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 “Nightmarish Goblins That Haunt You!”

 December 11, 2018 & January 17, 2012


My Dear Sweet Children!

I have so much to tell you!  We are bound to have so much fun together.  We must play together—you and Me, as well as with one another.  That is the way that you join hearts and really begin to relish your own life plan, your very Destiny with all your hopes, fears, kindnesses and unkindnesses.

Now I am not asking you to get distracted by things that don’t feel “right” to you, and I am not asking you to accept the mash of porridge that swaddles you and pulls you under like quicksand.  Oh, no, Dear One.  Just come oh, so closely under my wing and I will tell you what you can believe, what is bogus and how to open your very understanding, power, wisdom and direction.

Let go of the deafening concepts, call to war and offensive, nightmarish goblins that haunt you.  Come jump into My bed in the middle of the night, Sweet Child.  I will cuddle you and give you strength until the storm loses its bluster and moves on.  Now don’t forget, I am always here.  TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!

Now, here is one concept that I want you to take for granted.  Understand that you are men and women of God.  Simply knowing that from just an inkling to a full-blown experience of the Almighty is all that it takes.  Let this Consciousness take your forward, take you deeper, take you to the place that knows All.  Now, you might not know All and everything in one single moment, but trust Me.  You are given in every moment just what you need to know, to understand—no fluff! 

It is all there for you to examine like an infinitely faceted crystal, each faceted view of the same crystal giving you a broader and more magnificent view of the Whole.  So, Sweet Ones, keep asking, keep tuning in, keep “knowing” by the seat of your pants.  That is how you gain pure and opulent freedom.  That is where we can dance and sing to the tune of the multi-faceted jewels that We are.

It is not too hard, you know.  All it takes is pure attention, trust and will power.  Your communication with your own Divine is not shallow, even though it may seem so very simple.  The simplicity is the elegance, so don’t run away from the simplicity.  Rather fully, fully embrace it.  After all, realizing your God-hood is actually the most simple and positive thing that you could ever do.  The things that get in the way are all the old structures of belief that you have set up from centuries and centuries of your sojourn here on Planet Earth and elsewhere.

Open up your eyes, open up your heart and play, play, play.  Others may believe that you are cracked because you do not buy into the “dire circumstances” of your environments.  But believe Me, Dearest One, buying in is dangling your feet over the edge of the boat in crocodile-infested waters.  You know what I mean.  Buying in to hurt, manipulation, control, loss of Self-energy, giving into old hurtful ways of seeing and believing, loss of your compass according to someone else’s watch is a sure give-away that you have lost the keen edge of your double edged sword and that you are ripe for slicing. 

So, Sweet One, just relax in Me and we will meet in the “dreamland” of our Soul where all “reality” is conceived and born.

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Mother—Mother Earth, that is!


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa, ,  2012 & 2018

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All of This Understanding is Available to You!

Mother Planet #094, December 4, 2018 & Dec. 13, 2011

My Dearest Small Earth Planet Chil’uns!

This is your time to be in the sun!  You are truly gifted.  I don’t care if you can’t speak or hear—you are still so very gifted, My most Dear Ones.

You have the gift of perception, of seeing, of understanding, of KNOWING.  This is the biggest plus that is available on your/our planet, Dear One.  You have the gift of understanding, even though you may feel that you have not done much with it recently, or that you are overloaded with incredible “news stories” about how our sweet planet is faring.

What we need now is to tune in with that great apparatus that you were born with—yes born with, but which has been denied over and over and over again.  It is called Intuition!

Yes, you are gifted beyond measure.  But because you haven’t had the backup of your mom and dad, or your teachers, or those who either hurt you or love you in accepting your own great courage in understanding your life in the simplest, most profound terms, you often feel deluded when you actually do hear from Me or your Soul, or any of the other incredible Beings who do embody our Truth, our Knowledge, our Direction for your own best good.

Now is the time, most Sweet Ones to listen so very, very deeply to the sounds of the Ancients, the noise of Me, the great seemingly clandestine voices of Nature that surely prompt you at every moment. 


Therefore, it is essential that you know how to hook up your own personal “organic radio” to receive that great knowing at every second as we go into this New Age.  I hope that you understand what I am saying, My Darlings.  This New Age will be entirely NEW.  That is you will not be able to rely on the culture for your support and your direction that you take for granted now at every turn.  Oh, no.

Instead, Dear Ones, you will be literally living by the “seat of your pants,” meaning the only Truth that will serve you will be coming from your gut and from the most subtle feelings in your body and mind.  If you don’t listen to them, you will find yourself literally deserted.  Now, you must know that it is not I who will ever desert you.  On the contrary, it is your own consciousness and awareness that deserts the very real and available information on your safety and well-being that you would be denying.

As you learn to use your own very specialized apparatus of intuition to glean every signal that comes to you from the “place that knows all” in the very second, you will be gaining touch with your own Reality, the very concrete necessities of Life, where to go, who to meet, what to do, and how to do it.  You see, there will be little or no comfort left in this “material world” for you if you do not access Our most incredible Life Line.  That is the only comfort of the Aquarian Age—that you will be cared for mightily if only you tune in, listen and set about comprehending what you are given.

I know that so many of you are wary, do not trust, and frankly cannot grasp that you can actually link up with the very real Consciousness that you share.  But My Dear Ones, if you disbelieve to the point that you run away from My pursuit of you, and you turn off your apparatus of HEARING, SEEING AND KNOWING, then Sweethearts, what else can I do?  This is the time for you to Know, to Listen, to Feel, and to See all that is right there for you, with nothing left out. 

Now is the time to get yourself trained in this great natural ability that your dear Yogi Bhajan led you to and let you know how very important it would be in the very near future.  This is your moment, Sweet Ones.  Do not give up this great and precious opportunity!

We have been training this Girl, Siri-Gian Kaur for eons on how to train you quickly and simply, how to know your own Destiny, and your own direction in difficult and trying times.  This is your opportunity, Dear Ones.  We are coming right down to the wire now.  Please be sure to come directly to Us, or to your Soul, or to anywhere you can find your own lap of Consciousness.  This is your Life Line.  In My compassion, I am asking you to use it now and constantly!

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Mother—Earth, that is!


NOTE from Siri-Gian Kaur:  Mother’s  letter today is a little embarrassing to me because when I started writing out this message from Mother, I had no idea that among other things, She was pointing to the fact that you best take my upcoming tele-course in “INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening!”  But now, I need to be very humble to realize that She and the “Others” are actually in charge of this whole course of study, and be humble to the fact that I am simply the deliverer of these simple techniques based in Kundalini Yoga that They have taught me.  I look forward to working with anyone who would like to join us in getting to know your own Soul and all the Other Beings of Consciousness!

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa, , 2011

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Don’t Incinerate Yourself with Worry!

Mother Planet #093, November 27, 2018 & November 15, 2011

My Dear Children of Earth,

Do you see that things are changing rapidly?  Those things that have appeared to be keeping you from your Destiny are dropping off quickly.  So, if you see your job changing, your relationships transforming, your impulse to change your location, your way of lightening your emotional load, and so much more changing, please oh please don’t incinerate yourself with worry.

Oh, no.  Worry will take you out of the flow, out of the dance.  If you go with what seems “logical” to you, you will certainly miss the reality of what is happening.

You are an extraordinarily integral part to this change-over to the Aquarian.  Never, ever believe that you are less than a truly important “piece to the Aquarian puzzle.”  In your depths, you are magnificent.  And so what doesn’t work for the Aquarian will fall away.  So be very, very sure that you do not try to hold onto situations, character “flaws”, imaginings, stuff, relationships, ideas of hurt and anger, blaming, fear, forces that defy you in your temple of Being, and so much more.

You are the receptacle of My forces—the Creative, and of the forces of your Divine Dad, the Creator.  You live through the grace of those forces.  And as we move into this great new dimension of time and space, you will find that anything that you try to hang onto but which challenges this incoming “Aquarian Dimension” will simply backfire in your face.  You will find that you cannot hold onto that which cheats you and others of your Divinity and their holiness.

Please be so very, very aware that nothing can hurt you because you are the Infinity.  What could possibly impale the Infinite?  Now you must understand that in its deepest terms.  This is the time to fully understand that your body and your mind are fictions of the Infinite.  So, if your main thrust is to protect these fictions, you will be left out.

But if your promise is to use these fictions of body and mind in total, happy service to this Infinite Consciousness, that is how you will connect entirely in this Aquarian Dimension.  This is how the Infinite can serve the implements of Its own fiction.  This may be a little hard to wrap your head around, but this is what it will take to fully grasp the Aquarian.

As you have heard in every religion, every spiritual endeavor, as you surrender, as you sacrifice your own needs, wants, desires, drop holding to certain rigid standards, let go of your own “head,” you will increase your ability to dance with the Infinite, to join fully and freely in the Will of that exquisite Consciousness.  This is the pure joy of the ride!  You surrender totally so that you can ride, ride, ride the constant wave of the Impeccable unselfconsciously.  This is so that you can shine the Light of greatness, of healing, of grace through you to all who would receive it.  Laugh, dance and sing!

Yes, this is quite the most noble act, but it is also the most Selfish because you want nothing less than to be totally con-joined with the bliss, the beauty, the will and flow of the Divine Creator.   That is pure happiness, no matter what else could be happening that may seem contrary.  Of course, Guru Arjan exemplified that so incredibly as he was being cooked alive.  He only saw this Sacred Consciousness as those who loved him, those who persecuted him, the fire, the hotplate—all as the One miraculous Consciousness.

Flow, live, love and dance with all of that bright Light that flows through you, Dear Ones.  Watch and be happy.  Follow Its purified impulses, no matter how very strange you might judge them to be.  This, Sweet Ones, is the only way to dance the Shiva Dance of “greased Lightening” through this amazingly unpredictable time and space.

You are One with Me and with your Divine Dad.  You are sheltered and guided in the integrity and divinity of our pure family.  And don’t forget to Love the One in everyone.

All Love in Divine,

Your Divine Mother—Earth, that is!


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 Panic is a Voracious Monster

Mother Planet #092, Nov. 20, 2018 & Oct. 31, 2011

My Dear Sweet Darlings,

You have not heard from Me in a while, unless of course we have been speaking in the privacy of our own Consciousness.  Let’s do that more often so that we may be chilled against the aggression that we might find raining down on us, Sweet Ones.  Then we will know the perfection of our sacred clan and the goodness that we hold for one another.

You know that I am always here for you, Sweethearts.

Now is the time for you to hold My hand—literally.  Now don’t keep your hands in your pockets because you think that I am fictional and you just can’t “believe in Me.”  Oh, no.  That won’t work.

Now, here is your check-list to tick off when you think that you are in trouble, or that the whole institution of trust in the Universe—including Me is in trouble.

Settle yourself.  Hold yourself down from engaging in panic.  Panic is a sheer drop to hell, and a sure-fire way to take a detour from all that you hold dear—that is Me, your Papa—the Infinite Consciousness, your kind and gentle solutions of heartfelt prayer, mantras, healing breath and so much more.  You know what I am talking about.  If you abandon what you know has worked and worked for you over time, then you abandon your own heart, your own mercy.

Panic is a voracious monster.  You must regard it as such.  It will fry you and eat you up in a second.  It will sweep you off your feet and into the tonnage of flow of mass destruction.  I am telling you this now so that you can understand it now so that awareness will last you in feeble, fragile and ferocious times.

The way to take comfort in the tsunami of fear and the explosion of panic is to immediately recognize what is happening, and then to send your energy right down through your body to My Very Divine Center of this precious Earth. 

You must immediately root yourself or else your temperament can vaporize in an instant.  You are kind people, and the recognition of others in terror can unsettle you to the extreme.  Yet, the only way to help anyone with your goodness and compassion is to first root yourself very, very carefully and with enormous strength into My Consciousness, My very real magnetic energy at the very center of this Earth so that you don’t split off of your realm, that is don’t jump out of your body to God-knows-where.  To help all, your awareness must stay in your body and mind, and to do that you must root your energy, your flow, your knowledge of all that is deeply within My center of Earth.  Use your breath to create that flow of energy, rootedness down to Me and back up through you.

Please do that now so that you can begin to make a habit of that.  This is called being “grounded.”  You may find that with anything that previously kept you stable—that is living by your regular cultural standards of commerce, schooling, access to kindness and wealth, medicine, groceries, etc., disruptions may make you may feel as though you are flying off the Earth. 

Put that with the actual changing dimension—that is the “energies” that have held you in heaviness for the past centuries is changing to a much, much lighter, freer and faster octave—you have a recipe for mass dissociation. 

If you are to live to your “teacher,” “Light Worker” destiny, the very first and continuing step is to dedicate yourself to being deeply, profoundly rooted and grounded.  You may have to hang on so tight during this hurricane of Consciousness.  Best to practice, practice, practice NOW.  This is your very first step, Sweethearts.  Dedicate yourself to this NOW!

You are my Lovie-Dovies!

All Love In and For Your Divinity,

Your Very Divine Mama—Earth, that is.  (Also known as Adi Shakti, Primal Earth Power!)


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011

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Don’t Get Squeamish, Hurt or Confused!

Mother Planet #091, October 16, 2018 & Sept. 27, 2011


My Sweet One,

Don’t you know how very much I love you? Have you forgotten how very just and kind I am and you are when you lodge in Me?

Many things will be coming up soon, so you should not forget that you should rest, rest, rest in Me.  I am your refuge for living the kind and gracious Being of your Life.  Now, you don’t have to get squeamish or hurt or confused when out of the ordinary stuff begins to pop out everywhere.  Oh, no my little birdies.

Instead, as I have been telling you all along, all you have to do is to seek refuge in Me—that is your Mom!  After all, where else would you go?  Now this is how you actually do that.

You can easily put yourself in the “space” of being with Me/as Me by chanting, repeating, singing or repeating my Adi Shakti song.  It is a complete mantra, given to you by your dear Yogi Bhajan that resounds directly in My heart. 

Become One with that sound current deep in your heart and jump into that yourself.  You can find it at .  And you can find more versions of it at my sweet daughter’s site at  that you can download. 

Then as you listen, chant or sing, simply rest in Me.  Send your energy directly down to the middle of the Earth.  That is my “Hearth of Consciousness.”  That is where you will meet Me.  That is where you will feel Me.  That is where you can find comfort in Me, and find that it is actually comfortable to be here on our precious planet, our Divine Consciousness of Time and Space.  After all, that is what this “creation” is all about—pure Consciousness, isn’t it?

Now, once your feel, feel, feel our simple and cozy connection, you will learn what “being grounded” means.  It means feeling OK to be HERE.  It means that you feel contained as surely you are.  It means feeling cozy and simply cared for—not smothered, but present. 

Then please cycle My Conscious energy up to your heart and feel it there.  Continue to cycle this precious Consciousness through your heart, up out the top of your head to your Infinite Papa, and then back down through your heart—our intersection, our Union, and then back down to the center of our Divine Earth—My pure Consciousness and continue the loop, cycling and cycling.

You will find just how cozy and natural this circuit is, and how very much strength and Presence it gives you, My Sweet One.  If you do this with awareness and just sink into the reality of it, you will find that you are so naturally held and supported.  You will find that I am available right there in your heart.  You may know Me as a pure feeling, or you may hear Me whispering my gentle prayers and answers to you. You will know that you are loved, that all is kind and that there are answers to your questions, concerns and fears.

Just come to Me, your sweet Adi Shakti Mama.  That is all.  It is so simple.  Here I am waiting for you, My  most sweet child!  Don’t you feel my arms around you, protecting you and beaming at you very sweet face and perfect body?

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Mom—Earth, that is!



Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011


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