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Mother has let us know before that She is actually Adi Shakti, Primal Earth Power, and Divine Mother! She is also known as Prakruti--the feminine Creative Essence that is Life--the operative Creative "aspect" of what we call GOD (Generating/Organizing/Destroying). This is the manifesting, root of being alive, known and knowable, and apparently Real Being of the All in All.

Then "Papa," as She refers to Him is actually Purusha, the formless, the ever Infinite that is way beyond time and space, and which is unknown to us humans. Papa is the pure Consciousness that is actually behind the wave current of Creation. It is the "thought without words" leading to the sound current that is behind the seed of Creation. Papa is the beyond comprehension "principle" that we might call pure existence. He is the unknowable GOD, probably because He is "too close" to us in a way that we can't grasp through our time/space perception.

But together, they are one Union--the One GOD!

Even though this may seem a bit obtuse, these "aspects" of pure Reality are described in the Hindu Vedas, and may be analogous to two aspects of the Christian Trinity--God the Father (Purusha), and God the Holy Spirit (Prakruti), while God the Son is actually the unity of all Souls living as Creation. Or in a more personal manner, this is each of our Souls! So, this describes the real Holy Family!

You can read more about Mother's introduction to Herself, as well as learn Her mantra when you click here.
But what really, really strikes me is just how intensely personal and "down to Earth" Mother is! It is my privilege to be Her secretary, copying down Her love and Her inspirations for you! Please enjoy Her, and take her words to heart!

Lots of Love



Call On Your MA and PA, Day and Night!

February 13, 2018 & September 2, 2008


 Oh, My Dear One,

This should be lots of fun today, Sweetie!

I just love you and love to tickle your funny bones! We have cared so much about each other--your closeness to Earth, your sibling planets, your sibling humans, animals, plants and all the beings of the mineral kingdom. We are actually One, you know! Together, we are actually the One who empowers the human race to do everything that it does!

Don't you think that's a scream? I mean, you thought you were so guilty all along for causing all the gut wrenching potential destruction and mayhem.

But, oh My Darlings, you have called for this future from before time began! You have called for a change beyond changes--one that is so very unimaginable, one that will carry you and your very conscious Souls into the oblivion of time and back again--all refreshed, healed and cleaned! Like sending your soiled stuff out to the Chinese laundry.

I know the wash, rinse and dry cycles will be a bit bumpy, but please don't worry. Oh, no. Don't worry! That would stop up your gullet and wrench your little bellies worse than I can tell you. The only thing that you really need to know and do is to trust!

Oh, what a haughty and unnerving word "trust" can be! What unrelinquished tears that idea can call forth.

How many times, over how many lifetimes has your trust been so very betrayed, eaten and beaten up. How many times have you trusted only to have your life stolen from you? Trust is an outrageous concept. Who thought it up anyway?

Well, actually it was your Papa God and Me. Oh, yes Sweethearts. We thought "trust" up for your own welfare. And that is to learn to love and trust only Us, and fully and absolutely trust Us with no variations in between.

So, here you are loving the life that you live and wondering how to trust again. If you but trust Us to lead you to Who, where and what you actually are--your greatness, your comfortable solidity--but not trust in what you think you "ought" to be, that is when you will be happy, radiant, kind, loving and beloved! Then you will be the happiest that you ever, ever could be! This is you, My Sweetheart! Trust in your very real, very cosmic Mama and Papa explicitly and implicitly and you will thrive!

No bones about it. You will thrive. Just start this habit now. Give it a try. You will be so very amazed at how very, very much We love you! Just call on Us--not so much from your mind, but with the prana, the fullness of your energy, your meditative intention. Then We will lead you through every kind of change to shed the old wrappings that have tied you up for so long in such a wretched age! Don't do it just once. Do it over and over again. Live in that prayer constantly. And at the same time, don't forget to unhinge yourself from the expectations that you formulated from your past and solidified into your expected standards for the present and future. What depth defying distractions they are. Oh, yes!

Just know deeply that you are heard and listened to, and look around for the very surprising answers!


If you don't let go of your righteousness, you disallow the adventure of your Life's change. You annihilate your own metamorphosis. Your future, your greatness is a given. Please, oh please don't diminish it with rigid thought structures that are left over from a different time, My Sweethearts. Remember, the family that prays together stays together!! It's true after all, My Loved Ones! You, Me and Papa are the unbeatable family!

Your Very Divine and All Loving Mom,

Earth, that is!


Earth, that is!


Your Destiny is Upon You!


February 20, 2018 & Sept. 30, 2008

My Dear Little, Behaving Beings!
You have so very much to give and so very much to offer, My Sweet Ones!
You know that you are the cream of the crop and that you have much work to do--oh, so much work.  But it is the work of the Soul that you all have craved so very, very much.
Yes, you will be given to quietude, fears and quenching of fears leading to love-the sort of love that leaves boundaries behind.  You have given much "dream work," wondering, meditating, fidgeting and generally hasseling about just when you could begin the work that you know and feel so very drawn to--your very own Destiny work, Dears!
The time is not far off.  Oh, no!  It is with us now. 
You must just keep your antennae raised and search the horizon of your environments to discern where you can serve, give assistance, give courage and be the love and direction that so many lost Souls are looking for My Sweet Dear Ones!
You have been trained so very well.  Nothing has been left out.  You are fully capable of leading your Destiny work NOW.  It would only be a lack of encouragement on your own part to believe that you are not prepared.  All is stored in your energetic "vaults."  And much more, so very much more is waiting for you to sip and gulp from the ethers.
This includes intuited knowledge of how to get things done, how to heal, how to uplift, how to stabilize, how to let go of hurts to be present in the moment.  All will open to you like a stage curtain being lifted to reveal the real availability of truth and direction.
Always remember, the SOLUTIONS ARE AVAILABLE at every second, My Sweeties.  You just need the confidence and the awareness to trust that, and to look for what is being given to you, and for you to care for and to lead others.  That is your only salvation and hope!
There is no other way out of this but to lead, to hold your head and your heart steady, and to lead.  You are given the worth of the ages and you will do really, really well.  Be centered in your Being, your Soul, your Worth and your confidence that you are being led by a reserve of wisdom that is way beyond your Earthly understanding, but which is true and will preserve the holiness, the calm and the goodness of all who partake.
Bless yourselves and bless others, My Dears.  That is how you initiate serving.  Then dance with it so that all will in the most calm, powerful and blessed way that is called LOVE!!
All My Prayers, Hopes and Kindnesses are Available, Sweeties!
Your Dear and Blessed Mother--Earth, that is!


Lions' Den to Lions' Share!!


February 27, 2018 & October 28, 2008

My Very Dear People of this Holy and Extraordinary Planet,

What are you waiting for?

It seems that you should all be shouting multitudes of "Huzzahs" and "Hurrahs"! But instead I see so very many of you with mopey faces, real hang dog expressions. Your hearts are tight, you are feeling about a thousand years older than you are, and you are regarding yourself lost on the horizon, thrown overboard by your very own mother!

But my Sweethearts, nothing could be further from the Truth!

In fact we are entering the birth pangs of the greatest new age that this fair old planet ever experienced! And here you are-the midwives to pull this laughing, screaming precious new baby full of Life, fortune and opportunity into the very lovely and lonely planet.

What a gift you are receiving, and you are acting like this is the end of the world. Oh, how could you possibly hold on to such a decrepit viewpoint? You are being given the gift of ages. You are being given the opportunity to unite so sacredly, so closely and so very privately with one another in ways that you thought were near to impossible a short age ago.

You are not being given much time to open to the very most intimate experience of any lifetime. That is to finally and fully open your hearts, minds and Souls to all the Souls around you-to finally express the totality of just Who you are!

You know that the chief cause of suffering in the age that we are just now giving the boot is that you feel so separated, so lonely, so lifeless, so cut off, so unsure and so very insecure. You have all done gargantuan tasks, moved milestones of huge heft just to prove to yourself and to others that you are good, impressive, kind, of great judgment and accomplishment just so that you can be valued greatly, and held in high esteem. You have done this to get money, acclaim and power-no matter to what degree you feel that you have achieved these precipitous goals, My Sweet Ones!

Now, we are heading into what may seem to be the lions' den to some. But in fact, Dear Ones, the lions are an illusion if you care to see through the transparent "Emperor's Clothes" of this transition time coming up. Losing your jobs, your cost of living, your attachments to home and hearth are but little tiny losses as compared to what will be gained!

Rather, you will learn the absolute Truth of giving and sharing; of receiving-not from want, despair or wickedness. But rather from the currently unfelt depth, the overwhelming dignity of being fully human and sharing that so very intimately with all who come in your path and beyond!

As you give up the potholes in your path, you will find the pure, sensual jewels of sharing depth of heart and Soul that could never, ever have been experienced otherwise, My Children!

So, don't fret when "things" appear to give way. Rather feel the glow in your hearts, your bellies, and your Presence. Then you will understand what real LIFE is all about after all. You will no longer question the sanity of a God who threw you on this "dung heap" of a planet. You will actually experience fully the quintessence of this marvelous, unending exquisiteness of Heaven/Earth that you supremely are!

Love it as you pass through the door with courage and full heart!

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Mother-Planet, that is!


Own Your Own Infinite Jewels!


March 6, 2018 & November 25, 2008

My Dear Ones,

What very amazing days are in store for you, My Sweet Ones!

You have no trouble now, and you have no trouble then. What is, IS! It is as simple as that. So please don't get your panties in a twit, Sweeties!

You have only one problem. And that is that you do not know yourselves-that is really know your Selves! So, here is what I want to tell you, Sweethearts. Let the Soul that provides you Life, that can carry you through any situation, that is the Source of all that you cook up, and all that cooks you-let It reign over your discord, your confusion, your heartache, your paralysis of analysis, and everything that seems to block your way!

Because, in fact nothing can block Your way! Remember that I am talking about the way of your Soul, not that little guy within you that gets scared that it will careen off a cliff!

Your plans are always good, but your fulfillment of them might be shaky if you don't take the precaution to check in first with your precious oversight, your Soul with which your Father and I are inseparable, you know?

You have this one life to live right now. You are not given any other life at this very moment, you know? So, I am asking you to live it as you though this is your last! That is in Union with your own delectable One-your absolute Self that knows where to take you, where you are and where you are going in the whisper of a second. After all, Your God Self has had all this planned since before you wandered off from the Universal into planes of unknowing.

So, don't forget, this is your time to reclaim your most amazing Grand Prize! This is time for you to understand that there is no gift bigger than Who and What you are. No, this is not some silly fabrication that is trying to trick you to overlook all your "issues." Oh, no. But why would you always focus on the dumpster when you are always getting gifts from Tiffany's? And why would you avoid knowing that the Infinite Tiffany's is yours and is always supplying you with the jewels of kindness, support, love, direction, surfing certainty, pulling you from the danger of self-destruction and hurting others, giving yourself sufficient time to bless, balance out and relax-as well as contribute whole heartedly?

Being "safe" and being "wealthy" means living in the loving kindness of your own Consciousness, your God Self, your Soul. And that is where I meet you, My Dears so that I can hug you, croon all my soft songs to you, and be such a Mother of Wisdom to you, Dear Hearts!

Don't forget that I love you beyond Life itself! So, always, always come lay your head in My lap, let me tell you jokes and uplift you for another day! And we can visit your Soul together!

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Most Divine Mother!

To learn how to tune into your Soul, please click here.

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Don't Put Up With That Rude Voice In Your Head!

The Root of Peace on Earth! Love Yourself for Goodness Sakes!


March 13, 2018 & Dec. 23, 2008

My Dear Sweet Ones,

Are My cousin planets aligned just so, so that they can take your brooding away from you and reconstitute your mental direction to take you to your very heart and Soul?

Oh, yes they are sweet Ones! That's what this very sacred time of blessing and Light is all about!

We have had this all planned for a very long time. You are to give up the ghost of "business past"-all the things that have drifted you away from understanding or even caring about your own very wonderful make-up and insight! You might start with a healthy dose of self-forgiveness.

It seems that you too often grab the ropes by your neck to hang yourself for some imagined nasty, unmentionable crime. You self-execute all too often! Even once is all too often!

If you ever let that nasty inner voice put you down, tell you that you are inept or you are unworthy or not worthwhile, just show that violate little voice to Me, Sweet One! See what I do with it!! I will beat the stuffing out of it, you bet!

No one is to talk to my Darlings like that! No one!!

So, if this pretend purveyor of perfection shows up in your head to berate you, to remind you of your sorrows and disappointments in yourself, to boast of your undying loss of achievement, to shame you, to in any way display your alleged shortfalls to yourself, or undermine your good will, kindness, acceptance, tolerance and sheer love for yourself, just show them to Me, Sweet One and I will knock them out of the ball park!

You see, you must be so kind and accepting of the amazing and incredible convergence of Infinite energy that you are-living and expressing in this façade of the finite. I know that you are a puzzle to yourself, really. It is hard to fathom how those apparently stinky-seeming little "failings" could actually be included in your living perfection, but you just have to trust Me on this until you finally get it!

All those twerps who made you feel so very low down and down on yourself must quit living in your memory. If and when they appear, Sweet One, just ask them to kindly hit the road because you are just living out your Divine perfection by accepting whole heartedly what passes for imperfection.

Value yourself, your life, your yearnings, your strivings and allow the change that naturally occurs through you to happen. Don't hold back from great change, Dear. Embrace it, and love your most amazing great and wonderful Self/self. And believe Me, this applies to every one of My children-including YOU! Now don't forget!

All Love in Divine for All My Divine Children,

Your Very Divine Mom-Earth, that is!