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Dear G. R. Singh,

What I have to say to you is not what you want to hear.  You seem to want magic potion that you take or perform as you would a potion, and everything that you want, or that your culture makes you believe is important, or that your family pressures you to do will come about.  That fantasy can only make you really, really unhappy.

My answer about what Life is for is very, very different.  All of that cultural conditioning is just a load of crap in my book.  And all of those things that you think will make you happy, in my opinion you want simply to cover your insecurities in many regards.

My idea of what Life is all about is to entirely surrender to the will of Guruji.  That means that everything that is happening in your life is the will of Guruji.  And certainly until you fully, completely accept all that is, your life will not change.  But when your life changes, it will not look anything like what you want it to look like right now.  But as you fully accept and live Guruji's life for you--whatever that is, you find contentment and peace deep within.  The true Love of your Life is Guruji--no matter how much money you make, whether you are married or not, how many children you have, and so on.  Your peace has to do with utter acceptance of Guruji's will for you which is what is happening to you, with you, around you at any moment.  And your job is to not get worried or depressed or frightened.  Oh, no.  But rather to stay in direct contact with Guruji to learn how He wants you to handle every situation.

When you do this, it can look like things are getting worse.  But just stay totally united with Guruji and follow Him--not your mom, your neighbors or your relatives.  Guruji will always give you a very special life that you may not recognize as such if your mind is clouded with the way the "ways things ought to be."

Please, please relax.  Do your banis, your meditations, your Kundalini Yoga, listen to, sing and deeply meditate on your shabads, read from the Guru, and don't listen to those Sikh "preachers" who preach hate and judgment.  Only listen to the most kind and humble of teachers who tell you the Truth that you can feel with your whole body and mind.  Be grateful for EVERYTHING—no matter how great, small or even painful it might be.  It is a gift from Guruji, and so find the blessing in each thing so that you can discover more and more how to surrender EVERYTHING!

Only listen to and surrender to what is actually happening in the Present.  All is God at every moment.  Become so subtle and so present that you understand the great gifts that Guruji is giving you at every moment--no matter how small or how large.  Connect directly with Him always.  Deeply, meditatively forgive yourself and others who you feel have caused you pain so that Love can arise from that empty space.

Do not try to put your will above God's will.  Surrender to Guruji.  Learn to love Guruji in you, and then love others with that same very real and humble love.  Serve, serve, serve.  This is what you came for in this life, Dear.  Use the yoga and meditation to help you surrender, to relax and to love the Being of Who you are and the beauty of Guruji Who lives as You in this Life. 


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur