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 Now Is the Time That Tries Men's Souls.

 November 15, 2016


These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


Now is the time that we need to try Soul—men, women, and children.


Now is not the time to sink into blaming, hurt, fear, depression, panic, loss of faith in God or our fellow humanity.  Now is not the time to dip into pervasive abandonment and victimization—or even anticipation of that.  Now is not the time to bond with others in despair, thereby enforcing our own darkness and insecurity as well as that of others. Oh, no!


To sink to that muck would be disengaging what we have been training for over these many years.  My Dear One, we have been training to be Light Workers, Light Houses and Fork Lifts.  We have been concerned about our own healing of the lies that we were taught about ourselves and the world over so very many generations—that is so many ancestral generations as well as lifetimes mired in that Piscean Age.


This is the time for all of us, of every persuasion to shine with the full Light of the World; to acknowledge Who we are, no matter what kind of crazy or unjust things happen.


When 1/3 of the folks who voted for this president were too embarrassed to admit to pollsters that they were voting for him, you know that our country is full to the brim of folks who live in great pain and shame.


So, Sweet One, this is the time to step up and live the Destiny that you have opted for because you, as your own Sweet Soul has chosen to be present in this very time and circumstances--in your current body and consciousness.  Haven’t you been doing your spiritual work—elevation and self-healing over the past “umpty-ump” years?  Haven’t you been learning to “live FOR each other” as Yogi Bhajan admonished us with his dying words?


So, what do you suppose that means personally for each of us?


That means that we tune in , jump out of our depression , let go of fear (even if you feel it is legitimate) , switch from anger to power that is calm, self-possessed, and Present  Although we often hang onto anger for the sake of protection, please transform it to pure power of Soul.  “Nirbhao, Nirvair,” meaning without fear or revenge.


It is time for us to quit being only nominally compassionate by lending our concern and compassion only for certain sons, daughters and children of the Almighty.  But now is the time to include great prayers, love and compassion for those that we have so far judged as intolerant, short-sighted, hurtful and nuts. How else are we going to change the consciousness of this world?  If we get into traditional “fighting mode” such as beating them up, or despairing, how will world peace ever seep into our collective consciousness.  Even if “they” bring on the fight that springs from deeply embedded pain and loss, let us engage in our full revenge of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  Yes, “Love does Trump Hate!”  Let us put our money where our mouth is.  Do healing “Heart Breath” with every ounce of our being, all the time—day and night to not only ease our own jitters, but also to create a basket of comfort for this new president and all of his voters.  This is how miracles are made.  Believe me, I have seen this and done this in other circumstances and it will work, no matter the difficulties that we have to face in the meantime.


In his free teletalk last Wednesday morning, Baba Siri Chand led us to our consciousness to remind us to NOT Fall into Fear.  Rather realize this is the time that we have been waiting for.  This is time that has slipped up on us to challenge us into recognizing Who We Really Are!  This is the pressure that we can use as great impetus to stand for the Truth of Soul , not ever as self-righteousness, but in the great kindness snf humility of Soul Who knows All as Its children, regardless.


How about if we deeply, neutrally forgive our own self-indulgence in “our way or the highway” and deeply get to know the “other side.”  Pray for their peace and healing, and do what we can to support that. On the other side, as we take refuge in the very Presence of Soul, we stand fearlessly for protecting and supporting ALL great “Lights” of this world—wherever they may be, whether they are shining bright or smothered under some dark pain.  If UNITY is our goal, then let’s get on the bandwagon—together, NOW!


Yogi Bhajan said that in serving and becoming our group consciousness, we would move into the Aquarian Light together.  Now is the time, Sweethearts!


I am so grateful that all of the spiritual groups and teachers that I am hearing from via the internet are singing the same song of prayer and kindness.  There is obviously global guidance on this from Soul, God, Jesus, Guru Ram Das, Divine Mother Goddess, and all those divine Beings that we are happily tuned into.  You can join Spirit Voyage’s Global Healing Sadhana


So, be very discerning about which messages you allow to grab your heart and your mind.  There is a lot of destructive emotion being expressed on the internet.  Oh, Light Workers, do NOT give into it.  If you do, not only will you destroy yourself, but you will give up incredible opportunities to uplift the consciousness of the whole collective—all of humanity.  Let yourself take on responsibility not only for yourself and for your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, spiritual community and more, but for the great upliftment of humanity.  We have talked about, griped about it, mourned for it so much.  Now, let us consciously and honestly do the work that needs to be done.


Now, I am not suggesting that you bottle up your feelings of hopelessness and despair, but sit in meditation with Soul.  Put on a mantra CD.  And let those feelings truly pour through you for release.  In total neutrality—not from your mind, forgive who or what you consider the source of your pain from the very bottom of your Heart Breath so that you can free yourself of those emotional chains.  Then claim the Light to BE the pure Light that you are so that you can most humbly and kindly allow acceptance, love and kindness to all.  Stand for it—not so much by opposing, although sometimes you must; but fully investing in the support for Truth, Love and Kindness for all that we all say that we want.


Deliberately search for the middle ground, hold fast to it without raising the hackles of others, one firmly-grounded step at a time.  Now, you certainly can’t be well-guided to do this from your mind.  Rather always, always, always get your most dependable and often surprising expression from the actual voice of your own Soul. .  Soul is cozy and comforting, with total connection, entirely humble yet strong, and unfailingly right-on.  Try it, you will see!


So, here are a few ideas on how we, as compassionate folks discovering the fullness of UNITY might act:

·      Double-down on helping Mother Earth without waiting for the government—get solar panels on your house, in the West cut down on water consumption, grow your own food, investigate how you can cut back on creating waste, lower use of fossil fuels such as get an electric car, use public transport.  Make a plan and follow it.  

·      Get to know Trump voters, do Heart Breath as you do.  Do total Heart Breath as you meet, and stay fully grounded and kind.  Find out what their challenges are, and find true common ground with compassion.  Be alert to what personal and communal difficulties underlie their convictions, even when you don’t agree!  Don’t oppose them with venom but with kindness and strength; they are literally our brothers and sisters.  Yogi Bhajan said that if you can’t see God in All, you can’t see God at all.

·      By the same token, stand for Truth, stand for each other—especially those that need our support and protection with courage and Soul’s knowing.  Don’t get frazzled or judgmental.  Don’t pre-suppose that you know where another person is coming from—listen closely, ask genuine questions from your heart that don’t provoke retaliation and anger.  If you get lost in emotions, you lose the battle. This has always been known by the great Oriental martial artists.  Train yourself, Dear One.  Find the preciousness in each one and seek to heal the pain softly, with dedication as you can.  Protect and support each other from each other.

·      Here’s a tip to help your sanity.  Be sure that you get your news from sources that thoroughly vet the truth of what is being put out there.  Social media is a great place to spread gossip and really hair-raising stories.  I suspect that we will have plenty to deal with from the fully vetting news sources without piling on rumors.

·      Add your own Soul’s ideas to the mix and wholeheartedly share them.  We need UNITY and creativity from the heart to heal those hurts within us, and within each other if we are truly committed to bringing about the peace and love promised by the Aquarian Age.


Bless us all as we hang together on this next Road of life to clear the way for the Aquarian Consciousness.