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Heart Breath!
What is Soul?
How to Tune Into Your Soul!
What are Trances?
Frequency of Forgiveness
Smashed! Soul from Personal Healing!
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 Clear Your Mind,

Nourish Your Heart,

Empower Your Soul!


Transform Fear and Pain to Profound Peace

Allow your Heart to be Deeply Nourished and Satisfied

And Open to the Incredible Wisdom and Power of your own Unique Soul, your God-Self


To become really, really HAPPY!

Learn from these pages:

Heal Simply and Often 

Your Own True Self 

Go Beyond Your Everyday Self 

Your Own Energetic Mental Patterning 

Your Miracle Mental Healing 

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Does It Feel True?


In our work together, I ask that you judge how this Soul Answer information feels to you.  Do you have that real sensation in your gut or your heart that says this is right on?  Does it "click" for you?


If so, then please listen hard and take it to heart.  If it doesn’t feel true or you don’t understand what I am telling you, then let me know right away and we’ll work on clarifying it.  And if you still don’t get it, just drop it!  But never, ever act on something that I say just because I said it.  Please process all information through your own psyche with clear understanding and responsibility on your part.  What you do with this information is completely up to you.