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Soul's Guide on Living the Aquarian Reality!

July 18, 2016 & October 9, 2012

1.       Be totally smart.  That is not book-learning, but the ability to be fully aware.  You are not gifted with knowing the Unknown for nothing.  That awareness is where all is given and all structures, progress and competence is shown.  You are in that flow as you allow yourself to be in it.  Be Here Now for the sake of being fully present.

2.       Be alert to changes.  Do not look back and continuously ponder the past.  That will only increase your need to repeat the past.  Instead, look at how the past controls you so that you may take away understanding of not letting that control over you continue.  Heal, deeply heal the urges to repeat and continue to suffer in its wake.  You are not meant to be prone to that suffering forever, unto eternity.  Heal it now with prayer, kindness, understanding, heart breath, meditation, and forgiveness.  Practice your mantras, Kundalini Yoga and Banis—prayers so that the old may dissolve so that you may move out of precariousness and into the shining Light of Who you actually are.

3.       Feel unafraid as we move into this new time.  If truth be known, there is nothing to be afraid of.  It is simply a time of unraveling the reality of the Present.  That means opening your octaves of awareness.  This coming into Union with the Infinite is a gradual affair on one level.  But in fact, you are already “there” and simply uncovering the Consciousness of Who you and all actually are—that is a very simple amalgamation of the Infinite Intelligence seen only as particles of the “Great Story.”  All is Present.  Regard it as such.

4.       Understand your Infinity.  It is so precious and totally within your easy grasp.  That is you will more and more understand the great ability and power of creation that comes through you, that IS You as you awaken to the True Reality of Who you actually are.  Moving into that requires that you live simultaneously in your “productive” or everyday mind that you have healed to become unclouded by your past habits, worries, and limitations regarding ANYTHING.  Then join with the experience of the Great Infinity that you meet in deep meditation.  This is the “trick” of lifetimes, but that is how you live the quality of Life that moves through you to Its utmost.  That means leaving off the mental and emotional constraints, habitual worries, negating stories and reactions triggered by the rigors of everyday life.  Livine quietly, confidently in the pure present, no matter how “loud” the everyday life may appear.  That is all there is to this Infinite Union business.

5.       Be grateful and gracious at every level.  Entail your manners, your politeness to manifest terrific Union with all people, plants, animals and creation!  That is your goal, that is your welfare, your prosperity, your coziness, your happiness.  Do not let any termites of antiquity invade—that is any old habits or triggers of hurt or separation.  Be totally aware.  Watch your mind and your Being to allow them to escape or evaporate in the minute, at the second of their arising.  Regarding them as the reality that you live by is devastating.  Let them transform as the smoke-screen that they are so that you may live in the Infinity that pervades this time and space!

You have the capacity.  Be It , Know It.  You are YOU!  WE are the ALL!

Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur, , 2016 & 2012

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