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Dedicated to Blaming and Complaining

May 10, 2016 & November 19, 2013

I know.  Life can be a real struggle!

What with all of those people, situations and even God hitting you right and left with all that crap over and over again!  After all, the only thing that you want is to live in peace and harmony with all those folks and events that you encounter, and realize the prosperity that you have been projecting for.  Is that too much to ask?  Why won’t all those people and events in my life just relax and come from their heart?  Aren’t I good person?  Don’t I deserve that?  Is that too much to ask?  Isn’t that what the spiritual life promises anyway?

Hmmm.  Well, we all just want to finally relax in being accepted, being prosperous and spreading love.  So, let’s take a little look at these assumptions.

Do you find that these things keep happening to you over and over again?

Do you try your best to attract or get things that might cover what might be called your insecurities?  For instance, your fear of not having enough money to put a roof over your head; your lack of someone loving you or reassuring you; someone not believing in you, or blocking you, or slandering you even though you have done nothing wrong; any feelings of betrayal or abandonment; and the list goes on.

That, my Dear is a partial victim’s list!  Oh, yeah. 

And then do we have a habit of really getting into it, feeling really sorry for ourselves and continually reinforcing our crummy identity as a victim by expressing all of these “injustices” by blaming and complaining?  Sound familiar at all?

I know.  You are saying, “Wouldn’t anyone feel really let down, confused, fearful or unloved if these things happened to them, especially if they happened in a really big way?  After all, I am on my spiritual path, so shouldn’t I get some kind of reward from God at least for all the service I have given, and the spiritual work that I have done?  Why would I work my butt off doing all these practices if there weren’t even a little reward for it all?”

Guess what?

All that that I just described is our current culture’s idea of the spiritual path.  It is not the Truth!

In fact what I have found out from Soul/Guru over my long years is that Soul (our actual authentic Real Self) is not there to baby us.  In fact Soul doesn’t see that covering our insecurities so that we don’t have to deal with them is any kind of love at all.  Quite the contrary.

Actually Soul picks your Karmic interactions in this lifetime.  It does what it can to present you with challenge after challenge with the idea that as you heal or transform every reaction and source cause of every insecurity, you come closer to freeing yourself to find simple rest in God’s flow of total love and care for you!  I know that seems “counter intuitive,” but it is the Truth!  That is the course of the spiritual path, and there is no altering it. 

Our job here on Earth in this very lifetime is to give up and transform our crying “needs” that can actually never be really satisfied.   You see, those apparently heavy “needs” are really our virtual realities or “trances” as Yogi Bhajan used to call them of habitual fear.  They are like broken records that when triggered actually replay through our psyche to repeat the same patterns over and over again.  They even automatically and perpetually magnetize those very same situations to us!  Then our continued pain, along with our demands and self-pity only serve to crimp down the actual flow of kindness, love and prosperity that the Universe is doing its best to provide for us. 

You might like to read that paragraph a few more times.

You see, as we become aware of these never-ending nasty situations in our life, we can then take the initiative to transform them and actually become free from their oppression and ongoing pain. As we go deeper and deeper, we will find that every transformation actually brings us more wisdom—seemingly out of nowhere.   We find that we have more understanding and we are actually able to help others who have the same problems with clarity and compassion!

So, here are some steps that I find particularly effective:

·         Start with your daily sadhana.  That gives you the energetic elevation, awareness and stamina to do this very sacred work. 

·         Become aware!  Whenever you find yourself in pain, or you hear yourself blaming, complaining, fearful or confused, shout to yourself, “This is my moment of opportunity to heal that junk and become free!”

·         Next, immediately begin Heart Breath to relax out of that obsessive tightness, go to shuniya or pure “neutrality.”  That is where Soul “lives.” It is a kind of energetic dimension where you can feel actual calmness and expansion.  At this point, you might even forget your problem.

·         Now, for the next step, here are two alternatives:

o   Simply stay in neutral and allow yourself to feel that very deep pain as it flows out of you.  No judgment, no fighting back, no explanations.  Just keep up your heart breath and let it all flow.  It would be best to have a mantra playing in the background or doing a kriya, meditation or your sadhana.  My favorite mantra to break this painful spell or trance is Gobinday, Mukunday … .  Believe me, I can really shout it as I face really heavy-duty obsessive stuff!  As you heal, you will definitely feel that pain as it moves out of you.  Don’t get scared.  Just keep up your breath and let it happen, even if you are screaming with the pain.  Then at some time, you may feel that pain either subside or shatter apart.  Really miraculous.

o   Another method is to deeply, meditatively forgive the perpetrator of your pain, forgive yourself for getting involved with this pain on the most profound level, and even forgive God/Soul for Its part in bringing all this about.  This forgiveness does not say that what happened was OK.  On the contrary.  You leave justice up to the laws of karma.  Rather, I have seen that this forgiveness actually dissolves the energetic cords that keep you tied to re-experiencing this trance and it frees you from it replaying over and over again.

·         In the course of your healing, you may find that this trance was imprinted on you early in your childhood by the way that your parents treated you.  Therefore it became a repeating trance as well as your identity because it became the way that you see the world and your powerful but subconscious identity.  You may even find that it is rooted in past lifetimes or handed down through your ancestors to be played out again and again until it is finally healed.

Then as you heal, you simply begin to listen to Soul for guidance in every situation.  With repeated experiments you learn that Soul is trustworthy, even though you don’t know where the heck It is taking you!  You find that once you have exhausted every bit of trying to care for yourself on your own--that never actually works out too well.  Instead, you begin to find that as you rely on Soul without knowing what is coming next, that is your ONLY security.

Every big or small challenge becomes yet another opportunity to give up and rely on Soul to heal your terrors, needs and pains.  “Let go and let God!”  Overused expression, but nothing is truer.  You finally realize from experience that there is nowhere else to turn but Soul, because it is only Soul that can really have your back, and also give you the absolute unconditional love that you crave.  No person in the world can actually give you that most real and totally fulfilling experience.

Your only need then on this “spiritual path” becomes to only serve Soul without reservation.  Of course, you learn to do this as your “everyday self,” which is your ego, emotions, trances, and memories transforms to become so clear and transparent that it can finally calm down and let Soul take charge.

But this is a partnership between Soul and everyday self.  So, that means that everyday self lovingly follows Soul’s direction, sometimes even kicking and screaming into what appears to be the unknown.  This is where you find that the only security in your life is living this “Unknown.”  “The Unknown is known to me,” which was repeated often by Yogi Bhajan.  This is how you align your mind with your Soul as he instructed us to do.  And once you get the hang of it, this is truly a most cozy and reliable relationship!

Then as you dissolve those trances, you become more and more “transparent” so that the full God Consciousness of your Soul may move more and more into your own everyday consciousness.  That, my Dear is the true direction of the Spiritual Path.  It is called Yoga or Union or Self-Realization.  And that is what we truly seek and that which fulfills every real need!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


 Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2016 & 2013. You have permission to reproduce this article either in print or online as long as you keep this copyright line large and close to the article.To easily print out this article, please go to  .


Self!  How Do I Love Thee?

October 22, 2019 & May 28, 2013

We have spent so much attention in these articles on how to heal and clear our selves, it seems as though it’s about time to become really smitten with our selves—on every level!

Sure, we all have things that we can point to that are still works-in-progress.  That’s the work of being on Earth!  But let’s take a break—shift our focus from nabbing what appears to be our shadow to really, deeply appreciating the joy, the kindness, the authentic love that runs through you.    Drop the self-blaming, the guilt, inferiority or superiority and just relax into the very coziness and appreciation of YOU!  What an incredible Being you are!

Do you see the great progress that you have made over this lifetime—or how about over tons of lifetimes?  Wow!  Isn’t that reassuring that you are evolving nicely, no matter how difficult the current course may be?

Now, how do you love and care for this precious Being that you are?  After all, honestly forgiving and loving yourself is how you allow your own self-esteem to ripen.  Self-love as you know is the real spring board to the ability to genuinely love others and to be able to receive love as well.  Without loving yourself, you may be actually shirking love that may be trying to come your way!

So, just for a minute, regard yourself as though you were another person.  If you truly loved that person in the mirror, what would you do for them? 

Would you cook nice meals for them?  Would you go for a walk with them; really listen to their worries, dreams and processing with an accepting, non-judging ear; forgive them for any perceived shortcomings or faults and gently encourage them; kindly soothe their fears; bring them presents every now and then; hug them with true heart connection; create a clean, cozy and radiant environment for them; encourage and reassure them; dress them nicely; remind them to listen to and flow with Soul so they can find true peace and unbounded acceptance; help them do their daily sadhana (daily spiritual practice) to heal, uplift and ease out their daily life; seek out new creative solutions for them;  suggest really fun things to do and enjoy them together; gently help them figure out how to be balanced and prosperous in each area of their life—one step at a time; bring kindness and joy to them regularly; be a steadfast, dependable friend, no matter what; regularly tell them that you love them and patiently help them let go any barriers to receiving your love? 

Isn’t it funny how we sometimes forget to be kind and loving to ourselves?  And yet if we don’t, we have no “center” to give to others or to connect with heaven and earth.

So, right now, let’s take a while to actually take stock of all of our wonderful, supportive qualities.  I am sure that you can find at least a few without judging whether they are what you think they should ultimately be!  How about your honesty, your courage, your care and kindness, the lessons you have learned along the way.  Be truly appreciative.  Relax, relax, relax!

Yogi Bhajan suggested that you meditate on being a yogi, on your purity, your honesty, your Higher Self—your very Soul!  He says[i]:

Close your eyes and meditate.  Show me how you like to look like a yogi.Meditate on your being a yogi, on your purity, your honesty, your Higher Self.  (7 minutes.)Please open your eyes.  How many times a day do you meditate on yourself as a yogi?  Since you have come here, how many days have you meditated on yourself as a yogi?  How many times in your whole life have you meditated on yourself as an angel?  How many times have you understood in your life that you are extremely and absolutely pure?  How many times have you meditated and understood in your life that you are here at the Will of God, not by your will?  I’m just suggesting these ways to meditate.  I’m not asking you anything.Kundalini Yoga says:All in self is the Self.  Oh yogi, meditate and then find that precious, priceless gem of Self and the whole world is yours.In this life, the man who is not learned shall not enjoy.  The purpose of life is happiness, and happiness is only for the learned.  Even Almighty God cannot interfere.  God is very Infinite.  There’s no punishment….All in self is the Self.Oh yogi, meditateAnd then find that precious,Priceless gem of Self,And the whole world is yours. 

[i] From p. 184, “The Master’s Touch,” Kundalini Research Institute, 1997, used with permission.

Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013 You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and close to the article. To easily print out this article, please go to .


You Create Curses?

April 23, 2013

Ah!  The horror of those old folk tales about witches and ogres putting mean and dark curses on the likes of the princess maiden and the frog prince to shut down their lives FOREVER—until their fiendish plot is finally foiled, that is!  We hear about cultural beliefs on curses such as the “evil eye,” gypsy curses, pharaoh’s tombs and more, but in the end we categorize curses as simple nonsense to be crafted into entertaining drama by the most creative crews at Disney Productions.

Or at least that is the way that I saw it until the last few years when I began to see that the source of difficulty in some folks who came to me for healing were actually curses—usually intentionally laid upon one of their ancestors that has come down to them from their family lineage.  And they can originate from a person’s past lifetime as well.

First thing!  DON’T GET AFRAID!

If you dive into fear, that will only increase that difficulty.  So be sure to calm down with Heart Breath  to come to neutral where you can be in the most cozy arms of your very Soul—where we would like to be all of the time!

To understand curses and more, we need a little background:

We actually have “jillions” of bundles or programs of information that are stored energetically within us, sort of like digitized movies or tendencies stored in our energetic system.  This digitized information holds our abilities, power, stories, emotions, desires, memories, subconscious habits, ways of thinking, etc. that propel us to act, feel, and think as we do. Some of those programs are stuck in “darkness,” which is actually a kind of energetic stickiness that causes that program to repeat or loop continuously in a way that doesn’t allow access to the fast and incredibly free flow of Light energy, which is actually the Consciousness of our very Soul.

So, those energetic bundles—whether stuck in the dark or open to the Light actually magnetize certain events to occur in our lives.  Consequently, our “operating platform” is built from an entire interactive “library” of such programs.  And this whole conglomeration of programs is what we call our identity or “everyday” consciousness.

Therefore, the function of healing is to uncoil and untangle the stuck, dark energy within our programs so that the reality of our Conscious Soul may become the operative factor shining through all of our energetic programs.  As we dissolve that sticky dark energy, the neutral information that was previously bound in those old programs now becomes liberated or “purified.”  That allows all of the freed-up bits of information that had been stuck in most challenging ways to entirely integrate with that free-flow of Light energy in extraordinary new ways  .  Radiating that most Conscious Light through our mind and emotions to naturally experience ease, wisdom, love, support, personal power, grace, and true creativity is what we call happiness.  And that is the expression of our truly authentic and natural self/Self!


Some of the stickiness that binds these information bundles or energetic programs are of an imposed difficult nature that we call “curses.”  They can originate from people who wish or project their ill will on another.  That dark stickiness can then be transferred to another if the other’s Light is not free and strong enough to “digest” it.  So here are a few remedies:

1.        Don’s ever send curses, you will only get them back in due time.  So, never speak meanly about another person.  Don’t put that heavy and dark emotion behind your words, and heal it from your thoughts.  Very, very once in a while you might have to most neutrally communicate about a third party so that the person you are talking to is not harmed.  But the “gotchas” of gossip, of revenge, of discrediting or putting down another to demonstrate your own power, superior knowledge or expertise—even with a facial expression or tone of voice, or judging rather than discerning from Soul, or any hatred or trying to return pain to them for what they did to you are all curses.   
The great hazard of creating these energetic curses on others is that you lay a pathway that will certainly attract the same kinds of things to you.  Do you really want to take that chance?  Remember, darkness begets darkness. 

And yet, all of these actions are “normalized” cultural tools of social interaction, of competition, of building a support group, or “posse,” or religion, or a political agenda, or a community of “like-minded” individuals, or simply an attempt to make your wounded self feel better. 

So, Dear One, it is most important that you keep very close watch on what comes out of your emotions, your mind and your mouth.  What Jesus said, “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you,” is surely not a platitude, but a true technology for life.

2.       Instead of throwing your curses on another, get into the habit of using mantra  and Heart Breath to calm yourself down and to actually heal your own “stickiness.”  Then, instead of projecting darkness or curses to another, send the Light energy of your Heart Breath to the other person so that their darkness may be healed with the intention that they will eventually heal their own darkness—all very neutrally.  Stay in the neutrality of Light—not numbness, but the presence of your very cozy Soul.

To send Light to someone is even more powerful than to send them darkness or curses.  It is called a “Blessing,” and it heals, which benefits the whole planet and brings evolution to the peaceful planet that we pay lip service to!

3.       Don’t you want your Light energy to be so very powerful every day so that it will dissolve any darkness that gets hurled your way?  You know the answer, don’t you?  That is daily sadhana, which is daily spiritual practice.  It is so very amazing how this extraordinary daily practice of potent prayers, Kundalini Yoga and Meditations can unblock your own tangles as it increases the great power of your own radiant Light!  That protects you incredibly from that “dark sticky” and keeps you happy and perking along.

4.       Now there are two kinds of forgiving.  One kind is from your mind and I call it the “Wimp’s Forgiving.”  That just glosses over the injustices that might have happened.  The biggest problem is that it only bottles up your own pain and victimization, which then makes you weak and/or explosive.  It is totally confusing.

The other kind of forgiving is what I call the “Hero’s Forgiving.”  That is when you use your Heart Breath to go deep into meditation.  There you never say whether something or someone is good or bad, it just is or was.  Then you very deeply use this pranic power that moves the act of forgiving to dissolve all of the ropes of stuck and sticky energy that have bound you to that person or event.  This action of deep forgiving triggers such an amazing healing mechanism within you.  So, make the choice:  either the difficult but courageous choice that opens your own Light no matter what has been done to you or your loved ones; or the easy but self-inflicting wounding of continuing to harbor and send curses.


5.       If you want a really powerful ally against any darkness that anyone is sending your way, just run to Baba Siri Chand.  By consciously saying  his most sacred mantra “Alak, Baba Siri Chand Derak,” you invoke his most majestic ability to act as an energetic mirror that reflects back to the originator of that darkness their own nastiness.  Be sure that you do this in complete humility and neutrality.  You are then relieved of any karmic consequences.  Just be sure that you say this amazing mantra no more than once a day.  More at .  Do not try to enlist Baba Siri Chand in creating revenge to that perpetrator.  In that case, you will most likely suffer 10 times what you project!  Be really respectful and humble.

So, by now, I think that you got the idea.  And even if you feel that any curse has come down through your family lineage, the healing steps are the same.

What an amazing cycle this karma is.  It continuously pushes us to heal and open to our Light!  So, you might as well make that pursuit your primary goal and practice, eh?

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa,   , 2013.

You may publish this article either in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and close to it.

You can easily print out this article when you go to .

We would love for you to leave your comments or personal experiences on this on our Soul Answer Facebook Group page.


Compulsions “Of the Third Kind!”

March 19, 2013

Do you remember those crazy moments in that marvelous movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” by Steven Spielberg?

Richard Drefuss had just been buzzed by a space ship.  Later at dinner with his family, he absent-mindedly pulled his mashed potatoes into a high pile.  Then as his weird compulsion began to grow, he seized the whole bowl of potatoes, dumped them on his plate and made an even bigger pile that had quite a distinctive shape.  Then wild-eyed, he ran outside and started shoveling dirt through the dining room window onto the table.  He flooded that great mess with water from the hose that he had shoved through the window to make an enormous mud pile so he could continue to sculpt it in a most frantic manner.  Horrified at his madness, his wife fled with the kids!

That didn’t stop him!  During his descent to compulsive madness, an image appeared on his TV screen.  It looked just like the huge piles that he had been creating.  It was real!  It was Devil’s Tower, Wyoming and the newscaster was reporting that the government was restricting access to that area due to some strange, but bogus activity.  Drefuss immediately recognized that unmistakable land formation as the object of his frantic search.

Needless to say, our hero jumped into his car and sped to that location instantly!  And the rest of the movie unfolds from there.  Rent it.  I bet you will enjoy it.

But the point is that that image had been implanted in his mind.  It became a fanatic, driving compulsion to reach the source of it. Nothing could stop him.

Now, if you are reading this article, I bet that you have actually come across your own driving need to find that “something,” that experience that sends shivers of pure recognition and connection up your spine.  That search has been embedded in you for your whole life, even as a child. Your world may have seemed confusing, even absurd when you felt that you had come here—to Earth for some special reason and that you really knew what things were about.  But all you were met with was the most frustrating dullness.  And perhaps others, including your parents may have thought you were a bit off and so denied the Truth that you intrinsically knew.  Your disappointment in your loss could have been thoroughly depressing, as you gave up to do your best to make your way through this strange world that you tried your best to make heads or tails of.

And yet, do you remember when that great recognition of Truth, of Knowing deep within suddenly exploded you to into another dimension.  Something in you suddenly felt deeply fulfilled.  You KNEW that you were HOME.  You became grounded in that full Truth or Knowing that you had been seeking like an oasis in a bleak desert your whole life.  It could have been words that you heard or read that blazed the Truth in you.  It could have been the experience of your first Kundalini Yoga class, or something else that connected your being to Its vibration like a loud bell vibrating your whole body and mind.

That knowing, Dear One, is the experience of connecting fully with your own Infinite Soul, your True God Self.  You are so very lucky if you have found that in your lifetime!  And you are luckier still if you have found community to share that great experience, connection of hearts, and search for the most pure and powerful Truth with!  This is the time to be grateful and to melt into that great knowing, to accept that you can live your most pure and expansive Soul right here on Earth.  Feel the Truth!

Let us BE together in this great, compulsive search for our Source.  Soul is leading us, and we enthusiastically absorb every precious drop.  We are being led by Soul’s call deep within us.  So, we let go of the heavy time of doubting as we discover our Tribe of Soul.  We hold hands and hearts as we move ever deeper into this experience of Truth together.  We are the actual expression of Soul’s TRUTH!  “Sat Nam”--Your identity is Truth!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013.

You have permission to publish this article in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and near the copy.


Ascension?  Descend, too!

March 5, 2013

There’s been a lot of talk about “ascending” in the past few years.  When you ascend into higher frequencies, this is where you will meet greater awareness and understand more that we interpret as wisdom, and have greater experiences, such as astral travel, etc.

But if you are not totally “grounded,” the result of focusing entirely on the upper energies is that you are in danger of becoming a “space case.”  In earthly terms, you can actually become shallow, weak and unconnected because you are not bringing those high energies back down to anchor in this time and space called Earth where you do actually live for this “moment.”

Some folks enjoy this ascension without grounding for several reasons.  One may be that they feel this disconnection is really the most holy path possible.  Or they may just want to flee from the rigors, pain and suffering that comes with this karmic role of living in a human body.  The problem is that if you don’t actually deal with and heal your karmas in a very real way while you are here, you just have to come back again and again until you do. 

I often feel that monks and recluses who stay in the ethers have amazing experiences and do raise their vibratory rates incredibly, which is really a wonderful thing, and their own personal work raises all of creation.  But on the other hand, if they do not cycle that very high energy back down to this vibratory level and even root it even deeper in the lower register dimensions, then those folks just have to come back to yet more lifetimes to finally anchor it.

When you anchor that highest of energies down through this whole “middle range” of earthly octaves, and then finally root it in the massive heavy, yet very powerful ranges below this everyday level, that is when the true wisdom, grace, and freedom of the very high Divine can finally be expressed through the great power, strength, projection and solidity sourced from the deeper, massive registers of the Creative Consciousness.

Adi Shakti, which is Primal Earth Power, also known as Prakriti or Mother Earth explains that the Infinite levels above are known as “Pa,” also called Parusha.  And she calls herself “Ma”.  She takes the Infinite, undifferentiated energy of Pa as it disburses from Him.  She then “weaves” that conscious energy into what we call Creation.  And because we humans are at the very center between Ma and Pa, this is how we become their offspring!  As Baba Siri Chand described to us in last week’s teletalk, as we purify ourselves between Infinite Pa and Creative Ma, we become “wands of Light” radiating out to this dimension that we call our world.  And frankly our radiance filters to dimensions above and below as well.


Now the mix-up comes when we believe that these deeper dimensional energies, including the lower chakras are not worthwhile, or that there is something inherently wrong with them, or that they are evil in some way, while the higher energies are the “good guys”.

But in fact, all levels of our energy can be polluted, while on the other hand, all levels of our conscious energy can be totally pure—which is what we actually aspire to.

For instance, someone can develop their third eye, which is a portal to higher energy and abilities to the point that they have siddhis or powers on the subtle level that they may use to spy on someone, or to influence their mind.  Or another might constantly take astral flight for their entertainment while they avoid their earthly obligations such as healing themselves or taking care of their family. 

These are a couple of uses of higher dimensions that do not serve our purpose of becoming fully human.  That is to develop ourselves as purified, balanced, down-to-Earth projections of the God continuum that we call Pa and Ma living on this Earth.

Conversely, there are those who use the deeper resonances to inflict their own power over others, such as physical or mental domination of others through wars, torture, abuse, propaganda or other forms of control by individuals, organizations, etc.  Again, these heavy powers certainly defy the purity and integrity that is demanded by the Light.

And yet, those heavy energies—when purified become the deep source of our human framework.  They act as the rich, heavy soil that root, nourish and hold the middle and higher range of dimensions in much the same way that the deep, moist, nutrient-rich soil of a primeval forest holds the great and powerful trees that are anchored there.  This is the great gift of Ma! 

The key is to not use that power for our own self-aggrandizement or unbalanced self-gain.  Rather when healed, those cleared grounded energies make it possible for us to “hold the space” of the Infinite on Earth, to allow prosperity and success on all levels for ourselves and others, to connect from the heart with all, to relax out of fear and live in easy stability, to project and elevate, to experience the great happiness and freedom of the Divine, and to serve, serve, serve this world with the peace and inspiration that flows from the Infinite.  That fulfills our human potential.  That is why the God of us came to this Earth of multi-layered dimensions—so that we could be fully Present right here and now.

So, when our energy and consciousness on all levels—from “heaven to Earth” is healed, purified and connected, we can freely grasp the beauty, guidance and highest experiences that are waiting for us.  At the same time, when our middle and lower registers are cleared and nourished, we are securely “grounded.”  When all is purely connected from “top to bottom”, we can bring that most high wisdom and grace down to Earth to project its great kindness and Truth through majestic, most appropriate power and success that is totally expansive but not overarching.  This free-flowing connection or wiring among all of these dimensions becomes our strong backbone to project the Infinite right here in our fully connected and grounded LIFE!

This is becoming FULLY HUMAN!


Any yoga that affects your navel energy will make a big difference.

Here are a few kriyas and meditations:

“Nabhi Kriya”

“So Darshan Chakra Kriya”

 “Strong as Steel”

Walk on the Earth and pay attention to the very consciousness of Mother Earth/Adi Shakti as you do.  Feel her energy, and listen to her subtle communication with you.  Appreciate it and let it love your completely as she guides you.

Here is a meditation that Mother/Ma gave us to both descend and ascend:

·         Begin long, deep breathing through your nose from your belly.  This moves your pranic energy.

·         Then consciously move that energy down your spine and feet into the very center of Mother Earth.  Do that until you feel her presence and communication with you.

·         Continue to cycle that energy back up through your body and then out the top of your head to the Infinite/Pa to truly reach the “heavens.” 

·         Now, cycle that “high” energy down through your body to the very deep center of Ma, and continuously keep this cycling going for total and complete connection. 

·         Be very aware of your heart center as this amazing pathway moves through it, going both up and down.

Always, always consciously tune into your subtle awareness to constantly clear and heal all aspects of yourself so that you don’t block that flow, but rather freely and clearly engage all dimensions—both up and down.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

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I Don’t Want to Be HERE!

 May 1, 2012

 How many times have I heard folks voice this most profound complaint about having been born in their healing session?  I’ll just say tons of times!

Then during the session, the story usually reveals that these people are mighty conscious folks and often remember trying their best to resist falling into the human baby body waiting for them.  Even though they have greatly earned this amazing privilege over so many lifetimes, they still remember how very difficult other lifetimes have been—full of all kinds of terrors such as being murdered, tortured, raped, lost and so much more.  They also usually have a either a glimmer or a full-on familiarity with the beauty of the Light that is deeply experienced between lifetimes.  So, who would want to leave that peace for the painful chaos of acting out in yet another body, for yet another lifetime of disconnect and profound loss?  You get my point, eh?

Well, the very first thing to understand is that it is actually your Soul, your own God Self that puts together your next lifetime’s hand of “karma cards” that you will play. That is, it appears that our “everyday self,” our thinking and judging mind doesn’t get to choose the karmic circumstances that we find ourselves in, such as our parents, our location on the planet, the things that “happen to us,” etc.  But rather we—as our everyday selves have total free will on how we play this “game” of a lifetime.

Moves in this Game of Life.

When our Souls, our True Selves, that “portion” of the Infinite that chooses to come into the “forgetting” of Who It is to join in “8.4 million lifetimes, half in water” (Yogi Bhajan’s words), it chooses this grand cycle of evolution—first the forgetting phases where so many karmas and much pain get stored up.  Read more about karma at .

Then we begin the “remembering” phase of our evolution back to full, total, Conscious Union with our real Infinite Self.  That part we call the spiritual path.  Here is where we “pay our karmas,” that is balance our account in the Akashic Records.  If I did something to somebody, then it gets done to me.  The debt is paid—whether we call it good or bad, the actions are equaled out, as long as we go through those karmic situations with neutrality and not create yet more karmas from our reactions!  Oh, yeah.

Now, here is the best.  Those very difficult resurgences of pain and loss that flare up in our lives, and which we dread facing are actually the very things that Soul ordered up for us when choosing our karma cards.  These are the energetic raw materials that are the basis of our own alchemic processes.  That is in healing—forgiving and evaporating that pain and confusion of those habitual triggered difficulties, we actually turn around those experiences so that they benefit us and those around us.  When healing occurs, those energetic programs realign themselves to provide complete, although perhaps unconscious access to all those crummy experiences in a way that no longer brings our own pain to the surface because it has been freed up.  But rather we naturally have the ability to understand and help heal similar challenges in others.  Remember your Diamond Mind?  Coal to diamonds by the process of great heat, pressure and time! .

Now, as one heals, they clear the way to actually connect with their Soul, their True Self.  It is this full and free connection that we all long for.  There is actually a kind of hunger embedded in us to draw us to re-unite.  When we just move over to fully embodying Soul, allowing ourselves to rest in that very real vibrational frequency, this is the beginning of the connection that we have yearned for, pined for over centuries.

When in this state, problems fade, courage is not a question because fears have melted, you feel hugged, cared for and profoundly loved and supported.  This is why we came HERE! 

That is to move into this next phase of remembering, of knowing Who we are, and embodying the very real experience of Soul!  To learn to do this, please go to .  This is THE CONNECTION! Relish it!  As you do this process, and as it becomes the way that you live your life, Soul will push you more and more into your greatness, at the speed that you heal your difficulties.  So, now call those challenges “opportunities” to progress on your path to becoming Who you truly are.

And then, please take this great energy of Soul and send it down your body, right down into the very consciousness of Divine Mother, Mother Earth, Adi Shakti, Primal Earth Power.  As people do this, they report that their experience of Soul becomes stronger, more rooted, more apparent.  This is the Union of Heaven and Earth right there in your own body and mind!  Life becomes simpler as you rely on this state of being to lead you and feed you, no matter what karmas you may be facing.

Now, here is the kicker.  I asked the Soul of one lovely lady who has a very genuine ability to listen to her Divine Soul why it chose to come to Earth—that is limited time, space and awareness time after time. 

The most amazing answer was that the Infinite Self wants to go through all of that forgetting so that in the end of this most grand cycle of births and deaths, in the end the limited consciousness will come again into the most full Union with the Infinity.  And that event, that experience, my friends is so powerful and magnificent that the Soul craves that splendid re-union to the extent that it not only goes through one full round of the karmic cycle, but it does it over and over again.  Imagine!

When I asked about all the pain, her Soul—which has the voice of everyone’s Soul said that the Re-Union was totally worth it all.  But the fact is that we need to go through all these human lives to consciously make our way back to Infinite remembering—with Soul’s guidance, of course.

Now, isn’t this a most glorious trip that we are having here on Earth?  We are getting near our destination, you know.  So, let’s just trust that being HERE is what we really and truly do want because the inevitable “end point” is all that there is in the Universe.  Let’s really make the very best of every opportunity to move forward with the greatest ease, love and enthusiasm!

Lots of Love,


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa, , 2012

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and readable. 


Was Someone Mean To You?
January 10, 2011



Was someone mean to you today?  How did you handle it?

In these speeded up times, we seem to be getting hit with all that “old stuff” that hasn’t been dealt with yet.  So, now let’s deal!  What an opportunity for growth, eh?

Now, what was your reaction when someone was mean to you?  Dumfounded, hurt, angry, lash back, slink away to lick your wounds?  Did you allow the interaction to reinforce your identity as a victim by taking the affront personally?

So, the first thing in such a situation is not to injure yourself.  DO NOT INJURE YOURSELF BY GOING INTO VICTIM MODE! 

Instead, understand that in this Aquarian Age, Yogi Bhajan told us that people will be going crazy.  This means crazy to every degree, and on all levels, and this could even refer to US!  

So, take every affront as a most tremendous opportunity to practice your warrior training.  Train both “in battle,” meaning in the situation as well as constantly in the “dojo” of your mind when you are not being attacked.  Train yourself with the dedication and strength of a warrior so that when the attack comes, your instantaneous response is automatic.  You snap into the laser focus and practiced powerful presence of a warrior of Spirit.

This is truly a profound martial art of Consciousness.

Now I know that this takes a lot of dedicated training to be able to do this in the absolute second, just as any martial art does, so you might as well get started right away.    Therefore, in the instant:

1.       In a flash, park your own victim feelings—anger, hurt, judgment, self-defeat, fighting back, etc.  Nothing will throw you off more than indulging your own self-destructive emotional habits of being victimized, fighting back, etc.

2.       Ground your energy into Mother Earth, and expand yourself immediately—this is the warrior’s stance, and this is what keeps you balanced and rooted in the power of your Presence.  Do your best to relax while still being attentive and aware.

3.       Breathe Heart Breath--that is you powerfully move this healing energy though both of you to loosen and raise the very real energy of the situation out of being stuck in the lower registers of “head butting” to a “place” where surprising changes for the better can happen.  Remember this “battle relationship” is lethal business that is being raised to the powerful higher dimensions of freedom.

4.       Use a mantra, call on Guru Ram Das, Baba Siri Chand and/or Yogi Bhajan.  Their incredible influence is your “army at your back” that can open the way and take charge through you as you “hold the space.”

5.       Set yourself in a purely neutral state.  This is a fully focused energetic state that is based in profound neutrality—never numbness.  Neutral space is CLEAR SPACE where you can “hear, feel, see” the True way of dealing with the situation for everyone’s highest good.  Don’t worry if your nerves are playing havoc with your body.  Just mentally and energetically hold the neutral, clear state as best you can.  The challenge is that as you are doing this, you never quite know where you are going.  OK!  Just stick with what is flowing through you at every second.

6.       Intensely listen with the same “apparatus” that you use when engaged in intuition.  It is a sensation of “big ears” or hugely increased awareness where you can “hear, feel, see, etc.” what is truly happening as well as your receiving guidance in the second on just how to respond--way beyond the obvious.  In this condition, you cannot hold onto any preconceived notion of how to act.  Instead, listen to the words flowing out of your mouth and the tone in which they are delivered.  In this “place” of intuitive response, you cannot cling to any kind of old judgment based on how things “should” be going.  You are stripped of all guile, leading you to express the power of the Present in unforeseen ways. 

7.       Don’t forget that you are listening to and responding to the words of your “opponent” as well in this whole mix.  Quite a multi-dimensional blend in the moment.  But as you gain practice, this flow will come naturally.

8.       Be profoundly grateful for the encounter!  After all, the other person is your “worthy opponent.”  How else could you possibly engage in this extremely potent training to be totally present in your Soul—no matter what?


Then before the encounter, as part of your daily training or after it, spend time in a meditative state communicating with your Divine Soul, or any of those Divine Personages—Guru Ram Das, Baba Siri Chand or Yogi Bhajan, asking them to understand how you can change yourself to better handle these kinds of situations.


I assure you that you will get the most incredible feedback!  Let your “everyday self” (your mind, emotions, cultural training, preconceived ideas and so on) ask the questions.  Then allow your Divine Guidance show you the Truth and how to heal yourself, how to clear yourself, how to extend the Power of the Present into every situation that comes your way.  Use all of your Kundalini Yoga tools to move through any blocks!


Let this be your “post mortum” method to dissect the situation so that you can understand how to handle it from this higher level so much better in the future.  Sadhana is a great time to do this.


Churning over that “he said, she said” blaming stuff in your mind just sweeps you away to continued stupidity.  Don’t be a victim to it.  Rather, listen to your most profound Teachers within, and with great purpose and commitment, learn from Them and heal.  This is the only way that will really work for us as we progress more and more into this Aquarian Dimension.  Then move on without carrying a grudge or animosity for anyone—only heart breath for healing on all sides, and pure gratitude for your growth.


Then it would be such a tremendous help to all the rest of us if you would please post your experiences with this training to our Soul Answer Tribe Facebook page so that we can understand your path of trials and surprising results with this.  This is how we learn and support one another!  Please go to to share. 


Thanks so much, Dear Warriors of the Spirit.  We are enthusiastically looking forward to meeting you there in our cozy, online group—our place of shared hearts and Souls.


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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