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 March 3, 2015


In Tulum, Mexico—such an exquisite paradise of blue sea and sky, with white sand and waving palms, I noticed that there were actually people who could not put down their phones.  They were always humped over in that characteristic way peering into their phone screens, with their left thumbs moving swiftly over their screens.

Now, I know that they got incredible and instant information on where to and how to get there, what the weather was to be, local menus with prices, they recorded contacts with new friends that they just met and so much more—instantly!  These phones are things of magic and wonder.

However, this constant tuning into Facebook, Twitter and more, getting instant updates and opinions to all of our cultural goings-on such as movies and TV, the news, financial markets’ups and downs, celebrity watches, porn, and tons more has become a mystery to me.  And if not on one’s phone screen, folks seem to be on the computer—perhaps watching movies or gaming, or sending mundane e-mails, getting chatty calls.  Or locked into the TV with the great help of these amazing DVRs where you can skip all the ads, or Netflix.

But this has now become a very real challenge in our current world where people are truly addicted to their screens.  This appears to be their formidable way of “connecting,” a kind of security blanket.  I have gotten to the point where if I am going to teach a full day’s course, I will ask the participants to put their phones in my special “screen basket” for the day, and I don’t release those instruments back to their owners until after the course has ended!  That’s because those participants don’t fully focus on what is happening in the class.  So, for instance, if I inhale slowly to allow time for reflection, then instantly out come those screens again to take advantage of the 2 second pause.  Or they decide they we are in a break—which we are not to pull out their screen.  Obviously these folks are not centered on fully processing the class transformations, but instead jump into the monkey mind opportunities that their screen always affords them.

And they use these screens in every waking hour!  This is when I believe that we are seeing a real epidemic of screen addiction.  I have talked with many who have both seen this problem and who have this difficulty themselves.  Their actual human relationships suffer from lack of real face time.  They appear to live in a kind of fantasy land where truly being with nature—that great healer is disconnected from their being.  Trivial connections on social media are their focus, and so on.

So, Sweet One, here is the challenge.  Can you take a whole weekend and give up screens?  Will you visit closely with Mother Nature?  Will you make time to share a meal with friends and family without ever whipping out your phone to either initiate or receive an e-contact?  Will you slow down to actually read some extended story or information from print and digest it?  Will you spend true quality time sinking into your yoga kriya and meditation, or taking the next step in healing yourself instead of distracting yourself?

Most of all, will you consciously connect to the pure intelligence, information, guidance, love and exquisite love that your own Divine Soul is offering you at every moment?  Now this is true CONNECTION!  When you connect with Soul, you are actually fully connected to the Great Whole, and that is pure security, ease and comfort.  This amazing connection with the streaming from Soul is what leads you out of fear and indecision and into the lap of the best solutions there could ever be!  See to learn how to do this, then make it your regular habit.  I guarantee that as you make this your habit, you will discover such peace and calm that you have never known and that can be totally relied upon.

I grant you that these screens are incredible boons to humankind, but if you use them to ward off boredom, disconnection, insecurity and fear, I totally suggest that you face this addiction with true awareness.  Accept how you feel when you are not screen-connected—such as slipping away to a low-level panic or feeling lost.  Then radically turn to Soul.  It is so amazing that when you relax (RELAX is Soul’s favorite word) your breath, do Heart Breath , relax your focus into Soul at your third eye, then you enter what I call the “Soul Dimension.”  It is a state of calm fullness in which you can actually listen to Soul’s answers and directions, as well as actually feel Soul or the “Force” gently pulling your consciousness in a certain direction that is really good for you. 

When you tune into Soul, your Best Beloved, you are never alone.  You always have the best answer for the moment—although not necessarily an answer that will fulfill your mind’s expectations, but the best answer for YOU that you can truly trust.  In this Soul Dimension, there is no need for strength or courage simply because they are always abiding there in your Soul Dimension.  Coziness and happiness become your constant ways of operating in the world.  As you trust Soul, you are not burdened with trying to make your life happen in a certain way.  You just ask Soul how to move through your life and to BE.  Things are so much easier and flow blessedly with grace.  Humor, freedom and trust replaces worry.  Intrinsically, you KNOW down deep, without thinking about it that you are an accepted citizen of this world and Universe.

So, my Sweethearts, when the screens call to take up your mind’s time and focus, then consciously give it all a rest and have the great fun and comfort to flow in Soul with that great expansion, cozy security and trust beyond trust that are always waiting for you in Soul!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2015.

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GOSSIP—The Black Art!

February 17, 2015

It is a well-known fact that one’s own psychological energy moves to its target without the constraints of time and space.  Consequently, if you are having a negative mind-storm about someone on the other side of the world who perhaps wronged you, or against someone in your office or family that you “just hate,” do you suppose that just flies off in the air somehow?

Heck no, my Dear One.  The actual quantum energy that you give out affects the whole joined web of human life, and well as your target.  Just imagine that you are on a trampoline with lots of other folks.  When you make heavy, jolting movements, it affects everyone on that same trampoline.  This is similar to the “web-effect” of sending out quantum energy waves, especially those that are dark, hurtful and harmful.  And of course, they have the biggest impact on your target.  This, my Friend is what is multiplied when you gossip.  In fact, you are exponentially gathering that “black steam motion” with a number of other folks to darken the whole joined web of humanity as well as attack the object of your gossip.

So, gossip is never, ever “innocent”!  In fact, this directing and spreading of these consciously dark energetic attacks is exactly what black magic and setting harmful spells is all about.  Do you see?  And by creating that malicious energy structure, you actually involve yourself as a participant in the darkness, no matter how “justified” you may think you are, thereby making yourself subject to the laws of return Karma in some lifetime—either now or later.  As the gossip, you will not escape that black Karma.  It WILL catch up to attack you at some defenseless time.

And of course, the other side of the coin is that if you are the observer or recipient of darkness, such as with all of that yuk that is going on in the Middle East, or in your own personal life, if you send Heart Breath to them, that healing energy has the ability to transform and elevate the other person’s dark energy towards the Light energy.  We observe that as awareness, compassion, and the amazing neutrality that we call “God Love”.  I feel sure that scientists will discover how this all works in the not-too-distant future.  Also, if anyone does send out that dark energy, you know automatically that it is a projection of that one’s own personal pain that they project on their target, and usually the perpetrator is unaware of what they are doing.  It is often so amazingly subconscious. 

The gossiper may even delude themselves into thinking that they are doing a good deed.  Yikes!  But may I remind you that malicious gossip and spying on each other is a most important weapon of both Fascist and Communist regimes that keep people in line with horrible fear and retaliation.

So, for the target to become free of those creepy tentacles of gossip, it may take tons of profoundly meditative forgiveness on their part, plus deeply healing the lifetimes of hurt and personal fear that are triggered by these shenanigans, along with dealing with the current situation that is in their face.  This process can become a really extraordinary personal journey for the one who suffers from being the recipient of this black magic on all levels. 

The question is, will the recipient use the opportunity to truly heal and grow, or will they fall back and allow themselves to be destroyed yet again by it, and let it enforce the clutches of their personal victimhood?

One reason why folks engage in this cheesy and destructive habit is because it is their proof of aligning themselves with the “power base” of their work site, community, family, etc.  It springs from a deeply human need to belong, which Yogi Bhajan called “The Longing to Belong.”  Ultimately that impulse leads one to align with their own God Self, their Soul, their Totality.  But in the fear-based, underdeveloped person, often we see folks dealing with their fears and insecurities of being cut out of their own power-base, or link to the “pack” as they see it with these nefarious strategies of malicious gossip that “prove” that they are IN, and the target is OUT.  Hence, “power plays” to destroy, cast doubt, separate out, denigrate, etc. against another are put into action.  Haven’t we seen whole political campaigns based in this ugly process of lies?  Now, this gossip can be based on what is true or what is not true.  But the point is that the gossip is repeated for the purpose of dark entertainment in a soap opera kind of way, and/or to maliciously manipulate group attitudes.  Both are nasty and dark!

So, Sweet One, in the end, to deal with being the target of dark spells and black magic, once you have gone through the healing responses cited above, when you have no more emotional or righteous “charge” over the situation, then you can call on Baba Siri Chand to send that dark energy back to the perpetrator with one single line one time: “Alak, Baba Siri Chand, De Rak.”  Do not say this lightly or to get revenge because if you do, you may find that dark energy turning on yourself!   So please be careful to stay purely neutral and grounded in your Soul, your God Self when you do invoke this powerful prayer, and you will surely be protected without incurring return Karma.

What a process this is, but as Yogi Bhajan says, 2/3 of our Reality is not based in time and space.  This energetic plane truly is Reality!  So, don’t let even a smidgeon of that energetic Dark Art emanate from you. Understand that Reality, live that priceless flow from the Creator and consciously BE Who you are!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2015.

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Solve It?

February 10, 2015

Are you going through monster or even mouse-sized challenges, darkness, pressure, pain, depression or other situations in that most difficult category?  Have you ever gone through those dark tunnels and just “knew” that they would never end, there was no way out?  Inescapable doom and catastrophe had captured you?

Well, Dear One, one of Yogi Bhajan’s Sutras is that “There is a way through every block!” 

Just imagine that!  So, as a spiritual exercise, why not take that at face value.  Just make a huge leap that there is a way through your block, whether that is apparent right now, or perhaps you have never, ever seen any solution or way through.  Be sure that you understand that just because you don’t see the solution right now—at this very moment doesn’t mean that the solution will never develop.  That is the incredible mystery of this life.

If your car gets stuck in mud or snow, and you are wildly spinning your wheels, where will that get you?  Hmmm.  Same in your everyday life.  You can choose to stay in relentless darkness and stress by wildly spinning the wheels of your mind by either telling yourself that same nasty story over and over again, and even embellish its horrific aspects like a great tragic fish story each time you tell it, or you can just repress it and pretend it doesn’t exist.  Both tracks will take you to the same place—self implosion.  That is you could allow your life to crumble around it, the stress could result in heart attack and strokes, your best relationships could melt from the heat of your pain, and so on.  And re-telling of your most hurtful story to others to allow them to judge you negatively, or to get really tired of listening to the same old same old, or to add their pity to strengthen your victimhood…  Well, you get the scenario.  Self-defeating, huh?  Your mind has successfully blocked any way out of your dark chaos.


So, the question is, if you are not repressing or spinning wheels of darkness, how will you spend your time; what will you do?  My suggestion would to be to use your God-given time to allow and seek solutions to come to you rather than locking them out.

So, you see, we are not asking mind to again spin its wheels even faster, because if mind (everyday self) had a good, workable solution, it would have given it to you already.  Instead, we are going to the “higher authority,” the Place that knows and sees ALL—past, present and future. 

We realize that we came to this Earth to face our Karmas as learning opportunities.  On this spiritual path, our primary goal is to use each of these opportunities to shed the beliefs, insecurities, defeating emotional patterns, attachments and expectations that have kept us locked up.  The turn-around is to actually free ourselves from all that.  We commit to live entirely, in full connection with our most personal and accessible Divine, no matter what.  Are you down with that?  The more dire your situation, the less you may feel you have to lose in switching your tactics.

So, let’s examine the course for allowing, attracting and becoming aware of the SOLUTIOIN, rather than remaining stuck in the blinders of the problem:

1.       Commit your whole Essence, your whole bearing to get cozy with Soul, , Guru Ram Das, Jesus, Baba Siri Chand, et al to let them confidently guide you with pure love.  This is the “Let go and let God” aspect.  This is not a platitude, but the course of the true spiritual warrior.  Relax, relax, relax into this extraordinary dimension of Soul and allow yourself to be carried.  This is the “Solution Mode.”  And please diligently discipline your mind to follow your orders to consistently switch from the self-defeating or victim mind track as we have talked about to the openness of pure Neutral where love and Soul reside.  This is certainly not repressing, but rather it is the energetic alchemical process to turn darkness to gold—either instantly or over time.

2.       Know that suffering comes from the despondent and confused mind, although pain may come from disease or injury.  Pain does not cause suffering, mind does.  It is your choice!  So, please breathe long and deep, and relax your suffering mind  Be honest in doing this.

3.       Optimize your transformation!  Make an intentional effort to eat only the “cleanest” and most healthy food as your truly effective medicine.  Get wonderful exercise according to your body’s needs.  Get out into Mother Nature.  I am sure that you have felt Her amazing vibes supporting you when you let go in Her place, in Her arms.

4.       Deeply meditate.  This is why the Master so consistently and urgently called us to do our daily sadhana (daily spiritual practice).  You can choose an appropriate kriya, meditation or mantra at .  Or you can use my favorite mantra to break those invisible Lilliputian negative holds on you.  If you totally get into it, you will be so amazed at how it actually works.  or .

5.       Pay attention to what information comes to you.  Soul has the most amazing ability to bring you the absolute best guidance that you need, at the right moment if you just keep your eyes and ears open.  When it comes to you, it may seem that that information is jumping out at you, or it “strikes a cord of rightness,” or you just KNOW that is meant for you!  It may come from something that you read, see on TV, from a friend or someone you never met before.  Just remain aware that Soul will give you solutions from amazing sources.  And of course, do carry on a regular conversation with Soul on this neutral subtle level.  But if you get obsessive about demanding information, Soul is likely to shut down until you fully relax again.  Just flow with it.

6.       When you get that Divine information, follow it, no matter how odd or scary it may seem.  Remember, this is a real shedding of the old ways, to allow your new Trust and Radiance to develop.  And don’t forget that deep forgiving, that is forgiving from your deep meditative self—not your mind is what dissolves those horrific blocks.  Now you are not saying that the “other person” that you are forgiving is right or letting them off the hook of justice.  No, you leave Justice to their Karma unless they continue to be dangerous, in which case you bring in the police.  But you do not allow your mind to scheme or plot.  Rather you glide by following the step by step guidance that you are given.  It usually is given in small clues as in a treasure hunt.  “First go here and do that.”  Then when complete, you are given the next clue.  And remember, neither will you have foreknowledge of what will happen to ease your insecurity, nor will you be guided to fulfill your own expectations to cover your insecurity.  You will be lead to live totally in the minute.  No strings, no attachments.  Just TOTAL TRUST, being fully present, and confidently flowing in the grace of living from Soul.

7.       Be grateful!  This amazing attribute brings ease to you and attracts all that you need to you.  You may be fumbling through a pit of alligators, but even then, be grateful for the “ride,” or the opportunities given to you to move from fear to Divine Trust, wherever that will take you.  It is God’s will, and that is what you live for!  “Thy Will, not mine be done.”  The odd thing is that as you actualize the Divine Will in your life, you become so much calmer, happier and prosperous in self/Self satisfaction.  You are less lost, more confident, and the answers—the dance of life is what you live for.

So, you see, Sweet One, there actually is a “way through every block,” but we do have to give up the rigid reins and jump into neutrality where the Divine lives.  Then truly hold the space, be grounded, and be Present to carry it all through.  In this condition, fear will not grab you.   If you are committed to the spiritual path, there really is nowhere else to go except back into our habitual misery.  It’s your choice really—God or goop.

Now the important thing to remember when demons try to seize you, let go of the everyday mind where they live and commit yourself to that Neutral Plane or Dimension—it is a very real experience, you know.  And stay there!  Stick with this Solution Plan and over time, you will find that the obstacles are whittled away and you gain the habit of living in this calmness, this stillness.  It becomes your Modus Operandi, and you become less likely over time to go back to those mind habits that sought to knock your block off.

I am so happy to say, that we have Student Soul Answer Healers who have been practicing this for 2 and 3 years now.  As they maintain this very Solution habit, they don’t get as caught up in their old traumas and their life naturally orients itself to living their Destiny, their purpose for coming to Earth.  So, please “keep up, and know that you will be kept up!”

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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 October 31, 2016 & February 3, 2014

So often we feel that we are the victim of this or that—we don’t make enough money; we want someone to love us unconditionally, even though we don’t really love ourselves; we crave more respect and prestige that we are not being given; we want to be comfortable and looked up to, but the world is not providing that for us; old nasty memories haunt us; and on and on. 

But actually we just want to be happy!  So, what’s wrong with that?

Absolutely nothing is wrong with our desire to happy, and everything is RIGHT about it!

But the actual key to happiness is to first realize that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is constructed in your own mind.  Oh, yes!  The experience and judgment of every subjective or objective thing that happens in this world happens in our mind.  Really.  The mind is where it all happens—love, hatred, prosperity, separation and everything else that we experience is judged by our mind filtering any situation through its long-time habits.

So, when anything happens, are you going to let your mind tell you its old fables of “I don’t have enough,” “She dissed me again,” “They are always mean to me..”  Well, you get the idea.  It is your mind that gives you crappy conclusions and bad opinions.  It’s actually your mind with its same old attitudes that victimize you, not what actually happens.  Even though you blame your unhappiness on external circumstances—as we have so carefully been taught to do in the Piscean Age, the Truth is that it is your Mind’s interpretation of all those events that hammers you down to hopelessness and panic.

Now, what if you said to your mind, “Mind, I am not falling for your victim routine anymore.  When you make me feel like a victim, I am not going to believe you.  Rather I am going to hold off any kind of participation with you until I get the straight goods from Soul on what the Truth really is and how I can best handle it!"

For instance, someone made up nasty gossip about you and it is spreading all over your work or social sphere.  So, then you ask Soul, “What the heck is going on here?”  And Soul may answer, “That person is in so much pain that they need to throw their pain poop wherever they can.”  Hmmm.  Changes the story, doesn’t it.

So, you ask Soul, “What can I do about that?”  Then Soul might answer, “Do healing heart breath for the one who is in such pain as well as to those who relish spreading this poop.”  Be kind to everyone, and don’t let yourself sink into old mind habits.  Stay up with Soul and use this opportunity to BE Who you are.  If you feel like contracting and hiding, then instead hang onto Soul’s love and integrity, ground yourself into Divine Mother/Adi Shakti, and be the calm center of the storm.

How confused folks may be when they see you shining gracefully in your radiance, rather than caving emotionally to the crap!  Have some humor, bring out your forgiveness, create your boundaries.  Then what do you suppose the reaction of others will be when they see your own Sun radiating from your calm and upbeat being?

When you let go of your own mind’s self-victimization, is it possible that you can direct your whole life that flows from your mind to change?  With conscious practice, you could actually turn your whole mind to change into that which exudes happiness!  You just have to be aware of what is creeping up in your mind and pay special attention to change it for the better according to Soul’s lead.

Your mind can make you the Victim or the Victor.  It is up to you, Sweet One!  Be alert, and be aware!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur



Trust No One!

Jan. 27, 2015


Yep!  That’s what I said, “Trust No One!”

How many times have you gotten upset, worried or beside yourself because you trusted someone or something to come through for you in just the way that you expected—but it didn’t happen?  Perhaps you even signed a contract with them, double checked multiple times, or were just blissfully expecting that all would turn out well even though you didn’t make specific arrangements—you just assumed. 

You may have given your trust to an institution like a bank, or a contractor, even your employer, a friend or family member, or even your spouse.  Maybe your friend canceled your dinner date, or the bank didn’t give you the interest they had promised, or the dry cleaner lost your favorite sweater. 

Then BANG!  What a truck wreck ensued when these folks didn’t fulfill their agreement with you.

What happened to your mind and emotions when that happened?  Did you go into fright/flight/frenzy/frantic?  Did you get really depressed, or did you start blaming the other person because they didn’t do what you expected?  Did you get mad at them—and either react to them by yelling or going passive/aggressive to retaliate in some way?  Or perhaps you got into that old victim mode of “this kind of thing always happens to me.”  Or maybe, “What’s wrong with me that people, or ‘that person’ always does this to me.”

But on the other hand, what if you lived with NO TRUST?  Oh, man, that would be even worse!  Just imagine being distrustful, rejecting connection for fear of the other person not coming through for you, or you not being trustworthy yourself.  You would probably feel really shriveled and lost.  Life would be a series of horrible missed opportunities to share your heart and free your interaction with others.  You would be trapped by your own psyche.

So, what to do?

Well, here is a solution that covers this whole basic human conundrum:

1.       Only trust Soul—your own all-knowing God Self!

2.       Give up your heavy hold/attachment to your expectations.

3.       Hold everyone else and every situation in neutrality and love, knowing that the action of God is behind every cause and effect that occurs in your life and that of others.  This is a really, really profound consciousness that takes patience, persistence and awareness to develop.

ONLY TRUST SOUL—Your Own All-Knowing God Self!

If you thoroughly understood that the main purpose of this Life is for you to fully realize the God that is you, and which is sojourning in your body, you would be free at last!  But that realization is often hidden by your own small mind’s Trances or belief habits that get you upset and keep you separate from your own God intelligence.  Yet, that’s where only pure freedom and love exist—the very definition of Prosperity!  I know that is so simple to say, but it takes lots of attention and effort to change the habits of our mind that are framed by how our culture, family and others say things “should” be.

Soul is in charge of every action, everything that happens.  And all happens in our life TO GIVE UP OUR OLD MIND AND EMOTIONAL HABITS SO THAT WE MAY “LET GO AND LET GOD!”

If you abide by that at every step of your way, you will find every opportunity to leave the outcome to Soul or God and you will not get caught in your tricky mind web of hurt, disconnection, disappointment, loss and so on. 

For instance, if someone you trusted was mean to you, then instead of getting into your old mind habits and emotional reactions, you just listened to Soul to find out how to respond,  For instance, you may find that this other person is really deeply in pain.  And the only thing that they know how to do in this present time is to hurl that pain like poop out to anyone who may care for them.  Yes, this often happens.

Then when you open to Soul’s communication, It may guide you away from self-pity to realize that this other person really needs healing in a big way.  Soul leads you to center yourself in neutral (not numb or dumb) and begin healing Heart Breath for this other person.  Believe me, things can only change, so watch for it.  But don’t get into trying to control the other person with Heart Breath because you will only collect karma for yourself, and it won’t help them because you have nullified the Light effect.

So you see, if you fully align yourself with Soul, and commit to listening to and FOLLOWING Soul at every most surprising turn, everything will begin to turn around for you—not according to your expectations, but in your life-time project of shedding your small self-identity and its world of fabricated opinions in favor of melding entirely with your Soul, your God-Self. 

That is the focus of the spiritual path, or Yoga, or Self Realization.  If that goal is what you truly want with all of your Being, then please know that you have to fully and totally use every hurtful and painful incident as an opportunity to transform and open your mind to serve Soul’s direction.  And the constant practice of that will bring you peace, love, and kindness within your own self which is your actual world.  If you are serious about wanting peace, then please forgive and drop any emotions or head trips that don’t lead you there—to the God within, which is Soul.

Then you hold every person and situation in total neutrality!  Now that doesn’t mean that you are distrustful and so don’t fully connect. And it doesn’t mean that you don’t set boundaries so that you and others will not be harmed.   No, quite the contrary. 

When you can be open and flexible, and not attach yourself to your supposed outcomes because you trust that everything is in Soul’s creative flux, then you can free yourself to sing and dance with whatever is happening in the moment!  It is a kind of rhythmic harmony with Soul that you get into.  That is actually the definition of happiness!  Your love overflows and you become the most enthusiastic and aware explorer of every situation and relationship that Soul guides you to.  Then when things change, and seem to go sour by your old judgment criteria, you just say to Soul, “What now?”  Then you freely, without judgment or worry just follow the steps that Soul lays out for you—one at a time.  I guarantee that you will find this to be the most miraculous and surprising journey ever!  You are free!  You are no longer bound by your emotions and old habits, and you are totally open to the Adventure of Living from Soul!

This doesn’t mean that you cannot have intentions or tell Soul what you would like or what you feel that you need here on this Earth.  But remember, these are INTENTIONS or petitions that you kindly hand over to Soul.  Then you keep up your vibes, your connections with Soul, but let Soul do its pure magic to bring you what you asked for.

 Now remember, first you will likely be given situations that will rile you to pull up your old emotions and mind attachments so that you may transform through them.  They pique you to let go of the attachments to the way you think things “ought” to be, to self-righteousness, any chips on your shoulder, illusions of victimization, pre-conceived ideas of justice, cultural patterning, long-held opinions or conditioning, etc .

Then once you free yourself of those deeply embedded personal restrictions, what comes to you to fulfill your intention will probably not be anything that you possibly could have expected!  So, keep a close eye out so you don’t miss what Soul so beautifully gives you that actually fulfills you in ways that you previously could not have imagined. 

Oh, yes!  You might keep a journal of your journey so that you can look back and learn what an incredible process you have gone through, and that even though it appears that you may be stepping out into pure “nothingness,” this is the pure freedom that allows pure Creativity!

What a remarkable Life Game this is!  Just heal, and laugh and dance and sing, and live in Soul’s love and guidance every step of the way.  That is how you truly TRUST!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2015.

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 January 20, 2015


I just want to let you know that I am so very, very grateful for your Presence here on Earth and for all that you do to truly Realize Who you are!

It often seems to be a hard road to deal with our negativities, our losses, our insecurities.  It is a hard-won battle to follow the path of that most loving and remarkable Voice that is our True Self, our very own Living God, living within us, as us and Who guides us to Truth, rather than what “everybody says” is true.

You keep up your discipline.  You do your best to live in the pure Light.  You do what you can to catch yourself before you hurt someone either intentionally or unintentionally.  This life path of the Spiritual Warrior, the Light Worker, the Seeker of Divinity has its ups and downs, but you stick with it as best you can.

I am so grateful for you!  What a treasure you are to the Collective Consciousness of humanity that so greatly needs your succor, your Love and support to carry on, to forgive and expand.  And as you put in your dedicated self/Self work, that is how all of humanity is lifted and carried so beautifully to the next level.  Your constant evolution of Consciousness that may appear to be your very single and sometimes lonely path actually gives the fuel of Light to our full Human Organism of complete Humanity.

I so appreciate you when not only are you doing your very best to expand beyond your personal limits to drop those emotional Trances that may have captured you lifetimes ago, or which you have inherited from your family’s generations, or your schools, churches and the general thought authored by “everyone says,” but you are polishing your own vessel and supporting and serving those who need you.  Oh, yes!  That is how you are building the whole arc of humanity together with others on the same intentional “trip” even though you may never have spoken to your cohorts on the path.  You are connected!

My heart opens to you as you do your best to support yourself, your family and friends on every level.  I send you my healing Heart Breath as you deal with the incessant bills that continue to flood in.  I send you healing Heart Breath when your co-workers try to make mince-meat of your Consciousness, and when those in such extreme pain themselves project their most hurtful pain on you with their gossip, judgment, undermining, and denial of your commitment to your own special greatness.

I send you my love whenever you are faced with the constant small and often huge challenges that Life, the Law of Karma throw your way so that you may continue to untangle misunderstandings or any smallness that is keeping your awareness from accepting your own cloak and crown of greatness.  You are GREAT!  This life is just to disperse the blindfolds that keep you from recognizing the Truth of your Greatness.  After all, how could you be anything else?  You are God living this amazing adventure of life here on Earth in the guise of being Human.

I give you Divine Mother’s Blessing, and put your sweet hand in Hers.  As you allow Her, she will carry you as Her very own pure and blessed child.  Just let her embrace you and totally, unequivocally embrace you and bring balm to your wounds, your struggles, your insecurities and “not knowing;”  to your feelings of abandonment, and disconnection—your loneliness in the midst of the crowd.  You are loved, you are blessed and you are supported.  Simply relax, relax into her Divine softness.

I love all the sacrifices that you have made for your own well-being and in serving others.  Please slow down and relax to feel the Reality that Life and Love are pouring into you.  You are the Best Beloved of your sweet and protective Soul—your God Self.

Just relax and be ONE, so that you may feel my great gratitude for you being you—even your pain, misgivings and mistakes.  You are such a precious, deserving being.  You are WELCOME on the precious Earth.  It is not an accident that you are here, Sweet One.  We wait for your arrival every time, every life time you rejoin us and we rejoice at your appearance here! 

My unstoppable prayer is that you love, love, love yourself deeply—so much deeper than any kind of judgment could ever strip from you.  Please drop your denials of Who you are.  Rest and flow in neutrality of acceptance, and let those punishing difficulties bleed from you, right into Mother’s heart.  She loves you infinitely!

You are so precious!  It is my privilege to be so grateful to you coming to Earth to play out this most profound Adventure of Evolution!  Thanks for coming and staying with us.

Relax now and rest in this River of Gratitude.  Let yourself be replenished.  Please keep this letter in a safe and available place so that you can read it often, so that you can be replenished in Love and Grace.  I love you and am so grateful for you!

All Love in Divine,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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January 13, 2015

What an amazing and most heart-felt show of unity among the leaders of Europe, middle-East and so many, many private citizens on this past Sunday!  In the aftermath of tragedy, they took the route of real acceptance of one another, rather than turning to fear where the factions might blow up with their prejudices and fighting one another.  Fear is how the political establishment in the US controlled our people to go to war, make the “Patriot’s Act,” and generally grab so much more control over our populous.  Please, we must always guard against giving into FEAR!  We give away our freedom and integrity to others or to our own mind’s chaos when we give into fear.  Please, never, ever forget that.

With this Solidarity—a concept deeply embedded in the French psyche, we are actually regarding “the other person as you”!  Amazing, eh?  Did you see those signs—“I am Charlie, I am a Jew”?  This solidarity seems to be a bedrock principle of the Aquarian Age.

It was reported that prejudice has been growing mightily in France, leaving so many disenfranchised in their beautiful country.  Fear was behind this.  “My country is for ME and not for you, even though you were born and raised here.”  It appears that we—all the powerful countries are continuing to reap the consequences of colonization from the last couple of centuries.  It now makes people much more mobile, but we are still not treating them as full humans.

Now, how about our own personal attitudes?  Are you currently fearing people of a certain race, religion or ethnic group to the point that you don’t want to associate with them, or you want to restrict their movements or their involvement with your country, local schools, economy, personal association and more?  Remember, this includes those who you feel are really dangerous, such as those who have acted against you or given you a hard time in the past.  This includes those of the “other” political party or religious stance that may seem really awful or outdated to you.

If you don’t associate with those who are not like you, how are you going to open your Heart Breath energy to them (which will actually disarm those who are aggressive toward you), or make your Soul’s good opinions known, or give them a deep feeling of belonging which might begin to alleviate their fear?  After all, be very straight that you, your Soul, your psyche and your mind belong to God.  What greater belonging could you ever have?  You belong to All—no joke!  This is not just an abstract talking point, it is Real!  You can discover that in your meditation and your very talking with Soul and feeling Its great love and support for you.  Try it!

This is what is so important for you to grasp first.  If you really “get it,” then no one, no idea, no situation or threat can push you off your Center, i.e. your very Real connection or experience of living from your Infinity right here on Earth.  This is where Truth actually comes from.  You are clear, you are solid and you are pure LOVE.

As pure LOVE, you definitely are not a pushover, but neither are you aggressive or mean unless, of course Soul prompts you to be aggressive, but your upset or hurtful emotions do not become involved.  For instance, if someone is stealing your car, you may find a loud and commanding voice coming from straight from your gut that orders them to quit.  But no fear is involved.  I have done this, and the thief runs away!

What usually happens is that you stand firm in your experience of Soul and the other person’s Soul.  Please read that again.  Once you are used to switching into your Soul’s Presence, then you can also feel the other person’s Infinite Soul and your energy connection can communicate at the deepest levels.  You start with Heart Breath .  This is True Solidarity!  The Other Person is You!

Then you may even hear yourself talking with the other person in a tone of voice that you know comes deep within, and you are not talking from your mind—that place that registers the history of the crummy things that have happened to you in the past, or from your emotions that says things like, “We better fight back right now.  That’s the only way to be safe or make them hear your side.”

Instead, if you are really in Soul, you will find that ideas are being spoken through you that amazingly

·         Stand up for you

·         Support the other person

·         Diffuse the situation

·         Create inspiration and break down barriers between you.

So, Dear Ones, this is how you come from Soul.  This is how you maintain the most real Truth that “the Other Person is You,” and you/Soul actually evolve and elevate this situation to serve all concerned.  It is a most remarkable process.  We have so many people who have successfully created this habit of Soul communication on the deepest levels and found such incredibly appropriate responses to the point where healing is created, and steady LOVE flows.  It is really a WOW experience both when you are in it and when you look back on it.

Now this LOVE is not a Valentine’s mushy kind of thing, or a tit-for-tat that hooks in, or is payment for whatever you want.  Oh, no.  This LOVE is an open vibration of deep acceptance, realizing that we are all God on the human path of development, all with different manifestations of Light or hidden Light.  We can’t judge anyone because in fact there is no high or no low.  We just are here—together for the benefit of working out our stuff—paying our karmas, healing our triggers and loss of love, and becoming pure, unconditional LOVE ourselves as “projecting beings” for our Real Selves—our Soul!

This is not a pie-in-the-sky attitude.  On the contrary, it is the most difficult work that I or others have ever done.  But in the long run, it frees us from the tyranny of our own fear, or prejudice, or other’s deafening opinions, and gives us the kindness and peace that we say that we pine for.  So, now it the time to open our shells and really live that peace—no matter what!  I often think of Mahatma (meaning Great Soul) Gandhi living that incredible Peace as he wrote from jail or fasted for the people of Mother India to take on Peace themselves.  This is the path of the true Spiritual Warrior.  It is a constant clearing process within ourselves that lets us “just BE.”  That is to relax profoundly in our Soul, give over the reins of our life to Soul even if something is truly bugging us beyond comprehension, and to trust, trust, trust Soul—the Almighty living as YOU!

This is when you finally experience that the Other Person is You.  No judgment is required, only allowing Soul to fully express through you.  In fact, in the end, we are all unique expressions of the same Soul.  It is amazing to actually find that out through your own experience!

So, remember, Solidarity is committing to and living from this One Soul that we all are.  It is a most amazing and pithy process.  I pray that you are trying it.  Where else is there to go but to return to the dungeon of our worries, judgments, loss of love, separation, and more on every level.  It is so challenging to give up and forgive our blocks—mind and emotions, and forgive “others” whom we judge.  But for one, it is worth it to live in the consolidated, connected flow of peace and LOVE.  And frankly, I don’t know any other way to “get there.”  Do you?

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

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December 30, 2014


On this past Sunday night during our “Adventure of Living from Soul” Mentor Gathering, we found that each one is outgrowing their current personal identity in this world.

Your identity is that which frames who you believe yourself to be in this life time, in your world.  It defines the rules that you live by, just like sports games have rules that you have to follow to create the game.  For instance, what is your relationship with each of your family members?  Is it loving, is it antagonistic, is it avoidant?  What are your expectations in your relationships?  Do you feel that these folks should treat you in a certain way?  Is that judgment based on who you think you are and so they should treat you in a commiserate manner?  For instance, if you feel that you are the loving sister and you dutifully send your siblings Christmas presents of a certain quality as a show of your bond (because you profess to love them), then do you expect the same in kind? 

You see, you would be operating on your own “game rules” based on how you see yourself, how you see your world and the relationships that make up your own world.  But Yikes!  Those rules may not be your siblings’ rules of relationship.  So, what are you going to do?  Are you going to get mad at them, or feel depressed because they are not responding according to your expectations?  Or are you going to respect the fact that they, in fact have a totally different identity that comes with their own set of rules that are quite frankly not yours?  Or is your love so open, so free, so kind that you simply accept that they are living by their own rules and you are OK with that—you respect their rules and their world view?  You don’t get fantasies of how much or little they love you based on their token of your relationship—that is the present they did or did not give you.

So, we begin to see that our whole life is defined, directed or hemmed in by our own identity, such as, “I am the big sister, I am the keeper of the family, they need to acknowledge that in certain ways.”  Then when you go a little deeper, you may find yourself believing something like, “I need their recognition to affirm my importance, my place in this world.  I need their appreciation as a mirror to form my own self-image, otherwise, who would I be?  Without their acknowledgement, without their living up to my unspoken understanding of the ‘Rules’ of this relationship, then my identity disappears and I literally become nothing in that category.”  Frustration, anger, and grief ensue.  And they assume that all is well until you turn your anger and pure disappointment on them, whether actively or passively aggressive.  Amazing how we create our self-deceptions and warfare of the heart based on our own imagination of “OUR RULES”!

Why not just forgive your own identity’s imaginary set of rules and enjoy what happens as you observe each person playing out their own game rules.  Just send them love and Heart Breath .  Much easier and so much more rewarding.  This freedom is where magic and wonder can actually take hold of your psyche when you are not so cramped by the squeezing parameters of your own self-identity!


How do you see your world?  Is it 3 dimensional?  Are you living according to what “science” has uncovered so far?  In other words, since science is always in the process of discovering what they can about our bodies, minds and physical world, are we trapped in the mind set of only believing what they have found out so far, which is just a nibble off what will be learned in the future?  Is that our identity in relationship with “our world”?  After all, since science doesn’t understand mental telepathy yet, can we let ourselves accept it and actually open ourselves to engage in it? 

Or are we afraid that we will be breaking some societal pact with our culture where we will become an outsider?  We might be laughed at or even ostracized from this culture where we have worked so hard to gain credibility and define our outlook, our self-knowledge according to its current rules?  If we don’t follow these unspoken, but very real limits of our society, will we drop out, become invisible, and not be able to advance within it, or lose our reputation and sense of ourselves?  If we are truly attached to the “Rules,” then thinking outside their box can become a really heavy price to pay for allowing our self to actually experience what is actually right under our noses—and so, we forbid ourselves from actually observing the Truth of what is happening right here and now, observing how this world of Creation actually works first hand!  This seems to me that is the antithesis of the scientific method of observation, don’t you think?

So, do you see how this personal identity thing truly circumscribes our world, our openness or blindness to what is there in front of our eyes?  Are we willing to go beyond trying to believe that the Emperor’s New Clothes are rich and beautiful as everyone else believes—joining the “group think”?  Or are we willing to step out to see and experience with the innocence of a child who only sees what is right there?

Hmmm.  Perhaps as a child, we did have this incredible innocent vision.  We honestly could understand the Truth of what was happening around us, but our elders both talked and shamed us out of our True Vision, our True experience so that we could “fit in for our benefit.”  When this happens, the child becomes confused.  Then of course they doubt themselves, then cut off that beautiful gift of the young which is direct learning from their environment, from what is presented to them, including a true pipeline to the Unknown from the very natural realm of the God Self, of simple and pure Truth. 

As we become “civilized” into our identity of kowtowing to the limited rules of cultural perception, we disconnect from that deep knowing from our Soul Self.  In innocently obeying our elders, we disconnect from that cozy connection to our cozy God knowing.  But that leaves us hurt, judging ourselves to be little and insignificant, to be sinners in a culture that binds us into their limited Rules, that keep us disconnected and internally bleeding and in pain, always unsatisfied and discontent.

So, you see, are you willing to open to the very real Adventure of again, innocently opening to what has always been there from our very beginning, remains so now in this very Present, and will eternally be so.  Are we willing to be open to actually listening to that “small, still Voice” of God in our meditation, in our daily life?  We are so loved and our God/Soul is so personal, cozy and loving that is It is always most patiently waiting for us to return to Its unbounded and most simple Reality, without judgment of any kind.  Are we willing then to actually follow Its guidance with a child’s simplicity, knowing that the God within will not ever tell us any lies.  Although this incredible True Voice is not to be confused with  our conditioned “everyday self” that is packed with those limited Rules for acceptance and consequent lies from our parents, teachers and cultural community from all around us.

So, as in the first part of our discussion, are you willing to just watch folks play by their own rules, their own expectations and identities, all of their cultural rules like watching an amazing sci-fi movie?  But then you just recognize and live from the very simplicity that comes through your own experience.  It may come from “feeling” that very real, but very subtle Presence.  Or you may “hear” Soul’s words “whispered” in your mind.  Or you may subtly “see” what Soul is giving you. .

My advice for your own happiness and healing is to kindly forgive those crippling Rules, and just live in Soul so that you can be simple and free again.  Your innocence is to be cherished as you relate to this world of circumstances squarely from what you truly grasp with direct clarity.  Don’t give into any fantasy of what you want to see, or what you think you “should” see, or to the “Rules” of your supposed identity.  Just, see, hear, and know what Soul gives you, and without any attachment follow Its direction.

Pure healing and happiness will be yours!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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Yep!  The Light is YOU!

December 23, 2014


Have you ever really, I mean really considered what this actually means?

Well, Dear One, perhaps you will find this to be a most fascinating study with me.

The ancient Greeks coined the word “atom” as the smallest bit of matter that could possibly be imagined.  Then in the last century it was found that atoms--far from being tiny bits of hard material, are made up of all kinds of configurations of neutrons, electrons, and protons, including lots of amazing sub-atomic “particles.”  And yet, that is all energy in so many kinds of configurations.  At its very core, none of it is actually hard or tangible as we think of material “stuff.”  Imagine, all of this physical creation is energy arranged in time and space.  And I have a suspicion that the energy of our physical world is based in that true wonder called physical, visible light!  It has its own realm of time and space.

Now, where does all this energy originate from?  Well, since I am not a physicist, I can’t give you their explanation, but I am totally fascinated by one observation of quantum physics.  That is that in experimentation, atomic components actually follow the projection of the experimenter’s mind.  That is, whatever the experimenter thinks will happen, does happen.  The experimenter’s mind amazingly focuses and controls these bits of energy from a very real conscious level.  So, my Friends, you see that our consciousness, our mind does have an effect on what happens to the stuff of matter!


Now, it seems that there is a next higher frequency level of subtle Light.  That is behind physical light and is the stuff of our Conscious Being, that which directs the physical plane.  It is the next step up in the energetic “octaves” or dimensions of Light and opens to the next field of Consciousness, which is the Source of the energy (tattwas and gunas) of creation as well as directs its formation (Generating, Organizing and Destroying).

So, speaking from my own personal perception of the aura and of stuck energy within the body—all on the very subtle energy plane, we find that when you can “see” this energy, it actually has colors.  Certainly you have heard that your aura has colors by which you can identify certain qualities of consciousness, each color with its own “feeling,” or “information” there.  This seems to be the place where we store past emotional experiences, data of what we have learned over lifetimes, and the impetus for action or intention.  It is closely related to the hardware of the brain and nervous system as well as the endocrine system.  Both interface with this data as the hardware, similar to a computer, as well as collect data.

 Now when a person’s perception is focused in their very most subtle and pure meditative mind, they “see” that full Light!  It will often appear to be more White than white.  It may even seem sparkly, but one experiences that it is alive and flowing.  Feelings of peace and pure, authentic love emanate from that incredible Light, which may be so bright that it is sometimes too much even for their inner “eye”. 

All this experience of the Light has to do with moving up the vibrational levels of consciousness/energy.  

I have been puzzling for years over what I saw when Jesus appeared to me.  On this next higher level of vibratory perception, I saw that the furniture in the room was just the same as in “normal” perception, but instead of being solid, it appeared to be made of syrupy Light—mostly with an amber glow.  Then Jesus was like the sun in that He was radiating incredible white Light.  It was hard to get a fix on his features because His radiance was so very bright.  But I could see and feel what is called His sacred heart, which projected such a feeling of pure love and preciousness.  And yes, it was reddish and pinkish as I looked through the pure Light.  It was all alive, like the very real Life Force of the Universe.  That is when He taught me healing Heart Breath as He communicated with me mind to mind.

So, after these experiences, I can only believe that we are all that most incredible and impeccable Light of the Universal Consciousness that is so rich and so cozy.  The experience of this Light Consciousness is pure love that is not hung up in particulars.  It just is, and it is the Source of pure wisdom and total, unconditional Being.  And yet, we humans are longing to REALIZE the full Presence of the Light in our own time and space life.  We want to feel it, and to live it.  That is the only thing that will finally satisfy us.  It is that experience which is without limits—it is eternally deep and expansive and if we stay in it, it never ends.  We realize with our Conscious awareness that True Flow of Light, of Life, of unobstructed Love.

As we heal those darker colors of stuck energy, we can merge all the spectrum colors of our Consciousness into the One Light that is purely White, totally radiating, yet fully connected to this everyday life with the greatest ease and compassion.  This healing and raising of our vibration more and more fully into that Light is what we do in our daily spiritual practice, or “sadhana.”

So, when we say that this is the Season of Light, or this is the Return of the Light, this is what we are talking about—personal Realization.  But the funny thing is that as we make real personal progress to Being that Light bit by bit over time, we also become more and more connected to all the other Beings of Light who may not yet be seeing that.  Patience pays!  In the course of the wisdom sourced in our experience of opening to this impeccable Light from the Conscious Source of the Universe, the most humble knowledge of our God Self is what brings incredible compassion, loss of judgment, gossip and hatred.  That’s because we incrementally understand from our very gut that “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.”  That Light is in each one.  It is simply a matter of raising our vibration as we heal and transform our hurts, worries, woes, and misperceptions.  We free ourselves to perceive and experience this Light.

This is the time of actually going deeper and deeper into that incredible Light of Who we are!  Take time in your meditation practice to search that out.  I still find that Kirtan Kriya  is a most amazing way to journey deeply into that Light Consciousness.  Or use your third eye, your full Consciousness to relax more and more into that pure Light.  Use your third eye as your major portal for this, and then expand the Light of all your chakras into that pure White Light!

Find Self/self Love, pure peace, and very real healing of whatever is up for you right now!  Sink into it.  Expand it.  This is the preciousness of YOU as the True Light!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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