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 You are in for a treat with Barak!

Mother Planet #056, January 20, 2009

 All Hail to the New Chief!

You are in for a treat, my Little Ones! 

Your very sweet American president, or at least the Soul who parades now as your President is a very old and true friend of Mine.  He has given his life’s blood many times for this kind old Earth and all its Beings.  He knows what he is doing, even when it seems that he skips a beat!

I am not saying that he is infallible, Dear Ones, but he is the leader that you all have chosen for millennia!  He will not let you down, even if there is a torrential downpour, tsunami and burdening avalanche—whether the problems that you face as one people is mathematical (financial), human (goods, services, love, support) or it is one of aggression/splitting apart/or flying accusations of not being worthwhile—that means accusing anyone—anyone of not being worthwhile.

He is so very brave in defending all that he can see from here and way past the horizon!  But you must join with him in your prayers, your good wishes, your letters to your senators, congressmen and your states people.  Of course you must tell your new sweetie of a president what it is that you, in your deepest heart is most important.  But you must, you must support him and his directions as best you can.

Humans have a very insane habit of pounding hard on those who would do good for them.  You little sweethearts sometimes take out all your piss and vinegar on those who would do the best for you—just out of your personal frustrations in your mind, your own life, and your blessed day to day routines.

Remember, Dear Ones.  He cannot make everything perfect—just the way that you want it.  Oh, no!  As much as he can try, he will not please you all the time, and some people, he will never please.  But “pleasing” is not his job.  Far from it.

Know this!  Mr. Obama’s job is to set the trajectory for the Aquarian Age.  He cannot do it for you.  This country of plenty and all the countries of the world will have unprecedented situations that you might call “set backs.”  These tides cannot be stemmed, even though you—every one of you may put all your backs, your hearts and your Souls to stop this tide of change, HUGE change.

Oh, no!  And it is not up to your fine leader to give the past back to you.  Rather it is up to him to encourage you to find what will serve your very own heart, mind, stomach and Soul and put it into operation, and for you to serve all your human brothers, sisters and worldwide children that belong to all of you.  You are to ride My wave through this rising tide of a tsunami, Dear Ones.

Don’t let yourselves down by expecting your cherished leader to do it all for you.  He is your beacon.  You are to accomplish amazing and deep change, the greatest love for and with each other.  That is all it boils down to, you know—great, unprecedented love and sacrifice for each other.  That is the only way the great spell of this new millennium can come into fruition.  Love is the only element that will really, actually make life on this beloved Earth worthwhile and give rise to the greatest humanity that this fair Earth has ever given rise to!!!

It is all in your hands, Dear Sweet Ones!

All Love in Divine, My Little Cherubs!

Your Love Fest is Truly a Celebration in My Name—which is Mother Earth, if you please!


The “Shiva of Change” is on us!

Mother Planet #057, March 20, 2018 & Feb. 17, 2009

Note from Siri-Gian:

When Mother gave me this message, I thought it a bit too heavy and was going to ask Her if she might revise it.  But then I went to Gurdwara (church) and found that two sweet people in our community have inoperable cancer, and another one is going to be operated on for the same dreaded disease.  So, it is with great humility that we bring you Mother’s message this week!

If anyone has wanted predictions for these coming times, this is it!

My Very Dear Cherubs!

What on Earth have you been thinking?

Do you think that just because you have had the privilege of living here on this precious soil, that you will continue to sink your feet into its sweet loam forever?

Do you actually believe that all you have to do is to continue “business as usual” so that all that will happen in the future (Aquarian Age) will unfold in just the same way that this current culture (Piscean Age) acts now, but greater?  Now that would be sticking your head in the soil, not your feet!

Oh, no Cherished Ones!  This planet and all that it stands for will not be made to produce more years and eons of continuing slavery—locked into theft by the “rich/strong” of the “unrich/weak,” pouncing on each other, disregard for each other and for Me, and with disregard for all the planetary Guardians that keep you in their hearts.  Oh no!

You are all now being given a choice.  Maybe you sometimes feel it in your heart, during your sound sleep, in your meditations, in the most vast areas of your consciousness, or even during your coffee breaks at the most stressful times of the day.

Your choice is “Will you stay or will you go during these most flagrant times of change?” Do you know that these changes are “set in stone” for all creatures living on this most kind of planets? 

Now, don’t get worried, Dears.  There are really no big differences between a life with or without a body.  You will learn that from the depths of your heart.  And you will learn that the choices that you make now will activate which path you take into the future.

Remember, dropping your body is not such a big deal!  You all seem to dread this puny transition that you all make over and over again.  And even though you are in your cute bodies now, still a great deal of you resides in My more subtle realms as well.  So, the transition is just dropping the flesh and blood.  Nothing else is lost!

As a matter of fact, when you don’t have the very heavy material of your body, then you can “fly” all over and be present anywhere your consciousness guides you, and be of so much more help and kind assistance than you could possibly imagine!!  This is true of your very dear Yogi Bhajan, don’t you know?

The “Shiva of Change” is here, Darlings!  It will activate and orchestrate so many scores of details, of full movements, of great and honored crises—way beyond what you could imagine.  And as you join with the great Light, the vibration, the Consciousness, the heart-felt depth of compassion for all on this planet—no matter what your very objective opinion of them is—that is how the very real world of genuine compassion crystalizes! 

That is how your heart gets turned inside out to finally show the real, totally exquisite depth of compassion that was planted there even before your Soul knew it was to come to Earth!!

Your relationships will change, your worries will finally dissipate into the depth of true compassion, and a group consciousness of joined hearts that has not yet been seen—even in the closest of families will be formed.

Ahimsa (do no harm) will be the foundation, and the kind blessings of each other’s breaths will produce the greatest courage and gifts that humankind could ever, ever hope to live.

And of course, all of us—Beings of Consciousness will be focusing and beaming our juice, our Light with you to form a whole world of gracious compassion that is brought about through great annealing, churning and kneading! 

You are My Darlings!  Never forget that, My Dears!  We are all in this together, and that is why you have appeared at this very time!

Just be oh, so cozy with yourselves and each other.  Love Me and your Father, and listen oh, so very closely to Us.  We will guide you through as you listen.  The joined human kindness that results will not identify you as greater than those who leave the confines of our planetary time and space.  But in fact that exquisite kindness will enhance and grow the juicy, joined Heart that is even now developing. 

There is not an ounce of waste in this effort, Sweet Ones.  So, never, ever feel that all is senseless or in vain.  Rather all that occurs is one joined effort on all our parts to create the kindness and the contemplative goodness that awaits all!

All Love for All on Our Precious Adventure Together!!

Your Very Loving and Very Blessed Mother—Earth, that is!

Copyright 2018 & 2009, Siri-Gian Khalsa,

You are welcome to paste this article into another site or blog as long as you use the above identifying information.



Stabilize Your Apple Cart! 


March 27, 2018 & March 17, 2009

Dear Ones,

Do you think it is My job to warn you over and over again about mayhem and murder?

Heck no, My Darlings.

This is the time that you must grow to love Me and all of My creation!  This is the time that seems so very unjust to you, but you have proven that you want Me and all My relations—including yourself to change, to switch to something much more cozy, much more agreeable, much more content in your way of life.

And the only way to get it, My Sweet Ones, is to completely and totally upend the apple cart of the hydrolysis* that has been giving you such incredibly bad life-indigestion over all of your years and lifetimes of wanting, proving, hating the demons who drown all of your kindness, all of your guilty consciousnesses, and all of the very high hopes that you say over and over again that you would like to have.

Don’t you know that in order to produce such a stable, kind, open and nourishing “apple cart” to carry all of your life here on My totally fertile planet, you must give up—in its entirety that which has been giving you sores and cramps for all these years, centuries and plutonium half lifes?

It is “your” country, your world, your hospitable zone that we are talking about.  It is you (the collective unconscious) who have busted out of all that endangers you, all that contrives to contort you, your kin and all your offspring.

Imagine if all you knew was kindness, helping others, enjoying each other’s hearts and songs, living for the great blossoming of spirit!  Imagine if you actually fell off the old “apple cart” of systemized life in a way that you could hold your family and friends close.  What if no one threatened you—for instance with non-payment of mortgage, of standing up with “friends” who in fact don’t care for you but you stand with them for protection and station.

What if your rumblings about caring didn’t work any more?  Oh, no.  What if you actually did need to help others and found that so very agreeable from your very heart?  What if in producing that love, you became overjoyed—so very happy and content that you thought that you were in heaven?  What if you joined with others in your greatest kindness and graciousness?  What if you were allowed to open your hearts and minds in the very most free ways to just love and join because you were no longer ruled by abstract thought barriers of just who is important to bond with or not?  What if just sharing air space with another Soul—any Soul made you so very happy and content?

What if you were able to jump out of your prison of personal expectations and just jump and jive with the pleasures of being alive, without giving thought to the mesmerizing endurance of paraphernalia (stuff/trappings) as your backup, as your show of being worthy to be in your position, of who you would hope you could be?

Simply, what if you were content and happy with all your life?

Oh, My Dears.  That is what you are headed for, Sweet Ones!  So, please don’t let all this panic put you in a corner.  Do not weep for yourselves and your siblings.  Instead, join steadfastly from your hearts to love and live so very, very contentedly with each and every Soul.  Then your lives will unfold, your needs will be supplied and all debts forgiven so that LIFE may yet again flourish on your very old, very wise and so very gracious Mama—that would be Me!

Your Loving Mom,

*Hydrolysis—Reaction with water.  A chemical reaction in which a compound reacts with water, causing decomposition and the production of two or more other compounds, e.g. in the conversion of starch to glucose.  (Encarta Dictionary)



Make it your own


Mother Planet #059

April 3, 2018 & April 14, 2009

My Sweet Dear Ones,

Don’t you feel our feverish planet changing now?  Don’t you find that so many are seeking peace from the political, ephemeral and hard hit broadcasts of your economic setup?

“Who knows how long this must last?” you say?  Well, Sweeties, this is it.  It must last as long as our “world”—or a goodly portion of it gets that the value of being drunk with confidence and happiness in believing that they can kill and demean their brothers and sisters to create their own happiness is total falsehood.

There is no happiness in deceiving each other, of scamming one another, of holding out for the very price of one’s own Soul.

Don’t you see how people— that might include everyone to some degree—hold onto their aggressions against one another?  That may be overt or covert.  So, even holding onto anger against one another creates an energetic plane of disease that is available to add fuel to the fire of anyone who thirsts for that.  This is how our Divine Creative Unconscious works, you know.

So, please oh please go really deep to create the stuff of peace.  Forgive the anger in yourself and others.  Again—forgive the anger in yourself and others.  Hurt no more in any way.  Extend yourselves to live the projection for peace, to enact it yourself in every way.  This is a trick of the mind, you know!  This is truly a mark of refined free will to be able to control that little slippery guy inside us who allows anger, resentment, hurt, separation to linger and claw out the eyes of the “other guy” who you perceive has stepped over their boundaries to sock you one. 

This is definitely not the way to invite the stuff of peace, the energetic copulations that engender the broader peace of this confined universe of yours/Ours.

Oh, no, My dear fawns of My nature.

The way that you bring PEACE, especially in this magnificent era of transformation from the mire to the majesty is to bring firm, kind and pure peace to your own heart, no matter what in the world you may be suffering right now.  This is the time to unravel fear; to find the kindness and support for each other that may have been so very overlooked for so very long.  This is the time to trust Me and your very Soul to lead you, to BE you.  After all, that is Who you really are, whether you get it yet or not.


Please stop fighting the inevitable course of transformation and just relax.  That is not being irresponsible, Dear Ones.  That is finally uniting with the reality of Life.  Just relax and BE—using your most kind breath to find out Who you are, and then to live in that peace.  That is the foundation of the real adventure that you are on, and that is where you find actual, true and trustworthy advice for living your life.  Actually listen to Me and to your own precious Soul! 

You are gifted in this way, My Dears.  You have this wonderfully unique advantage called Consciousness.  Use this gift NOW, to be Who you are and TRUST IT!

All the Love that there is to give goes to You, My Sweet One!
Your Mama—Earth, that is!

You can go to to find out how to do this!  And you can pick out any wonderful yogic help that you feel akin to in order to effect your own peace at .



Copyright 2009, Siri-Gian Khalsa,

You are welcome to paste this article into another site or blog as long as you use the above identifying information.




April 10, 2018 & May 12, 2009


My Dear Little Ones,
Don't whine now. 
You knew this was coming.  I warned you over and over, didn't I?  Well, Sweet Ones, there's lots more to come, you know.
Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost, can't do anything but wrong, wishing your heart would quit palpitating?  I know that you all have such strange and deranged circumstances, and even if you it doesn't appear so outwardly, you may feel that your whole world is either crashing down on your dear heads, or that you are imploding from some mighty thief who is smashing you in the night, or you may just feel dragged down, out of it, and who cares after all?
So, My Darlings.  This is not a joke.  This is the real thing!  Do you remember all that we have been talking about to "get your act together?"  Well, now is the time!
Anything, any memory, any scar or hurt or pain that has not yet been healed and resolved will now come up to haunt you, to play back through your psyche's DVD player.  You--your greatest sweet self will be put on hold as you deal with all those personal and imaginary demons--that is specters of past experiences from way back will grab your little toes and crunch away until they get your attention!
And get your attention they must!  For you--all of you are in the throes of something good, something great!  And that is that you are cleaning out the psychic garbage of this old planet!
Truly, My Dear Ones.  "Stuff" is being hurled in everyone's face now.  And without cleaning it up, things are going to get awfully smelly around here.  I mean can't you imagine unabated anger, grief, mockery, heart break, insecurity, anger, hurt and hurting, fixations and addictions, holding so tightly on to dead, lifeless beliefs that no longer serve, that rip the power from your hearts and your beings.
This can no longer be. 
My old pal Time is here to clean out this ghastly mess.  Time will pressurize you beyond belief!!  But you know what?  My pal Time, as gruff as he is, he is also your best friend.  As he moves us into his new palace of Awareness, what you blithely call this "New Age," or the Age of Aquarius (I love that musical play by the way), is a place where this old crap can no longer be tolerated!  It just won't move into Time's future contraption with all its new fangled vibrational movement. 
So, he is smashing all that old, stuck, unworkable, unlovable junk that lurks in the dark nooks and crannies of each one of you, my Kiddles to smash it all into glass shards!  Take it out to the Great Recycler in the Sky, your Papa, the Infinite!  That junk just can't make it into the new time, so it's high time you get aware of that and throw it all overboard, NOW!  It would make your lives so much easier, My Darlings!
So, understand that everyone is having a giant housecleaning and huge giveaway right now!  Understand that you cannot keep all those over worn anxieties, that shriveled power, that gigantic anger, your horrible self punishment and blaming others.  Hurl away anxieties and insecurities--let them fly off in the wind.
You belong to Me, Sweet Heart.  I will push you until you let go of all that "Stuff" so that I can hug you for all that you are worth, and you are worth everything--All Creation, because you are All Creation! 
Don't you see that you are the production of your Papa--Infinity and Me, Mrs. Earth of Time and Space?  Don't you see how extraordinarily grand you are?  It hurts me so to see you tearing at yourselves at this time, but believe Me, the sooner you let it all go....  Don't think of losing all that mess as losing parts of your self, but rather finally freeing yourself.  This is when you will shine so very gloriously!  I promise.
And after all, as your Mother that's all and everything that I want for you, Sweeties.  I am cuddling you and letting you know how very, very loved you are.  Now I am asking you so very kindly and so very persistently to force yourself if you have to, to just open up, let the junk go and let Me hug you, hug you, hug you!  You are My breath and My life.
Come to Me and I will protect you and support you as you have never known in your paltry life.  You will experience the riches of being safe, of hurting no more, and of loving your siblings unabashedly for all they are worth--which is Everything!  And you will absolutely know yourself as purely loved, loving, purely cherished and purely safe!
Try it now, please.  Use your God-given breath and there I am, there We are!
Your All Loving Mom,
Earth, that is!
To learn the details on how to go about this, please go to .  Follow the instructions on tuning into Soul, but instead, tune into Mother.  I assure you, that is OK and most effective!  Let Her take your cares, and let Her LOVE you with every breath!

You may paste this full article to other sites and blogs as long as you include this copyright and identifying information! 

Copyright: Siri-Gian Khalsa, Newsletter, 2009