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(You will also find other wonderful courses in our Soul Answer University that are NOT within this INTUITION TRAINING curriculum.  They will not be preceded by the course identification “IT” such as “IT 101.”)

Dear Ones,

We have set off on a journey to partner up with our Souls, our God-Selves as it leads us to impeccable happiness and our unique Destiny through a path of committed practice and healing!  And we are joining together in the deepest way—from our hearts and from Trust to do this.  Plus of course, all this is based in the practice of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and conscious awareness.

So, my Dears, here is our course curriculum so far!

INTUITION TRAINING 101:  “The Art of Soul Listening!”  This is the foundational course in which you learn about what is Soul and what is everyday self.  Then you actually listen to both, and spend time practicing being totally with Soul and relying on it, while helping everyday self ease into a sense of security so that it can partner with Soul and serve It impeccably!  That is the source of your real contentment, prosperity and happiness.

Once you have completed the above foundational course, you are eligible to take the following:

INTUITION TRAINING 201:  “Partner Up for Prosperity!”  In this course, we study the 12 points of the “Prosperity Code” to realign our intentions and creative energetic self to create the magnetism that draws our own personal prosperity to us.  Plus, we begin to profoundly experience that all prosperity—total contentment and ease on all levels come directly from our pure partnership with Soul.

INTUITION TRAINING 202:  “Soul Warrior!”  Since our relationship with trusting and following Soul’s guidance is a path that we develop over time, this course is to define how to stay deeply rooted in Soul with contentment, strength and ease.  We use the martial art techniques of Aikido to move through all apparent attacks—both from outside sources, as well as develop everyday self’s best defense with its own fears and insecurities.

INTUTION TRAINING 203:  “The Adventure of Living from Soul!” Picture “Indiana Jones of the Soul!”  Vicious hordes are barreling down on him.  The only way out is to follow the ancient knight’s instruction to exit through the hole in the cave wall that gives way to an unfathomable shear drop.  But the instruction for success is to TRUST!  And if you remember, trust brings the miraculous outcome!  That’s what it’s like to truly follow Soul at every step.  It’s the Adventure of any Lifetime, and it is essential in this dawning Aquarian time.  In these ongoing subscription tele-gatherings every other Sunday evening we will join together to engage our great Adventure of Living from Soul!

More IT 200 level courses to come! 

Professional Development in INTUITION TRAINING. 

To apply for this track, you must have fully completed all the requirements of our foundational course IT 1: “The Art of Soul Listening!” so that you have solid experience in being with your own blessed Soul, as well as dealing with and healing everyday self.  And you must have a firm grasp on the conceptual framework for Soul Listening.  This is paramount to continuing on your professional Soul INTUITION TRAINING! 

Yogi Bhajan said that if you want to master something, then teach it!  That is what we are doing here!  This curriculum does not just give you a handful of techniques as with various therapies.  Rather you must further your own practice with your own Soul so that Soul can guide you in your work with your Students.  Without that deepening, clearing and very direct relationship with your own Soul and your own sweet heart, this system has no meaning, no power for your Students.  You can become certified only if you are fully involved in your own Divine relationship.  This professional Mentor Training curriculum is created to provide full, safe supervision of your work with your Students over time, so that you may fully blossom into this sacred practice with solid ability, love and trust.

INTUITION TRAINING 301:  Soul Mentor Training!  Admission by application.  At some point in the near future, we expect to create an online, self-study program.  However, our Students will also need guidance from Mentors who fully grasp this Soul Listening process and have deepened their practice over time.  In this course, Mentors-in-Training will further their own relationship with Soul, as well as understand how to hold the energetic space for their Students, get a wider view of the different ways their Students may respond to this practice, and begin to lead each other through this work

INTUITION TRAINING 302:  Soul Mentor Practicum!  This is for those who have fully completed IT 301 and are ready to move into actually guiding Students through the basic Soul Listening format.  These Mentors recruit 15 Students to lead through the basic Soul session, then write up their results, and share with the other Students.  These Mentors work under close supervision and learn from each others’ great experiences as well.

Becoming fully certified as a SOUL MENTOR for our online “The Art of Soul Listening!” course requires that you have thoroughly completed IT 101, 301 and 302, and that you are deeply grounded in your working relationship with your own precious Soul and your ever-clarifying everyday self.

Then, under supervision, a Mentor candidate mentors at least 5 Students through our online course, giving their Students guidance and feedback to help them rely on their own Souls while healing everyday self’s challenges.  The Student does their own reading/forum writing and sharing/experiential exercises online, while through telephone contact their Mentor leads them to experience their own Soul and everyday self, keeps track of the Student’s progress, plus offers reliable personal guidance and encouragement.

Once a Mentor becomes certified for this online self-study course and has had good experience with at least 5 students completing that course with the Mentor, there are several more tracks that they can choose, and they can follow more than one track at a time.  These will be developed.

·         Continue as a Soul Mentor for our online courses on a paying basis.

·         IT 401: Become certified to teach “The Art of Soul Listening!” as an in-person workshop.

·         IT 421:  Become a Soul Listening Healer.  Learn how to actually lead your client through energetic healing with this Soul Listening approach.  This is primarily for healers who have their own practice but want to use these Soul Listening skills as a basis for healing their clients.

·         IT 431:  Become a Soul Listening Coach.  This is for coaches who already have a steady practice, but want to center their coaching skills in Soul Listening.

·         IT 441:  Become a Soul Listening Therapist.  For therapists and doctors who are established in their practice, but would like to base their healing with their clients and patients in Soul Listening .

It is such a privilege to join with all of you—your Divine Souls and your evolving everyday selves to bring this incredible system of Soul Listening relationship into being!

All Love in Divine,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Aug. 2010


P.S.  Since we are still in our development phases with this INUITION TRAINING and Professional Paths, the tuition fees that we publish today are subject to change.  So, the sooner you take advantage of these courses, the more economical they will be for you!

Remember, our primary path in all of this is to deepen our own listening to our own Soul and to help everyday self become clear so that it may ultimately trust Soul with its Life, and to serve Soul impeccably.  That is what we are all about!