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Mother Planet 080

August 28, 2018 & November 23, 2010


Dear Little Darlings,

You have given Me so very much pleasure over the “weekends” of My life!

As you know, I enjoy you all the time, but what a disaster that you only take time to enjoy your kith and kin on holidays and weekends!  Why not take time out to feel truly cozy and secure with those that you love and who love you every day at every hour?

Yes, yes, I know that you have homework, school work, make-money work, volunteer work, enforced relaxation time, fix things around the house time, gossip time and so much more!  You make Me breathless just “thinking” about them all.

But what if you knew that that coziness, that kindredness, that holding in your heart that great flow of kindness, love and patience with the very heart of each other—even when you are late for school, is the very greatest expression of your love for Me, and it entices you to melt into My love for you?

What if every time you made advance notice that you would not be with your sweet family and friends enjoying the kind flow of love all around, you realized that you were putting yourself in a cage that denies the real Truth of Who you are and Why you are there on Earth? 

Of course, there is a balance.  You are certainly not chained to anyone or anything.  But the very free Union of coziness is what it is all about to be here on Earth, Dear Ones!

So, as you all do gather and take a full day of Thanks giving with your loved ones, please do love them!  And let them love you in their own way!  Let go of judgments all around.  Actually enjoy “Uncle Joe’s” silly stories.  Don’t get humphy if no one there seems to understand you.  After all, foremost it is YOUR job to understand yourself, not necessarily theirs. 

Love yourself, use Heart Breath, love them.  Let the magic flow among you, and you know it will as you step into vital Union with Me, your Real Mom!

Now, you can make your lists and conclusions concerning why this might not work.  But, Sweet Ones, if you can’t love those that you have chosen to be with while in My protective lair--Earth, then why wallow in the results of killing yourself with greed, upset, depression, anger, separation and judgment?  That is quite pointless, don’t you think?

Instead, simply open your cozy heart no matter what!  Stand in your great, relaxed and most comfortable presence of Us together where We are not worried at all.  We just take it all in and thoroughly enjoy the show.  Love, Love, Love!  That is what your grand and glorious celebrations are all about.  Why not take that to heart, and allow Love, Love, Love at every moment.  Laugh a lot!

You know that you have to go neutral to do that!  Not numb at all, but into profound, alive neutrality which is the pathway to Mama’s house where I live!  There we can reside in our coziness all around and kindly allow it to spread throughout all who share our lives with kindness and graciousness.  It may take a bit of forgiveness and softening your rigidity, but you can do it, don’t you suppose?  Then watch Us play!

That is what I would really be thankful for, My Dear Sweet Ones!

Lots of Love,

Your Mom—Earth, that is!


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Victim or Victor!

August 21, 2018 & October 26, 2010

Mother Planet #079

Dear Ones,

Did you miss Me?  I am here always, you know?

Now, I want to tell you something.  You are grand and great only when you truly understand that you are grand and great. 

Yes, I know that is an irony, but My Dears, did you ever feel that you could encapsulate the world and nothing would happen?  Well, that is just what you are doing when you get down on yourselves, when you “give up the ghost” of Who you are, when you forget your Almighty and all-worthy roots!

You know that you can beat yourself up until “Kingdom Come,” but how does that help you?  Remaining a Victim in your mind only extends that into your outside life, drawing more victimizing situations to you.  Don’t you ever want to get out of jail free?  Don’t you ever want to pass GO and collect your $400?

Well, you certainly can’t do that if you allow yourself, your Consciousness, your apparatus by which you create your life to be stuck in and under the jail house.  As long as you identify yourself as the Victim, you will be the Victim.  And as long as you are the Victim, you will do others—all others the injustice of naming/creating them as the Victimizer.  Don’t you understand that by now?

So, Sweet One, if you find yourself caught in or under the jail house—you sincerely believe that “other people” are hurting you, that you feel lost, that there is no redemption for you or your case, there are a few things that you should understand.

1.        Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.  That is, know clearly and definitely that you are in charge of your very own awareness and understanding of yourself as a Victim or as a Victor.  You may be going through what others may perceive as the very “poopiest” of times, with every trial of Job from the Old Testament.  But understand this.  It is up to you to accept yourself as a Victim or as a Victor.  If you continue as a Victim, you will throw your own self-respect down the drain.  No one else can do that for you.  Understand that well.


2.       As a Victim, you can never ever see straight.  Oh, no.  As a Victim, you lose track of the lightness, the brightness, the kindness and the Love that floats around you continuously.  And just because you don’t think that you can see all that or have all that, you turn yourself off to My credit, My endorsements, My upliftment, and My very own personal perfume of joy.  Yes, I definitely know that it is so much harder to feel, know and understand all that when you are under pressure for your rent, you can’t figure where your next meal is coming from, the others around you whom you thought were your friends and supporters have turned on you and are now brow beating you.  I understand.  But the truth is, Dear One, you can either continue that in your psyche to live out that dream of being a full fledged Victim, or you can turn to Me, drop the confusion and nestle in Me to find the warmth, the care and the omens for locating a future that truly serves Who you are.


3.       Understand that these times of trial are the times in which you are being pressured to drop your fame and your fortune to discover Who you are being planed (scraped) down from what you thought gave you security and support.  These are the very precious times to ask that YOU exchange your confidence in who you thought you were, or who you want to be, and trade all that in for Who you really are!  And that is both monumental and momentous!

Now look, when you despair of ever being that one of bright blue eyes, svelte figure and eyebrow raising tongue that everyone throws in their bag with—when you give that all up and discover that you are primarily and foremost an instrument of My Name, then and only then will you find the peace, comfort and security that you thought would come from all of the other nonsensical, exterior rewards that you so earnestly search for.

I am not saying that those things are not worthwhile, or that you cannot have them.  Not at all.  What I am saying is that if you give them the credence of a false god believing that they will make you happy, happy, happy, then My Dears, you have lost the boat.  You have your preferences and your precedences topsey turvey!  Because you have forgotten Who you are, you ask, plead and beg Me to shore you up in your indolence, in your self-intolerance, in your crime of forgetting your most extraordinary Being, that is You.

Yikes, Dear Ones!

I am not asking you to shed your coat of chain mail all at once.  But I am asking you to survive through relaxing into your own Self Knowledge, into the real Substance of you!  And that can only happen when you dive deeper and deeper into your very precious Being while you shed your coat of superficiality—even though you think that is by far the very most important skin/façade that there ever could be!

Drop down to the place in you, forgive the armor of you that keeps you from believing that you have to have or be something else, or be more.  Be in total, perfunctory, abject gratitude for what You are and What comes through You.  Explore that over and over.  Relax, relax, relax into the very Reality of contented Life here on Earth, and that way you will find the Heaven within, the Great Victor of your Very Life!  You will find that You are so extraordinary, so much more than you could ever have designed yourself to be!  Uh-huh!

All My Love!

Your Very Divine Mother—Earth, that is!


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August 14, 2018 & September 28, 2010

Dear Ones,

How beautiful you are as you stand in the sunlight!  Have you forgotten that I have dominion over all living things, and that Sunlight is the great food for all that live?

Well, I have something else to tell you now my Sweethearts.  You have given Me the great blessing of incorporating you, your Consciousness into this great bowl of soup that we call creation.  You have given it a sweetness, a flavor, a “pep-up” that can only be described as miraculous. 

Oh, yes, My Sweet Ones.  Your very existence here on this planet is what is magic about our whole creation system!

Sometimes you get down on yourselves and you wonder, “Why in the world am I here on this huge planet?  I don’t seem to have anywhere to go, or anything to contribute.  I just sort of feel lost and left out.”  And even if you do feel that you do have something good to contribute, perhaps you feel that you are only giving to those who say they need you/your products/etc.  You don’t understand the wider scope of your existence.  As you say, you are not fully “integrated” into the whole pattern of consciousness.

Now, Sweethearts, this is the truth of the matter. 

You could not be here on Earth unless We wanted you—unless We needed you in the utmost way.  Yes!  You are here because you—your very consciousness is needed and wanted at this very time.

I am so tired of you humans thinking that you are swimming, drowning alone and lost in what you perceive as accidental primordial soup!  You are no accident, My Child and Friend!

You, yes YOU are the essence of the Progenitor whom you believe put you here in the first place.  But I have to tell you, that was and is what I will call the “Council of You” that put this whole scheme together, and decided to put your very own flavor—that is your action-filled, or action creating module into the vast and glorious experience that you call “Creation”!

I don’t care how often you think that you are half-baked, or not up to par, or just a small speck on this blue marble whirling in vast space, You are the Being Who brought you here!   YOU are the “role” that is called on to played at this moment.  You are the glorious aftermath, the pregnancy and the very LIFE of what is happening here.

Yes, there are so many other extraordinary expansions of Consciousness that are making, creating, believing, hoping, understanding and willing this whole system into practice.  But what I want to make clear is that each of you, who apparently feels that you are alone, separate, tired out and so on is not a relic of some bygone “Godly” attitude.  But in fact, in the very essence, you are the GOD!  You are the Creator, the puppeteer, the worn out platitudes of magnificence.  You are the ALL in ALL!  And as such, you are the totality of Creation! 

As you might say it, you are the Hologram of the Universe.  And as such, each of you is the Creator/Creative.  You just have a mask on right now that clouds your understanding of this absolute Truth.  And as you do your great Consciousness opening expansion awareness by attention, devotion, by your blessed yoga (Union), mantras, scriptural decoding of the constantly dynamic Plan, that is how you first get a glimpse and then the total revelation of ALL that is YOU, and YOU as ALL!

So, My Sweet Dears, as you keep up on this very brilliant path of yours, please never ever take your own name in vain.  Never ever intentionally hurt yourself, put yourself down or call yourself bad names.  If in fact you are a lover of THE GOD, then in fact you are first and foremost a lover of your own SELF.

And conversely, how could you ever put anyone else down, or judge them if you know that they are also fully participatory in the great essence that is the ALL in ALL.

You are, they are!  The mystery will be revealed in the bye and bye.  But for now, please relish every morsel of the Who of WHO you are!

All Love in Divine,

Your Divine Mother—Earth, that is!

Copyright 2010, Siri-Gian Khalsa,

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Mother Planet # 077

August 7, 2018 & August 31, 2010

Do you think that I am hurt so very badly by all of your human behavior that you can hardly look Me in the face?

We got through that oil spill just fine, didn't we?  Yes, I do have My ways, but I want to make it so clear to you that all of the kind energy and support in the form of powerful prayer and healing that was sent to this project of ours created miracles! 
Without that, the engineers and other decision makers could not have felt the peace and miracles of understanding or enlightenment that came their way through such profound simplicity.  I can assure you that is an experience they will never forget, Dear Ones, and you gave it to them.  And conversely, you brought the miracle of their good work back to you and to Me.
And now, as you know those precious micro-organisms are underway chewing up all the excess oil that they can find.  My ways are mysterious, but they are most elevated and effective when you can join with Me, Darlings.

Now, My Sweet Ones, here is what is coming down the pike now.  Perhaps you have already begun to experience it.  That is a whirlwind of activity that will surely rope in everyone!  Are you feeling the contradictions of events that are swirling?  Do you see that things are getting changed so quickly that they seem to be passing like lightening?  Do you feel the ravages of worn out wars on your psyche--both personal and impersonal on this kind Earth? 

Now is the time to settle, Dear Ones, just settle into Me, into My bosom for peace and comfort.  Let Me wrap you in My coziness.  Do this in the morning and in the evening before you go to bed so that I can sing to you in ways that comfort you and un-wrangle your rattled-ness. 
Not only do you need to do this now, you will need to stay in My rocking arms for far into the future.  This is the only way you can rise above the waters of the gathering tsunami, Sweetheart. 
You are gifted beyond measure as a human consciousness.  Now is the time that you need to hunker down into My deep body with your intention, with your kindness.  Feel yourself so rooted in Me.  Be in great precision and downward with upward flow.  Please try it now and you will see what I mean.
Imagine a flowing anchor coming directly from your belly into My heart, and then let that gorgeous energy flow right back up again to your pure heart. Continue that, love that, be one with that impeccable flow, Dear One.
This is how you can share in My wisdom and not become battered by the storm.  Divest yourself of half-hearted intention.  Only LIVE, BE that wholeness, that Oneness that We Are!
When you live in My depth, and in My purity, then you can reside in peace and kindness.  As you divest yourself of cares while in the hammock of My heart, then you can sway in the goodness that I keep for you.  This allows you to be rooted in the Eternal Present/Presence, bringing heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven.
And while you are doing this, Sweets, how about singing along with my theme song as wel-l-that which calls My essence to you and you to Me.  That is My name as Adi Shakti!  It's yours for the calling of it.
(Please click here to listen to the Adi Shakti chant, read the words and learn more about Mother!)

All Love from your Great Big Mama,
Mother Earth that is!

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July 31, 2018 & August 3, 2010

Dear Ones,

Never let me catch you lying down on the job, Sweet Hearts!

And you know what your job is, My Pumpkins!  It is to save your Souls, your kindness, your aphrodisiacs of Consciousness!  That is My plan, and I can't imagine why you would ever hesitate in following it.  Can you?

Oh, you hem and you haw with this excuse, that procrastination.  But I know you, My Sweet Ones.  You have left Me for another!  Oh, yes you have!

You have left Me for your wily ways.  That is that you think that you know better than Mother.  You think that you can skip My wise, prescriptive words because they don't have that much bearing on your kind life.  You forget Me.  You live in disillusionment of Me.

Well, Dears.  It is time you carried Me home--on your backs if necessary. 

You see, I have the keys for all of your crooked games and most flamboyant aspirations.  I will grant you those as you give up your picayune ways.  For instance.  If I give you the greatest rewards as you give up your thumb sucking--that is finding your pet ways of alleviating your dire insecurities without so much as a "Mother, may I come to sit with you!"  Now, that is just ridiculous, Dear Ones. 

I am here for you at every minute to help you straighten out everything.  And yet you continue to diminish to the doldrums, and to pretend that you are miserable!  As you lay in your nasty lap of despair and disappointment, how then can I feed you what you need most?  How can I provide the Mother's milk, the Mother's balm of kindness, of pure, gentle and powerful LOVE that will support and guide you through every situation, every circumstance?

What you need to do, Sweet'ums is to just unload the fury and feeling lost from your breast and fling it to Me.  You must empty it entirely to Me.  Then as you honestly and with full confidence give it over, then and only then can I help you from the bottom up.  Only then can I fill you up.

But you have to take the first step, you know! 

If you continually walk around like a "Sad Sack," or one who pummels their mom to show how emotionally and materially destitute they are, I can only clap for you and wait until you change your eminence.   But if you love your habits of living in fear, in being distraught, in grieving over outcomes that you judge don't serve you, well then, I can only give you more of the same.

It's time you fledged out of your constraining shells, you know.  How will ever learn to fly?  I can only give you what you engender--what you say that you really, really want.  So, if you stay wrapped up in complaints, lack, hurt, destruction, Sweeties, I can only give you more of the same.

You are destined for greatness and glory.  But I can only turn on that support button for you when you take your hand off the misery trigger.  Your perceptions, your notions are in charge here.  So with great courage and clarity, please take your idea of your life in your hands, and re-create your dream of your Creation!  I am here, Honey!  I will so gratefully and gladly help you fashion your wholeness, your goodness into the greatest life fathomable! 

You may be surprised, but you'll see!  You can start with your baby steps, or you can progress in giant seven league boots.  But whatever you do, I implore you to not wallow in your hurt and your shallowness.  Throw your cares on my applecart so that we can make the very most delicious apple cider!

Love, Love, Love!

Your Most Grateful and Gratified Mom--Earth, that is!

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