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Old Victims!

June 20, 2017 


Dear Ones,


I have been seeing something that I find interesting as well as devastating! 


Over the years, I have seen folks who have been dealing with their habitual feelings of being victimized.  Perhaps they actually were victimized in very difficult ways when they were younger or even in another life, but it is showing up in this life now.  The point is to identify that habit and to courageously transform it!


If victims never seek or accept healing of this most destructive pattern, they may keep up that story line to gain attention, sympathy and care from others.  And all their relationships would be based around their victimization story.  Inevitably, they blame EVERYONE ELSE for EVERYTHING!  That may even happen if all the circumstances in their life are stable and they are well-cared for on the outside.  On the other hand, the victim may rearrange their lives in such a way that they drive away friends, family, jobs, etc. to really become a very harrowing victim!  They may even become addicted to substances—drugs and alcohol, or practices—sex addiction/porn, gambling, shopping, etc. that either numb their pain or divert their attention from it.


But when well-meaning folks try to help the victim, at first there might be gratitude, but in the long run, the true victim will turn on their helper/care giver/loving relative. The perpetual victim may hold these most compassionate and well-meaning supporters responsible for their plight by blaming their helpers, as they make-up and spread most vicious rumors about them. These accusations serve to destroy their helpers’ reputations, their trust in the community, and all other relationships—all based on the victim’s own habit of perpetual fear and ugly blaming.  The victim is prone to flush their most dedicated allies right down the toilet.


It is an extraordinary phenomenon, but this “syndrome” is so very pervasive with so very many people to some degree.  It is a societal as well as an individual problem.  Otherwise, how can this ugly political rhetoric take hold in “righteous minds” when their sense of victimhood is activated?


But now, I am finding that as old age sets in, these victims’ brains are frozen around these nasty perceptions.  A kind of dementia sets in where their victim fears and most nasty accusations go on hyper-drive.  There is nothing that can slow their continual flow of ugliness.  No longer does the victim simply let slip some innuendo or juicy gossip that blames or hurts another, or establishes their pitiful cries, which initiates that whole interactive “victim-victimizer game.”


But in old age, victim’s brain function appears to become frozen in the everlasting stream of “poor-me,” where they turn those who innocently try to help them into their imagined victimizers.  Eventually then, the victim’s ingrained path takes them to the locked ward of the hospital or nursing home.


So, sweet One, my advice is to one-pointedly heal yourself now, while you still have some control over your brain-power, before your brain gets “set in stone” in old age.  Do your sadhana, which will aid in neuro-plasticity—keeping your brain cells malleable.  And so very important, learn to live from the direction and guidance of Soul/God/Guru.  Create a lifestyle of continually healing your consciousness, so that even in your old age, you can still heal yourself and grow in love with the help of Soul/God/Guru—your long-time, and totally trusted Best Beloved.  This is surely the best way to expanded your mental health, your happy life, and it is your best way to spiritual growth!



 June 27, 2017


It was so good to meet so many of you in our Soul Answer Tribe who came to introduce yourselves so that we could exchange real hugs!  Thanks for stepping up, Dear Ones!  And wasn’t it wonderful to have Sat Sundri Kaur, a senior student of Soul Answer Healing working with us as well?


Do you remember last week’s intro article?


It was about the fact that nasty and difficult habits that are unhealed over time, appear to become frozen in our brain’s neural (nerve) pathways as we age.


Well, since I have seen so much of that over the past few months, I really took a deep look at myself for the sake of becoming sharply aware of what I truly need to work on to become flowing and unconditionally happy.  I made sure in my self-examination to notice whenever I felt an aversion to some incident, idea, or person.  In this bald-face self-awareness, I have done my best to uncover every little feeling of pulling away that might lead to running away, or trying to keep myself inordinately safe.  I realized that this is the time for me to literally put my house in order—even beyond my ongoing habits of self-healing that I have developed over this life time.


I realized that every one of those subconscious habits of withdrawal only hurt me big time by taking me out of the hugeness of happiness that the Universe has to offer.  Over the decades, I have worked so hard on transforming fears or recurring ideas of victimization, which includes any kind of blaming, or assignment of fault to anyone else for my perceived difficulties.  And I am so grateful to say that I have been quite successful in so many categories.


But now, it is time to mop up any subtle mess that is left!


It has been such a grand and marvelous challenge to catch my sneaky little habits that pop up, ostensibly to “keep me safe,” such as avoiding people who have spearheaded really nasty campaigns against me, and so on.  With Soul’s guidance, I have found that sometimes I really limit myself and all the great possibilities and opportunities that seek to flow through me when I hide from possible attacks from those who must be either hurting much more than I am, or those whose neurons have frozen into unpredictable negative patterns.


I am learning even more that we are all here to open the incredible, unending flow of Love, that feels like sheer unimpeded power, joy and happiness from our own hearts.  This is what we have been searching for through lifetimes, so why not finally lift the self-imposed barriers and live the fullness that is truly available to us now!


And why not pour this preciousness out to the whole of humanity, especially to those who would do us in?  This is how we participate in healing our beautiful planet, “putting our money where our mouth is,” so to speak.


So, I am asking you to join me in this conscious mopping up campaign so that we can all enjoy the fruits of living from our Light!  Let’s have the best kind of FUN together!


Control People for their “Own Good”?


When I was young, I could “see” what would be good for people to do, to be, to understand, and to profess.  I did my best to “help” them understand what I knew about them—whether I had learned it from Soul, or it was what my teachers had told me, or what my social conditioning had imprinted in me, and so on.


 Thankfully, folks rarely took me up on what trip I was trying to impose on them!  They lived their life their way.


But since I have been teaching and healing for over 25 years, I profoundly respect each Soul’s course through their own life.  That is living out their own Karmas, which is the experiences and lessons that each one of us cooked up with our own sweet Soul before we came into this life! 


These are often called Soul Agreements, and they are made to both give us the supports that we need through this particular life, as well as the simple or overwhelming challenges that we—as our Primal Self ask for in order to solve/heal them.  These are the situations that we face at each step of life that give us the opportunities to clear ourselves from anger, hate, fear, loss, and so much more to be able to just relax into Soul and shine Its powerful Light.  That is kindly giving our crap back to Soul, forgiving it with the energy of our Heart Breath and following Soul’s sweet guidance to move through these situations as we develop grace, character and genuine ability in that category!


So, Sweet One, we don’t hold back in sharing what Soul tells us to tell others, but we do not demand that they follow what we say.  Yogi Bhajan demanded that only of those who had committed to be his dedicated students.  But even as teachers ourselves, we cannot and must not do that to our family, friends and students, because we are here to follow our own Souls, to share what we know, and not to demand that others follow us!  That would be called “spiritual ego.”


We can make these teachings available, we listen to and follow our Soul—our own God Self .  And if others want to listen to their own Soul, then we teach them how, and we teach them the difference between the clear and cozy voice of their own Soul as differentiated from the often mixed-up, stressed-out voice of our “everyday self,”—ego, memories, mind, emotions, conditioning, etc. which becomes so ordinary, but very dominate in our everyday lives.  That ordinarily happens unless we retrain ourselves to constantly partner up with Soul.


So, in every healing session, I always say, “Don’t believe what I say, unless you FEEL that it is true (verified by the experience of Truth from your own Soul). And if you don’t understand, or don’t agree, let me know right away.”  Then I can either clarify what is being said, or let go of any need that they “get it,” to simply continue to follow Soul’s specialized course with that person.


Laying a trip on someone, no matter how well intentioned you are, is simply an expression of spiritual ego, not your Soul.  Yes, there are times that Soul pushes us to be consistent in giving Its particular message to someone.  But the difference is that we are not imposing it on them.


On the other hand, if someone is abusing you, such as your spouse is an alcoholic, is battering you and the children, not keeping up with contributing to the family, such as letting go of their job and income, then by all means, do set up boundaries with consequences, such as leaving them for safety’s sake.  Remember tough love? This is the opposite of spiritual ego, unless of course your biggest concern is perhaps your embarrassment that the neighbors might see that your spouse is habitually drunk on the front lawn.


Work this out with Soul, and see what happens!  Listen to Soul and trust It to guide you through the maze of decisions that we call Life.  That is how you are supported by the Divine!


Your Back-Story is Killing You!




You know all those nasty things that happened to you near the beginning of your life and then continue all the way through in some form for your whole life—my mother didn’t take care of me; my dad hurt and abused me; I was relentlessly bullied; and so on?


These are things that our subconscious takes in and builds an identity with.  They become our Self-Fulfilling Prophesies for the rest of our lives!


These are the hidden agendas that our minds keep repeating to us, like broken records—if you remember what that means.  With each new telling of these hurtful old stories, we dig ourselves deeper into our habitual poop that we just regard as our reality.  After all, why wouldn’t these courses of action and reaction be real? We live them every day.


Now, we may find that my spouse or the world doesn’t take care of me.  My “friends” or boyfriend hurt and abused me.  My co-workers bully me into feeling stupid and unworthy.  Same story, we just found new actors in our personal, ongoing “self-fulfilling” story lines.  These are our back-stories that explain how and why our lives are going the way they are.  These incidents, whether hidden or not are what be blame for becoming our jailers in a life of trial and hurt. 


But in fact, it is we—in our carrying this poop-load as our Reality that is killing us. These subconscious attitudes and personal tales have been stored in actual energetic “clouds” of information, sort of like DVDs stored in our auras. And when they are triggered by some similar incident, they totally play out in our psyche and emotions like virtual reality taking us over, losing control of any peace of mind with ramped up/down emotions yet again.  Then we blame the “other guy” who caused the trigger.  We find ourselves as the same kind of victim again and again.  Somehow, we drew a bad hand in life.  We got crummy karmas!


But in fact, these life-buster attitudes are simply energy forms that hold the basis of what we believe to be our total truth and reality.  But they are only energy forms that have stuck in our own system as we allow them to continue to control our lives, and even draw those same most difficult situations to us.  We actually opt for the hurt and pain without being aware that we have set this up.  We subconsciously magnetize and make Real those situations that smash us and make us feel bad, all based on our back-story!


So, now, dear Ones, this is the time to crawl out of our self-made caves and prisons!  We can do it!  We are not only “children of God,” but we are God Itself!  We can dissolve those old stories and destructive habits.  We can change our Identities!  Yogi Bhajan told us that the spiritual path is a matter of changing our Identity!


The first and most obvious thing to do is to take responsibility.  Nab those thought-critters, those continual recitations of our nasty back-stories, catch them in their tracks in the very nano-second that you realize that they have invaded your cranium and your emotions yet again!


Whip out Heart Breath and get into it.  Actually feel the outflow of your Heart Breath dissolving that immense stuck energy of your back-story, your former “reality.”  Feel as though that “virtual reality” is being dissolved.  Let the miracle happen.  Don’t get into thinking about it.  Remember, your “thinking machine” is crippled, so you can’t ask it to save itself, because it will continue its habitual fight with you.  So, just let it be as you ask Soul/God/Guru to lift these self-inflicting stories, and actually FEEL yourself forgiving your original perpetrator.  No opinions or blame, or getting stuck in the need for Justice.  Just let their karmas take care of that.  Instead, go for NEUTRAL!!


This is how you take charge to heal your life-story.  You can do it, and it is the actual spiritual path!  The spiritual path is not being above all the hurt and poop, it is healing it so that you may actually ease into kindness, flow, love of yourself, others and your whole life.  How about that?  Give it a try.  Become detectives of your back-stories, and do really effective “thought-critter” control with transformation.  Finally, be happy!


 God bless Heather Heyer! 



Killed by a Neo-Nazi Aug. 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, VA

Pubiished August 15, 2017 


Here is a woman who made it clear from a very early age that she defended the right of all people to be free—free from harm, free from bigotry, free from the names and verbal shackles that are attached to people of character who speak out to defend their fellow humans.  She did this with dedication and commitment.


Then Saturday, when her own town was invaded by the organizations of tiki-torch human haters, she was the one that God picked to become the martyr for justice, the one who suddenly became known world-wide as the consistent champion of freedom!


If something like this had happened to us, how would our reputation, our legacy impact the whole world?  Would the story of our life inspire others to do better, to love, to be on the side of kindness, to live from Soul’s call to be Its perfected freedom?


Who are we, and what do we stand for?


Do we try our best to be camouflaged by “fitting in”; do we seek to not stand out so that as the tallest peg we would not be hammered?  Does our anxiety at injustice spark us to hide in the shadows?


Or do we stand for love and justice for all humans, speaking from character and Truth as Heather’s mom is doing, even with her deeply broken heart.


Living and loving in this world is not an easy path.  But what are we sowing as spiritual beings?  How will we and the others that we meet along the way benefit when the seeds we leave behind actually grow?  Will we be proud of what is reaped from those grown seeds?


Can we stand most firmly for love and acceptance of all without hate, without anger, but with firmness that grows from the power of Truth that lives and does its best to thrive from deep within our bellies?  Can we protect each other from gossip, rancor and exclusion of any kind from those who would have degrading power over us?


Oh, yes, this is legacy of love and Truth, kindness and care that we pray to aspire to.  Let’s most humbly ask the God of Who we are to profoundly come forward at every cosmic second of our Life here on this precious Earth as we unite in the intimate awareness that we are all that One, but wearing so many different costumes of skin, flesh, ideas and cultures.


And please, let us send our extraordinary healing Heart Breath to all those who live in sewer of self-decay brought on by hate and fear.  Yes, we have always known that this presidency was meant to bring the dark out into the Light so that it can clearly be seen for the sake of transformation.  Let us all become Lighthouses now to add our healing, and overflowing heart to the vibrational call for Light at this most remarkable time as we transform into this remarkable Aquarian Age together, as One!



Dark to Light

August 22, 2017 


Wasn’t that eclipse yesterday a hoot?  I hope that you got to enjoy it!


Now, Sweet One, we have been given such an extraordinary opportunity to watch the darkness come out of hiding a week and a half ago.  But what a great response of peace and unity has occurred in its wake.  Folks everywhere are taking it upon themselves to call for and show blessed love and peace, whether in the media, or participating in these kind demonstrations for peace in contrast to hate, or even self-examination of the whole phenomena of people doing their best to re-enact the most hurtful values that took this country and many others into horrible wars—our Civil War as well as the Second World War.


I believe that we have seen the devastating causes of hate--that is terrible childhoods, rebellion against the hate that was shown to them, the lure of actually “belonging” to a gang, a need to feel safe as they band together.  We all “long to belong” as Yogi Bhajan put it, and we all prefer safety over fears and threats.  Aren’t we humans amazing in how we seek to attain those needs/goals?  Take a couple of minutes to watch these most enlightening videos of former “hate criminals” and see what saved them, brought them to actual love and light!  What a wonder!


“People who treated me with Kindness when I least deserved it, turned my life around.”


“I received compassion and empathy from the people that I least deserved it from.  The only way to show (the haters) that there is nothing to hate is to show them there is something to love.”  


Let’s happily revisit Barak Obamas tweet of this magnificent quote from Nelson Mandela who surely suffered on the hurtful end of hate for years:


“People must learn to hate. 

And if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.

For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”


Now, let’s just take a minute to dive deep into our own consciousness to find what we are scared of, and how do we handle it?  Do we turn any of that fear, or pain, or blame that we have experienced over the years into ourselves with negative self-opinions or recurring traumas, or fear or blame others?


I will always remember those Amish folks in Pennsylvania, whose little girls in the schoolhouse were shot by a man lost in hate, yet they forgave him right away.  Valerie Kaur in her most remarkable video calls this kind of forgiveness “freedom from hate.”


In a Soul Answer Healing session, when we hit the actual difficult experiences that are stored in a kind of energetic information cloud in the aura or the body, I ask the healee to forgive it from neutral.  This is not with the mind, which can come up with thousands of good reasons why the perpetrator or the incident should not be forgiven.  But rather send the healing energy of meditative Heart Breath to that the information cloud, but let it FEEL like forgiveness.  A few minutes of this actually releases that energetic holding pattern, leaving the healee FREE from the grips of pain, fear, hate, blame, constant disruption or control by their subconscious thought and habit patterns. 


Free to live their lives in kindness, compassion and love.  Free from being tripped up by the activation of those old experiences that tend to just hang on and make a mess of our lives, whether obvious or not.


Be amazingly inspired by Valerie Kaur as she enjoins us to engage in “Revolutionary Love” and to “Breathe (Heart Breath) and Push.”  This is surely how we move ourselves and humanity into the Aquarian Age!



Gaslighting!  Be Aware!



This is a topic that I have been meaning to talk to you about for a few weeks, now.  "Gaslighting" is actually a form of really heinous, destructive abuse in relationships, as well as what we have seen demonstrated in the national and world-wide arena.


The term “gaslighting” was taken from the title of a play that was then made into a couple of movies by the name “Gaslight” in the first half of the last century.  These classics are still available to watch on the internet.  The story is set in the turn to the last century when gas lights were still used everywhere. The plot is that the “wicked” husband is manipulating his wife by telling her that things she observes aren’t true, such as that the gaslight in her room regularly going dimmer and then brighter.  When she tells him about this, he forcefully berates her for believing what she sees with her own eyes, plus he creates many other incidents to trick her to question her own sanity.  His purpose is to drive her mad so that he can finally claim all of her assets.


Consequently, this word “gaslight” has come to mean the abusive manipulation against another person’s view of reality, resulting in their loss of confidence in their own psyche, which finally benefits the abuser in some way.  It means convincing the victim that what they actually observe as true is NOT true.  These contradictory falsehoods mess with a person’s intrinsic identity and trust in their own experienced reality—potentially driving them mad, or at least into the perpetrator’s control.  It is pure brainwashing.  Here are some other names that I have recently heard that describe gaslighting: creating “alternate facts,” or an “alternate universe,” or “reframing reality.”  It is based in pervasive lies.


Haven’t we heard the most prominent of these “gaslight” practitioners over the past few years instruct us to not believe what we actually see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears?  They engage in perpetual lying, and the more they lie, we get so used to it that eventually we forget to call them on it or fail to overtly reject it, and so we let those “alternate facts” slide.  The horror of it all is that finally some people do begin to believe and even defend those bald-face lies that manipulate susceptible victims for the lie-teller’s own advantage.  Psychology Today says that this tactic is often used by “abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders.”  And in fact, the term “gaslight” has actually been coined by psychologists to describe this particular form of mental abuse.


Years ago, I kept pestering Soul to let me understand how Germany could have given way to Hitler in a free, “democratic” election.  Soul’s answer was “propaganda.”  Right on!  Haven’t we seen that to be the case as a certain cult of political beliefs with their propagandizing media grow, telling manipulative lies all over the place?  And in some marriages and other relationships, I have seen the abuser gain control over their innocent or well-meaning partner with gaslighting tactics to break down their partner’s belief in themselves, using guilt, or other methods to change the partner’s basic beliefs in themselves and/or in their reality-based observations.  Consequently, the victim loses their personal power, truth, identity, and confidence in their own mind—driving them mad to some degree.  The victim might even accept the gaslighter as their only source of truth or dependable reality, and somehow as their sole source of safety--when the exact opposite is true.


On a wider scale, I have seen that whole segments of the population are trained to either subtly or overtly identify themselves as victims or martyrs, whether that be in churches, political parties, or in historically troubled geographic regions as the way to “fit-in.”


Then on the other hand, haven’t you seen that some folks try to demolish those that they are jealous of, or with whom they are immensely competitive, or feel that they deserve more power, acclaim, money, sex, stuff, etc. by skewering sane restrictions, regulations, laws or public opinion?  They easily employ gaslighter shenanigans against that ready-made victim population.  These victims’ downtrodden, guilty or fearful identity leaves them completely susceptible to those who would manipulate them for the gaslighter’s own gain.  They even commit themselves to their abusers, such as by voting against their own interests.

It appears to me that we are in an extraordinary time where Truth as the ideal, or as our guiding light is not only being challenged, but has broken down.  Sometimes we get confused, believing that First Amendment Free Speech gives everyone an invitation to lie, lie, lie.  We

saw that happen in the last election where our enemies got hold of our most popular social media. And now we find that happening on the Facebook Group for Kundalini Yoga Teachers.  As I see it, the best way to reclaim Truth is to insist on Truth, both in our own life and in public discourse.  Here are a few ways:


  1. Make sure that the source of your news has been fully vetted by reputable journalists and other sources.  We have even heard some of those radio talk-show hosts admit that they publicize whoppers in order to get ratings, and therefore money.  And of course, you know that one particular TV network is purposed to broadcast lie-filled propaganda.  That has been their founding principle. Have you noticed that they air stories that conflict with each other?  And do NOT get your news from social media!  We saw how those venues were malignantly manipulated in the 2016 election.  Dig deep and wide to get your truthful information.  Then stand for Truth!  Often you don’t need to fight for it, but stand for it, but do fight when you need to.  Check into Soul for that command.


2.     And to receive your personal information about those in your community, friends, and family, please start with utter neutrality.  Realize that there are many individuals and cliques that “bear false witness” for the sake of destroying others while aggrandizing themselves.  Gossip and false judgment being their primary tools.  So, I suggest patiently following all the steps shown here.  Stay neutral, do Heart Breath for all involved, and extend Frequency of Forgiveness to yourself and all to unlock those old habitual judgements and un-moveable ideas on all sides that keep us locked into old hurtful and reactionary ways.


3.     Don’t get emotional, judgmental or blaming.  Exciting your emotions is a well-known tactic of propagandists and gaslighters who seek to quickly manipulate you because then you are vulnerable to their story—whether for or against their proposition.  Remember, keeping you off center, in chaos, feeling like a victim, and helplessly vulnerable are the groundwork they create to keep us brainwashed and vulnerable to lies.  By the way, advertisers use well-known propaganda tactics to sell their products.  So, you see, we are used to swimming in propaganda!


4.     Don’t immediately fly off the handle, or make pop decisions.  Take your time to neutrally gather all the facts.  Take in all sides, process all the information, see what makes sense to you logically, and then please invite Soul—your God Self to weigh in on your decision making—always!  Remember, Yogi Bhajan’s process for decision-making: “positive mind-->negative mind-->neutral mind.”  Neutral mind is where Soul is accessed, and where Soul can give you the feedback of Truth with an actual feeling or knowing that is irrefutable.  Create a habit of that close relationship with your own Soul, then depend on It, please!


Yogi Bhajan often talked about the human “longing to belong,” which basically pulls us into following the crowd mentality.  That is to satisfy our “everyday self’s” need for imagined security in the herd, along with implied approval.  That herd-mentality is certainly not from Soul, and the herd can easily be manipulated. 


On the other hand, the “group consciousness” that Yogi Bhajan foretold is an extraordinary phenomenon where everyone listens to and follows the most dependable guidance from their own Soul.  When Soul is foremost, It creates the unified presence of Truth, kindness, compassion and simple but profound progress among us.  That is the basis for transformation to the Aquarian Age of pure peace.


This is a whole “science for living” in this Information Age.  Yogi Bhajan predicted that we would be overcome by the superabundance and speed of the information that would come to us.  Now we are understanding what he meant. 


Do your sadhana, stay strong with Soul, be kind to yourself and others, and spread healing Heart Breath to yourself and everywhere, especially to those who you feel are the biggest liars because Heart Breath will change them and the circumstances that keep us chained to old ways!  When you are in Soul, you are never a victim, rather you are literally a Victor!  This, my Dears, appears to be the best way out of this Kali Yug or “Dark Age,” moving freely into the long-promised Aquarian Age of Light, Truth and Love.