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Unending Happiness is Boring?

An excerpt from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan.

Used with permission from Kundalini Research Institute.  

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…You have three aspects.  You have the lower self, the gross or physical self; you have the central self, which is known as the existing self; and you have the higher Self, which is a powerful, sophisticated and delicate Self.  So you can work on any level and you can go up and down, but you have to train yourself through your own experience.  You can get knowledge from A, B, and C.  It doesn’t matter.  If you can get wisdom from anybody, it is always a beautiful bounty.

It is a special treat if you find some person who can stand by you and let you get through that experience.  You are a God-conscious individual because you have the power of mental Infinity.

I am talking into two languages now.  In one word I am saying it scientifically, in the other I am relating in a mystic language.  This way you can understand both.

When you say, “I am a God-conscious person,” it only means that you realize your mental capacity and ability.  There is nothing more than that because everything you have is your mind.  If somebody is beautiful or ugly to you, it is your mental evaluation.  Somebody seems rich to you even though he doesn’t give you a penny.  He is rich to you because of your mental appraisal.  You may imagine somebody is poor, even though the guy may have a million dollars sitting right under his seat.  You call him poor because of your own mind.

Actually, everything is your mental outlook.  The problem with your mind is that as you think, so you are.  How can man develop his mental faculty to perceive everything correctly?  I would like to train you that way so that you may have a happy life around you.  (You can see more teachings by Yogi Bhajan on the mind in the other articles on this page.)

The third factor as a human being is the Soul, the spirit.  As no lamp can burn without methylated spirit in it, no life can exist without a relationship of Spirit in it.  Spirit has many meanings, tones and facets.  If there is a central thread in it, all it is, is the general flow of the Cosmic Energy.  In Catholicism we call it God; in yoga we call it Cosmic Energy.  The meanings are exactly the same.

You have to understand your physical relationship with that Infinite energy and how you can tune in for your own purposes (intuition), so that you can have a healthy, happy, holy, wholesome life, a fulfilled life, a beautiful life in which you can perceive in yourself the contentment of existence. 

You should be so contented that if you had to quit this planet you would just say, “Thank you.”  You have got to give thanks. 

And if the bad times are coming, just say, “Wonderful.”  Good days are coming, say, “Fine.”

After all, what is life?  It is a wave.  The light must follow the night as night must follow the day.  Sunshine must follow the clouds, clouds must follow the sunshine.  But you feel you are really something special.  You want sunshine all the time.  If man is in the sun all the time, the nose gets burned and the eyes can’t see.  No one can live in this world with sunshine all the time.  Is there anyone willing to do that?  No. 

This up and down is the beauty.  Having happiness all the time is a very boring thing.  You can’t live that way.  You have to have a little pull sometimes and just feel where you are and where you should be.

That’s why we call this life a vibration.  What is a vibration, actually?  Vibration is that which vibrates. And what is it?  A path of vibration.  Up and down!  A wave.  As a wave moves, so life moves.  What do we want out of it?  What do we desire?  We desire a mind which is neutral, which understands the wave.  You all know about surfing?  When there are heavy tides people go surfing.  They enjoy it.  Other people go crazy.  A mind which is developed, artistic, and self-controlled rides on those waves in life and enjoys it.


"Life is flowing...

Moment to moment...

Flow with it,

And be sheltered from the hassles  

of time and space.


Life is full of power...

Live it...

From breath..

To breath!"  


From Furmaan Khalsa 


Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan 
Courtesy of Aquarian Wisdom




Deliver the Speed & Power of God!

November 29, 2016 & October 23, 2012

From “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D, with Gurucharan Singh, Ph.D.  Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM 1998, pp. 3-5.  Used with permission.  Order this remarkable book at

I want to talk to you about your most important companion and its structure, the mind. 

Every human being who wants to excel and to develop the character and caliber that upholds the values of the Soul, needs a direct, fundamental relationship to the mind.  You must have a basic practical understanding of the mind’s conception, properties, Aspects, Projections and 81 Facts.  This is the minimum requirement to develop human sensitivity. 

So prepare yourself for an intense study.  Not an intellectual debate, but an intelligent confrontation with your own experience.  Why do we need to do this?

Man jeetai jag jeet

--By Guru Nanak, Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 6 (28th pauree of Japji Sahib)

By conquering your mind, you conquer the world. 

If we can master the use and command of the mind, we can enjoy this world and live truthfully, gracefully, and prosperously.

Let me give you some opening statements.  They are truths to invite you and provoke you in this study:

  • Mind is your best friend and your worst enemy.
  • There is nothing without mind, and there is nothing with mind.
  • Whosoever controls the mind controls the entire psyche of the universe.
  • For all your troubles, your own mind is responsible.  For your successes, your mind is doing it.
  • Mind has an essential faculty to be faster than time and space.  As such, it is so dangerous that you can do things that are delusional, imaginative, and unintentional.  And equally, it is so beneficial that you can create things that can be miracles.
  • The faculty of mind gives you the total facility to express the godliness in you.  Mind is a faculty to understand the entire creativity of God.
  • Mind is given to you for you.
  • If there is no relationship between you and your mind, then there is no guidance between you and your mind.  If there is no consolidated guidance between you and your mind, then your life will be nothing but a disaster for you, for your children, and for your generation to follow.
  • Mind is the faculty that can deliver the speed and power of God, and it can ruin mankind in its own web of imagination, ego, and desire.  Mind is a faculty which, when applied through the ego, only ruins a human being and never lets him grow to be better than a mere animal under any circumstances.

This powerful faculty is with you all the time.  It operates whether you think about it or not.  Do you realize how imperative it is to have a clear relationship to the mind?  I can go on saying many things that you have never heard.  The mind is subtle and interwoven throughout our life, our problems, and our excellence.

The mind is tangible, practical, and always with you.  You can affect it many ways.  It is not something beyond your reach and impact.  In a simple layman’s statement:  “There are two ways to deal with the mind.  Either your mind is under you, or you are under your mind.”  It is blunt, simple, and true. 

Whenever you are subject to your mind, you act and become inferior.  You begin to say things like, “I can’t help my feelings,” “I can’t understand it,” or “I can’t believe myself.”  At that moment you did not use your mind to relate to your Soul and vastness.  You reacted under the mind and its attachments to your personality, ego, and environments.  You are subjected by your mind.

When your mind is subject to you, you act and become superior.  You have clarity and deliver your excellence.  You think, “I am, I AM,” “I trust that I am trustworthy.”  Normally we think we have something real and of value when we get a few thousand dollars here, or a few million dollars there, or we have a beautiful wife, or ten girlfriends.  We believe this temptation or that projection of our mind has some basic value. 

Forget it my friend!  There is no value at all, not even a bit.

Excellence, awareness, and caliber come to you when you make your mind play the game (that) you and your Soul want.  When you play the game your mind makes you play, it ruins you and creates your pain.  The mind is vast and extends throughout the totality of the universe.  It is involved everywhere.  So you become a victim in many ways.  You are a victim of your subconscious, which is part of your mind.  You are a victim of your conscience (Mother Superior or Super Ego), which is part of your mind.  You are even a victim of your absolutely supreme consciousness that also acts through your mind.

When you have an established relationship to your mind, you are aware at all times of the frequency, Projection, Facet, and part of your mind that acts, as well as the chakra through which you act.  You realize your mind uses many parts, and that the greater mind has three Functional Minds:  Negative Mind, Positive Mind, and Neutral Mind.  Your mind thinks, feels, and acts differently in each of these three.  They color all your actions and thoughts.  Without this awareness and control of your mind, you surrender your own judgments.  You let the mind decide for you!

Just imagine your normal condition.  You may be speaking to someone about a business topic.  Just outside of your central awareness, your mind sends you a stream of thoughts: “You sound good.  Actually you sound bad.  You lack confidence.  You are wrong.  You must be right---etc.” 

Who is to judge?  Your mind is a stream of thoughts, impressions, and reactions.  It is a collection of animal and human faculties under the pressure of the senses and under social pressure.  But you are not the mind.  That stream of thoughts and reactions is not you.  Therefore, your mind cannot judge that you are good or bad, right or wrong, confident or doubtful.  If you do not control your projections and action from a point of equilibrium and awareness, then you surrender your judgmental (Soul’s discernment) capacity and your identity!  Your words and actions lose impact, coherence, and depth.

You have incredible faculties in this human body and brain.  But without a relationship to your mind, what will happen?  You won’t have control of yourself to face your mind.  Then your habits control you.  And when your habits control you, you are a robotic disaster.  Call that condition anything you like—interlocked neuroses, crippled awareness, stereotyped behaviors.  Whatever your terminology, it is essentially a web of habits that rules the psyche and you.

This happens because the mind has a capacity to act like a recorder.  A habit enters the recorder and then begins, automatically, to play itself back in your behavior, feelings, and thoughts.  Layer after layer of habit forms in the subconscious mind of each person.  Used with awareness, habits help you act quickly, and they automate actions that require little change.  Used without a relationship between you and the mind, they steal your spontaneity, uniqueness, and projection.  You have a choice: Live in excellence and awareness or live subject to the stereotypes of your subconscious habits.

If you choose to live in your excellence, then you must take responsibility for your self.  You must recognize the capacity of your mind, acknowledge your self, and direct that relationship. We all want to live with excellence and experience love, happiness, and the ecstasy of life.  How can we get there?

 You need a simple mind.  You need the capacity for innocence before your own Soul.  You need the warmth of the heart and the clarity of the head. 

It is something you cannot buy in the market nor get by holding on to some belief.  It only comes to you when your mind has become pure and most simple.

The problem is that without a clear relationship to your mind, the ego takes over.  And the ego loves complications.  Instead of doing what is necessary and enjoying the fruits of those actions, whatever they may be, you follow the reactions of the mind and create complications. 

You are afraid and try to control everything.

 The way you control is by emotional compensations.  Instead of creating a clear cause, a righteous action, a potent seed, you want sympathy.  To get sympathy you act with apathy, as if you are powerless and are not responsible to act.  You want attention, and you try to get it with a shout or a pout!  You try anything except letting things progress to success and completion.  You have no trust, because you have no clarity and no relationship to your mind.  That is the reason a human being, who is created in the image of God, can be surrounded by failure and unhappiness.  You act as if nothing is real to you.  As if you could act and create with a precise and certain consequence.  When you recognize your own basic nature, you recognize the power of your purity, piety, and innocence.  You forge a direct and simple relationship to the mind and all its complications.

How do you accomplish this relationship?  That is why we meditate.  That is why we do jappa and nam simran.  In the world of your mind, you feel, you have emotions, you have habits, you have sensory actions and reactions.  You may have control or no control.  In meditation you begin to realize that there is a world of you.  There is a world of your mind, and a world of you.  In the world of you, in your basic elementary situation, in your identity, your mind is your servant not your master.  That is why we do Kundalini Yoga.  That is why we do sadhana.

You are given a body and mind that are designed with the subtlety and power to respond to you and to your Soul.  Yet you act as if they are insensitive and you have no power.  You act without understanding or innocence.





By Yogi Bhajan

January 10, 2017 & August 7, 2012


Reprinted with permission from “The Master’s Touch, On Being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD, Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, from the article titled “Overcoming the Complexes of Life,” excerpts from pp. 59-61.  Order this wonderful book at


Today we are talking about something very serious.  It is the cause of all tragedies, the cause of all our pain, the cause of all our degradation, inferiority, depression, unfulfillment, unhappiness.  Whatever negative is in your life, this one thing is the cause of it.  It is called a complex.  We all are the by-product of complexes.

The child in us never grows up, and the child in us has a very strong creative complex.  That is why when we are sure, we are not sure; when we are right, we are not right.  Some people have no roots.  The complex of a child is so powerful.  About ninety out of one hundred people just crawl their whole lives whether they have the best or worst environments.

We have never learned to overcome these complexes.  “I have white skin.”  It’s a complex.  “I am brown.”  This is a complex.  “I’m American,” is a complex.  “I’m a German,” is a complex.  “I’m a person,” is a complex.  “I’m a human,” is a complex.  “I’m a doctor,” is a complex.  Everything in life is boxed into a complex, and everything is a certification.

Actually, those who do not have complexes are those who live by the virtue of their Soul, all the time. 

It’s a mental process, with no diversion.  If we believe, “I’m a spirit, I’m among the spirits, I am from the Great Spirit, I have to merge in that Spirit,” all problems shall be solved.

“I am blond, I am brunette, I am a woman, I am a man, I am black, I am yellow, I am pink, I am Japanese, I am French,” I don’t know.  “I’m Spanish, I’m a gringo.  I’m a redneck, I’m a blue neck, I’m a pink neck.  I’m a lesbian, I’m gay, I’m straight, I’m a hetero.  I’m a prostitute, I’m a pimp, I’m a holy man.  I’m divine.  I’m religious.”  The whole thing is garbage.  Total.  It’s called “Mental Garbage.”  Really.  Honest to God.  It’s not untrue.  You may not like what I’m saying, and saying it chokes me up.  What an unfortunate humanity you are.

The tragedy is you live by complexes, and you don’t recognize them.  You don’t.  You are so stupid, arrogant.  You are an arrogant mammal.  Will you ever learn the reality of you, that you are just a spirit—always were, are, and shall be?  You can understand it when you see that when you die, the spirit leaves, yet everything is intact.  You know what dies with you?  Your complexes.

What is your purpose in life?  To axe your life?  What are you—choppers?  Why can’t you just be fine with a fun living smiling spirit?

Just before I came here, I was yelling and screaming—I was the Administrator—making decisions, shifting, doing.  Wow, you should have seen me. 

When I was there, I was there, and I knew what I had to do because that is how the spirit guides me. Now I am here.  Did I bring papers, notes?  I am here. 

There’s no need for me to have a victory.  I am the victory.  Man without a complex is nothing by a living victory. 

It is as simple as that.  You can never win.  Every day you win, every day you lose, every day you have problems, every day you eat your own garbage.  For God’s sake, stop it.  Doesn’t it stink and smell?  You have to eat your own dirt?  Are you so sick?  Don’t you know you are pure, you are positive, you are spirit, and you have nothing but to be? 

To be, to BE. 

And the Light of your spirit you share, you glow and glare, and you have fun.

You have physical, mental, and spiritual complexes.  You have even put your spirit into complexes.  This is the most funny, most idiotic, most insane thing I have heard: “Oh, I am an old soul, he’s an old soul, he’s my soul mate.”  And they screw each other.  Can you believe this soul-mate business?  Souls have started screwing.  God bless America, this great country!  When I heard that, I said, “Wow. We’ve had it.”

“This is my soul mate.  I want to marry her.”  Souls marry?  Souls don’t marry.  They don’t.  Really they don’t.  Souls don’t marry and souls don’t mate.  Souls have no mate.  Everything is a Soul mate.  The entire existence is one Soul, as there is one sun and there are a million rays.  That’s how it all is.  And there’s no complex, therefore no reflex, therefore no impulse.  When a human acts under impulse, as a mammal, as an animal, that human shall never be redeemed.

You have to act under intuition.

If that is not developed, then you have to act under your spirit.  Nanak said that the safest thing is: “Act just with your spirit.”  Just be to BE, because you have been gifted to BE.  Don’t try to drift and create a rift….

There is no identity for you, except your spiritual identity.  There’s no grace in you but to learn.  There’s no achievement other than to become learned.  There’s no power but to share what you have learned with all and everyone.

Share with compassion—you’ll be compensated, and you shall have no complex.  Then all that is there shall come to you.  Then you don’t have to go to anybody….

You don’t need make-up; you don’t need to make up for anything.  You are known by your spirit.  You shall project out of your radiance.  You shall be loved and honored by your excellence, or stupidity, or by your ignorance and arrogance, as the case may be.  The art is to be smart.  To be smart is to be small, which can contain all.  Write down this formula:

·         The art of being smart is to be small, which can contain all.

·         The art of success is to answer the call of duty with grace and compassion.

·         The art of happiness is to serve all, and all shall serve you.

These are three fundamentals.


Your Mind Must Not Intrigue You! 

By Yogi Bhajan

July 12, 2015 & July 31, 2012

This article is from the book “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD with Gurucharan Singh, PhD, Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, 1998.  Used with permission.  You can order this fine book at 

p. 51 to 57

Your mind must not intrigue you and entrance you into its intrigues.  The mind must serve you.  The mind has to be developed to give you supportive strength.  There is no reason to be unhappy other than the pain you get from the results of these intrigues.  I have never been unhappy, neither in America nor in India.  I don’t believe anyone here wants to live unhappily or do anything wrong or corrupt…

When you fail to meditate, the combined strength of your subconscious links with the play of the mind is the origin of mental intrigues as most of your self-defeating patterns.  You need a habit to relate to your mind.  You need to sit with your mind and review it, polish it, and direct it.

You do not need to invite in an enemy or call on bad luck to have trouble in your life.  You are already in trouble when you let your mental intrigues go unchecked.  If your inherent creativity expands that intrigue, your mind will spin it, magnify it, and spread it in every direction.  It will wave that intrigue into your words and then project those words to every part of your mind.  The result is you lose track of your real Self and become shallow, hollow, and full of games.  You lose your power of prayer.  You lose your innocence. There is no one who can save you from this mess other than yourself.

Your ability to get into trouble was given to you at the same time as your ability to excel and be great.  It started in the very beginning.  When your Soul was sent to this beautiful planet it was to test your love for God and for your truth. God said to your Soul. “I gave you the gift of the mind.”

Your Soul said, “Just one mind with one power?”

God said, “No, as many minds as you need to do any action.  Each part of the mind will have its own positive power as well as its own mechanism and intrigue.” 

The Soul asked, “What can it do for Me?”

God said, “When you are on this planet Earth, you will be subjected to time and space and constant tests.  But your mind always has the capacity to act beyond time and space.  Simply direct it toward Me….

To stop the games and mental intrigues and to truly be happy you must develop a consistent attitude of human life in which you can excel above time and space, using your mind at the frequency of your Soul.  That is the attitude of a happy person.  Every other approach and short-cut will prove to be false….

If you go along with your mental intrigues, you will not get spiritual and have worldly success or happiness.  You cannot reach that happiness and contentment no matter how many sophisticated intrigues your mind creates.  Only two things will work:  your Presence and your unlimited projection.

You have not learned how to depend on the unseen and unlimited within you.  Your Soul has a fundamental property that when aligned with your mind give you impact, intelligence, and effectiveness.  Its fundamental property is to be saibhang—a self-illumined, aware and radiant identity of God.  It is not subject to anything.  This has been a known fact, explored and experienced for centuries.  The Soul is a slave to none.  In fact, everything else is subject to the Soul and connected through Its projection.  So if you call on that and dwell in that, it works where no logic, reason, or mental intrigue can….

This is the key to training the mind.  Use the mind to project to and stay at a point beyond the mind’s own nature.  When your mind stays with the self-illumined Soul within you, then all pains and suffering disappear and your Presence radiates and works.  If you try to train your mind by confronting your ego and desire, it only causes pain.  Train the mind by directing it to confront your unlimited Soul.  The mind will be elevated, and you will be elevated.  That consistent projection and training is called a permanent state of bliss.

p. 119

Success, happiness, and constant prosperity are the result of mastering the mind. 

The mind exists as a servant to your Soul. 

When the mind is aligned with the Soul, each thought that is stimulated from the intellect to eventually manifest into life is perceived and acted on with clarity and reality.  You will be happy and fulfilled in your life.


From Siri-Gian Kaur

It is an art to be really happy and truly content!  And as Yogi Bhajan has explained, if your mind is living from its intrigues of worries, fears, calculations based on past events, and all other conditioning, then you will never be happy!

On the other hand, your everyday or ego mind can consciously makes that little jump to connect with Soul in your “meditative mind.”  That is where you can depend on Soul’s wisdom and total love for you.  Japji describes listening to your Soul as “Sunniai”.   Then when you trust what you hear from Soul, that is “Mannai” for every little and big thing, that is when happiness and contentment ensure.  When you listen to and follow Soul, your Destiny unfolds.

As Yogi Bhajan said, fighting with your mind only brings more pain.  The only practical relief is to live in the Consciousness of your Soul, by switching from your worries, fears, etc. to the actual condition of your meditative mind, which can be done in an instant.  And then listen to the amazing succinct and cozy communication from your own Soul through the apparatus of your intuition—your phone line to your Soul.  That communication comes through your Self-sensory system, and you may receive Soul’s guidance through the experience of any of the following:  words in your mind, seeing, knowing, sensations in your body, and even tasting and smelling, plus more.  These are all of your senses on a very subtle level.  What extraordinary Beings we are when we live from Soul!

 You can learn to live from your Soul!


Everything You Have Been Told Is W-R-O-N-G!

August 2, 2016 & July 24, 2012

This article is originally called “Live Consciously Conscious”  from “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD, Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, 1998, pp. 111-113.  Used with permission.  Order this book at

You are nothing but a potential living Consciousness.  Your basic necessity, the drive of your elemental self is to become a practical, grassroots, living Consciousness—potential living Consciousness to practical living Consciousness.  Everything else you have been told so far is totally W-R-O-N-G!

You are not a body, not a mind, not a Soul, not God, and definitely not a devil.  Every normal person thinks, imagines, and projects their mind.  You ultimately identify with your mind and become dependent.  The reality is that you should not depend on your mind.  Instead, you should project from the point of view of your Consciousness.

You have been so trained and brainwashed that you can’t relate to yourself as a living Consciousness.  You do not even have the concept.  If you do not depend directly on your Consciousness, you are not You at all.  When you are not You in the beginning and core of each action, then there is nothing you can do which will be true, and there is nothing you can do which can make you happy.

Perhaps you do not understand one fundamental fact: you, as a living Consciousness are subject to time and space.  This is s split.

You depend on the mind, but you cannot rely on it.  It takes a thought and magnifies it, twists it left and right, and creates many short cuts, illusions, dreams, and temptations.  It creates a mirage, and asks you to work on it!  It will put you deep into that pit, and then you don’t have a chance.  The mind is too fast.

That is the problem with you.  You always want to take the chance.  Then you suffer and get desperate and take another chance and suffer even more.  It is endless, seductive, and tragic.  If you do not find that ground where you and your mind can meet, you become nothing but a suffering man.

Now, I have nothing against a suffering man.  He is okay.  He is worth your friendship and you should take him to dinner.  The problem will be that the center of all that suffering is emptiness, a big heap of mental poop.  Worse yet, it is half-digested poop!

Think of a time when you rushed through lunch.  Your mind was already done with the lunch and on to business.  But your mouth has not finished chewing, breaking the food into small bits, bathing those bits in digestive fluids, and preparing the rest of your system to receive them.  The result was a stomach-ache, half-digested food, and bad smells.  You and your mind must meet.  If you rush ahead of your time and space, if you depend on the shortcuts your mind projects, your life will be half digested, and you will carry a bad smell.

You will not deliver your Destiny—the inner urge to BE and be YOU.  Then you won’t make any sense to yourself or to anyone else….

In the end, what will be the impact, the reality, and the legacy? 

You produce a life full of things, but you are absent.  It is a life with no juice, no essence, no heart, and no reality.  It lacks confidence, penetration, and impact.  The mind was given to you to relate to Infinity, and Consciousness was given to you to live.  If you react and project mentally, and then depend on that, you as you are just zero[i].  Anything multiplied by zero will become zero.  With this habit even your elemental personality will eventually become zero and leave no trace.

Your mind acts through three Functional Minds, each with its own form and characteristics:  Negative, Positive, and Neutral.  With these Functional Minds, you mind will push and pull you anyway it wants.  Your mind can trick you and create mazes that you can’t believe.  It can take away all your physical, personal, and spiritual pride[ii].  It can drag you like a dead rat, and you will not know it.  It can make you feel belittled.  The mind, in one second, can swing you from the North Pole to the South Pole.  It can make you see things that are totally irrelevant or insignificant as the only important facts in your life.  The mind is more powerful than your estimate, more than you can think, imagine, or even feel.  This blind spot happens because whatever your ego feels, the mind interprets it, expands it, and shrinks it.  The mind, faster than fast, automatically interprets each feeling according to its own frequency and according to the chakra it is relating to.

You are human beings.  Why do you have to act like desperate idiots?  Why?  It is not a requirement.  It is not a necessity.  The nub of the problem is you do not have the habit to relate to Conscious consciously.  You need to build in a habit for the Conscious living.  This is a great and practical truth, a basic principle in Humanology:  when you relate to Consciousness, your neuroses will fall away.  No one who starts to relate to Consciousness can be neurotic at all.  What is it like to live as a neurotic?  Neurotic people are angry people.  Neurotic people are deceitful.  They lie.  They act unfriendly, and they are often merciless. 

When you interlock with your mind and become neurotic, it is a complicated affair.  There are 36 other qualities that invalidate and disqualify you as a Conscious being.  Your anger and ego get stuck together.  That is the usual way you become neurotic.  You can change this. 

When you bring your Soul and your will together, you become Conscious.  It is all You and it is all about You.  When you live Consciously, you make a choice.  That choice has to be valid and fully from the heart: a choice without duality and with complete clarity.  Then you direct your mind—your head—to act on it.  You direct your mind to commit and go for the goal you choose.

This is a way of living.  It is a relationship to your mind from your Consciousness….

Then mind exists as a servant to your Soul!  (p. 119)



[i] Zero.  This does NOT refer to the Zero-Point, or Shuniya.  Here, it means “nothing.”

[ii] Pride.  In this case, this word is used as “confidence” and “self-knowledge.”



July 17, 2012

From Yogi Bhajan’s lecture called “Communication is Personality:  The Art of Suggestion” from the book “Man to Man”, Kundalini Research Institute, PO Box 1819, Santa Cruz, NM 87567, copyright 2008, pages 186 to 187.  Article used with permission.  Book, including Kindle and Nook versions is available at . 

To create success as a human being, you must know how to talk, why you talk, when you talk, and what you talk.  You must know what you are conveying.  You believe that you can say things and get away with it.  If you are angry, you want to talk angrily.  If you are unhappy, you want to communicate your unhappiness.  If you are freaked out, you want to create your freak out.  If you are lovey-dovey, you want to communicate that.  Actually, all you’re doing is communicating your mood.  You are not communicating yourself.  It is simple to communicate yourself, just say, “I love you, but I am angry.  I am not in a position to tell you why at this time, but I’ll talk to you later.”  At least this way, you protect your personality, and you don’t communicate your anger.  The result of this kind of communication is that the other person will always trust you.

Communication is personality.  “C” is “P.”  Communication is not mood.  Everybody has been taught to talk ineffectively.  Whenever you talk, communicate.  Learn this—this is all you have to practice and understand.  When you communicate, you communicate your personality.  If you are an honest person, communicate that honesty.  If you are a spiritual person, communicate your success.  But never communicate through the channel of mood.  Mood is never good.  Even good mood is not good.  This is because when you are in a good mood you will say things that in a neutral mood you would not mean, and it will come back to you.  This doesn’t mean that you should not talk when you are in a good mood, but don’t talk through the mood….

Mood is no good.  Mood is no good at all.  Even good mood is no good at all.  It will overextend you.  Convey neither good nor bad mood.  Convey yourself, your personality: when personality is communicated, it becomes Self.  Self is divinity, positivity, creativity, success and influence.  Influence comes to you when you communicate, I am myself.  You are yourself.  I want myself to know yourself and yourself to know myself.”  I don’t care about your damn mood!  Understand this once and for all.  I don’t want your mood to be the friend of my mood.  Moods are moods, they are not friends.  “I love you (because I’m in a good mood).”  Who are you?  Who are you dealing with?  Who is dealing with whom?  Actually, nobody is dealing with anybody, because there’s no relationship.  There’s no mutual trust.

Life is a mutual trust.  Success comes when you create a real relationship of mutual trust.  Success is equal to mutual trust.  Mutual trust has nothing to do with mood.  Just let the mood go.  Say it: Mooooood.  Again:  Mooooooooood.  Say it enough that you will remember it.  Understand that as you say it, you are becoming lighter.  You need to lighten up your mood because it has a very heavy effect on your personality.  It makes you crazy.  Moodiness is crazy.  Anyone whether he is a millionaire or a pauper, who deals with life through mood is guaranteed to be unhappy….

You are a human being.  You have a personality.  You have a Self.  Personality and Self—you are a personality.  You have a Self.  Personality and Self—you are a personality and a Self.  The Self is always for you and you are for your Self.  If your mood comes in-between you and your Self, you are gone.  It is no good.  When mood comes between you and your Self, it ruins your relationship—your working relationship, your friendship, your changes of happiness and your chances of success. 

The consequences of mood are even greater than you imagine.  This is because although mood is temporary, the damage of mood is permanent.  One damage, two damages, five damages, twenty damages, until finally the self becomes totally sore, bleeding, and sick. 

You are all wise, you are all intelligent, you are all intuitive; there is no dearth of that.  If somebody tells me I am making you wise, I know the person is moody.  How do you get a person out of a mood?  First, don’t speak loudly and harshly.  Your personality is beautiful so you should speak beautifully.  Be careful of your tone.  A harsh tone has the effect of a machine gun at your ear: Fire! Fire! Fire!  Rat-a-tat-tat!  Never, ever speak like that.  Second, never say what you need to say right away.  Introduce yourself.  “May I have your attention?”  “Would you please give me a minute?”  You need to break your approach into three parts:  Speak moderately, neither too loud nor too low; introduce yourself; then say what you have to say.  Say it to communicate, not to gain an effect or specific outcome.

The biggest communication blunder that you make is communicating for effect.  This comes from your moodiness.  When you open communication that way, the other person communicates to reject.  You communicate to affect; the other person communicates to reject.  That’s why life is such a hassle for you.  No matter how weak the other person is, when you communicate to gain an effect, he feels that you are looking for a certain response, he thinks you want something from him.  When this happens, he becomes defensive and rejects you.  The right of self-defense is ingrained in every individual, so speak moderately and the, if you want to win, speak suggestively:  I could say, “Would you please listen to me? If all of us can understand our own abilities and pool them together, we can have a good day tomorrow.”  Or, I can say, “Hey you bunch of idiots, let’s pool our strength and get going.”  It’s the same thing.  It is absolutely the same thing.  But if I am direct, three people are going to say, “Sir, what you say is right, but we have our own plans for tomorrow.”

Nobody is a freak, but we freak everybody out when we are direct.  The reaction is not to what we say, but how we say it.  Be suggestive:  speak suggestively.

“I think we can be successful.”


“It is really not difficult at all.”
“Well, what do you want to say?”

“Not anything much.”

“Well, what is it?”

“Ah, I have a very wonderful, perfect idea of success.   It just came to me.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m not talking about hell or heaven.  I’m talking about success right here on Earth.”


“Well, I’m not sure you will like my ideas.”

“Try it!”

“Well, wait a minute, it’s not . . . “

“Just tell me.  I’ll do it!”

“Well, no.  No, just understand that . . .  Aren’t we friends?”

“Yeah.  Come on!”

“Do you think you can understand?”
“Hey, man, come out with it!”

“No.  We’ll go for a walk tomorrow, and then we’ll talk it out.”

You can appreciate what is being done.  One person is trying to establish a contact of the Self.  When you talk for effect, this is the sound you make:  “Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap.”  This yapping sound upsets the balance in the middle ear.  It sounds as if a duck is quacking in your ear.  Then the brain sends the signal, “Get rid of that duck.”  The Chinese cook it.  The Indians boil it.  The British steam it.  Duck is duck.  It doesn’t matter how wonderful you are, you are a human being and not a duck.  I’m giving practical, positive, suggestive advice.  If you hurt my middle ear, do you think I will give you kisses in return?  If you want to be successful, take my advice:  Use a moderate tone of voice, introduce yourself, speak suggestively….