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“Don’t Judge Yourself Using Other People’s Voices!”

December 1, 2015 & February 28, 2012

Have you ever found yourself suffering because the “IN” group—whomever that might have been excluded you from their arms, from their welcoming and protective circle?  Did they ever judge you to not look right, be too smart or not smart enough, not sucking up to those “in charge” or the popular ones?  How about not following the rules in the way that they interpreted them, the party line and so on?

Yogi Bhajan often talked about the “longing to belong.”  It is such a powerful human instinct.  We are community beings, usually with the need to fit into a larger sense of identity, purpose, and mutual support.  Even beggars and thieves often group themselves together.  Our Culture is the biggest authority-holder of these “values” that we judge ourselves and others by.  Yet our all-pervasive culture seems invisible only because we can’t see the forest for the trees.

When we judge ourselves using the voices of these groups who deny us—with their judgments often getting caught in our own heads, their denial of us often plays back over and over again unconsciously.  We wind up condemning ourselves for not being their way.  OMG! 

We overlook our own intrinsic gift of beauty, our uniqueness—just the way that Soul/God made us, when we have done nothing wrong other than believe that those nay-sayers are right. 

Got it?  OK, then, let’s upchuck all of their nonsense from our immortal minds and profess the sanctity of our Souls, our God Selves as having a most incredible gift of life, Light and love on this Earth.  Each of us has our own most amazing and most profound path to follow.  It is for us to revere Who/who we are, to love what we have been given and to forgive the insecurity, fear and blame-making from those who don’t “get us,” and by all means, forgive ourselves from believing them instead of our precious Soul!


These groups, both big and small are often based in what the leaders (or the offshoots of great leaders) identity as the core practices and beliefs.  Then, to clearly delineate that “IN” status, they also need to define what is NOT them—draw the line, so to speak.  They systematically separate out those who do not “measure up” to their group’s practices, outlooks, etc.  

And to maintain the dedication of their “IN-GROUP,” they threaten anyone who slightly strays from their party line with expulsion from the group with tactics such as teasing, bullying, torture, and more, e.g. Church vs. heretics, Nazis vs. Jews, high-school popular kids vs. “dwebs”, and so on.  Power over others, self-righteousness/glory/spiritual ego, and money/wealth are the extremely high stakes that the leaders and are playing for.  While the participants are playing for their self-identity with the larger group, protection, and fulfilling their longing to belong.

Because Yogi Bhajan fully lived his own Truth, he was subjected to many outrageous lawsuits, slander and even contracts on his life due to others’ neuroses and fear of losing their power and money-grabbing ability over others.  What a legacy to live the Pure Truth he has left us because he stood like the Rock of Gibraltar in his own Infinite Truth.

FEAR in all of its manifestations is the core tool being employed by these “IN” folks, with heavy JUDGMENT being the delivery system.  That is fear of not being connected, not being acceptable, not joining in with the hearts and minds of others—that is the denial of the “longing to belong.”  And it hurts like hell.

That push-pull dynamic of IN/OUT is usually based in pure and outrageous fear of being dis-connected and separated by those on both sides—for both the “INs” and the “OUTs”.  That is fear of non-acceptance by being slighted or looked over, right down to full-on life-threatening reprisals.  Yikes!

Isn’t it amazing that we fall for these self-righteous expulsions by self-imposing our greatest fears of separation—whether we adhere to the In-Group party line or not? 

So, today is our day of resurrection!  Let’s examine those controlling ideas that may be stuck in our precious minds, become so aware of them, forgive them, see through them like the Emperor’s new clothes, and let them fly away on the wind.  In this transformation, you will learn Who/who you truly are, and I can assure you that you are great—no matter how difficult your path appears to be at the moment.

LOVE YOURSELF and find your own amazing gems and jewels within.  Recite them to yourself, know yourself—your precious uniqueness, and for direction, protection, security and the greatest of all BELONGING, tune into your True Self, your precious Soul.  That is Who you are, Sweet One.  Embrace yourself, BE YOURSELF in kindness, love and neutrality, and never, ever cow to those belittling judgments  again.

That is not to say don’t ever join a group, oh no!  But only join with that which you, your Soul vibrates with, that is what your Soul shows you is TRUE for you.  Celebrate your own diversity that takes nothing from anyone, but contributes immeasurably to the GREAT WHOLE!  You are a blessing to Earth, Dear One.  Acknowledge yourself as such.

To learn how to listen to your Soul, please go to .

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa,, 2012, 2015

You may reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and readable.



Feeling Sorry for Yourself Will Drag You Straight to the Bottom!


“Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat worms.”  Do you remember that childhood ditty?  Well, that about sums up this crummy habitual situation.

Feeling sorry for yourself seems to come from not being loved, cared for, nurtured, or supported especially in your formative years.  Now those years might be as a child or even from another lifetime, or it could be a habit passed down through the generations.  So many ways to inherit hurt!

In those vulnerable times, we actually believe the feedback that we get or don’t get from others, we take their reaction as God’s true description of who we are, what we deserve or don’t deserve, as in “Nobody loves me, everybody hates me…”  Yikes!  We incorporate that belief into our make-up, our sense of self or lack thereof.  

Then, when we are triggered, we are subconsciously subsumed or even consciously believe that we are unlovable at the core. And that is the basement we fall into when we feel sorry for ourselves.  We are blinded to every other realization or emotion!

So, while we are down here, let’s pull out our flashlight to search out what’s really happening.

If we honestly and clearly watch the whole course of our actions and beliefs that led up to feeling sorry for ourselves, do we find that perhaps we actually create or draw in situations where we can practice not being loved?  It’s really quite an amazingly creative situation in which our subconscious can conjure up whole hurtful scenarios in which we can be punished, cut off, and soundly unloved!  That’s where “I’m gonna eat worms” comes true.  This unexpressed, deeply held personal “truth” compels us to actually participate with others in the role of the unloved one where I can thoroughly play my part!

For instance, I promise certain things, but then don’t deliver either without explanation or with explanations that go on, and on.  Or, I may do things inconsistently, or screw up timetables and other stuff, or not provide important pieces of information, or dig my heels in to create a kind of blockade, just kind of daring the other person to cross my line, no matter how subtle.  This can be done either passively or outright aggressively.

But when the other party gets upset at my behavior, or wants to rectify the situation, or gets impatient, then I quickly identify them as someone who hates me, doesn’t understand me, “disses me,” or is out to get me.  Then when they get mad, or drop me, I get to prove once again that I am unlovable to the core.  I can feel full shame for not being worthwhile, or still madder because they are hurting me. 

Wow!  What an exquisite game I play just to prove that nobody loves me.  Then of course, the next part of the scenario is to blame the other person for reacting to me, not appreciating me, or cutting me off.  And now I get to feel really, REALLY sorry for myself so that I can spin down and down into the very real horror of self pity.

Now, this next step is where that game can get really intense.  That is when I magnetize someone to me who can in fact play the other part to my “self-hurt game” to the nines!  Then we can absolutely lock together in such incredibly unproductive ways.  When I find someone who I believe loves me or whom I give love/things/time to, but they turn around and bash me—exquisitely demonstrating that they have flopped into the opposite of love for me—I can get my fix of proving that nobody loves me, and so spiral down into self-hate and feeling sorry for myself.  A “professional” name for this kind of relationship is “co-dependent.”  Heard of that?  Does any of this apply?  Even a little?

So, now let’s switch the bright lights on!  Listen closely.


Guess what?  That is your intrinsic nature, that is Who you are at your core—truly.  No ifs, ands or buts.  Perhaps intellectually you know that you are God.  But in downright, nitty-gritty reality, that means that you are actually pure, unadulterated LOVE!  Oh, yes—that is YOU!

Now, this other confusing stuff that we were talking about screens you off from that pure awareness.  It is just a hoax that we play on ourselves on our trips through time so that we can also experience the dark side.  But when we are ready, we can begin to transform those personal habits of self-darkness so that our beautiful Light shines through from our true, most real and authentic self/Self!  Oh, yes! 

So, if you feel that now is the time to transform, here are a few hints on how to go about that.  It takes persistence, but remember this:  getting down on yourself if you momentarily forget your resurrection program as described below is really counterproductive.

1.       So now, just for a second, penetrate that very defensive voice or oppressive notion that says you are unloved.  It takes a bit of meditative consciousness to laser through all those old objections that lie in wait to pounce on you.  To move through that, begin long deep breathing or heart breath.  Simply relax, relax, relax into your Soul’s nest of pure love—not grasping or needy, or making up for anything, nor catching you as you fall.  Rather just resting in pure comfort; being held sweetly as an innocent baby by a most loving mother; being contained yet totally free; open heart and expansive vision on a clear, sunshiny spring day; cozy; no place to go but here; content; your heart is juicy and yummy.  You are open and flowing, allowing.  This is the condition of pure self/Self love!

2.       Actually FORGI VE that pervasive, sneaky voice that tells you that nobody loves you and you are unlovable in so many inventive ways.  It may try to hold on for dear life, but as soon as you realize that it is taking you over, address it directly, sit with it as that angry, hurt part of you.   As you forgive it and love it, patiently and kindly, it begins to dissolve into something happier and more supportive.  Become your own loving parent who gives you a new, very true way of understanding yourself and seeing the world. YOU ARE LOVE, AND YOU ARE LOVABLE.  Sweetly dispel any doubts because you know the Truth, even if you don’t totally get it yet.

3.       Use our great tools of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to break those habitual knots that keep us so tied up in those old, most difficult ways.  And did you know that the word “shabad” that we use as a synonym for “hymn” actually means “loosening the knot”?  So, this applies to the very powerful sound current of mantra, banis (prayers) and the whole Siri Guru Granth Sahib—a large compilation of these very effective shabads.  Daily spiritual practice called “sadhana” is a must to chip away at those knots!

4.       When in relationship with others, be sure to understand the boundaries that you need to create to keep yourself healthy, and to not fall into those quicksand traps.  For instance, make mutually agreed-upon commitments of time, energy, goods, etc. that you can actually keep.  And if it turns out that you honestly can’t keep them, then neutrally, courageously and kindly make new arrangements with the other person.  And if you find that the other person is so easily matching you as your co-dependent partner—either in an ongoing relationship or even in momentary passing just with a glance, then use your heart breath to draw away from that addictive bond, and use your mantra to get back to neutral where this non-grasping openness of allowing resides.  Please re-read this a couple of times.

5.        “Defend” your boundaries as appropriate.  First with kindness and integrity as just described in number 4.  But if things escalate, do your best to stay in neutral by maintaining your heart breath to bring all the energies involved into peace.  But when necessary, still in neutrality employ “wrench to the size of the nut,” as Yogi Bhajan used to say, meaning do what is appropriate to the situation.  That can manifest as getting the hell out of there, strongly stating your position of integrity without self-righteousness or belaboring it, and so on.  It takes being in the Present, so be sure to practice that all the time so you can bring this ability forward when you really need it!

6.       If you assume that all others like you and actually love you, then you can easily love them without trepidation, and that new energy ignites such a kindness all around.  A smile is a real spark of love’s fire!  But if you find that the other person really can’t get into the kindness/love flow, then don’t take it personally.  Just bless them to discover some time that they are in fact TRUE LOVE as well.  I know, it’s too simple.  But try it anyway and surprise yourself!

Realizing yourself as pure Love—giving, receiving and purely Being Love is a lifetime’s process.  Go easy on yourself, but do pay attention and keep a close watch on your own self-discovery and self-transformation over time.  Nothing could be more worth it!

YOU ARE LOVE!  Please don’t ever forget it.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa, , 2012

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep the copyright large and readable.




Become Your Own Parent!

January 3, 2012


There comes a time in our lives when we need to go beyond what our parents taught us, what they can give us and how they can protect us.

And yet, so many folks continue to want to draw such parental goodies from their spouses, from their friends and from their jobs.  They have an unconscious habit of expecting others to make them happy and fulfilled, and to support them entirely emotionally and physically. 

The funny thing is that if you depend on others to always provide all this for you, and if you are unhappy when this doesn’t happen to the extent that you feel you need others’ intervention, then you keep yourself as a dependent child.  You cut off your evolutionary growth on various levels—spiritual, emotional and in a practical sense as well.  And your dependence on others for these supports cuts you off from actually making the changes within your own psyche and situation to really be happy.  After all, that clinging to others is based in expecting them to provide you happiness.  Yes?

No one can protect you from your own pain.

So, my Dears, to move into the happiness or at least the relief from pain that we usually seek, we need to evolve out of our childhood expectations.  So many marriages crash on the rocks because one partner puts an expectation on the other that their partner will essentially become their own storybook parent, providing all the security, unconditional love, goods, protection, and so on that they crave.  But guess what?  That is a child’s dream, never a true reality.

If we are to be truly happy, we need to take responsibility for our own life!  Yikes!

That means changing our psyche to not be the dependent child, but to become our own parent.  That means finding our own happiness, taking responsibility for ourselves on all levels and becoming truly content in that most blessed role.

We who practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are so very fortunate to have the incredible tools to actually heal our own emotions and psyche so that we heal our old habits of pain.  We take the precious responsibility to switch to the Aquarian Dimension at every moment to experience actual connection, the source of love and personal power in a most calm and centered way.

We heal all of our family relationships, including those repeating situations that have been passed down from our ancestors.  We bless our family members and others who are not ready to take responsibility for their own growth—with no judgment.  So, we send them healing Heart Breath, and are Present for them as they would like to engage with us.  No recrimination, no remorse, only kindness, accepting each one for who they are and moving forward with our own growth. 

When we become our own parent, our habitual ways of relating to others will naturally change.  So, we accept that our place in the family evolves—we are no longer the dependent child, even though others may desperately want us to continue in that role.  We take the risk of changing our position and identity within our family and other relationships so that we are free to become Who we really are—kindly, calmly and neutrally. 

You are in charge of your own growth, your relationships, your creativity, your feelings of security.  And these you can have as you place yourself firmly in the Aquarian Dimension, the place of your Soul, your Heart Breath, your neutrality of Consciousness.  But it becomes your decision, your voice, your remembering, your ability to allow change of who you have been to the experience of Who you truly are that is foremost!

After all, your Soul—your Essential Self chose your family and environments so that you could meet very specific karmic challenges and get certain karmic advantages in this lifetime, rather like drawing certain cards at the beginning of a card game. 

But then it is up to us to grow, grow, grow from there—upwards and onward in trust and faith in the process to come to our Real Self, which is true partnership with Soul.  To learn more about getting the “gems and jewels” from this karmic course, please go to  .

What a precious Being you are to yourself and others.  Take the lead in your own Life!  Be your own Parent!  Live in true partnership with Soul.  This is the way to actually evolve into your own special Destiny, Dear One and BE all that You are!


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa, , 2012

You have perission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and readable.


The Great Gift of YOU! 

Dec. 27, 2011

This week, there have been several things that I have found totally enlightening.  As you know, Baba Siri Chand and I do healing that is combined with intuitive reading.  Here are a couple of things that I would like to share with you.

A young fellow who was highly motivated by a parent took on a school course load that was way beyond most people’s capability due to exterior pressure to become excellent.  In trying to produce at that ultra-intense level, he burned himself out, and actually damaged his psyche doing it.  We healed it as he deeply forgave himself and others who would have him be other than Who he is.

In another case, a family member sought information on why a certain relative had committed suicide.  After all, this woman’s parents had paid for her entire education to become a doctor, she was married to a successful doctor, they had two wonderfully developed teenage children and a beautiful home. 

The answer was that this woman’s parent had controlled her from her earliest days to live the parent’s view of perfection, and to actually achieve her parent’s dream—leaving her without access to her own vision for herself.  It appeared that this woman actually had a very artistic temperament, not that of a doctor climbing the ladder of success.  All avenues to express her Real Self had been closed to her. Consequently, this lady didn’t have any “place” that was hers--no place to be HERSELF here on Earth.  So, she left.

In our free conference call this past Wednesday, Dec. 21 in which I listened to Baba Siri Chand and repeated his words to us, he told us how very important it is to really and truly BE YOURSELF, and to let yourself, your own essence freely flow from yourself to others.  He said that when you do that, you do not lose yourself.  Rather, he compared each of our true essence to being a special, very necessary ingredient in a cake.  “Imagine a cake without sweetener!”  In other words, don’t hold yourself back due to fear of getting lost, or how you might be perceived by others, or their reactions to you.  WE TRULY NEED THE REAL YOU!  Freely, and without constraints, naturally extend your own special flavor to mix with the rest of us.  And the rest of us, please kindly accept the most precious gift of YOU—that includes everyone!  That is how we become this One, delicious and nourishing cake together.

Then this week, I saw a wonderful show on PBS on the earliest Christians.  Among other things, they discussed the “Gospel According to Thomas” that was found in an ancient jar in Naghamadi, Egypt in the last century.  One of the many “sayings of Jesus” instructed, “If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you.”  Amazing!

And of course, one of Yogi Bhajan’s most repeated sayings is, “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.”  Do you suppose that he included seeing the actual Earth-living God within your own Self/self ?  Well, of course!

We have seen before that trying to be “perfect” by anyone else’s or your culture’s standards really bypasses the wonderful, happy, talented, surprising jumble that we each are.  Be excellent, as Yogi Bhajan always told us, which means honing, developing and expressing your own Soul, your authentic self, your goofy self, your very special talents and creativity, your compassionate, sometimes confused and healing self, your very freedom from outside pressures to BE YOU!  We want YOU, not some silly cardboard mask that appears to satisfy someone else.  And if others can’t handle the Real You because they can’t handle being themselves, then bless them and kindly move on.

Denying yourself to BE YOU is the greatest pain that there ever could be! 

Do your sadhana, forgive yourself and others, do heart breath and intentionally live in the Aquarian Dimension, consciously detach from what is not You, spend time in nature, find the secret of relishing every moment, and relax, relax, relax so that you can let the REAL YOU percolate to the surface and flow.  Nothing will make you happier! 

You are in there, you know.  And your greatest joy is accepting yourself fully to dance your own true Destiny that only yearns to be expressed.  Yay! 

So, in this great gift-giving season, give the gift of YOU to yourself and to the rest of us as well.  What pure fun!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur



 Channelizing the Vision of Your Heart!


(When I asked what to write about this week, Soul took over and gave us this most unique view of Your Heart!"  You will find my explanatory notes in parentheses.  Siri-Gian Kaur)


Your physical heart is the most important, ingenious and most highly impactful organ of your body—even more important than your brain.

It has such extraordinary effects on your body, way beyond what you could imagine.  “Science” may discover a great deal in the later stages of discovery yet to come.

But today, I want to talk about your heart center, that magnificent “plane of energy” that surrounds the area of your physical heart.  It is the energetic organ that establishes your “domain,” that is the confines or descriptive areas of your life, your own living realm that you find yourself in.

For instance, when you are feeling droopy and undone, you can be sure that your heart is in the same condition.  When you are happy, alive and full of well-being, you can also be sure that the energetic “structure” of your heart center is in the same condition.  Your “heart center” is, in fact the progenitor of that condition.

Your heart center (energetic heart chakra) is the action/reaction through which all of your needs, wants and desires here on Earth flow.  It is the true mechanism for connecting Mother Earth with “Father Sky” or that Infinite “body” of which you are an expression.  It is the grand terminal and round house, or connecting station for all that you determine as your Self/self in this human experience.  It is the actual You of you.  That is why this is your most important organ as you are on this planet.

It is your true point of connection with your Self, with your identity, with the very pure and sometimes moldy connection with “others,” with the flow of creation or nature as you would call it, with the Infinite Universal flow that translates right down to the most infinitesimal aspects of your Life.

When you are in the complete Universal flow, you feel sheer coziness; the door from your heart to your brain is open, balanced and operative;  your very real vital energy is working at its optimal level without slowing down to cause disease in any location.  On the emotional, energetic level, you are well satisfied about being here on Earth—neither lost, pining away, or “too big for your britches.”  You are just humble to the flow, kind in the most overt and subtle ways—although never sentimental, i.e. you could be blasting a student, but when totally in the flow of heart, you can see how that blasting is clearing their heart.  (Siri-Gian’s note:  Leave this blasting up to Yogi Bhajan!  The rest of us are rarely in such pure consciousness that we could do this well.  But you get the idea here.)

When you are doing heart breath for yourself or others, you are finding that you affect and elevate the actual frequency of this precious Earth energy or “atmosphere” which is the pure essential mechanism of creation/creating.  When you are in this “channelizing vision of your heart,” all of your (Akashic) records past, present, and future are being altered, re-routed to fix the purity of the Infinite Flow through you.  Your “samskaras” (karma-forming habits that are embedded in your energetic make-up) are being altered and erased.

Now, if you have a broken heart, you will find that nothing works right.  You are hurt right down to the core.  Nothing is truly clear beyond the fact that you are feeling pain.  Actually a broken heart is the basis of all painful difficulties.  This is not yet a well understood fact in the Western world, and at this point, that fact or realization would be regarded as some sentimental notion.  But just look at all emotional pain.  Where does it come from?  It comes from your broken heart at some time in your quest through lifetimes to have that beautiful fullness of heart restored.

So, My Sweet Ones, this is the time for you to reflect, to feel the flow, to understand the notion that your broken heart as it is re-structured becomes your full heart of gratitude and coziness.  This is the very heart of your well-being, or your Being here on Earth.

Do not despair if you are actively suffering from a broken heart at this time.  Rather, be so very happy that you are aware of this plight.  Now seek the attention and aid of Guru Ram Das to help you reformulate your heart’s working status in this great festival of Return of the Light—Winter Solstice!  Surrender to the Saint of Miracles!  That is the True Way, the Happy Way, the way that you can actually get back the optimum workings of your current shattered loss of heart.  As you do, you will find that you become so much more gifted, so much more coherent and cogent, so much more beneficial to yourself and others as you let go of the break and move into health and healing.

This act is rather like breaking scar tissue that is consuming you and giving you great pain. This is how your loss can be rearranged, and consequently your freedom can be re-established in a much more sensitive and powerful way than ever before.  Be grateful for the heartbreak, or at least the healing of it because this is where your kindness, your innocence, your realization of True Coziness can be re-established and greatly expanded within you, as well as flourishing your connection with “others” who are in fact reflections of your own established “place” on Earth and in the Heavens.

Pure Self/self love is the true way to happiness and Infinite Union.  Take charge, Dear Ones and move forward to pure coziness of your precious Heat!

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Soul

This is a most wonderful exchange of recommendations that occurred on the Kundalini Yahoo Groups in 2007.  Incredible advice!

Wonderful meditation!

Totally effective practice that you can do all of the time.

Copyright:  Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011

You have permission to re-publish this article either online or in print as long as you keep the copyright and links large and readable.



Forgive Yourself for Talking Crummy to YOU!

April 19, 2016 & April 26, 2011

In my healing work over the years, I have found that deeply, meditatively forgiving the other person or situation for the crumbiness that they may have inflicted on you is the best way to unknot and untangle those tightly held strings of emotional energy that are triggered in you over and over again.  Those are the ones that replay in your own personal virtual reality to be automatically expressed as anger in certain situations, or perhaps fear, shame, hurt, victimization, insecurity, and so on.  Trying to “cut those etheric cords” just doesn’t seem to work too well.  They seem to grow back.  But forgiving is the very real mechanism that actually dissolves the source of those tight strings.

Now, I have to tell you that in forgiving, you are not letting the other person off the hook of justice.  No way!  But you are leaving any retribution up to Universe to balance its own Akashic books--that is neutrally knowing the perpetrator will be the recipient of the same kind of treatment at some point in this lifetime or in future ones to finally clear their Akashic slate.  That is the process of karma. 

But, of course if that person continues to offend, it is best that you find a way to quit their assault, such as creating strong and clear personal boundaries or putting them behind bars.  You do that without fear or revenge (Nirbho, Nirvair).  There’s the challenge!  And you continue the forgiving process along with Heart Breath, that incredible generator of clearing and healing, and of course your own daily sadhana—spiritual practice that also neutralizes those emotional chains.  So, the forgiving/freeing process is for YOU rather than the other person.

Implied in this is that over lifetimes, we are embedded with tons of energetic programs that take us down to obscure the fact that we are actually the pure Light of Consciousness.  Through repeated abuses and non-recognition of Who we actually are—that is Beings of pure wisdom, creative ability in the deepest and broadest sense, grace, love and so on, we develop these unconscious repeating programs within our own virtual reality.  They might express themselves as an underlying feeling of guilt, or that others are always causing us problems, that we feel abandoned, poverty stricken, insecure, unable to hold onto happiness, afraid of change, and so on.

We often identity these repeating programs or interior voices as who we really are.  But Yogi Bhajan let us know over and over again that the course of the spiritual path is actually freeing our identity from knowing ourselves as the small, disconnected, victimized/victimizing self to KNOW ourselves as the most real Universal Light Being experiencing this everyday life with great joy, love, innocence and impeccable power—no matter what is happening in our everyday life!  That is you as “Sat Nam!”

Now, let’s take this a step further.  Have you ever considered forgiving yourself for consciously or subconsciously believing those nasty things that you might be telling yourself?  For instance, do you hear your interior voice nagging at you with such things as, “I am basically un-loveable, I can never be successful, I am hurtful and hateful, I don’t belong here—on Earth that is, no one will help me or care for me, I feel lost, I don’t know which way to turn, and on and on, when in fact your Soul, your Real Self is fully present to love and guide you at every millisecond?

You may find that these voices have been implanted in you by your parents from a young age, or from experiences that have “proven the truth” of these voices, or they may even come from your ancestors whose experiences have energetically come through the consciousness entrenched in your own DNA.  Or they may have been initiated in past lifetimes so that you can’t consciously access their origin, but there they are just the same.  The point is that they automatically repeat in your psyche when triggered.  And when that occurs, you actually do create your own reality.  Those voices become your “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

When it comes down to it, when you strip away all the past, you are actually the only one who continues to talk so ugly to yourself.

So, how would you like to actually forgive yourself for acting so mean to yourself?  You can, you know.  It’s up to you!  Let you Love YOU!

Again, that same forgiving process dissolves the grip that those recurring self-lies have over you.  Forgiving yourself of them helps to clear your psyche of those debilitating thoughts and deeply held feelings.  You can actually free yourself!  Remember, never blame yourself for carrying these.  That is part of our karmic development.  To learn more about the karmic process, please go to .  Rather appreciate that you—in your own Soul’s great wisdom have taken these on, and now you are on the great threshold of reaping the gems and jewels that come from transforming those old experiences and resulting patterns.  This is the most amazing process of personal evolution!

A beautiful friend took this information and turned it into a great mediation process.  With long deep breath, he said to himself on the inhale, “I forgive myself.”  And on the exhale said, “I am forgiven.”  With this, at each exhale he felt a beautiful rain of grace on him!

Or you might sit in meditation with Heart Breath, to allow those voices to come up.  Be so very kind to them because you and they have suffered enough already.  And then provide the kindest, most loving energy of heart breath to move through the energy of that poor voice to forgive it entirely, knowing that it has completed its mission in your evolution, and allow the great clear freedom and kindness of heart breath to allow it to ease out, to unravel, to transform to Light.

And here is a most wonderful meditation for you to Conquer Self-Animosity!   What a legacy Yogi Bhajan has left for us.

Forgiving yourself is the most wonderful Godly act!  And by truly forgiving yourself, you break this chain of repeating sanskaras! 

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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