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Your Mother's Great Shopping Trip for You!

June 19, 2018 & February 16, 2010


Dear Sweet Ones,

I have so much to tell you!  It's as though I have been on a great shopping expedition around the world and have come back with presents for all of you!

Now, those of you who would accept it, I am giving you the experience of green grass.  That is your hopes will be fulfilled as you wallow in the greenness of your future--just like a puppy loves to feel all the vibes on his cute little back in the glowing green of grass.

What I would love you to do is to just fall back into Me.

Do you remember all those worn-out Trust exercises where you fall back into the arms of someone that is meant to catch your fall? 

Well, Sweethearts, that is just exactly what I would like you to do right now!  Know exactly what your very, very deepest desire is at the moment.  The desire that feels as though it would carry you through to a new day.  One that sustains you.  One that would fulfill your depths. 

Not something frivolous now, but something very, very real and that would serve you and/or others greatly! 

NOW, Dears.  Wallow in the grandest, most vibrant kelly green that you could ever, ever imagine!  Totally be in that green atmosphere until it spits out of your ears, and you hear the high pitched vaporous music that it generates!  See your greatest image, your greatest whim, your greatest masterpiece as you present it to Me so that I can make it Our own!

Oh, yes, we can do this with this emerald green, you know!  This is where my world-wide shopping comes into play!

Now allow your image to play and dance in the green.  No looking around, no feeling like this won't work, no falling back into believing this is a freakish thing.  Oh, that would destroy what we have, Child!

Allow your image to grow, and grow, and grow!  To materialize out of this amazing green energy.  It wouldn't hurt if you chanted Har, Har, Har on and on as you did this until you clearly see, feel, hear, know, smell and taste your very special desire all built up-very firmly and very profoundly in this green communion! 

Then rest with it.  Love it.  Be present with it.  Have a good time with it.  And never, ever doubt it!  Do this every day for at least 40 days, expecting your outcome, but never, ever putting worry or stress into it.  Only lightness and pure trust in the timing of the Infinite paired with the Finite--your Father and Me, Sweet Ones.

Then enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

All My Love,

Your Very Divine Mother--Earth that is!

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2010.  You are welcome to paste this article in another webste or blog as long as you include this copyright information.


Go Way Beyond Grief and Helplessness! 



June 12, 2018 & January 19, 2010

My Dear Sweet Ones,

Times, they are a’changin’!

You have noticed how things are speeding up, I gather.  There are so many things that We are putting in place, now that the new “wiring” (vibrational frequency and capability) is being laid in our fine planet!  It’s about time, don’t you think?  After all, we have all been waiting years and lifetimes for this change over to “High Times!”

However, I want to warn you Darlings, as if you didn’t know—that the changes that will be coming about are to be downright difficult if you regard them from the perspective of your current culture.  Don’t you see all those hardships in Haiti as the most difficult ever, and doesn’t your heart go out to all those innocents and others?

Well, Sweethearts, these times will show you what you are made of.  This is and will be the time to unravel your hearts not only with the deepest compassion, conviction and kindness, but this is the time that you might begin to understand what it means to live the “etheric plane,” or the “enlightenment” that comes from there/here.

So, don’t get depressed and unconscious about all the challenges that are presented to you, even if you are the one engaged in all those challenges, Dear Hearts.

You are gifted beyond measure, so rely on your gifts of discerning, understanding and hearing My direction, My blessing and My interpretation of what is happening.  You must go way beyond the grief and the helplessness to contribute the healing of heart.  You must remain stable, climbing into My presence to hold the energy as you hold hands of Light together around the globe.

This is why I made you.  This is why you agreed to be here now!  This is Who you are.  You are bearers of Light that includes full consciousness and awareness. 

NOW! Get down to experiencing yourself and all that occurs, night and day as this One Consciousness that you share. 

You are gifted beyond measure.  Explore it now.  You are not to rely on this poor old culture with all of its “mea culpas” (my fault), its hurts, angers, conceits and conniptions. You are to fully feel, stay present and hold the Light within the stability of your own Being.  That you access through your neutrality, your zero point, your enticing wide-eyed wonder of the transformations. 

And Sweet Ones, you can only do all of this well, and not be knocked off your bearings if you have done your own healing work profoundly and prophetically.  You will be asked to carry so much energy, so many activities in the face of so many challenges.   So, if you don’t adhere to a constant healing schedule for yourself, you won’t be ready to carry the greatness that is coming your way now.  And it is coming with the speed of lightening!

So, jump into my “chariot” with Me and we will have the time of lifetimes!

All My Love to You, Sweet Ones,
Your Mom—Earth, that is!


Mom's Secret for Happiness!
June 5, 2018 & December 22. 2009

My Sweet Ones,

I hate to sound like a Johnny-One-Note here, but you have less than 2 months to 2 years to finally put away the toys of childhood.

I am talking about all your little habits of hate and mistrust that you think that you can get away with because no one is looking, or you feel so totally self-righteous about your superiority in all those situations, or you are believing that all your judging, worry, hurt, loss of fame and fortune are endemic to your character, your “falsified” living arrangements—the ones that you think that you MUST have in order to survive, your hunt for groceries, amenities and luxuries. 

Those are all distractions, My dear sweet Ones.

Don’t you know that NOW you must work, and focus so very hard on drifting out of all that holds you to the past cultural ideals, your old “bones” for wrapping your life around, your constant commitment to happiness as you think you know it.  Happiness will wait for no man, woman or child, sweet Ones.

Happiness doesn’t reside in the riches that you think you need.  It is not in the “security” that you think you need.  And you will never find it in the depression or the self-righteous anger and judgment that come bubbling up from within you, but which is based on your opinions of what is right, proper and just.

Understand, sweet Ones, that it is My priority to kick the hell out of all such preposterous suppositions!  I will not tolerate that junk any more, My sweet Ones.  Therefore, to jump absolutely to the “safe” side, you had better scramble to dissolve all those juicy mental, emotional, and cultural handicaps.  They are now throwing you off the tracks of your own good will, of the happiness that perpetually presents itself, but which you shun when you ferociously hang onto your old ways of hurt and righteousness.

My ways are simple, pure and straight.  In general, you cannot know ahead what I will throw in your path.  But no matter how very hard you find it to face any situation, know that I have placed it squarely in your path so that you can finally identity that huge road block of hurt and shame so that you can do battle with it—whether with mighty and heroic-like battles, or simply relaxing out of its grip, or even just finding the bypass as you discard it forever.

My secret is that I am offering you happiness, pure, simple and straight just on the other side of your dark battle.  If you don’t understand that, and you continue to wallow in the shadow of your demons, you will find that you get caught there, without the stamina to proceed.  But if you regard that ominous presence that grips you in its Gordian knot as the reality that has all power over you, if you succor that darkness, that is all you will reap.

The times are changing much too quickly, sweet Ones for you to get lost that way.  Give up that hurt, shame, and all insecurities so that you turn on a dime according to My impulses, My directions.  Know that the only dance in town is the dance of My happiness that I give you perpetually as you stay open, free—not bogged down by the grips of your old pains and shortsightedness.  That is what you call living in the pure openness of the moment, totally free no matter what is happening around you.

Set your sights on discovering the happiness that is coming out of the far side of my constant sausage grinder, rather than obsessing on the intake and pain of the grinding side.  Your trip through transformation will be so very much more instantaneous and rewarding, sweet Ones!

You are all My grand and great children.  I want to take you all along with Me on our move to our new “location.”  But in order to do that, we need to drop our overweight baggage to free our hearts and our spirits so that we can be Light and Clear!  So, do it now, sweet Ones!

And Baba Siri Chand is giving you a great opportunity!  Why not take it?

All Love in Divine,
Your Very Divine Mother!

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Tuning into Your Soul


How To Create!

Mother Planet #067 

May 29, 2018 & Nov. 24, 2009

My Dear Ones,

I have so very much to tell you, so please let Me bend your ear—I mean really bend it!

Now, you say that you know Me because you live here on Earth.

Well, Sweethearts, just because you live here doesn’t mean that you know the proprietor, now does it?  You are all gifted and precious.  I would not want to hurt your feelings by saying that you don’t know Me, now would I?

But the reality is that you don’t know Me unless you know yourself—your real Self that is.  I am just here to support that, and you don’t even look My way.  You will know that you know Me when you realize just how very incredible You are.  You are expansive, You are light, You are greatness, You are the wings of change and the Creators of Creation.

But do you know that?  Not really as far as I can see.

Many of you have taken off with the “Secret,” believing that you can be masters of your own destinies in your own small way—to cover your insecurities, to measure your hurts and your wounds in ways that you would cover your smallness from Me.  But you see, that doesn’t work for Me.  When you do that, you just cover yourself and tie yourself up more and more into locked little bundles.

Instead, take a really hard look at Who you are.  I mean a REALLY hard look.  Use your meditation practice to look way inside—way beyond who you think you are, who you have had experience with, and who you believe to peering out those blessed eyeballs. 

Go deeply into that “cave,” way beyond what seems apparent until you reach recognition of what is way, way more familiar than you have recognized in your waking life.  When you reach that stage of “Knowing,” then you have reached Me.  I am you and I am inside your innards waiting for you.   This is where We can collaborate on the gems and jewels that you not only deserve, but those of loss of jealously, perfection of living as kindness, wide open heart, the scent of spring blossoms and the sweetness that flows throughout you. 

That is Me!  That is your Creative Self.  That is where you must reside to converse with “Me.”  That is where We meet to conjure up the next step in our continuous creating miracle of Life together.

For some reason, you have gotten so used to living within Creation that you have lost track of the fact that you are continually creating what you experience!  I don’t care if you think that your Creation is good or bad, or anything else.  The point is that you are creating it.  You throw a lot of “habitual” stuff into the mix.  That is stuff that can haunt you, keep you blocked, make you think that you are not “worthy” or up to par. 

Bull roar, My Sweeties.  You have so much to give and so much to offer, and so much to be if you would just visit Me in your depths oh, so calmly.  There you would see the absolute beauty of Us, the absolute freedom of Us, and the great untoward resources that We conjure together.  You just have to ascertain that a big part of your mission on Earth—our precious planet is to clear up all that keeps “you” tied up in knots and fits of displeasure at what appears to be occurring in your dream of continuous creating.

I am asking you to understand that although your consciousness is tied to this apparent time and space, you are not bound to it.  You/I are the most able in creating, changing and not controlling—but providing the landscape of what seems to be our past and our future, by being absolutely and totally present in the present.

As you change your Creation, your memories of your past will change.  Your “dreaming” of the future will change.  You will not totally understand this until you either leave your body, or you let Me show you the workings of it all when you are read

So, now don’t take the circumstances of your evolving so very, very seriously.  Play them hard, but play them from the instant calculations, your instant participation in the present.  Feel the Truth that is given to you sometimes subtly and sometimes harshly.  Play from My direction and not from your locked up, worrisome mask of your self.  And by playing our “game” most wholeheartedly, participate with and practice your Destiny of Creation flowing from your present.  No worries!

But you must be committed to flowing with the direction of your present if you really, really do want the gift of creating that is way beyond your understanding; that is the real experience of your “effective power.”

That means dropping the sensations of fears, of worries, of lack of time, money, love, gifts, etc.  That is your illusion, and it is time you gave it up so that you can truly understand yourself as Me, your Creatrix!  That is You, We are One!

Your Very Loving Mother,
Mother Earth, that is!

Copyright 2009, Siri-Gian Khalsa,

You are most welcome to paste this article into another site or blog as long as you use the above identifying information with copyright!


Universe's Best Amusement Park!


May 22, 2018 & October 27, 2009

My Dear Special Ones,

Don’t you know that I love you unfathomably?

Then why do you ever consider yourself evil and defiled?  You aren’t, you know.

Sometimes you do stupid things that don’t seem to line up with your Highest Purpose.  But I have to tell you, Dear Ones.  If you never deviated from pussy footing around according to your “elders” ideas of what is good and not good; if you never had a whiff of nastiness, then this would not be Earth!

You know that Earth has the dynamism that it has because of what is offered here.  That means that you live with, and are faced with all the ups and downs at practically every moment!  You, your Soul figured that you wanted this amazing challenge simply and first for the pleasure of it, for the game of it, for the shear fun of it!

And yes, I am also talking about the really painful parts as well.  Everything—all of what you judge to be both good and bad and everything in between are all ways to cycle EXPERIENCE through your Being, your grand and amazing sensory system that you have here on Earth!  Don’t you know that you don’t get this kind of strong and fluid action in other dimensions? 

Your sojourn here over lifetimes is really a great hoot that you/your most essential consciousness signed up for millions of years ago.  So, Sweethearts, give it all you got!  This is the greatest “fantasy land” and amusement park that the Universe has to offer.

So, please don’t hide what you’ve got.  Play your cards straight, without holding back.  Yes, do be wise—principally by contacting Me.  I will always give you the best lowdown on your next move because I know how all the cards are stacked, Sweet Ones!

So, don’t get down on yourself.  Don’t blame yourself or anyone.  Just get up off your bottom, check in with Me and get going.  Might as well experience the gusto of your “vacation” here on Earth, no matter how you judge things are going.

So, instead of using these criteria to judge what’s unfolding as your life—money, security, being loved, haunted by ghosts and desires of the past, or hemming and hawing about how you see yourself in the world, just get off your tail and jump in!  Have a great time!  Flex your muscles to fully participate.  Be One with Me and let’s see what kind of wonderful mischief We can get into.  Let’s make the most of this thing called Life on Earth!

We’ll fully accept the pain and let it flow through us.  We will be open to the help that I will send your way to find out just how very, very incredible you really are!  You will find love and appreciation coming from the damndest of places—principally from Me, your great Mom, and from that curious instrument of that unfathomable human experience that you call LOVE.

LOVE it and LIVE it, Dear.  That’s My motto!  So, now take off the wraps and have a thrilling good time—from the depths of your heart!

That’s what We can do together—the unstoppable Duo!

All My Love to You, My Darlings,
Your Really Loving Mom—Earth, that is!

Copyright 2009, Siri-Gian Khalsa,

You are most welcome to paste this article into another site or blog as long as you use the above identifying information with copyright!