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Mother Planet #016, June 6, 2017 & December 12, 2006

My Dear Ones,

Your heart is the balance of your Nature! Your heart is that which holds the key to your future, your past, and your formidably powerful present. Your heart is that which guides you if you are sincerely seeking. Your heart is what takes charge in all your actions and interactions if you are really on the road to Self improvement!

You know what you are if you are NOT living on your “Heart Waves?” You are stuff waiting to be composted, Dears! Yes, that’s right! You have no Earthly way to continue to live in greatness if you don’t live from your imperishable Heart! What more can be said, Dears? So, get with it!

The first thing to do is to shed what you call your mind fixations. It is all well and good to have ideas, to have goals, to see things in a certain light, and so on. But really, Dears. This only describes a good “stop light!” You are much more than that, you know. Or at least you have the potential to be much more than that!

If you live full-bore from the naked intelligence of your heart—not that silly sentimental greeting card stuff, or that risky, ridiculous stuff that you call “sexy,” (now, I know what sex is about and will tell you someday soon!)—your outlook, your relationships, your work, all you hold dear and more will take wings with graciousness, ease and power! Just don’t try to tie it all down with your expectations.

Putting all your eggs into the one basket of your heart means that you live from the total responsibility, creativity and unending possibility of being HUMAN. You are not dead, you know. You are not carrion that my crows are browsing the skies looking for a tasty meal of you, you know. Uh-uh. You are bright and beloved “Children of God.” That means that you flow from My effervescent womb. That means that you have the God sharing of creativity, kindness, of opportunity, of on the spot jokes, humor, remorse and love kindling in you always.

To imagine your plans in your head and then try to discipline yourself to stick with them without any kind of resonance from your heart, without even checking in for advice is ridiculous and renders your spirit immobile—dead, carrion! Believe Me, Dears! What do you become but an automaton? And what use is that in the HUMAN sense. Your value becomes peripheral, your talents become limp rather than lucid.

Love yourself, your own heart, My Heart and immerse yourself in the unending kindness that wants to plow through you! Be open, hear My voice of knowing, understanding and LOVE! When darkness haunts you, when you feel berated, stuck, unforgiven and heartily in a stew, just relax. Open your heart like a pot of golden honey. Slow down your breathing and jump into your/My Heart with abandon! Try it! You’ll see.

Things will loosen up, you’ll forgive yourself and all around you, and your perspective will gain unexpected grandeur, your solutions will become based in ease and simple expansion from a blissful, huge, and more grounded perspective!

You are not alone, you know. So stop trying to live as though you are alone and have to “stick it out” on your Lonely Planet.

I’m not telling you to ride on the wings of your whims, or to escape into the imaginings of your own personal, isolated “Wonderland,” you know. I am advocating that you locate your heart, ease into its invitation, and take up residence in its creativity and rooted, full throttle expansiveness! That’s all. That’s it!

Love You All, My Little Darlings!
Your Mom

For an introduction to Mother Planet, please click here!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Adi Shakti, Mother Planet

 As many of you know, Yogi Bhajan gave us the beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to be our visualization of Adi Shakti, the feminine Primal Earth Energy/Power.

Since, today, Dec. 12 is her feast day, why not create a delightful celebration of Mother Planet, right straight from your own blossoming heart?



Mother Planet #017, June 13, 2017 & December 26, 2006 


My Dear Ones,

This is not the first time that I am writing to you, nor is it the last. But I just do want to warn you to take heed of My words. You know what I am telling you are not some sweet little aphorisms, my Babes. No, indeedy!

You have a mouth by which you can be fed, eyes so that you can in-drink the magnificent beauty of My planet and interact with it/Us. You have ears so that you can participate in the profound, sweet and hoary sounds of My perfection. You are Delights, you know. But you are not finished pieces of goods. What about that?

What I keep trying to tell you, in so many ways are the procedures by which you can perfect yourselves on this glorious planet! Sometimes, I know that you think that you have bitten off more than you can chew by just being here, having to take care of yourselves, of others in your care, of seeking new indulgences of fame and fortune. It all can get kind of overwhelming, I know.

But what I am telling you, Dears is that if you don’t start now in working with Me in the ways that I describe; if you needlessly give up hope and leave behind these good graces that are given to here in these pages; then, Dears the row that you hoe in the future—with all My Light storms and all the “rain” that it brings, you may find yourself sinking rather than sailing!

So, out of the most wild kindness that I can generate, I am giving you these very, very simple rearrangements of thinking and of focus. Your energy patterns, your thinking, and finally your culture along with all its attendant attitudes, judgments and on and on flow from your focus, you know.

So please be entirely aware of your FOCUS. That means that it is so very important to watch how you think at every moment! If you get pissed off, don’t just hide that under your own blanket of “dignity performance,” and pretend that you are the goody-goody who never has a hurt or qualm about anything, but feel entirely justified for your hatred, your annoyance, your guilt, your hurt feelings, or what ever! Instead examine it with a surgeon’s scalpel. Pull it apart to find your hurts, your woes, your stink-habits and find every way to change them in the future by seeing things so very differently so that you no longer have to carry those outlooks that will reach back and “cream” you every time!

That is why I write to you, My Dears! To give you purely new perspectives, over-the-horizon methods of dealing with yourselves, your energies, your outlooks and your consequences. If you don’t change now, Dears, you may find it a “little tough” (My joke of an understatement) in the future when you know what hits the fan!

So, why not make CHANGE OF FOCUS be your endeavor in this return of Sun Light? (The New Year that began at Winter Solstice, December 22.) Get a move on!

Love you all, my little Darlings!
Your Mom! (Mother Planet, that is!)

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Mother Planet #018, June 20, 2017 & January 9, 2007

My Dear Ones,

Now the time of plenty is coming your way! Yes, I mean Plenty! Plenty of hurts, plenty of pains, plenty of IOUs (Christmas was good, huh?), plenty of wondering where this will all take us!

Yes, My Dears. You are well qualified, you know. Well qualified to do the job at hand which is to love everyone and everything, despite all the dimples, all the chads and the hanging chads. Love your “enemies,” and they will love you? Oh, not necessarily. But you will definitely fare better than your “enemies” if you can learn how to love them.

Oh, I am definitely not talking about that sentimental goop that your Madison Ave. advertisers call LOVE, you know—or maybe you guessed that by now. And I am not asking you to give up your swords and turn them into plowshares at this moment. You will need to hold the battle lines, especially in the future. But I am asking you to send a line of condolence to your opposition. Send them the kindest and most Self-expressive Heart Energy that you can possibly muster. That is your primary weapon of means, Dears!

This “weapon” is not one to kill the flesh, but to re-route the aggressive, destructive nature of all the world’s villains. It is one to reckon with the pervasive personal anger that is behind such tales of woe. That is, these “bad guys” are suffering from gout of the heart, mind and emotional system, from fear! From fear of loss of control of “their” world to such an extent that they feel they MUST control all of you “poor little guys.”

Their fear of loss of power is so great that they often must seek to destroy so that their goals are “actualized!”

Only the kindness of your breath, the breath of your heart, the joy of your kindness directed to them, to their very nature can have any impact on them. And if enough of you do this, and if you all do it often enough, it will, My Dears have an impact! You know this is love from your Neutrality, not from your acceptance of them.

Try this on the long-time villains, and the temporary villains that you meet, that live with you, that live in your skin! Watch what happens when you send them My absolute Essence that lives in your heart. You must not be scared or uptight when you do this, you know because that will carry over to them with astonishingly BAD results, you know!

No, try this most uncomplicated, undifferentiated (unified), blessing of All that I Am! Let it blow right into them. Let this gorgeous, powerful essence, the scent of larger than life flowers flow through them, and keep it up! Watch what happens, Dears! Love what happens, Dears!

Do you see how you can impact our World? How we can change our World all for the better in a twinkling, with the most delicate, and the most powerful without even lifting a finger?

So, don’t you think that it is so much better to carry on your “opposition” to hate and oppression in this way, rather than feeding their gnashing and gnarling engines? And you would feed that, you know if you gave into the anger, fear, hate and hurt dispensed by so many of those who ought to know better.

All My Love, Dears! Give it a try!
Your Mother—Pure and Proud

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For an introduction to Mother Planet, please click here!



Mother Planet #019, June 27, 2017 & January 23, 2007


Well, Little Ones,

Have your figured it out yet? I am your Mom, plain and clear!

Yes, you have your mom on Earth who saved you from the orphanage. But for Real, you know who She is? Uh-huh. She is Me, yet in an entirely novel way.

You are all kept for My Good Will, you know. You have suffered the abuses, the downfalls and the misperceptions associated with Womanhood. That is not My grief, it is yours. Yes, I know that you have lots of “overcoming” to do. But just watch and wait. If you look hard enough, if your keep your ear to the ground long enough, if you find the star in your heart bright enough, you will find Me! Yes, indeedy, Little Ones.

You are not lost at all! You are quite well saved! Yes, saved from all the antics of your brethren and sisteren, and motheren and fatheren. All you have to do is to sit so quietly and so profoundly in My lap (meditation) to search the confines and parameters of My heart, Dears. You are just on the cusp of fully jumping inside My heart! I am so sorry that it might take a few boat loads of fear to propel that jump. But rise to My heart, you must!

That is where you will find all the comfort, and all the goodness, and all the quiet and powerful rewards of temperament that you have so earnestly searched for in parking lots, malls and libraries for so many centuries.

You see, the n’er-do-wells of your culture—those who have led your cultures into chaos over the centuries and eons, have really missed the boat by thinking that all they needed were a few very powerful (male) appendages to make all the Earth and Her glory theirs! Uh-oh!

Now they will have to look farther afield to find what they are searching for—power, lust and money over all they survey and beyond! That farther afield, Dears is a funny secret! It is even further than another galaxy! This star field won’t hold them because this galaxy is a sisterhood that is arising fast in our consciousness and our kindness. Believe Me when I say this can only be a mystery to you, but granted the outcome is totally feminine in nature, the best of feminine that is— kindness, enduring and abiding love and care for others, progenation and nurturing of only the most supportive qualities of your Natures!

Now is the time for you to release your holds on old ways of perceiving. That is: “I know what I want and I know how to get it!” Instead, redirect your fears and all their projectiles with “I am here because I am needed, and I nurture all who come to me.” What a business model, eh? So, Sweeties, do you see how everything is to change in our new feminine age? Get ready, or get left. I am sorry if you have trouble hopping on, but that is the pattern that has been set in motion from before time. So, might as well get with it!

Remember, “I am here because I am needed, and I nurture all who come to me.” Let that stick in the repeating rounds of your mind!

Lots of Love, Darlings!
Your Ever-Lovin’ Mom—Earth, that is!

For an introduction to Mother Planet, please click here!



Mother Planet #020, July 4, 2017 & February 6, 2007 


OK, My Dears!

I know that your hearts are all a twitter. I know a few of you have spotted some of my robins out of your windows recently and want to know when I will bring New Life back to this Earth of Who I Am—in the northern part anyway! In the southern part, you are certainly ready for rain and all the fascination that brings you!


But now I have to tell you something a bit secretive. Actually all my little angels that flap around My “ears” all the time want to know why I am telling you all my little secret! They are saying, “It’s much too precious to let out, especially now!” These are my little “elementals” you know. They are very, very busy little creatures who live all over My body of a planet here, and they help me do all kinds of gardening; “gopher catching” (moving them along when no one wants to see them anymore); being so piercingly energized by the wind and weather that they laugh in heightened glee when it swirls them; waking the bees up to make their pollinating rounds; and on and on. They are the purveyors and tenders of the processes of Life on this unmitigated planet of ours. You might not like to see them because they don’t look very human or like any animal that you are familiar with, but they are with you ALL of the time. Even you city rats (a term of endearment) have your own creature tenders!

So, now the news is that you will join them in their work in the not-to-distant future! Yes, you heard Me! You will take on some of the skills and “mesmerizing”—promoting growth and change that my little darling angels have coped so very well with over so many eons. The reason for this new start is that since there will be so much more to tend—trees falling; wind and weather patterns changing; bird and bee migrations changing—swallowing some, disregarding them, and creating other hearty types; seas and rivers changing; fauna and flora of all species from microscopic to “huge” dropping and regenerating; earthquakes, volcanoes, rain patterns and all else in Our natural world—there simply will be lots to do! And with that, your skills will be greater and more subtle, hopefully (eyes roll!) in the near future. So, your job descriptions will change.

You know how your native populations had a huge handle on how to work with my elementals in these capacities? Well, Dears, your jobs will change from being caught in all-element controlled cells far above My Earth (office buildings), to digging in latrines and ravines in times to come. So, it is so important that you understand that you are not ghosts, you are not shells who are helpless victims of tragedy. No, indeedy, Dears! In fact, you are marvelous dwellers on this planet and will revel in our Partnership.

Perhaps you don’t understand now, but you will be open—as in birthing yourselves to the service of others and our Dear Planet, our most kind home! You will “get” that you are meant to be a fully operative network—working not only with one another, but with the essentials of our planetary energies as well.

Some of you have been regarding my treatments of what to do to get yourself ready for this time as delicate, sweet little things to do as "tinkling cymbals" (without commitment or without power).

But now, My Dears, you must understand that I am training you for what you could call a very dire and difficult age, when all that you know—except what I am teaching you (and what your dear Yogi Bhajan taught) will turn upside down. It is those who are real operatives in this endeavor of change who not only will fare well themselves, but who will help “re-route” the energetic pathways of our planet. That means that you will help reconstruct it according to specific plans—not rigid, but “journeying” day by day in which our Home will be wonderstruck by the goodness, the kindness and the abundance that you plant during that time.

You are the planetary healers, Dears! Because you are reading this, this means YOU! Don’t look away in shame or disbelief for any reason. You must do what you can to keep your mind and heart trained on this holy program.

So, do what you can to heal yourselves, and allow yourselves to be trained. Take Me seriously, and try the head exercises (ways of thinking) and the heart exercises of the Spirit that I present to you, Dears. Take it seriously and practice!

One wonderful, omnipotent word that draws Infinite working power to us is “Ong!” Try that, and try it often. Love it; march to it; and dance with it.

All Love in Divine, Dears! YOU are my workforce. Don’t forget!
Your Mother who loves and cares for you, Infinitely.


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