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What the Heck is Happiness?

May 6, 2014


After all, Yogi Bhajan promised us happiness when he named our premier Yoga and natural Lifestyle organization “3HO”, which stands for Healthy, Happy and Holy Organization.  We got the “Healthy” and we got the “Holy,” but what the heck is “Happy”?

Does Happy mean that a woman will have the husband, house and kids of her dreams by a certain age?  Who can promise anyone that?  Does Happy mean that one is well established in their career of choice while making plenty of income and being well recognized for their abilities by a certain age?

Oh, my Darling, what happens when you reach that “magic age” and your expectations have not been fulfilled?  Is that your do or die age?  Would you be looking for a bridge to leap off of, or crying your eyes out from despair, or being so depressed and dissociated that you can’t live your great potential in the life that is right in front of you?  Hmmm.

Here is the situation.  The preceding little storied are actually examples of expectations!  And over the years, I have found that “Expectations Will Kill You!”  No joke!

You can see here in these short scenarios that there is no way that anyone can actually control these outcomes, so what are you left with when they don’t materialize?  Only the very opposite of happiness, which is pure depression, feelings of being lost with no place left for you in this world and your life, consequently the only thing left for you to do may be to simply jump out of your body… permanently. 

And so, just where would that take you?  How about to another lifetime where you have a similar setup to give you yet another chance to unravel your mind’s expectations, so that you may relax in your own true Self Love and Connection while in this world.  So, what a drag to not only have to face this situation over and over through lifetimes when you don’t solve your expectations and reactions, but when in a lifetime, you just waste your life by creating huge expectations with your mind.  And then when they don’t pan out according to YOUR plan, you drop into the blackest pit of self-non-acceptance and overwhelming feelings of non-worthiness to the point that you really can’t engage in your life.  You basically dump it!

Now, can you see that if this is your habit, you in fact are paving your own way to failure and doom?  I don’t care who told you that something would bring you great happiness—your family, your culture, school, friends, church, etc.  If you don’t hook up entirely with your own Soul, your own very precious state of being, your kindness, your true contentment, your very real love of yourself and others—no matter who they are, without judgment, then you have doomed yourself to true sadness and deep pain.

“But what about ‘The Secret’ you say?” 

Well, from I have seen, as it is presented, my observation is that it is pretty bogus.  I have only seen people make themselves really sick!”  They deeply believe that if they keep repeating their expectations over and over, that it works like a mantra to make something happen.  But it only ties them in tighter and tighter knots.  When you repeat a mantra’s sacred sound, there is an energetic healing ability in that sound current to affect a situation.  You fully allow the change to occur with no strings attached.  But with only our mind or ego’s desire to cover our insecurities with the object of expectations, we have put ourselves on very, very thin ice where we may emotionally fall through at any moment.  And that approach messes up the Divine’s true creative process for us.  Yikes!

Here is Realty as I see it.

Happiness comes when don’t try to force Adi Shakti or Divine Mother to do our bidding because she is always doing her best to lead us along the path of our growth and our destiny.  And when we finally RELAX into that growth is when we are truly happy!

I know that sounds picayune and overused, but don’t dare dismiss it if you are truly on the hunt for happiness.  Otherwise, my Dear you will miss it entirely.

Each one of us has an extraordinary and most unique path through lifetimes in which we work with our karmas—those situations seen as both “good” and “bad.”  As we work with them to fully come to neutral, that is living from the Soul Space without being grabbed by our habitual mind sets and emotions so that we can truly deal with the reality that is facing us in the moment, that is when HAPPINESS begins to appear seemingly out of nowhere.  The simple trick is that we are taking responsibility to change those habits of expectations and insecurities that have incessantly dragged us down so that natural happiness can arise! 

You can work to neutralize the palpable charges that come with those old habits.  For instance, you can first identify when your mind and emotions are in a snit, and determine that that difficulty is NOT caused by lack of that thing that you thought you needed to cover your insecurities, e.g. lots of money, someone to love you unconditionally—even though you don’t love yourself unconditionally, and so on.

Once you have made that awareness that this “thing” doesn’t result from the action of outside “stuff,” or people, or accolades, or put downs, or positions, or love from others to make up for your own habitual self-defeat, etc.—that is when you realize that the path to happiness is one of focused healing so that you may not be deterred by the smoke screen of habitual negative stuff.  But rather you let or you allow your own natural, kind, loving Soul energy and cozy Consciousness arise!  That is, you work to let go of those “charges” in your mind and body.  “Let go and Let God”, eh? 

Yogi Bhajan would call these habitual ways of thinking and feeling “Trances.”  They are like repeating virtual reality, and when triggered, they just take over our whole mental and emotional state with their own scenario, which usually includes blaming ourselves or others with all of the associated drama.  Trances are like digitized information that is not stored on a DVD, but rather in your own energy system.  And when triggered, that digitized movie totally, subconsciously plays through you.  And reliving that same crappy scenario over and over again as in the movie “Groundhog Day” is what really makes you unhappy!  The effects may be that you stop breathing or breathe shallowly, or your whole body tenses up giving you very real physical pain—even heart attacks and strokes.  And it opens the way for any number of diseases by weakening your resistance.  And since it happens over and over again, it makes you believe that this drama is really, really the Truth! 

On the contrary, true creativity and happiness appears when it is allowed to arise naturally from your Source.  It is so subtle!  This happiness is not like birthday giddiness. It is not feeling better than others or superior to them to hide your own insecurity.  But when you relax into the Soul Space, you do feel the real flow that comes.  And even though difficult challenges are being thrown at you right and left, they are coming for the sake of your very progress through lifetimes as you come to this great flow of neutral to deal with those challenges in the most appropriate way.  And you do that with the simple partnership between your most humble mind gleaning information from positive and negative mind, and then as they finally give it all up to neutral mind sourced in Soul.  And that, my Friends is called Rising Spirit, or more precisely “Cherdi Kala”!

And guess what?  This Cherdi Kala is true Happiness.  Yogi Bhajan clarified happiness as contentment.  It is when your mind and emotions are not perturbed, your energetic flow and your natural love are moving faster than the speed of visual light in your Being, but it feels so kind, graceful, full and unperturbed.  And this is actually our quest of lifetimes.  What do you think of that?

Now, to neutralize those powerful Trances, Yogi Bhajan gave us thousands of mantras, kriyas, meditations, banis, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, guidelines for conscious living and more so that we wouldn’t go off our rocker, and so that we can heal or neutralize that which has kept us chained to destructive thinking and emotional replays. .  That is the very real life that we are now living here on Earth and that we call our spiritual quest.

When we truly do follow Soul and relax into It’s guidance and flow in that neutral space, that is when we experience kindness, support, strength, even-temper, ability, and so much more. That is a most surprising occurrence!  This is when we live in the most subtle, but most powerful condition of Cherdi Kala. This is when we train ourselves to be totally present and do our best to realize that Mother, Adi Shakti is giving us material that we can process so that She help us weave our own true Destiny.  And we can trust that whatever happens is given to us as situations or challenges in this video game of life where we can let go of those binding energetic charges called Trances.  That is the real path to Union, you know.  And as you TRUST that what is being given to you in the instant is according to the will of God, Mother, Soul, then you can just let your mind be silent and watch that amazing play of events unfold for your benefit.  It is such an amazing magic show!  And being grateful for this astonishing flow keeps it coming.

But this is a condition that you train yourself to move over to.  You consciously educate yourself over and over again to not react to circumstances, but to relax into the condition of neutrality—not numbness, so that you can truly see the reality of the situation and deal with it in the best way all ‘round, rather than screwing it up by giving into your Trance being triggered and taking you down with others along with you.  

Of course, in the spiritual lexicon, you have heard that having intention is all important to manifesting what you truly believe you want.  And it is.  You just tell God, Soul, Divine Mother what you really desire and then let Them weave together that vision in such an amazing way that you could never ever have thought of.  Now perhaps the first thing that will happen is that you feel that you get hit up the side of the head with a 2 x 4.  That incident is actually your first challenge in healing or transforming your old Trances so that the Divine Once can actually work with you to manifest what you would like to see or have.  Otherwise you tie up the “creation lines” with your own squirrely Trances and demands that things happen YOUR way, rather than by giving up to discover the Divine Way, which is way better than anything that we could ever think of.  So, please trust, let go and keep up.  This is the path of true success to fulfill your Destiny in this life, which I assure you is tons more satisfying than any other quest that your mind or your culture could ever provide you.

Now, if you have never tried this approach—right from your very roots, you may judge that this is a fluffy, space cadet, Pollyanna life practice.  But I assure you that if you are serious about being happy, you will give this a try, or better yet, you will commit to it.  Or perhaps you may have to face something totally hurtful and off the wall before you actually give up what you thought you knew and try this approach, because after all it does go against everything that our culture teaches us and judges us for.

So, Dear One, I am wishing and praying for your own happiness and for you to ease through the walls of self-hatred, self-neglect, loss of connection, and so much more.  Transform the hurt and pain at it roots as you relax those heavy duty trances to BE that precious Flow with Soul to experience a life of true contentment.  That, Friends is real HAPPINESS!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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Our World of Injured Children

March 18, 2014

Take a look around.  Do you find so many injured people who are at a loss to keep it together?  What about worry, sadness, judgment, blame and downright fear?  And so much more.

What about those tyrants in our everyday lives—our bosses and some community relationships, the media, our fashionista “friends,” as well as those actual political tyrants who do their best to serve themselves with everyone else’s power, reputation and prosperity?  And by the way, might we do some of that tyranting as well sometimes?

So, what’s it all about?

How often do you feel true cozy love, kindness and stability?

Look around with the eye of a sage or a healer.  Now, don’t you see the sweet child behind these folks’ demeanors?  But what happened to those sweet ones who were born “knowing,” “loving” and “being” in the pure grace of the Almighty?

Well, of course they “grew up” by so very many experiences.  Experiences that didn’t recognize their greatness in just being present on this Earth.  So, many missed opportunities to be accepted for Who they/we are.  So much denial of love and support when they/we needed it.  So much care for each other lost and self-honor gone with it.  Who can dishonor another if they have pure, humble, unconditional, true honor for themselves from within?  We are not talking about living up to some standard that is imposed from the outside.  Oh, no.  Let me say that again-- We are not talking about living up to some standard that is imposed from the outside.  Oh, no.  But just pure kindness and acceptance for Who you are and Who they are.  How can we all meet in such divine mutuality?

Just take a look at earlier today or yesterday.  What do you see there?  How about politicking, blaming, judging, fear, loss of security and all the rest?  Well, I am not suggesting that you don’t protect yourself from others who would do you in.  Oh, no.  Healthy boundaries are a must.  But when that nastiness did come at you, how did you handle it all?  Did you send them Heart Breath? .  Did you send them the image of joy in their life from your own state of clear neutrality?  Did you bathe in that love, that total most kind acceptance yourself?  Did you watch the tantrum in front of you as a poor abused child playing out their own loss of Self/self?  I hope that you did not join future triggering situations better.

I am not saying that you should agree or disagree with anyone’s expressed injuries, but do SEE them for what they are—a cry to be seen, heard and loved.  Of course it may take many years, or maybe even lifetimes to heal their wounds, even though they are energetically caressed in such a beautiful, loving energy as you may send to them.  But what else can you do but affirm your own beauty, self-love and self-acceptance from the depths of your own Being when another triggers your own doubts and wounds?

Affirm yourself without argument.  KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  BE WHO YOU ARE at every opportunity, especially when you are in the most difficult situations.  Forgive yourself most deeply, meditatively for ever believing that you should be someone other than you—all of YOU in order to be loved and accepted.  Whatever has happened, YOU ARE WORTHY OF ALL LOVE.  Although that love may not come from others who are deeply injured, but rest in the Infinite, most expansive love of Who you really are.  Drop your disbelief!  Make that your sacred pledge to yourself to be your Sat Nam.

Catch yourself in your mental tracks whenever blame or judgment of yourself or others tries to invade.  Instead, fully relax into that calm place in your heart, and into your Soul as you use the vehicle of your Heart Breath to take you to that elevated serenity that most calmly knows all, and is ALL.  Forgive that “other person” for not knowing Who they are and not acting accordingly.  Forgive yourself for your own missteps of accepting any blame or false Self/self identifiers that you have unfortunately thought were the real you in the past, whether those senses of self came from your parents, your school, the innocuous but all-powerful culture around you, from past lives or even from your ancestors.

Now, my Dear One is the time to forgive yourself impeccably so that you can LOVE yourself impeccably, unconditionally, openly as you most humbly Light the way for many more.


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2014

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Baby Karma

Feb. 4, 2014

Well, I guess that you’ve known it all along.  You picked up tons of stuff from your parents and your relatives long ago.  That could include their attitudes towards you that you made your own, their own unrest or kindness, the culture that they put you in—where you lived, the schools that you went to, the places that you lived.  And so on.  So, let’s just take a trip through this most incredible relationship between your parents and you—their darling offspring.

So, wouldn’t you know it?  Being born to your exact parents wasn’t a huge accident of fate.  Oh, NO!  In fact, you as your very own Soul picked them.  You as Soul picked the time and location of your birth.  You as Soul actually picked out all the Karmas that you would be faced with in this life.  It is sort of like picking which cards you want to play in a lifetime before your come into it.  How about that?

And you as Soul did that because you, in the most cosmic sense are on a mission.  That is a mission to pick up as much experience in certain categories as you can, and transform it to immense wisdom and abilities here on Earth.  With every situation that you face, the way that you play that karma will either continue to stagnate you here in this ever continuing bowl of poop, or you will actually change yourself, heal yourself of your old straight-jacket of repeating fear, rage, hurt, victimization, loss and so much more. 

That is when you can see that with inch by inch of concentrated work on healing your mind, your viewpoints, your emotions and your identity--you actually free yourself to live a life of kindness, connection, and sweet joy.  It is the actual energetic transforming of the hurts and shortsightedness that we have accrued over lifetimes that are the grist for this great process of transforming dark pain to the Light of joy.  So, Dear One, once you really get that idea straight, you might actually thank everyone who has apparently helped to embed those unbearable personal challenges within your psyche, emotions and energetic system.

If you want to examine how to transform to your next level of happiness, check out our huge archive of newsletters at .

Now, how about some background on how this relationship with parents shapes their children?

120 DAYS

Isn’t it amazing that those little fetuses in the womb actually are aware?  Yogi Bhajan says that the Soul comes into those little bodies at 120 days of pregnancy.  And that is actually when the mother usually feels the baby’s first movements.  That is when Yogi Bhajan tells us to be so kind to the mother and actually welcome this new Soul.  Keep the mother’s surroundings safe and secure because everything that she experiences has a real effect on the baby.  And the mom is to sing prayers and mantras to her baby, love it, and speak so very lovingly to him or her.

But imagine if the mother were the object of abuse, of yelled threats, of the terror of having this baby, of not having enough to eat, of worries about where to live and support themselves.  What if?  What if? 

So, you see that that little tiny growing being is so aware that it picks it all up.  This tiny creature begins to understand whether he or she is longed for, loved and anticipated in this life that they are entering, or are they already being rejected “through no fault of their own”?  But, Dear One, this is what we sign up for before we jump into our bodies in the womb.  Now, don’t feel guilty about your choice.  Instead, this is the time to work with Soul to find out what this whole thing is all about and why we would have picked these most challenging situations.  This is the time to get busy and heal all those embedded difficulties.  You most certainly can, you know.  Actually these most challenging of happenings is grist for your Greatness mill.  One requirement though is that you must heal and transform to actual allow your Soul to be the Real You!  Your Sat Nam!


You know that an infant’s body grows through the nutrition that it receives.  But did you know that without being kindly held and stroked, a baby will fail to thrive and die?  How about if the child receives unkind or sharp physical treatment, is put down when talked to, is unappreciated or yelled at, especially in these early formative years?  Perhaps the child might not die a physical death, but what does that do to its spirit, to its identity, to its feeling of being worthy to be on this planet?  On the one hand a small child is so simple, but it is totally sensitive.  Weren’t you so sensitive as a very young one?

It appears that an infant’s energy system is so very etheric that it first forms around the matrix of its mother’s stronger energy system as a kind of mold for itself.  So, if your mom had it together, and paid attention to you as a baby, then your energy system probably developed strong roots that are really thriving.

To create this most subtle environment for mother/baby “bonding”, Yogi Bhajan gave us the practice of supporting the mom and new baby by sheltering them from outside influence of being around lots of people, noise and over-stimulating environments, while the mom is cared for over a very special 40 days.  This gives time for the baby and mother to transition, for the baby to be welcomed and loved, and for the mom to regain her strength and enjoy her precious little one without being distracted.

Your Ancestors

Now how about this?  Certain attitudes and emotions can be passed down from your ancestors through the energy in your DNA to you!  Let’s hope that is health, wealth and happiness.  But you may also inherit some of the darker emotions such as guilt, anger, disconnection, abuse, loss, etc.  Sometimes a person will come to me with an emotion for which they cannot find any cause in this life.  So, we will search around for the cause in order to heal it.  It is amazing for instance, that we might find that it was their great, great grandmother who had the original difficulty and carried it for so long.  And then it was passed down the generational ladder.  And yes, we can heal it, thank God.

Seeing Your Parents as God

Now here is a most amazing phenomenon.  By the way, I have learned all of these things by doing so many healing regressions with folks, and I am always struck when the realizations pan out the same over and over again for so many people.

As you know, Dr. Freud assigned different names to different parts of our human psyche.  We all know about ego, subconscious, and id.  But did you know that he also designated a portion of our consciousness as the Super Ego?  Yes, that is the part that takes what it has learned from childhood days as being right or wrong, the backbone of the conditioned conscience, one’s internal authority figure you might say.  I usually call that aspect “Mother Superior”!

But did you know that as children listen to direction from their parents, this becomes the voice of God to them?  What a responsibility to be God to an innocent child!

Then when one grows up, I have seen that it can be hard for a person to actually switch from their parent’s voice being their internal guidance to that of their own God Self, their very Soul!  Perhaps their subconscious loyalty to their parent’s voice within is so very, very strong that they can’t budge from it, no matter how short sighted or harmful it might be.  So that habit shuts out the voice of their own Soul—which is where real kindness and love, and the truest guidance come from!   And there are others who strongly resist opening to their Soul because their parent’s voice was so demeaning and so critical.  They really don’t want to experience that again.  No way!  So, without knowing why, they totally resist opening to Soul, their very own cozy God Self.  Hmmm.

Setting Your Identity

I have always been struck by Yogi Bhajan’s statement that the spiritual path is about changing your identity.  Over the years, I have finally begun to understand that.

If you truly see yourself as the Victim, the one who has caught so much flack, perhaps you feel unwanted and disconnected to what is happening here on Earth, and so on.  Even though you may do your level best to be “with it”, or put on a happy face at every turn, down deep it just doesn’t work.  As that defeated identity that we accepted from our parents and others continues to rule how we see ourselves and steer our actions in this world—no matter how very “TRUE” it may seem, we will always be kicking that brick wall in some way.

Rather, if we learn how to heal by using our Kundalini Yoga and meditation , study the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and consciously heal all those old Trances that have been our reality over time, we clear our minds to re-align with our True Identity, our Sat Nam, which is that great partnership, this primal and purposeful Union with Soul—as Soul.  In fact, we are the time and space projection of the Infinite God!  Can you believe it?

Well, of course you can believe it bit by bit as we take every opportunity of crumminess—no matter how desperately bad things have been--as you heal it, transform it, then you shed that old identity to replace it with the actual Truth of Who you are.  That is free, flowing, full of Light and love, clear, trust in the natural guidance that comes your way from Soul, and compassion for all—no matter how awful things have been.  “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.”  Yogi Bhajan.

Raising Your Own Child, as well as the Child of You

Perhaps when you were a child, you had an inkling of Truth.  Perhaps you really saw what was going on around you very clearly, but your parents and others reacted with total rejection of who you were and what you were experiencing.  “After all, how can a 2 year old know anything?”

But of course, now you can know that young children, for the most part are so clear and innocent, so pure and devoid of the lies that we adults tell and live by that in fact children often do see what is True.  Now of course we do need to train children so that they will be happy and safe.  But if you are told over and over again in so many different ways that what you know to be true is not true, then the consequence is that you feel totally rejected from life.  You may even feel unworthy of being here on Earth.  For instance, when a mother does not connect with her child, the child never feels welcome or connected here in this time/space reality.  They may feel like a wandering ghost with no direction.

So, guiding your child to understand that they and everything around them is God, helping them to neutrally see that, and consciously teaching them how to connect with their Soul, their God Presence for guidance, truth and love is the real blessing of having a really good parent. 

Your child can find the joy in total belonging as the All in All.  Teach them to give their hurts and blessings to God.  Model forgiveness, keeping safe boundaries, connecting with heart and kindness, trusting the God within, listen to your children listening to the God and affirm it—welcome them to Earth!

This is how we help our children develop the most worthwhile and most “successful” identity!  This is how we teach our children to “see the world with Guru’s eyes.”

And guess what?  You can also consciously train your own self how to actually realize the great God of you within as well.  It takes constant attention, transformation and totally depending on your real “Parent,” your own Soul! .  But what else is the spiritual path all about?

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2014

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