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Mother Planet #041, november 28, 2017 & November 27, 2007


Oh, My Sweet Ones,

Where have you been all My Life?

"Of course," you say. "This is not an impertinent game of hide and seek! You know very well where I am, Mom! What's wrong with You?"


Ha, hah! Now, I've got you, My Dears! You think that I should know where you are, but do you know where I am--REALLY AM?

Now, I've got you thinking, right? I am not up your sleeve, and I am not down your collar. In fact, I am not "anywhere" because I am "everywhere!" You see, I have lost you underfoot because you are so close to Me.

No, this is not a game. This is a dead serious line of questioning and reckoning. I want you to follow My line of "reasoning" so that you can detect just "where" to find Me when your Essence changes, and it will!

Your "Essence" is that finest of materials, the "lokas," or that God-Desire for creation of all that grows on my convenient little planet. It is the "call for the tattvas" to commence their creation like busy little beavers. I am talking about the absolute basic magnetic material of your consciousness that calls all creation into being, and into balance or imbalance.

You, see, all could be "perfect" as you would like to have it, but your consciousness, your group consciousness is not tied on straight enough to bring that to reality's door right now. That means that you need to get really, doubly serious about what it is that you want for your life. Am I talking about a new car, a house in Bermuda with blue waves lapping at your beach?

No, Dears, I am not. I am talking about honest to goodness PEACE and goodness for all. Let me say that again--PEACE and goodness for all. That is the stripped down, very original and essential flight of fancy that most of my human generations have had for themselves, their lineages, their closest associates, and now a-days for the whole planet of beings since you all are so able to keep tabs on each other all around.

So, the car and the house are just personal, limited substitutes or aberrant definitions of this deep, caustic cry for good will towards humanity and all your minions--earth, sky, animals, plant life, and angel existence in the sphere of our sweet Planet. What you cry for in so many short sighted ways are PEACE and comfort for all.

Well, you are going to be faced with figuring out that very deep and very aboriginal cry very soon. So, please spend some time now peeling away the layers of your thoughts and desires that do not address that essential profoundly still water that is not touched by the hurricanes and tornadoes that ruffle its surface. From primordial times, you are now bound down to find and tell the truth of your longing. Start now, before all your personal fantasies of longing for imagined, shortsighted personal PEACE are ripped from you.

Start now to visit that perfect stillness, to allow your perfect essence to grow from its embryo state to capture the foundation of what you, in all your Universal history are meant to be--PEACE. When all is stripped from human nature, there is only left PEACE.

Go for it, NOW, head over heels, raucously, without reservation! Throw out the small stuff of life, and demand the essence--the absolute joy of PEACE!

All Love for and from your Divinity, Dears!

Your Mother who bears you, and pushes your butts to change, get the Truth--NOW!
Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2017 & 2007.



Mother Planet #042, December 3, 2017 & December 11, 2007


My Dear Ones,

Here are a few things that I would like you to do and to be aware of:

Do not curl up and suck your thumb when you face the fear of your responsibility to Me, to other humans, other beings and the land that you "think" that you hold so dear. You are not immune to the catastrophes of Nature, you know. So it is best if you stay alert and "listen" to how you may best--in your very best consciousness know how to work with My Nature in which you are engulfed, and in which you are created, Dears!


Now, this is a call to nourish your forgiveness of those who don't "get it" and do their best to spoil everyone and everything in their way for the sake of their own spoils and pillaging. And next is to stop those very ragamuffins of puny consciousness in their tracks! And you stop them by dragging on their coattails and contradicting every un-worthwhile shred of "evidence" that they fabricate and float your way, Dears!

That means to learn constantly so you know just what is really wrong, and what is true so that you can discern the helpful vs. the harmful. You will be acquitted for all your mistakes that were made out of a loving consciousness, but those who make up horse hockey for the sake of blinding you from the truth--such as "oil interests" will have a hard time Self-acquitting when the time comes.

So, Dears--open your precious consciousnesses and find the Truth about all. Then you can begin to create alternatives, as you must! Bicycle, walk, telecommute, heat your homes with our Father Sun, care for the Earth to save not only endangered species, but all species! Don't you and your kindred want to thrive?

Don't let your food, or that of our precious animals, plants, waters and mountains--both tall and flat be poisoned, because My Dears, when you do, you are fabricating species who cannot live, and must perish on our gorgeous Planet, you know? It is not that I am unforgiving, but it is the crap/poison that you unknowingly ingest that is unforgiving! Only "organic suffices," and sometimes even that doesn't hit the mark!

Be wise, Sweethearts and know the Truth, teach the Truth, and don't be daunted by the pervasive activity of unTruth. Know Who you are, stand up for your Selves and each other, and dance your wise dance of Truth on our Planet. I'll play the music and you dance! OK?

All Love to You, My Darlings,

Your Mother--plain and straight!




Get All You Want! 

Mother Planet #043, December 12, 2017 & December 25, 2007


My Sweet Ones!

Today you celebrate one of My True Masters! And please don't tell Me who I can or cannot celebrate!

He is a True Master of Mine because he knew where his head was at, and he knew where his heart was at. He didn't get confused in picayune rituals and choices--neither in having tons of them, or in having none of them!


You know, that's where you get off track, My Dears. You "think" that you know just what you are doing. You defy all Planetary knowledge by doing just what you want to do. That, you say is exercising the greatest gift of Freedom--using your Free Will.

But when will you finally realize that that is not how you really get your FREEDOM, My Darlings? With this freedom of choice aren't you looking for contentment, kindness, joy and happiness?

Have all your freely made choices led you to real, lasting happiness?


Well, so here's another take on FREEDOM. You have the choice to live by your Soul, you know. You have the choice to actually be a downright servant to your Soul--your God Self! You have the choice to follow every action, every thought, every bit of good will that ever runs through your body and mind by taking the direction of your Soul at every turn! Oh, yes, Dears!!

When you do that, when you get up the juices to love every thought and action that your very own Soul-- the really essential, most unique, gregarious, pleasant, strong, verbal/visual/somatic, creative, all-knowing, unending, total blessedness of Whoever you are, then the burdens lift. Then no matter what is happening, the heart-sinking fades. The bliss blossoms! The quietness, the stillness of mind commences to give you nothing but sweet contentment. That's where joy lives, My Sweet Ones!

So, how about regarding this day as the birth of your living your honest-to-goodness, sweetness of Heart and Soul! Line up for Real Freedom, Darlings! Why would you settle for anything less?

Please take all that I have to give you--and that is "listening to" and "living from" that "Big One," that GOD of Who you are! Why do you think that you'll find happiness--I mean the real, lasting and bottomless brand of happiness if you don't follow your Soul at every second? Oh, no Babies. Tis the season! Live It, Love It, and Pray It--your dadgum Soul, that is! Now that's what I'm talking about!

All Love to you, Sweethearts,

Your Lovin' Mama--Earth, that is!




Mother Planet #044, December 19, 2017 & January 15, 2008


My Dear Ones,

Have you heard Me complain before?

Oh, no! I don't complain, My Dears! I only beg, shout, instruct, cajole and push you all to do what is so very necessary to take care of you, Darlings!

So, here we go again!

Have you ever noticed that there is no time when I am not around? That means that you are never motherless, doesn't it? You are always taken care of, yet you so often feel left out, bereft and forgotten. Not so, Sweet Ones!

You are My own inventions, you know? So, how could I possibly dessert you? We are living this life, this plane together--hand in hand, Soul in Soul. How could we possibly be separated? Can you answer Me that?

Now that we have that straight, let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?


Now we know that you can't get rid of Me- -not even if you were flying off in space in one of your space ships. You are of Me and I am of you--that's that!

So why do you cry, and shake, and look so down-in-the-mouth when separation from your most Divine and loving Mother is absolutely impossible? Consequently, you are never alone, you are never bereft of hope in the present and the future. You are not lost!

You may be given to paroxysms of fear and insecurity that keep the actual Truth obscured from your mind and your imagination. All that comes from habits of lifetimes of wallowing in silly illusions, and being totally horn-swaggoled into mistaking untruth for Truth!


So, why don't you quit that just now, Darlings? After all, that absurd way of not seeing Me, not talking with Me, avoiding Me, avoiding my gifts, blessings, kindness, lessons and free-flowing love for you only makes you nervous and fretful. So, why do you insist on banking on sand and not the Real Thing, Sweet Ones?

Instead, grasp the bull by the you-know-whats and jump into the reality that I am always here for you!!! Relax and call My name--be that Mother Planet, Adi Shakti, Primal Earth Power, Mother of All, Divine Goddess, Earth Mother, Blessed Mother, Mother Nature, Prakirti--whatever moniker you want to use. Just relax and look around at what is available to you!

Do you remember those seeking games you played when you were little? You knew that there was always a clue available to you? Well, it is the very same now! There is always support, knowledge, hugs, love, caring, opportunities, lessons and whatever else you need. But the trick is that you can't look down at your shoes and forget about Me, only dialing into your own misfortune. Oh no, you need to clear your windshields of the mud you have thrown up in your vision field.

Then just relax and call on Me! Tell me your whole story! I am very, very patient, you know. And let me love you! I swear some of you have armor thicker than my little armadillos! Melt your armor, let loose your own sweet self that you have sheltered in the cave of your doubts so long that your sight has disappeared, and rest deeply in My bosom. Give Me your cares, and I will give you My comforts if you let Me--IF YOU LET ME! Then when you finally receive My love, you can begin to shine the spot light on the gifts that I give you at every moment, being grateful, grateful for them. And then begin to ascertain how to put those gifts together to build a life of unimaginable grace, kindness and holiness.

So, don't be attached to that "dream" of what you think you need to achieve that happiness, that "solid goal"! Instead, stay with Me and discover what miracles of Life we can conjure together! That will be better than anything you could come up with by yourself. Believe Me, it's True! Try it!

I Love You, My Sweet Ones!

Your Very Loving Mother--Earth, that is!




Mother Planet #045, December 26, 2017 & March 11, 2008


It has been so long since we talked! I feel as though I have been dormant through your winter snows and summer droughts for not having talked with you, Dears.

So, now this is what I would like for you to cogitate on.

We are at peace, even in wartime. Now you may think that odd, but just move with Me on this.


We are One on this Planet--this holy microcosm of the gigantic macrocosm. We think, we eat, we play, we inform ourselves and others, we raise our children, we grow our food, we ignite to action and we slow our bellies' appetites for war in similar ways. These movements over time can be graphed and charted by anyone who cares to. There are periodic upsurges for war, for change, for hurt and for help. Then there are swings to cooling, to helping, to manifesting what we have sown in the dark ages to transform to the Light ages.

There is no stopping the ball from bouncing first off one wall of extreme and then the other in all of our human consciousness, although the apparent time intervals may vary sharply--from a few seconds to a few centuries, depending on the area of inclusion, from a single person's mind to the collective mind of whole cultures.

Now, my Dears, look at what is happening around you! War engages hearts and minds at the global level, the business level and the personal level. When was the last time you felt that you were having a personal war?


If you would personally like to engage yourself and your whole private life in PEACE--utter PEACE; and if you would like to consciously do your part to magnetize our precious Planet's kindness and commodious undertaking, our collective cooperation on the most refined and mutable level, then My Dear Ones, this is the time that you must hunt for PEACE! That means look for the deepest PEACE within you. It is there, even if your life is shattered and in shreds, PEACE does live within you, I promise!

Move deeply, categorically and courageously to your own island of PEACE! Search for your PEACE deep in meditation to find your own Soul, your very own Soul--and you all have One, you know. Then relish being in Its sweet, Divine Presence, pure PEACE. There is nothing in this Universe that can top that experience, and it is totally available to you!

Then, My Dears, deeply memorize that PEACE, that state of Being, and carry it with you at every turn, every adventure, every breath in your everyday life. This you can do! Do not argue with Me on this, just please try it. It is quite simple actually to switch your consciousness, which may be wretched, insecure, hurt, and in any other way crumpled or shallow to the immense state of PEACE. And you know where it resides because you have discovered it in meditation, and you can simply and easily move over into it any time you want. You just have to remember and go through your conscious door to reside in PEACE!

As you do this more and more regularly, your life will change for PEACE, no matter what the complexities are that are thrown at you, your environments--your participation with your family, friends, work associates, etc. will change for PEACE. And you will definitely affect the collective of human consciousness! Yes, My Dears, you will do that! So simple, so calm and so PEACEful.

One caveat: If in your meditation, you smack up against your own worst difficulties, just courageously continue to meditate to allow all that crap to move out, no matter how unsavory the experience of it is, until it is gone. That's how you uncork your hidden PEACE!

So, don't forget now! Try it and get to work! War to PEACE--that is our aim and that is our reality. Please, oh please don't whine or pass this over for lack of belief. Try it out with all your awareness and make a habit of it. Then, I'll bet you that you will find all you are looking for in your life! Yes, that's a big promise, but an even bigger outcome. No fooling, Sweet One!

Your Honest and Square Mom
(Mother Earth, that is!)

Your Personal Health Giver Who Loves You So Very, Very Much!


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