told me to love them.  And over time, this attention to LOVE appears to be healing both me and them—believe it!


Yes, this mantra is most incredible!  It breaks the hold of ugliness and blocks both within yourself and others—your “enemies”!  It is most extraordinary.  Try it for yourself if you really and truly want change so that you may be engulfed in LOVE!  Remember, this is a process, so keep up and you will be kept up.


That’s right, gratitude for every little and big thing.  Be grateful even for the hardest karmas that come your way.  I have found in my healing practice that when folks heal through outrageous turmoil from this life or others, and I ask them to ask Soul why they chose that particular karma, the answer inevitably is “to learn compassion”.  So, might as well get a head start on your compassion by sending LOVE to one and all, including yourself.


Now I want to be clear.  I am not asking that you be gooey sweet all the time.  But I am asking that you stay totally tuned into Soul through Heart Breath that brings true neutrality, which leads to full connection with Soul .  Then if boundaries need to be made for protection of yourself or for others, you can make them from really grounded awareness about the situation and have no fear about enforcing them with strength and Truth.  This supports everyone’s integrity, and really allows the workable flow of LOVE.


When you just can’t seem to move forward with this LOVE, and you feel stuck or any other emotions come to take you over, remember to go through the whole healing process.  You are healing those “Trances,” or repeating virtual realities that will trip you up every time.  You can see more about that in last week’s article, “The Consciousness Wars”.


This was actually Yogi Bhajan’s prime recipe for prosperity!  When you go beyond your own wounds or limits in your communication with others and with yourself, and you acknowledge people right where they are with no judgment, you actually go to the very heart of them.  Be sure this is not fake, but your own genuine openness of heart and sharing of the heart flow. This seemingly slight change will help you and all your relationships smooth out through those many frustrations and annoyances, I betcha!

 I found that my biggest challenges in this regard are tech support and car repair people who are telling me a line.  My first inclination is to hit the roof.  But if I stay with this Heart Breath and flow in a kindly manner, if I skip over the “not true” or annoying stuff in the moment, do Heart Breath and lead to the resolution of the problem, it works out best not only for them, but for me as well.

Remember, your LOVE BUBBLE is actually your own aura that is expanding from your open and flowing heart. And it reaches out through your radiance which is essentially the magnification of the Light from your very Soul, your God Self!  This is yours to nurture and to share.  There is no greater reward on Earth, I assure you.  It may be hard-won, but I think that’s better than not putting in the effort to flow and polish your LOVE BUBBLE than to live in that defunct, abject pain of flatness and emptiness.

Feel the buoyancy in your own LOVE BUBBLE!  Enjoy it!  That is where you will find what you are really looking for.  That is Real Life!

I would love it if you would share your own comments below.  Thanks, Dear One!

Lots of Love,


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2015

You are welcome to re-publish this article either in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and closely associated with it.

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Let Your Heart Break!

February 12, 2013

It’s Heart Day on Thursday.  And yet, next to Christmas, I find this day brings up so much pain for so very many!

What about all those painful breakups, or your partner now seems to be a jerk—not fully what you expected at the beginning of the relationship?  Or maybe that “Prince” or “Princess Charming” that we have always thought would finally make our life just right hasn’t actually shown up yet.  Or perhaps your partner or good friend—human or animal has gone to heaven, and away from your hugs and loving connection.  All this difficulty may be recent, or it may have been plaguing you for years. 

Now what do you do?

Well, instead of downing a box of chocolates from an infamous heart shaped box to  drown your abysmal  sense of loss, hurt , betrayal, grief, anger, “poor me” and more, how about a new approach?

First, “It is what it is!”

That is, look at the situation square in the face.  Instead of pining away for what could have been, or loss of what you have always expected, really look at what is up right now.  That best friend is not here now.  That is the truth.  Our imagination, our hurt, our grief can make us feel that we just can’t go on.  And yet, here we are—going on.  Please see that here we are keeping up, while continuing to live in that constant emotional state of loss that drags us down.  Or, we can choose healing our precious heart right here and now so that we may be stronger and happier, and so that dear love can again—or for the first time flow through our heart.  So, here are a few things to consider:

As you know if you have been reading these articles for a while, “Expectations will kill you!”   A few years ago, a popular way of thinking encouraged you to obsess on what you wanted—what you fanaticized would solve all your problems, and promised you that if you remained faithful to your fantasy, it would come true—such as a “True Love” who would love you so incredibly that all your problems would be solved.  Well, so far, I have only seen that result happen in the movies.

Now, what I have seen to be the best method of projection is to go to your most neutral Self to find out from your Soul, your God Self what is the best intention for you.  Then get grounded—send your energy straight into the heart of Mother Earth/Adi Shakti where she will deeply care for you, you can feel her there.  And then continue to lightly, loosely hold that intention in neutrality.  That way all of the God energies can then work to put together the very best solution for you—which may be a little different than what you originally had in mind!  Otherwise, obsessing impedes your progress.

But of course, your God Self will lead you through healing your own loss of self/Self love.  That is where it all really happens!  It means caring for yourself, loving yourself, deeply, meditatively forgiving yourself and others for not loving you—because you are the very most precious thing in the whole world!  That is True!  You are totally precious, and you need to fully accept that in yourself, no matter how hard that might be.  Then when you find the experience of your own Preciousness—that is the experience of your True Self, your sweet God Self within, that is the very, very most reliable, pure and True Love that you can experience.

Then your heart is not aching for someone else to fill you up.  You ARE filled-up!

So, right now, begin Heart Breath.  That is long deep breathing from the belly, through the nose.  Then on the exhale, feel as though your breath is coming out of your heart center in the middle of your chest.  This is actually the flow of amazing healing energy.  Keep up and feel what is happening in your heart.  Feel your heart being cleaned out and opening, perhaps like a flower.  Put yourself in the arms and protection of that extraordinary saint of healing, Guru Ram Das.

And then allow yourself to fully feel the Presence of that Something within—that is your own Soul.  Let your mind go to neutral, not judging.  Only relax and let yourself surrender to what is there.  That’s all.  Just try it and see what happens. 

Now, if your pain is truly great, please do this.  Start playing that incredible song of love and longing called “Mera Man Loche.”  It has blessed power of its own to support and heal you. .  There are some beautiful recordings at loche&cat=All Items 

Then as you continue Heart Breath and are in that flowing state, just allow your grief, your great “broken heart” pain to arise in you.  Stay with Heart Breath as you let yourself fully re-experience all of that heart break as it floods out of you.  You are safe as you do this.  You may feel as though you will shatter, but when you are healing with this amazing healing energy, you will feel the hurt and pain as it moves from being stuck in you to finally freeing itself.  Be sure that you don’t stop the process because you are afraid of the abyss, no matter how long the process goes on.  Just keep up and let it happen.  Guru Ram Das is holding you, whether you feel him or not.

Then when you finally begin to find relief, actually let yourself feel the preciousness, the abiding softness supported by your feed-up soft strength.  Keeping up Heart Breath, allow gratitude for your transformation, and for having healed through the whole situation.  Once that hard, hurtful block is let go, you can finally experience your buoyancy and flow, which you may not ever have contacted unless you had gone through the whole process of hurt and then transformation.

You are YOU, and that is that!  And what a wonderful YOU that you are!  Love yourself, know yourself and appreciate yourself!  That is how your Light shines and all is well and supported within you.  You know your own Self as True Love that you can access at any moment as you do your Heart Breath, and go to neutral where the blessed heart of your own Soul lives all the time—just for YOU!

 Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur 
Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,
You have permission to publish this article, either online or in print as long as you keep this copyright large and close to the article.