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Who Do You Blame?

 December 7, 2015

Something gone wrong recently?  Or at any time you can remember?  Are you still feeling left out, abused, overburdened, hurt, dissed, or more?  Are you still holding that person, people, situations responsible for your troubles?

Hmm.  Guess what?  If you really take a good hard look at the Truth, the only One that deserves your blame is your own Higher Self, your very Soul, your God Self.  Yep!

That is Who lines up all the great things and all the crap in your life.  And the reason why is for you to go deep into your own Consciousness to transform, to forgive deeply to dissolve your own personal karmic threads—yep, we got lots of them!  Then as we reach deep, drop our self-righteousness, our pain, and finally trade it in for expansive neutral where we can humbly drop into deep compassion for the “other” person who must be in even greater pain than we have been to do such deeds, that is where we finally drop our walls that have kept us so separate from our own deep love for our self, and finally begin to appreciate these outrageous challenges that turn out to have been the most loving impetus to lay down our hate/self-hate, pain—and quit carrying around our putrid repeating stories as our most precious descriptions of who we are, but which hurt us over and over again like Groundhog Day.

Hmm.  Maybe it’s time we actually take advantage of the heavy, nasty hurt that has come our way, and use it for what it was meant for—the most mysterious and dangerous way to break down our resistance to love.  So, give the pain and blame back to Soul, to God, to Guru Ram Das or Jesus for recycling.  Yep, that’s how we turn poop to gold, to self-kindness, to acceptance and love for ourselves, and relieve ourselves of the net that so egregiously wound us up in our wounds.  So who’s to blame now, once you take over your own helm?



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