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Copyright: Siri-Gian Khalsa, Newsletter, 2009

Create Your Creation! 

Mother Planet #061

April 17, 2018 & June 9, 2009


My Dear Darling Ones,

Who do you think you are?  Don't you know that you are my guided Spirits, my one and only muse, my perfect Creation, My Sweetest Darlings?

Well, Sweeties, it's time you listen so very closely to Me to open your heart and to be true blue, in command of your own heart.

The blessings are all yours, you know.  I have been waiting so long to turn you from the shallow reaches of my Earth to become the great well of seers, the Saints, the believers, and the totally aware Creators of this kind body that we call Earth.  Don't you know that you are the Creators and carry the Creator’s essence? 

Now this is just how you do it—create, that is.

First, open your heart.  There is nothing more productive on this Earth than to open your heart.  Now, I know that it's very hard for quite a number of you.  And that is because your heart has been broken so many times.  You would rather not let any more termites vandalize that sweet and delicate organ.  But the time has come when all of the flotsam and jetsam that has collected there over the ages, over so many lifetimes here on this precious planet really needs to be thrown overboard.  This is your task.  This is your creativity.  You can do this.

But please be sure you don't jump overboard yourselves.  Instead, let all this overwhelming grief, these insecurities, these inabilities to act, those overwhelming floods of emotions, those tricky triggers that swallow you up even before you know it—those are the ones that create what you don't want.  And guess what?  Those are the results that you blame Me for.  Oh My God!

Just understand that as you connect to those disconcerting and counterproductive notions, you are genuinely bringing before your very eyes those guilty emotions that you really do not want to face.  But the time has come!  The opportunity has come for you to specifically address and re-organize your creative juices that give you so much trouble in order to truly clear the air. 

Now, My Darlings, this air that I speak of is actually your own broadcasting energy as human beings.  Don't you know how powerful you are?  The “air” that flows through you actually creates your creation!

So, make this your time for what you call healing.  Open your hearts, breathe, and sincerely let all that poop fly out of your heart!  There is no other way for you to create what you see as goodness and perfection without letting go any of that entangling griminess on your energetic engine of creation that may be stuck in your heart.  Without letting go of all that stuff We/you continue to create what you think you don't want.  Woops!

Next step.  Now that your heart is opened, and is free and clear, and all goodness flowing unimpeded from your heart, from your whole being, this is when those energies of yours that are always creating your circumstances can actually draw and perform and create the goodness that you expect, that you want, and that you pray to Me so very often for. 

“You” individually, and “you” collectively—YOU are the Creator!  We as a body of this Earth are the Creator/s.  Now please try this, experiment with it and see what happens.  I bet you will be surprised! 

Just don't get discouraged when all the crap comes up.  That mess is only asking to be cleaned out and wiped away.  And I definitely know that you can do that!  I am offering you every bit of My help, every bit of My understanding, and all of My creative energies to add to your intentions to polish the access to your very loving and creating Soul.  All you have to do is join in with Mother's love—that would be Me, and We can do this together.  You betcha!  You are not alone.  You are securely with Me, with your Father Infinity, as well as with all of Humanity.

You are a blessing, Honey!  You just have to get used to it!

I love you like no other,
I love you as your Mother--Earth, that is.


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Copyright: Siri-Gian Khalsa, Newsletter, 2009




April 24, 2018 & July 7, 2009

Dear Ones,

Well, Sweetheart.  It is actually My birthday!
"Oh, how could that be?" you say.  "How could you possibly have a birthday that has a real date?"
Ain't no way, My Darlings.  Instead I'm just claiming it for today.  I just want to let you all know that I am fine, that I am doing well, and that I'm living My life as you.  You are My children and grandchildren, My happiness, and my sweetest little imps. 
Now I have something very special to tell you on My very special day!
We are going smoothly, yes smoothly.  Except for a number of train wrecks.  But all in all we are accomplishing our task in moving through to this very enlightened time, traveling through so much darkness, and beginning to shine our beacons out into the darkness to create that hole in the atmosphere that will keep us, that can hold us, and represent all of our heartfelt dreams.
You should know that we join as One consciousness.  We are not separated anymore.  Of course, we have never been separated.  But now is the time that we understand that we have all thrown our lots in together, starting now so that we will be reborn as the One, the true, the only quest of humanity, which is the absolute pure and most vivacious joining of hearts.
You just can't believe who you are!  But you are beginning to see more and more that as you treat another with kindness, as you hold another in glory, as you help and feel the other as your own--as a manifestation of you, you begin to know more and more who you are, and where we are headed.
In fact the newness of it, the civility of it, and the novelty of it, will begin to catch all of you by surprise!  You will begin to realize that we are all connected, and that your joys are My joys, his or her joys are My joys, and My joys belong to all of you.  There is no escaping.
We are blessed beyond measure because We bless each other.  This is inescapable.  But aren't we having fun?
Oh, yes, My Dears.  We are having the most exquisite fun that there ever could be! 
All My Love,
From your most heartened Mother--Earth, that is!!


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Copyright: Siri-Gian Khalsa, Newsletter, 2018 & 2009 


The Thrill of Riding in the Catbird Seat!


May 1, 2018 & August 4, 2009


Dear Ones,

Haven’t I met you on the playing courts of Life? 

Haven’t I hit some fast ones to you, haven’t I cuddled you when you thought that you had lost?  Haven’t I provided you the very best and most beautiful courts that are this glorious world?

Well, Sweeties.  I am about to change all that!

Now, before you get really upset and try to figure out how to beam yourself out of that kind of mess, let me just say that I am planning to make things better—sort of re-decorating, if you will—in a most profound way.

First, I will finally make your plants grow stronger and greener.  Oh, yes I can do that.  And I will finally purify this precious air that we all breathe so very carefree and innocent here.

But, Sweethearts, I have to tell you that in order to do all that and so very much more, I have to send in my demolition crews first!  You know that I have to get rid of, or perhaps transform all that old stuff that doesn’t work anymore.  And so I am doing that right now!

Have you noticed that your dreams are different?  I mean are you hungering for a lovely and loving life that perhaps seemed out of reach previously?  Have you given into fantasies of being kind and gracious to your fellows and gals, and sharing in that in turn?  Have you gnashed your teeth and wept your way out of old fantasies that only gave you heartache and grief?

Well, My Sweet Children.  We are again in the midst of a ferocious battle of wits of who will sit this one out and who will stay.  All have known from Eternity, of course what their role is to be.  But you will experience your role disrobing now to show you the full measure of your very own Destiny.  You have that, you know.

It may take a lots of pain to rip out all those old qualms and misgivings about your purpose on this—Our lovely planet.  But now, I expect you to be sharp and quick in understanding that your values are changing—sort of being changed for you amidst your tears of letting all that old stuff go.  The directions that you are beginning to go in are amazing even you—the ones that these changes are actually happening to!

Just be calm, be gracious, allow yourself to be worthwhile, and love the catbird seat that you are in!  Enjoy the rush of the change!  Love the effervescence of it all!  Get the thrill of the ride, and keep your mind and heart above the crashing waves of despair and hopelessness. 

Remember, the way you take this once in lifetimes ride to this new time is totally and completely in your hands and hearts.

If you keep your head and heart down, you will get yourself caught in that very powerful down draft that can rip you apart.  But if you keep your head and heart high, if you swallow your pride and love the ride—no matter how dangerous or scary it seems, then you will escape to the pinnacle of your achievement!  You will get that you are Me, and that together—you riding rough shot, We will pour forth this incredible, gargantuan new time of grace and ease.

Hold Me tight, Dears, and don’t forget to holler, “I love you!” at every opportunity!

All My Mom’s Love is Carrying You Through!
Your Very Loving Mother—Planet, that is!

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Copyright: Siri-Gian Khalsa, Newsletter, 2018 & 2009 



May 8, 2018 & September 1, 2009 

Mother Planet #064

Well, My Dear Ones,

You are well on your way to recovery!  Recovery of brain, mind and heart, that is!

I have sent you all kinds of disasters—personal, ephemeral and ballistic.  That is I/We have thrown you “double whammies” of pain, confusion, heartbreak, and turmoil and have left you to find your way to unbreakable satisfaction in your life.

Many, or most of you have found your way around the terrors of life in this economy and this time.  You have and are solidly dealing with the rigors of healing.  You have been squaring up to meet the foes of your depressions, your sordid outlooks and your loss of opinion about what “will happen.”  You are realizing that control is no longer in your hands.  “We,” that is your Papa, named Infinity and I are taking over.  We no longer can work with any gummed-up gears in your psyche, or have your fears put on the brakes, My Sweethearts.

Because We are lifting up all of Creation a notch or two, we just have to clear out those old roots that keep you stuck in the Piscean, you know.  You are moving very, very quickly, Dears.  You have no idea of the speed at which you are moving, and your “frequencies” are changing at a horrendous pace. 

Therefore, be oh so glad to throw overboard any old worries or thoughts of “how things SHOULD be” really, really quickly.  They will only weight you down and drown you.  Instead, get FREE really, really fast any way you can.  That means to not believe all those old voices that tell you to be fearful, that you are not enough, that you are losing everything that makes up your world, or that keeps you stuck in any kind of small, or fretful, or judging attitude!

Now, here’s the kicker!  You have to give all that stuck poop to Me!  You have no other choice now.  You have to talk your mind and your body into letting go of all those long-time implanted self-threats and boot them out of your reality!  Go neutral—not numb.  Connect with me and heroically throw at Me all those loads of mental poop that you have been carrying for so very long.  Be unabashed and do this with total abandon!  Your choice is to do this, or “go down with the ship” that is named Piscean. 

Then, oh yes, you must then let Me arrange everything!  No matter how very dire all seems to be, just hold onto your “neutral” and let Me make all your connections, all your glories, all your wealth, all your tidiness of mind and spirit!  Remember, since you are literally dumping all your old belief systems, you will need to deeply, deeply trust Me while you get your new sea legs.  Let yourself trust your new auto-pilot—Me, and let’s play, play, play this new game called Life with all these new “rules”!

This, My Sweethearts is how you enter the space ship called Aquarius!!  This is where you find all satisfaction, contentment, and all kind and good catastrophes of the heart.  That is, you will let your heart melt until it is so very, very pure and open and available, that you will see only Me as your guardian in all circumstances!  And you will be so very, very grateful for every depth of compassion and good will that you swim in.  This is how you actually become the master of your own boat—by giving every worry to Me, and watching the incredible wealth of peace of mind and everyday support that I provide to you and yours in return!

Yes!  You can and will do this, Dear!

All Love to You, My Sweeties!
Your Great and Grand Mother—Earth, that is!

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Copyright: Siri-Gian Khalsa, Newsletter, 2009


The Miracle of Death!

Mother Planet, #065

May 15, 2018 & Sept. 29, 2009

My Darlings,

Don’t you know that what you call “death” is as much a miracle as is birth?  It just means that somebody is going somewhere.  Either way, it’s a bright new day for that person, a new adventure of Soul, a greatness and expansiveness that could not happen in any other way than experiencing it.

One time, consciousness comes into a certain vibratory realm, and then when it’s time it goes out of that realm to reside in another again.  So simple, really.

Yes, I know the hurts, the pangs, the feelings of injustice when this “rite of passage” happens to those who are loved by you when you are enmeshed in My heavier realms.  That is because you miss your darling one, or you depend on them being with you, or you just want them to sit beside you to feel complete.  You feel they have been torn from you, and so they have.

But, My Sweet Ones, the time is nigh when there shall be so many passing out or through your current realm.  If you felt dragged down about the horrors of passing through the portal to come to Me and their Father, Infinity with open arms, then I fear that you would live in constant turmoil.

No, Sweet Ones.  Now is the time to realize the miracle of passing through.  After all, you all are passing through.  Isn’t that so?  So, just go to the train station with them to cheer them on their journey.  Talk about the adventure that they will invariably find.  Give them so many hugs, blessings and kisses before their train pulls away to another land.  Enjoy them, love them, forgive them and ask for the same for yourself so that all ties may be cleared with complete kindness.

Give them your great love that they can use to power their journey, and give them the absolute freedom to take their solo passage.  After all, you are all One, even though particles of that Oneness of You are always gliding back and forth between realms of conscious “reality.”

Let Me hold you and the one who has bought their train ticket as well.  Let yourselves succumb to the sweet joy of letting yourself experience the deepest love between you that you just couldn’t grasp until all flesh wounds were blown away by the winds of imminent separation.

You are all My goodnesses and My sweetnesses, you know.  And no one ever goes to oblivion.  Rather you all come to My Name, My quintessence, My loving arms.  You can still write to your disappeared beloveds you know.  You might think that your letters got lost in the mail if you don’t get a reply by the next letter carrier.  But, My Dear, be rest assured that your communications reach their mark. 
And be sure that you give the most glorious freedom to your loved ones as they embark.  You will be cared for and they will be cared for by your Papa and Me.  Truly!


All Love from Your Loving Mama—Earth, that is!


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Copyright: Siri-Gian Khalsa, Newsletter, 2018 & 2009