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So Simple, So Close!
January 9, 2018 & April 8, 2008

My Dear Ones,

Don't you know the Truth that sweeps through your Life, that is ALL your Life?

There is Truth in everything that occurs--from the Universal to the very specific. What is, is True. And that's all there is to it!

The problem is that so many times, humans choose to have "Short Vision," that is a fabricated understanding of Truth. That is a clueless perception of what is actually, really going on! The human Short Vision chooses to see according to its own make-up, its own needs, wants and desires that are far, far more limited than the reality of the situation.

So, you excuse yourselves by saying, "But our very small little minds can't comprehend the Infinite in all Its manifestations and permutations!" But, you see, that is a wicked and small thing to say, oh My Dears! That is just such a cop out.


Now, lend me your ears, you Sweet Ones. Just listen to the wind. Is that easy? All you have to do is to be attentive, neutral and listen. Right? Now, look at the sky. What a simple and normal act, right? Why aren't you freaked by the enormity of it? Why aren't you stumped by its ever-changing patterns?

Because you are used to it? Well, Dear "Feeling Ones," I have news for you. Tuning into Truth is just as easy, if not more so. And the reason why is that sometimes the wind doesn't blow so you can't hear it. And sometimes the sky is dark so you can't see it.


But, guess what? TRUTH at any level with all its ramifications, permutations and coziness--yes, I did say coziness--also what you call LOVE is always available to you, oh My Little Chicadees!

And it is not something abstract or involved because you only get the piece that you need at the moment. And you do get it! You and your life are wrapped up in Truth, but so often you avoid noticing the "water that you are swimming in," and that is Truth--a kind of crystalline matrix of creation-totally vibrant, interactive and cozy!


Now, I am going to whisper to you the Truth of a lifetime! You can access Truth anytime you want. Oh, yes! All you have to do is switch into that frequency. Oh, so simple that it gets cloaked somehow in being oh, so hard! What a debacle humanity has created for itself.

Now, I am going to give you a hint. The very most personal Being of Truth is your very own Soul. Surprised? Well, please get used to it! There is nothing so dear, supportive and conscious--the well-spring of Truth is your dear, beloved Soul!

So, if you click here, you can see the very easy steps you can take to just be in the lap of your most kind and helpful Soul-- Real Truth, just for the turn of the dial on your consciousness! So, now that you know, please never fret that Truth is beyond your grasp--because It never is. Get through that human short-sighted vision. Unlimited Truth/your Soul is yours at every breath. Just tune in, Sweeties!

Love You!
Your Mom-Earth that is!


Let Your Mom Whisper to You!
January 16, 2018 & May 6, 2008

Oh My Dear Ones,

How I have been waiting to talk to you again, My Dears! So, don't turn a deaf ear on me now!

I want to tell you a story about what is concerning Me these days. It is that you all are still worrying about "progress," or whatever that means for you.


Do you think that making lots more money is going to control the outcome of your efforts here in the upcoming future? Do you actually believe that you can still live by producing exportable goods, and living on imports? Haven't you heard that I am giving up the ghost when it comes to My vast "oil reserves"? Haven't you brought to mind that things are going to change, and change pretty fast?

Now, just because I say that, I definitely don't expect you to jump into fear! After all, where can you run to? There is nowhere else other than Me--your very gorgeous, beautiful, supportive, friendly and prosperous planet Earth, My Sweet Ones. Even when your astronauts go flying out to "space," they are still tethered to Me, are they not?

Well, now the very first thing to do is to let go of your fears! Let go of the wasting, the wanting, the hoping, the hurting. Know that you will be provided for if indeed you first let go of that debilitating, deadly emotion you call FEAR!

Next, you have to tune into Me, you know? You have to turn on My channel and listen to what I have to tell you. How would it be if your emergency channel on your radio were broadcasting the very best information to you, but you were too distracted by your fear of the situation to just turn the dial to that station? Hmmm?

You do this when you don't listen to Me, Dear Ones! You block out the very most nourishing information that you could ever have. And I am always whispering directly into your ear with your own solutions-- fantastic solutions if you don't mind me saying so!

Now, this girl who is writing this letter out for you has posted the method for you to use to get to Me. It is for accessing your Soul, but don't tell her, it also works for contacting Me as well--our little secret! (Click here to get that page.)

Just get yourself all cozy, relax and listen to Me whisper to you! Don't you know that I love you Infinitely? Then stay with Me, trust Me and let's have fun doing things together, OK?

How about trying it now? Now is a really good time!

Then keep it up for the rest of your life, especially when fear hits. Just sit really still, and slide that noisy, unruly fear over to the other side of your seat, hold My hand and let your Mom whisper real, sweet, dependable love, support and solutions! And don't balk if they seem really, really creative, either! True!

All My Love to You,

Your Kindness, Your Mother, Your Planet Earth!


Die in My Arms!

Mother Planet #048

January 23, 2017 & June 3, 2008

My Dear Sweet Darlings,

I have just found a new secret for you, Little Puppies! I have just found that when you hold your breath--your eyes, your nose and your heart turn blue! So, I would just like you to try this for a minute or two.

You know what will happen, of course! You will feel as though you are dying! You will feel as though you are leaving this lovely Planet all at once. You will realize that you are surrendering into My arms, you very precious Pipsqueak! Now if you try this, you will actually give yourself a brief cleansing of your blood cells. They will expand with oxygen and then they will give off the sweetest fragrance, that of electrolized execution, similar to the smell of the air after a thunderstorm or a lightening strike!

On the other hand, if you would just like to think about this experiment without actually doing it, you can also get quite a bit of realization, you know? But the actual experiment is really so much more graphic and dire!

So, if you just think about it, understand that with every breath you are surrendering into My very arms. I am here to catch you at every breath, at every molecule of rejuvenating oxygen. Don't you know that as you consciously die to Me at every second, at every millisecond, then you reap the vitality of Life!

Maybe it sounds gruesome, but My Dears, it is so very true! At every moment, surrender your All to Me. That means every problem, every feeling of discontent, every hurt, pain and limitation, every loss, every desire, every hope. Don't forget, now!

Also surrender every greatness, every inspiration, every blast of wonder, every fortnight of love and pleasure, every assurance that all is going well, every assuaging news that keeps you lulled in clouded consciousness. You see as you do all that, you come to Me in the very most naked neutrality so that I can keep you, love you, nourish you, support you and provide you every upliftment! Share All with Me, give all to Me, Sweet Ones.

No, this does not make you zombies! Far from it!

Instead you let go all the short, tight boundaries and constrictions that give you such problems, that make you feel alone and abandoned, and keep you hitched down to the point that you cannot unlock yourselves to receive that infernal, internal, eternal JOY that I can spring forth in you if you just untangle yourself and let Me do My job! And my job is to sow this outrageous, all permeating Beauty in any and all spaces that have been weeded of this limiting tightness! That's All! That's ALL!

Won't we have FUN!

All Love to You Cuties!

Your Very Most Divine Mother, Your Adi Shakti, Your Mother Home--Planet Earth!


Messy Feet!


January 29, 2018 & July 1, 2008

My Dear Ones,

Don't fret!!

Don't you know that you have feet? Yes, indeedy, My Dear Ones! You have feet that touch Me so many hours of the day and often in the night as well. Of course many other magnificent parts of you touch Me daily as well, such as when you are doing your meditations!

So, please, oh please feel so very cozy, very loved every time you touch Me, you very Sweet Ones!

Of course sometimes you stomp on Me-- both figuratively and in actuality. Sometimes when you are mad as a wet hen, you don't even know what you are doing when you live under the command of your anger. Then your stomping really hurts! It hurts you, you know?

It is actually the electric energy that sparks from your soles that hurts yourself. That's the problem. You know dadgum well that I can take your rantings and your ravings, and return only Love to you. Isn't that true! But to do this, it would be a huge help to you if you realistically realized that you are giving your hurt and your anger to your precious Mom so that I can clean it for you and return your energy as the freshest, sweetest, most supportive essence that you have ever experienced!

After all, isn't that what moms are for? Clean up your messes and give you back the best of yourself?

Now, talking about messes, here is one that rests on the shoulders of you, your kith and your kin. That is the mess that all my spoiled brats are making of our gorgeous household! What do you expect Me to do, My little cherubs? Turn you out while I get our most blessed, sweet and creative household back in order again? It is up to you, you know. Mama can give out tough love if you ask for it! So, be really careful of what you ask for!

So, for your own sake, My Darlings, I would suggest that you wake up--all of you wake up to clean your own "rooms." It's about time, don't you think? Some of you know how to do this better than others. So, how about if you train each other, help each other figure this one out and get it done before the law that governs such things moves you out of your own home, and also moves out all your "sweet pets and plants" (fauna and flora) who are depending on you to take care of them. Don't forget now, Sweeties. Mother is looking forward to your growing into the most Divine and Heavenly charming, fully responsible and ecstatically happy and generous Beings!

Don't let Me down, now! Because, of course you know very well that your Mama is reprimanding for your own good, don't you?
All My Love, My Sweet Darlings!

Your Very Loving Mama--Earth, that is!




February 6, 2018 & July 29, 2008

My Very Dear Ones,

Have you not heard My plea yet? Or maybe you don't think that it is so very important!

My plea is that you listen so very, very carefully to Me! I have so very much to tell you--no lie! I have information that could save your life, both now and in the future.

You want to test Me out? Well, go ahead. First, I will enumerate some of my main messages for everybody who lives on this sweet Planet.

First. You've got to get cracken' on figuring out how to live your precious lives when there is no energy from fossil fuels, Dears! Do you think your dependence on oil, coal and gas can go on forever? Oh, no! That would be a fairy tale without end. You really have to face the facts, oh embellished and humble Human Spirits! You have no control over these old, dead and transformed carbon resources, you know. And neither do your generations to follow. YOU WILL BURN OUT OF THESE ENERGY SOURCES FAIRLY SOON! Then, where will you be? Sometimes I think you are like that grasshopper in old Aesop's fable that fiddled away all summer while the ant was conscientiously storing up food for the winter. Of course, you know who won out due to his foresightedness.

Yes, of course your Father Sun is also taking care of you, you know? It just takes a bit of attention, plus some will power--both personal and political, as well as a few greenbacks (or bluebacks, etc, depending on your local monetary code) to get this job of switch-over done! Your Father Sun has more energy stored up in His beady little brain that you could ever use, and He doles it out faithfully, without fail every single day! You can't imagine now what incredible "scientific" methods your little imaginations can come up with to harvest this most amazing and convenient resource that can promote the greatest ease, comfort and increase of production for all your like- minded species. And it won't cause Me sickness and disease either if you use it smartly!

If you would get with it, My Sweet Dears, you could have all the wealth of nations, plus freeing yourselves from being the underdogs of the power bosses of your millennium! Oh, yes! You actually do have that opportunity right now! So, how's about gettin' cracken'? As you listen to Me, and as you rely on Me to solve all your tales of woe and expansion, you will find that I am offering you opportunity that has been sought by humankind from the time when he/she discovered the great uses for fire, and how to bring up fire on demand! Here's the switch, Babies. Please take this very embellished and free offering sooner than later. If you wait until later, you may find that you don't have the will power, the resources or the time to put that switch into action!

Plus, of course, don't forget My other resources that I am handing you as well-- rain (thermal transformation effect), tides and wind.

I also will give you the instructions on how to go about unlocking these outrageous treasures for each and everyone of you! And in many cases, you will find that groups of you--big and small will come together to solve your energy situations as well. I will give you very specific instructions for your own very personal situations, as well as very pertinent clues on how to meld your voices, intuitions and programs together to affect your progress on a larger and even worldwide scale. If you ever felt yourself to be a freedom fighter, now is the time to put on your helmets of good will, and take up the arrows of love and peace to move this forward, on the largest scale of human ambition this Earth has ever known!

This is one very important reason why you have set about a-tuning your consciousnesses, you know?

So, to see just how to turn My voice, My reason onto your own personal headsets, please learn the techniques for listening to your Beloved Soul (click here), but intend that you would like to turn the channel to My voice at this moment. Believe Me. Your Soul won't be jealous! Oh, no! Rather It will have the time of Its Life joining in on Our most prodigious conversation!

All My Love, My Sweet Children,

Your Very Concerned and Loving Mom--Earth that is!


Your Very Concerned and Loving Mom--Earth that is!