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Winter Solstice 2007, from Yogi Bhajan

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Man cannot live without love, he must love and also be loved.
Love is the highest fulfillment on every level.
When you are recognized, it is an expression of love.
When someone communicates to you, it is an expression of love.
When someone smiles at you, it is and expression of love.
All these are expressions of love.  But can you be satisfied with expressions?
No, you want to experience something. 
Even when you have physical or verbal or mental intercourse, are you loved?
No.  These are expressions of love.
Then what is love?
When you feel and experience selflessness within yourself and you can vibrate for someone, then you are fulfilled with love.
This is the highest state of individual consciousness; everything else is beautiful.
These feelings are of such fulfilling beauty that we do not have the vocabulary at our command to explain them, and our inability to explain only tells us that these feelings exist like ecstasies.
If you can explain ecstasy, it is not an ecstasy.

From "The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, A practical demonstration of the power of the spoken Word," by Yogi Bhajan, Hawthorne Press, Inc., New York, 1977, page 22.

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