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Baba Siri Chand is giving us a workout today as we welcome in the New Year 2010! 
January 1, 2010
Babaji says that we have to use our minds and our hearts to move into this new Aquarian time.  He knows that this won't be hard for most of us, but for some of us it is going to be sort of a tongue twister of the brain. 
 He is not limiting his message to just the year 2010, but he's including approximately the next five years.  "It will be a time of great merger and great switchover."  He says, "Don't anyone be afraid of it.  It is a wonderful time coming up if you are a-tuned.  That means stay steady in your vibration, and definitely do your sadhana. 
There is no greater tool than doing your sadhana, your daily spiritual practice.  And please do it very deeply.  The deeper you go, the more juice you get.
"He says during this time, you will find that you will change into someone amazingly new.  In fact, looking back on it, you will find that you fairly will not recognize the person that you are now.  That's because so much progress is available to you during this great time of switchover.  This is often called the time of great upheaval.  But he says don't worry about that.  The times will be very quick!  This is the time of miracles, this is a time of great juice!
Baba Siri Chand is here to let us know that what is coming up is so kind and is so gentle as you recognize the great Truths that are being played out.  Yet it may seem raw to some people.  But in fact, all is being orchestrated very carefully and is very fine tuned. 
 In this coming year, you will find that things speed up, way beyond what you thought was possible.  In this past year you have felt so much hurt, so much pain, so much dirt coming up that had to be cleared.  He says that in the new year you will continue to do that.  But instead of being dragged down and feeling as though you are moving at a snail's pace, you will be moving at a pace that is faster than lightning, or so it seems.  This is not a stressed pace as before, but living in the quiet center of the hurricane. 
 He says that because things are changing so quickly, because things are being so cleared out, and because the energies are so high, that things will change as though miracles are being created for you.  The synchronicities will come upon you so quickly that you will feel that you are being taken care of in ways that you'd never imagined.
 He says that even thinking about something can bring it about.  So he jokingly, and  also with great gravity, suggests that it is important to be very clear in your thinking.  "Please don't get down in the dumps.  Come to me so that you don't get confused.  The great change in the velocity of your thoughts will have a tremendous impact on your reality.  Be sure that you don't lose yourself in any way.
 "When I talk about losing yourself, I am talking about losing your essential Self, your Center, the knowledge of just Who You are.  Never forget that you are the God, or the Being, or the Light sourced from within.  And all that serves you, including your mind and your heart.

He says, "Call on me any time, but never demand of me.  Always come in the greatest humility.  Come in the greatest love.  Come in the greatest kindness.  And that is when I can access you.  That is when you are in the Center of your own Being.
 If you slip out of Being in your Center, in your place of Neutral, come back quickly and gracefully.  But if you insist on living in your old ways of understanding and being, you only damn yourself.
 In these new times you are being given such impetus to be the exquisite expression of that pure projection of your Self.  So why not take advantage of it?   Why not Be It?  And live the miracles that are given to you.  You are the best!   You are the most!   And I will return the favor with the best and the most!  Believe me!   Your mantra is Guru, Guru, Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru!
 Live in love, my Dear Ones, and enjoy the great switchover to kind hearts and minds.  I love. you with all the being of the Universe!
 Baba Siri Chand, Yogi

He says this and more in our Wednesday morning recording from December 30. The phone call clicks off for a bit until we all finally got back online.  To listen, click here, and choose the last talk.
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How to Face the Predictions!

September 13, 2016 & November 10, 2009

The Earth’s energetic environment is moving so very, very quickly these days!  Do you find that a week flies by almost in the same way an hour used to?

That’s because the capacity of your brain waves is increasing in ways that can’t possibly be described.  The electro-magnetic structure of the Earth as we have known it is giving way.  It is melting into the abyss of what has been.  While at the same time there is a huge, organic growth of a new template, one that is unimaginably faster and incredibly more powerful!

The generic name for this new operating system of Earth consciousness and interactive processing is known as the New Age.  We also call it the Aquarian Age because we name it by our known zodiac. 

But, Sweet Ones, it is better known as the Age of All Creatures Creating.  That is because your “Processing Boards” are being updated with much more refined “instrumentation.”  You will find that your consciousness—whether high or low, for the good or the difficult are intensely hooked into this cosmic computer that is the Creator essence. 

It is of Light speed and beyond.  It activates anything that you hold in your consciousness in a most delicate, powerful, and particular way.  That means that you can be telling yourself that you would like to have more money, more great relationships, and so on, but if that mantra is actually springing from the pool of consciousness within that says you want to appease or cover that feeling of not having enough—whether that be money, love or whatever, it is that feeling/knowing/suppressed psyche from deep within that will be heard by this Universal Creative Energy.

Consequently, you are the factory to develop just what is most deeply held within—not that which you hope will appease and cover up that long held reality!  Got it?

So, what is the only answer?

That answer is to rely on your own greatest and most personal Consciousness, that of your Soul, your God Self to help you move out of the cement boots that are alive in the depths of your psyche, but which control its experience and actually create more evidence of the same!

Perhaps you have found it is just too hard, too scary, to meet that hurt and pain that lives right behind the mask of your everyday life, that which masquerades as our reality.  But especially as we cross over to this new time, those chains that hold those very difficult and painful foundations of our life are getting shaken loose.  It feels as though some grand vibrating machine is shaking up every bit of painful scum that has clogged up the crystal pure mechanisms of kindness and joy in our realm. 

Consequently, we are having to fully face all those old painful story lines that we have gathered over lifetimes.  We are really having to do some heavy “house cleaning” called healing before we can move into sharing this great, new “Consciousness” that we will be holding so kindly, carefully and clearly with one another.  If we don’t, if we hold onto those old lies of pain, of scarcity, of feeling alone, abandoned and lost, the creative energetics of these very powerful times is such that we will be weighted down with our old junk to the point that it will be just too hard to survive.

However, if we actually do live the life of the Soul Warrior, that is the one who sees every challenge as a chance to do hand to hand transformation with the long-time, habitual villains of our own psyche, then we can move swiftly to crack them open, to locate their untruth, and to staunchly forgive them to their core so they dissolve for re-cycling.  They no longer have power over our psyche, our “creating machine.”

Then we can actually step through into the Lightness created by that transformation to find that only expansive happiness, joy, love, the best direction and guidance wait for us.  We have left the unreality of limitation and pain behind to live in the constant sharing of Infinite Heart with our own Souls and with the essence of others!  These transformations become the pattern of our life—addressing one after another until be are actually FREE!  It is our conscious Path.

And that, my Dears is where we are in this crossover to this new time!  Are you up for jumping into your Soul?  We already know that we are going to hit every roadblock that our psyches can throw out at us.  So, why not present yourself to your own Soul as its student, humble yourself to Its healing action at every turn?  Why not accept Its kind hand on your heart, and step into Its crystal expansiveness where you actually get to experience Reality!  After all, isn’t that what the spiritual path is all about—True Unity? 

So, Sweet One, that is why I making this course, “The Art of Soul Listening” available to you in these unprecedented times of transformation—so you can see your way through into the new time with the greatest ease and dependable guidance from your very own Soul!

Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2009

You have my permission to copy this article to another site or blog as long as you put in the above copyright and website information.


 These are the times we have been waiting for!

Jan. 24, 2017 & Feb. 3, 2009

Dear Ones,

As Mr. Obama said, "We are the ones that we have been waiting for!"

And now, I say, "These are the times that we have been waiting for!"

We have been given so very much information on what is to come and how to handle it! This time of transition and transformation was never promised to be easy, but it is promised to lead us to the "promised land" of total kindness and community in the long run. That is a "land" that we can only imagine at this point.

Right now, so many of us are being thrown what seem to be "cheap shots" from the Universe. Perhaps some people are losing their jobs, or getting paid less, or losing their homes. Perhaps you are feeling your own fear and that of others. And perhaps because things in your life seem to be disintegrating, rather than providing for your comfort or the habitual order of your life, you are ready to throw in the towel with all this hokey "spiritual stuff."

On the contrary, my Dears! What is happening is that our old difficulties that have been stuck in us for lifetimes--the things that drive us mad and cause us to feel lost, unprotected, hurt, challenged to survive, and on and on--these are re-visiting us big time! And can you guess why?

The reason is so that we can face them down, use these amazing technologies that Yogi Bhajan has given us to cleanse and sharpen our "instruments"--our characters to move forward in this topsey-turvey time. Without the illusory stability of our old ways of living, we now are being pointed to come into total union with our Souls--our God-Selves as well as come into deep union with each other's vulnerable hearts. That is the only way we can get through what is in store for us.

And if you are reading this--I believe that you are meant to lead others through these times with your own calm intuition and very deep compassion as well!

We are all in this together! As the group consciousness of our beloved Earth is at the beginning of this most crucial time, it is up to all of us to honest-to-God know the greatness of our own Selves. That is how we spread the saving calmness and boons that come when we throw our self-limitations overboard and open to the Great Heart of Who we are together!

So, here is a list of what I see will support our own transformation!


Let go of our personal crap really fast! That is our fears, low self-esteem, belligerence, feeling like we are trapped or at a dead end, fear for our very survival, and so on. If we remain locked in these cement shoes, we can only spiral down really quickly in these very speeded up times of pure change. My favorite technology to very quickly change my mental machinations as well as what is happening in my life--almost magically is the mantra Gobinday, Mukunday, ... Click here to get it. It's totally amazing! Try it!


Next is trust! "Trust" You say? "How can I possibly trust anything when it seems that all is becoming so dire--no hope, no place to turn?" Frankly, my Dears, that is the only place you can turn because there will be nothing else and nowhere else to depend on!

As we said, drop the crap, then raise your vibe with breath and yogic technologies, go neutral, and tune into your beloved Soul through your sharpened intuition. That's where you can get the perfect direction and support that you can rely on!

This takes tremendous mental diligence, as you can imagine--but you can train yourself to do it. First is to be aware of your mind being swept away by old fears and other poop--even if you think that all evidence points to your panic being completely justified. Learn to put on your mental brakes quickly--like a jet plane releasing a drag parachute, and powerfully reversing its jets to stop short so you don't run off the far edge of the aircraft carrier!

Then, as we said before, use the yogic technologies, go neutral--also called "shunia" or the zero point, and then get on the "phone" of your intuition with your God-Self! Who ya gonna call? Your Soul, of course!

Now, once you have direction from your all-intelligent Soul, please TRUST Its impeccable direction, even though it seems that your Soul's guidance is 180 degrees from what you logically think is best. Soul knows the WHOLE picture in its complete breadth, depth and future. And it actually presents you with the great opportunity for your own Destiny to blossom!

This is also the only way to bring the magic of support to you from sources you could never, ever imagine--both celestial and terrestrial! Soul is powerfully making expert connections--at a far greater rate--in time, quantity and quality than our overtaxed everyday minds could ever grasp! So, please, please get in the habit of trusting Soul!

Now to know how to get in touch with your own Beloved Soul, please click here. And to really get the experience, feedback and create the habit of being in touch with your God-Self, please click here for our first level course of "INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening!" And click here if you have already taken that first course and are ready for the second level course called "INTUITION TRAINING: Soul Partnering--An Adventure of Prosperous Ease!"

It turns out that my own Destiny in these most challenging times is to help folks get in touch with their Souls and learn to trust Its direction, so I will do my best for you and your sweet Souls, my Dears!

The times are beginning to boil. No more time to glide along! So, let's get together to love and enjoy what is coming up, to drop what drags on us, and to dance ourselves into powerful ecstasy with all that is thrown at us! And to love each other right down to the very depth of our unending Souls!

Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa, Soul, 2009.



 Winds of Change!!

March 3, 2009

Dear Ones,

I see lots of advice going around that tells us how to thrive in these challenging times!  But what I see are usually articles that are telling us how to ramp up the old ways until this temporary cycle passes.

But what if it doesn’t pass?

I even hear Mr. Obama mention that this economic crisis could become permanent.  Imagine!

As many of you know, there have been so many predictions from so many sources over the years that this time that we are now moving into (the year 2012) is one of extraordinary change.  That is change from our cultural systems that are based in greed, competition, thievery whenever possible, putting forth a great mask or marketing face, and so on.

Now, what I have been seeing as an intuitive is not just a temporary hiatus in our economic culture—as with the Great Depression, but a total switch in our method of exchange with one another.  For instance, what if money gets so very tight—so stuck in the proverbial pipeline that it no longer works as a medium for exchange?

In that case, how would jobs/employment work?  What about stores for food and all other supplies?  What about gas for transportation, and on and on?  In other words, what if this world economic system as we have always known it as the backbone of our very culture flops on its face and gives up the ghost?  What a very extraordinary challenge that would be for all who live on this amazing planet—or at least the ones who have any dependence on the global economy anyway.  I think that only leaves out a few recently discovered tribes in the Amazon!

From all that I understand about this fall of the old order, the new order that is set to arise is based entirely on compassion, heart felt sharing, honestly joining in community for the good of all, truth, openness and all that goes with that.  And by its very makeup, those who don’t participate in this new paradigm—who are tempted to grab rather than share, either on a personal or a greater scale, will de facto separate themselves from the new supply line—which is joining together from the heart to provide for each other.

“Old idea that never really worked so far!” you say?  Well, all I have to say is to keep these ideas in mind and experiment with them. 

Did you have the same experience as I did just after 9/11?  People looked at each other in such a kind and appreciative way as if to say, “I’m so glad that you are still here with us after that unbelievable devastation!”  What a wonder that was!  Of course, that wore off fairly quickly—back to the old grind.  But it is my belief that that is where we are headed again, big time.

Now, the next question is, “If everything that we normally depend on—stores, transportation, employment, money, schedules, etc. is no longer readily available, how can anyone survive?”  The trick of it all, my Dears is that you—everyone has an amazing voice within that knows everything!  It knows what you really need, it knows how to bring it to you, it knows how to connect with others without façade, and when you live by that most sweet and caring voice, you actually live in happiness, connection, prosperity and joy!  This is your very own personal guidance that you can trust beyond what any editorial or book or creed could ever, ever give you!  It is pure creativity and pure flow.  And it is always right there with you—available for listening!

That voice that is so very incredibly accessible is from what I call your Soul or your God-Self, and the phone line to your Soul is called intuition—not psychic ability which is a gift that only a few posses, but which is not necessarily tuned into the great big picture that your Soul has!

You can see how to very simply tune into your Soul for its advice and support at .  Or you might want to take a whole tele-course in this called “INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening!” where you get support, clear direction, reliable feedback and heart to heart sharing in making this process your own.  More info is at .

It is my understanding that in these new times, each one’s staying tuned into their Soul’s cell phone of intuition is how each of us will know how to move through what could otherwise be incredibly confusing, and therefore very difficult times ahead.  But if you are living from Soul’s direction, and if you have vested your trust in Its complete effectiveness, well then, you can have no better compass for living in reliable synchronicity in what otherwise could feel like chaos when all our “normal” bearings have evaporated.

And the great thing is that each one of us comes naturally equipped with this gift of intuition, so we each have our own amazing instrument of most trustworthy communication.  So, let’s get practice in using it, and trusting it!  Besides, it’s fun and unbelievably rewarding!

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa, , 2009


Predictions for 2009

Well, My Dear Ones,

This is an honor, indeed. Are you ever jealous of those who know the future and are willing to risk their lives by turning them around to Source so that you may live a really fulfilling life here on Earth in these small and quick years of change between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages?

These infinitely special years are sandwiched between the "haves" (those who think they know everything and have it all under CONTROL) and the "have nots" (those who know that they don't know it all especially when it comes to these miraculous times ahead). This is the actual meaning of Jesus saying that "The meek shall inherit the Earth!"

Now, this year of 2009 is a very funny, odd year. It is one of mending old hurts and cliques very, very quickly. And if you don't pay attention to letting go of old haunting and hurting thoughts, old obsessions that keep you bound down, and fears that wipe you completely out of your own orbit of "knowing" and "understanding," you are setting yourself up for trouble ahead! Remember, your own mental fitness is in your own hands! If your mind is keeping you straight jacketed in whirling, snarling fear, that action can only escalate to terror and panic in times ahead.

However, if you heal old hurts by forgiving them; if you mend old fears-from death to finances and everything in between, then you award yourself the freedom to face all that comes with kindness, heart, flexibility and love! These are the foundations of the Age to come. Perfecting these now at every minute-no matter what it takes is to "save" yourself, your family and all the multitudes around you, Sweethearts!

You are given to such great concern for yourselves, your families and your friends, so why not drop your leaden shoes of being stuck in feeling that you are a victim of anything? In truth, you are never a victim of anything! Just ask your Sweet Soul who set up this whole game of your Life before you came into this human body. Please understand that you came specifically this time around to participate in these miraculous "culture wars" in which the vibration of this holy planet will rise far above what it is even now, and it will happen very quickly! So, this is the time to ready your self for the elevator UP!

You have the courage, you have the heart, you have the Soul to do this, Sweet Ones. I am not just feeding you a line or a platitude. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO DROP FEARS AND UPGRADE YOURSELF FOR THE GOOD OF ALL!

Your stability and the grease for easing through these personal and cultural changes comes with your daily spiritual practice and checking your own mental habits! Nothing short of those will unstick you so that you can comfortably live in your heart with yourself and all other beings.

This year of 2009 will be a perfect year for discerning where you are with all this because events will pose themselves to each and every one in which we all consciously choose to be afraid, to be stuck, to blame and so on; or we can choose to let go of all fear, trust the direction of our very Soul, and love, love, love our selves, others and even those who you might think are tormenting you. That is the only, only way to save yourself and to actually thrive, Dear Ones!

These are blessed times ahead, so have a great time by climbing aboard the Aquarian Express, starting with your daily sadhana-your spiritual practice that will ease your way into comfort, love and joy in quite dramatic ways!

Copyright, Siri-Gian Khalsa, 2009.