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Mother Planet #075, July 24, 2018 & July 6, 2010

My Dear Sweet Ones,

Now that the ruckus of Solstice and Ladies' Camp has quieted down, please prepare for more!

You have given Me the power of your word!  You as a nation of spirit, as a humanity have given Me the quiet solitude that I need to continue on My journey with you.  You, My Children have given Me the permission to break My boundaries, to become lucid, to start anew. 

Well, Sweet Ones, this is how I am doing it.  I am fighting back.  I am paying a return for the havoc that has been imbedded in Me.  I am gearing up for the biggest blow that you could imagine.  I am here with you.
Now, never, ever think that this is in revenge.  Oh, no, My Sweet Ones.  I never give into revenge.  I only flow with what is given.  Remember, I have been doing this for a mighty long time!

And of course, this is not the first time that We-your planetary humanity and I have gone topsey-turvey.  On the contrary, we do this every million years or so.  This is all part of the chain of events that is moving as promised to create this new world, this new living space of kindness and ease.  Without being faced with consequences of your own actions, no one would possibly slow down the ship.

Everyone is cozy and happy in their own little environments-separated by sense of smell, kindness of glances, unhappy fervors, and being lost in loneliness, hurt, shame, anger and contentions of all kinds.  Some of great will do their best to re-focus others away from the Truth so that their own gain may prevail.

They do this because you have given them the word to do that.  You let them bamboozle your beloved brother and sister members of your one humanity.  You don't stand up to them with the power necessary to squelch them.  It is true that they will diminish, tag or kill serious threats to their own hierarchy of power.  So, Sweet Ones, this is how We as a collective of the Sweet Unknown have banded together to create the next step.

Their consequences will infiltrate all that is known and Unknown in your collided Consciousness.  And from that wiping away of what was and what guarded the sheep-the wolves, you will grow a new Peace, a new Blissfulness, and new Kindness that permeates even the hardest of hearts.

So, you see, We-together have chosen the extreme path to grant ourselves that which We crave most among Us-Peace and Kindness of the gentlest, the most brave and brazen of sorts.

Do not forget that, Dear Ones, ever.  We are not at war with each other.  We are only communally sloughing off the claws of destructive consciousness that has raked this old Planet for centuries and eons.  So, please pray together, stay together and have heart.  We are One, and We will survive the crash!

All Love in Divine
Your Mama Who Loves You-Earth that is!

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Your Seat Belt for the Shake Up!

Mother Planet #074,

July 17, 2018 & June 8, 2010

My Dear Little Lovelies!

You are such a fine bunch. 
Oh, yes you are!  But I want to tell you what will make your finer.

You have hair on your head but you don't use it.  That is you don't consciously understand that when you send out rays from your meditations, you are actually sending them out through the fibers of your hair--among other things. 
Now, I want you to be so very aware and so very conscious of what you are doing.  So, here is what I want you to do to help Me--your Planet Mama, as well as to help all my live "chil'ens" as well.

1.  Love yourself!  You can't do a damn thing well if you don't love yourself first!  Understand that to the depths of your toes and all the way back up again.  I am so
sorry if those spirit-squashers got to you, and you believed them.  You know you have roamed My corridors for so many lifetimes, and not all of them were pretty.  Well, Sweet Ones, now is the time to throw over all that garbage that claimed anything other than you are gorgeous, you are powerful, you are grand and you are most humble to the greatness of you.  LOVE YOURSELF!  That allows so much more of My blessings to penetrate you for your good, My good and the very connected and cozy good of all your brothers and sisters.

2.  Behave as though you are the best, kindest and most gentle person on Earth.  No, I am not talking about being a mamby-pamby.  Far from it!  I am asking you to be such a warrior that you can hold and transform your negativity, pull way back on your self-vision of victimhood, go way beyond the call of duty to whole-heartedly "love your neighbor," even the really creepy ones.

3.  And finally, I want you to love Me, your Mama.  Where would you be without Me?  Hmm?  The reason that I want to you to love Me is not just for My own good, but you have to understand something crucial.  If you do not connect with Me in great love, care and concern, you will give up the ghost.  That is, if you do not find succor in the land and the sea and the preservation thereof, if you do not care for this gorgeous home, My Sweet Humans, you are finally at the brink of destruction where you and your minions can take this great environment that so preciously supports you and send it all to the dogs!  I will still be present through thick and thin, but you won't.

4.  The other reason that you must love Me, is that without your consciously grounding in My precious energies--right down to the center of Me and back up again, you will fall by the wayside when horrifying and dismantling events occur.  If you are not grounded in Me, it will be like a car crash with no seat belts.  You will get thrown out of your seats to land God-knows-where.  So, your very gentle, but very strong and powerful grounding of your psyche and your physical energies in Me--fully flowing with Me, gives Me the opportunity to hold onto your heals when things begin to shake up.  As you do that, never fear!  We can make it together.

So, My Darlings.  You may never know how very much I love you, but be so very assured that it is way beyond comprehension.  Understand that I am not a figment of your imagination, but a very real, very potent Consciousness that gives you your tattwas, that is the substance of your body and your mind as you visit in this outrageous planetary realm.  If I am not real, then there is no way that you are "real"!
All My Love to You, My Sweet Ones,
Your Mom--Earth, that is!

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2010.

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Don't Cut Off Your Arm!


July 10, 2018 & May 11, 2010

Oh, My Dear Sweetums!

Do you know how very much you care for Me?

When you care for your daughters and your sons, you care for Me.  When you care for all the Earth, our dear Planet, all its environs, birds, animals, amoebas, our rich plains and mountains, our seas, coasts and waterways, our very deep and rumbling volcanoes, the fire of all enrichment, for all the light and the air—for the richness of your heart, and for the joined and transformational heart of all—YOU CARE FOR ME!

I am not outside of you and all that you cherish.  And I am not outside of all that you hate and that you fear, you know?  I am all of that!  Oh, yes, Sweet Ones.  You cannot get away from Me so easily. 

I am Thou, and Thou is Me—in your heart, in your bones and in your projection.

So, now that you know this very, very powerful conundrum, you must also understand this.  You are given to flights of fancy in which you think, you earnestly believe that you love Me and all that is beautiful.  But you hate all that is unworthy, all that is nasty, all that enjoins you and others to be so flippin’ crazy and hurt all that comes into “their” path—which includes Me.

But don’t you see?  When you separate categories of “what is worthy of love,” from categories of “what is damned or not worthy of love,” you have separated Me right down the middle!

How can you ever expect to heal all the hurt in the world if you don’t honor Us all as the One and same organism?  How would you heal your arm if you would rather cut it off and let it bleed all your blood out of your body?

Please have some sense, dear Sweet Ones.  We are ONE planet in every way.  You may not slice Me/all of Us/our whole totality right down the lines of battle.  Oh, no dear Ones.

In fact, we are all of one organism and we all have our roles to play—even the ones, the consciousness that appears to divide Us. 

Because actually in the end, you will see that that part of Us is carving itself out of our Consciousness in a way that serves Us, that transforms Us.  It is such a joy, actually to undergo this surgeon’s scalpel.  Although, in fact, it will be very hard to understand the truth and beauty of all this until all is resurrected again in your future time. 

But believe Me, Dear Ones, all is in the works now.  You see it all happening, all transforming in your own lives.  That is surrendering to Me, to your God-Consciousness, to your Saints and angels, giving us  all the gross, impacted difficulties that have haunted you for years and for generations.  Now is the time to just HAND IT ALL OVER!  And that is whether it is on the very, very personal level, or whether it is on the global level—that is watching the power-mongers step all over each other in their grabs for every speck of control, wealth and so on.  Don’t ever let their battles over allowing/disallowing my beautiful surface, animals/atmosphere going to wrack and ruin bring you down! 

Stay in your kindness, your calmness and your quietness to allow your own beauty to transform all. 

I am not telling you to join them or to allow them to freely do this.  Give resistance, leadership, Truth and irresistible Love.  I am asking that you don’t strangle yourselves with the “right/wrongness” of the whole affair.

Understand, Dear Ones, that I will actually do even more damage to my beautiful surface than any of them can imagine.  But don’t you worry!  I am just vomiting up what doesn’t work, instigating what needs to be thrown out, what needs to be transformed and what has to be healed. 

The key is to NOT WORRY!  Just be free and give it all, yes give ALL to Me. 

Let Me swallow your poison pill so that you can live and I can thrive.  I am after your sweet, unveiled, most kind and gracious Consciousness, you know.  Nothing less will do!  Right down to your personal and collective core.

So, shed your traumas and dramas regularly, carefully and systematically and you shall ease through this great conflagration of change and transformation!  How blessed you are, My Sweet Children. 

We are One, and We are doing this as One!!! 

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Mother—Earth, that is! 

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Don't Give Up Hope for Your Happiness!


July 3, 2018 & April 13, 2010

 My Dear Sweet Ones,

Don’t give up hope! 

Don’t give up that very cherished picture that you have of yourself—the one in which you are smiling and happy beyond belief.  Oh, come on.  You know that you have that around somewhere.  It may be very deep in the recesses of your mind, but it is there.  Or perhaps you have to restore its beauty and its warmth.

Or perhaps you have to re-manufacture it!

Oh, yes, Sweet Ones.  Don’t we forget the images that we would like to have for ourselves? 

We think that in order to manifest that most Divine image of ourselves in the “closet of our dreams,” that we in fact have to have such an incredible wealth of tools, of supportive experience, of hope that doesn’t fade.  We believe deeply that we need to have all of our ducks in a row, that we need to have all that baggage that we take for granted will make us happy—the big house, the perfect mate, the great and grand position, good and healthy children, streams of income.

But, Sweet Ones, do you know what a very, very unhappy message that is?  Under those circumstances you could never, ever grant yourself happiness!  Oh, no!

Now, listen so very, very closely to Me.  You know that I am not an old fool who will steer you wrong.  You know that I am the very key to your own essence--the Mother-load, the Earth Source of all your Being.  I know you as I know the back of my hand.  You are My precious ones, and it is just too wasteful to see you chillin’s get stuck, to harbor resentment, to feel unworthy, to wallow in lack of any kind.

Don’t you know that you are My precious ones?  Don’t you know that you are active and kind and good all the time?  The problem is that you refuse to believe it!  You refuse your happiness at every turn.  You give up the ghost of your great, intrinsic happiness every chance you get!  Oh, My.  What is a Mother to do?

I give you the Universe, and you leave both Me and your precious heart and happiness deserted on the side of the road.  Who do you think you are that you can be so very callous to you, to your wife, to your children, to those of your associations and communities?

If you dread your own happiness to the point that you avoid it at every breath; that instead you whine and turn your blind eyes to your very experience of happiness, what have you done with your life, Sweet One?

Now, please—for the sake of all injured beings on your planet, don’t give up hope!  Instead, get out that wonderful, smiling photo of yourself!  Hang it on your wall, put it on your mirror, keep it on your altar.  Know that is YOU!  Know that you are that most cozy being in that picture.  Never deny it.  Claim it loud and clear.  Say, “I AM THAT HAPPY PERSON WHO IS FACING ME!!”

No matter what torments you or what you believe yourself to be going through, I can assure you that nothing is as great as your very unstuck belief that deep down, in the depths of your own artesian well, you are happy, and yes, happy beyond belief!

In that depth, there could never ever be any sadness, any insult or injury.  In that “coffin of hurt, want, desire to be happy,” WE just ARE!  And We are happy beyond belief!

So, Sweet One, just take a moment now to sit, to breathe, to flow into Me, your Mom.  Remember, I am the sky, the Earth and all that is created—especially you, your Essence!  I am the Prakriti, the Creative Energy of Creation.  I am all that is as you know it.

I am love and compassion.

So, now please breathe deeply and let all your energy drain back into Me.  That includes all those knots, all those sorrows, all those cruddy happenstances—anything that grieves you, or makes you feel small, unwanted, hurt or hemmed in.  Let it all drain into Me!

That allows you to become neutral, with its absolute kindness, centering and expansion.  You have a gift for that, you know?  As you become accomplished in our “tete a tete,” in our heart to heart, you find that in fact, all happiness, all joy, all satisfaction is residing right there—in your own spirit, in your own heart, in your own hope and belief in Who you are!

You are my child.  You are never forgotten.  Claim My presence.  Come visit me regularly.  Be One with Me, and We will know—profoundly and eternally what our Destiny is as We live our pure happiness in the very moment!

Don’t forget now!  You may have to do this often.  But you do want to find that squiggly and squirmy—immensely eternal thing called your very own Happiness, don’t you?

Well, then, Sweet One, let’s do it!

All Love in Divine,
Your Very Divine Mother—Earth, that is!


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2010

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Don't Be Crushed by the Dais of Doom!

# 071
June 26, 2018 & March 16, 2010

My Dear Sweet Ones,

You are so very gentle on Me.  You tread so lightly and deftly.  You are very careful about My mantle, My Being, My place as your place.

But did you know that so many of your brothers and sisters find your trepidation and respect for Me to be pure folly?

Of course you know that.  But did you also know that their profiteering comes from your pockets?

Oh, yes.  You do reap the rewards of their disasters.  Their pollutions, their cutting down of forests and green spots where I do my best to provide your sustenance of air, holy water and the purifying breezes of summer, the animals, the “para-animals” (small molecular live stock of our oceans, air and offal), and all else that comes to you on this very, very gorgeous planet that we share.

You know that I am a factory for your good.  You know that not only do I provide the greatest of environments and consciousness for you, My Sweet Ones, but I also give you all that is holy.  So, please, oh please grasp on to it all.  Please give yourself the generosity of generations by holding the air, the sky, the land and below the land as sacred—at every step. 

Even in the cities where my live Earth has been paved over, you can still hear, see, know and love Me at every moment.  You cannot be crushed by the dais of doom if you cling to Me in ways that you are still discovering.  Why not look up to My atmosphere for love and affection.  Look down deep into my water, if only a “mere” puddle, or even into your dishwashing basin to see how gloriously I provide for you.

Do not leave the consciousness of Me out of anything that you do, see, hear or know on this Earth!  Remember in this covenant of the spiritual path you are seeking not to get away from Me, but to discover the Totality as the Living Me, the full blown essence of Me as your very real, very subtle, very omniscient Mom.

You don’t exist outside of Me, you know.  You are—in every molecule the created being of My consciousness.

So, My Sweet Ones, feel the blessing of your pulse, your heart beat that is made of My blood, from My water, from My molecules, with My power.  You are the shear taste of Me!

Now, know the effervescence of Me!  The rising spirit of you that is Me!  And let yourself fly impeccably on My wings!

When you do that, you have no more need of worry or self-confidence.  You simply float through your made-up, harrowing, loving life, with the very real and very deep recognition that I am your loving, caring Mother, and that no worry can vex you if you truly live in My essence, My flow, My reality, and drop the contrite small stuff!

You are Mine and I am yours!

All Love in Divine,
Your Divine Mother—Earth, that is!

Copyright 2010, Siri-Gian Khalsa, .

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