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By Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa,


Over and over again, the Siri Singh Sahib told us how important our intuition is and that it will be so necessary in this Aquarian Age.  Now I am beginning to understand why.  Evidently in this New Time, our established cultural footings will be pulled out from under us or at least disrupted.  Consequently, the only true security that will support us will be given to us as guidance in the moment from the very Big Picture, which is what we would call the Divine, God, Guru or Soul. 

That intelligent Consciousness is what actually connects every action in this huge Play, and if we follow it humbly and with great dedication, amazing connections happen for us—seemingly out of nowhere.  If we live in the ease and the flow of that very present guidance, “synchronicity” occurs at every moment for our great benefit.  I think of it as a most amazing Divine choreography among us.  And those who don’t use their intuition for whatever reason, it appears they will suffer greatly in these coming times because they shut out their Divine dance partner leading them and “arranging their affairs.”

Now, this Guidance or Voice is not remote, but completely present and available at every moment when we pay attention to it.  It is never judgmental, always forgiving and uplifting, cozy, absolutely loving, and ready to give the greatest guidance at every nano-second if we just tune into it. This is the experience that hundreds of participants in my course “INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening” have had. 

And that is what Guru Nanak explains so eloquently over and over again in Japji Sahib.  He calls it “Suniai” or “Listening” in pauris 8 through 10.  “Deeply listening, sorrow and errors depart!”  The Siri Singh Sahib asked us to do our sadhana and then stay in meditative consciousness during the day.  As he said, “Meditation is listening to God.”  This condition of intuitive “listening” to the Divine is what it means to “see the world through the Guru’s eyes.”


That “telephone call” with your most essential Self, your Divine Beloved is what we call intuition.  You can rely on it at every second because It infallibly gives you Truth, even in finding your car keys, and has your very best interest at heart—from lifetimes unto your Infinite Conscious Union with It!  The Siri Singh Sahib said that everyone has intuition, which is the ability to consciously and very personally interact with the Divine.  However, only a few have psychic ability, which is the ability to see, hear or sense our everyday world on the subtle levels.  Please be forewarned that psychics don’t necessarily interact directly with the Divine as you do with intuition.  And intuition is not channeling, which the Siri Singh Sahib said is actually accessing a different aspect of yourself.  Edgar Cayce reported the same of his own channeling work.

I find that you get the most clear communication with your Divine through your intuition after you have earnestly done your meditation.  The manual “Praana, Praanee, Praanayam” is full of meditative methods to clear and strengthen your intuition.  And I love the great standard Kirtan Kriya (see link at the end of this article) to solidly establish that connection.  Also, the 13th pauri of Japji Sahib "gives you occult knowledge of Infinity.  It brings deep intuition." (From Psyche of the Soul by Bibiji.  Click here to see that.)  As the Siri Singh Sahib always said, "The Unknown is known to me."  Because all of our Kundalini Yoga kriyas, mantras and meditations clear our access to our intuition, plus power up our subtle mechanism to receive intuition, the Siri Singh Sahib called KY the "Yoga of Awareness."


Now the big questions on intuition are: 

  1. How do you access that perfect guidance? 
  2. How can you tell the difference between your intuition and your ego?
 Move Over to the Soul Space 

The answer to the first question is what you learn in your first few minutes of any Kundalini Yoga class.  You sit straight, you breathe long and deep, and you focus through your third eye.  Then it is so important to relax, to come into ease, to flow, and to be neutral—not numb or dumb.  This is essential. 


Worry, being uptight or judgmental and so on actually block your intuition, so it is important to have cleared that with meditation first.  Breathe deeply to relax completely into your Soul at your third eye.  This moves you over to a different state of being or consciousness.  You can feel the shift.  It is often compared to the state of Sat Nam Rasayan.  It is pure openness, Light, fully neutral yet profoundly settled and grounded.  It can be called the “Soul Space.”  The Siri Singh Sahib often admonished us to just give up our long standing problems on the spot, and we just looked at him with blank faces in disbelief.  This moving over to your Soul Space is how you do that!  In this space, your problems can melt if you let them and then your response is likely to be “What problems?”

 Actually Experience the Divine Consciousness Within

Then if you ask your Soul, “Are you there?” you may be surprised by the answer.  Everyone has a different answer—some funny, some matter of fact, some sublime, and some have no words—just a Presence.  But they all point to the same Source that flows as the most unique You.

Next, please sense how you feel.  For instance, you may subtly feel energy moving, or expansion, or as though you are truly “Home,” or feel like yourself in the most profound sense, or just feel fine, and so on.  Note that each time you tune in, you may feel a bit different, but the point is that you KNOW you are in contact with your Divine.  Then you may either ask a question of your Soul, or just ask It to talk to you.

Now you get your Soul’s communication through your “human sensory system”—that is through any and all of your senses, but on the very subtle level.  You may “hear” an answer in your mind.  It is not an actual sound, but kind of like remembering what someone said, although Soul usually surprises you with answers that you could never have thought up.  You may sense your Divine Beloved’s communication as feeling, movement, seeing, knowing, even tasting or smelling, or deeply knowing, or perhaps even hearing or seeing something in your “everyday life” that just seems to jump out at you, and more.  Remember, not everyone “hears,” but everyone senses intuition in their own special way.  This is not a thought process in which you figure something out.  However you can use intuition in the back and forth of the negative/positive mind interchange to develop new vistas for you.  Intuition springs from the neutral mind.

Once you get used to knowing when you are tapped into your Divine Beloved, you can shorten your access method. That is, do long deep breath to become still and neutral.  Then become receptive by listening, knowing, seeing, feeling, etc.  What a great habit!

Some people say that they get their intuition in the feelings in their heart, which can be true.  But be very clear whether that feedback is based on your desires, your broken heart, etc., or in your true intuition.  That is why I find that the third eye is the best place to first get grounded in your Conscious communication.

Discerning the Voice of Your Intuition As Opposed to Ego

I understand that the Siri Singh Sahib said that the solution to question #2—that is discerning whether the answer you got is actually from your Soul or from your ego is to put the (energy of your) answer that you originally got at your third eye, and then meditatively project third eye energy through that answer. 

If that original idea, vision, words, etc. disappear, or you get distracted, or it stays stagnant, just let it go as more of your mind’s play.  But if when you project through your third eye into that idea, vision or words, you begin to get more words, the vision turns to a movie, you feel the expansion of it, or you feel the affirmation of that Truth in your body, then please do trust it and follow it.  One caution: if that “voice” becomes haunting, nasty, controlling, blaming, hurtful, disrespectful, won’t let you alone, and so on, you can be sure that you are not listening to your Soul.  Your Soul usually generates a feeling of soft, totally reliable power.  It may become softly forceful if It really, really needs you to listen at that moment for your own good.

More Parties on Your Intuition Phone Line

Now, if you find that the Siri Singh Sahib, Guru Ram Das or other Gurus or saints begin communicating with you, just be grateful and listen.  Remember, this intuition phone line extends to them as well.  You can really develop the habit of listening to the Siri Singh Sahib by gazing at his very special Tratakam picture.  See the end of this article for more information on Tratakam. 


That brings us to pauris 12 through 15 of Japji Sahib, which are about being faithful to, or trusting what you actually do hear-- “Mannai.”  “By trusting what you hear when you listen, the Truth of your own inner Consciousness will saturate your psyche with wisdom and deep understanding.”

But yikes!  Here’s the challenge.  Having the courage to carry out what the Divine tells you to do, whether it makes sense to you or not, whether you are guided to follow the cultural “good thing” or not, and whether or not you have the whole picture and understand the outcome before you actually follow Soul’s guidance is where trust and courage come in. 

What I have found with long-time meditators often is that they hear the voice of their Divine, but mistake it for their ego—especially when they are told about their huge Destiny, or when It is giving information that continues to explore and expand what is currently understood in the teachings, rather than having the courage to delve deeper according to their great Teacher, Guru’s very REAL direction.  Again it takes genuine courage to be WHO you are, and not simply be what others or habit expect you to be.  The Siri Singh Sahib demonstrated that courage consistently.  So, experiment with what you are given. 


Intuition often gives you baby steps that are kind of like clues on a treasure hunt.  You have to do one small task before you will be given the next clue.  It may make no sense in the moment, but you just have to follow it.  Then when you look back on the whole seemingly jagged course, you get it!  Or your great and cozy Friend may give you the outline of your whole Destiny, but it may be so huge and daunting that you don’t know where to begin.  But never have I seen Soul outline a whole plan in a way that mind totally understands from the outset.  That’s why the spiritual path is called a Journey not a destination!

Just humbly follow with courage and relaxing breath, step by step in big things and in little bitty, everyday things.  For instance, you can ask your best Friend what to wear today, what to have for this meal, how to move out of a snarl, how to be prosperous, or what your life’s course should be—anything!  And when you don’t happen to follow Soul’s direction, It doesn’t get mad or chalk up marks against you for turning away.  Rather It patiently recedes into the background, patiently waiting for the time you finally take advantage of Its impeccable, simple wisdom.

When we don’t listen to our intimate Divine, we get slapped around a lot by the chaos that ensues in our everyday life.  When we do live by the course It gives us, our internal difficulties subside regardless of what is happening out there.  And the most amazing thing is that so often when we listen and follow, we are often led to the most delightful material and emotional satisfaction.  We are actually taken care of.  Who knew?

When you honestly live in this Conscious Intelligent “Space,” you find that all of that esoteric material of the ancients, the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib and the Siri Guru Granth Sahib make perfect sense to you because you have the experience that they are describing.  Rank amateurs at this Soul Listening come up with incredible, classic wisdom that they may never have heard before, but which is generally regarded as deep and sacred knowledge.  It is quite amazing!


Be very sure that you do not try to use your intuition for your selfish gain.  Soul just won’t give it to you, but you end up being misled by your ego, mistaking it as Soul.   And definitely don’t try to sneak behind the scenes to get the goods on someone, which is an indication that you are based in your ego’s self-righteousness, greed or insecurity.  With that, you just rack up terrific karmas that may have to be remediated in a painful way.  So, what’s the point?

On the contrary, this is literally where you give your head.  That is you let your ego relax into gratefully serving Soul rather than taking charge of the whole shebang; although mind can have lots of conversations and clarifications with the Divine Teacher—the Guru, as is its privilege.  And obviously ego’s attempt at hijacking credit for this great wisdom is called Spiritual Ego, in which ego craves to be adored by other egos, rather than relaxing and humbling allowing Soul to purely love and adore it—the very most fulfilling and life healing experience there could ever be. 


So, pure humility to Soul and being fully present with It is how we move towards true partnership between our Soul—the Groom, and our ego or “everyday self”—the Soul Bride.  We do not try to kill our ego, which is actually the conscious mechanism that allows us to participate fully here in this Earth environment and to serve the most cozy Infinite here and now.  What we are looking for is for ego to relax and let Soul become the senior partner in a most remarkable and satisfying relationship!  This is actually the path to Yoga or Union, which is moving out of the chaos of duality or separation.  Then finally, when Soul is ready, It subsumes ego into unbounded recognition, or Self Realization of its full conscious Union with, and as the All in All.  That is pure Yoga.

Soul will often lead us into situations where we are given the great opportunity to love, forgive and let go of our own tightness.  That way our own psyche and relationships can be healed.  So, this Infinite guidance may not give us what we desperately think we need to cover our insecurities.  Soul may move us into situations that are frightening to us, simply because we need to heal that part of our subconscious to free ourself a bit more on our way to full Union with your Beloved. 

My favorite mantra to hold me steady and move through those overpowering fears is Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaray, Aparay, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnamay, Akamay.  I lash myself to the proverbial mast with that mantra until my emotional storm subsides—no matter how long it takes.  In this way, yet another destructive energetic layer is cleared from my being and my life becomes easier, lighter and more prosperous. 

But if you consistently relax into your Divine, no matter what, you will experience such ease, such kindness, creativity, support and love for you from your precious Source no matter what you see happening in your “everyday world.”  This Light-filled experience is called Cherdi Kala, or uprising spirit.  Spontaneously expressing your Divine through the projection of your cleared ego is living as your very real, most authentic self.  What fun!  What pure pleasure!  So, do your best to trust Soul’s guidance at every moment for the fun of it.

Living fully from your intuition is truly an Adventure of the Soul.  It is the very most intimate relationship you could have, and it is the path to Union, true Yoga!  Really have fun with your Divine.  That’s what it’s about!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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