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June 2, 2015 & March 25, 2008

In one of our recent INTUITION TRAINING workshops, once everyone had meditated, tuned into their Soul and listened to Its sweet direction, and then was sharing it, one of our yogini participants said, "There's something in me that says I can't follow what my Soul is telling me."

At this, I again asked her to "sit straight" and tune in, but this time to address her "Everyday self," a softer name I use for Ego. I asked her Everyday self why it didn't want to follow the direction of her Soul. This lovely young lady reported very uneasily and unbelievingly that she was hearing it answer, "Persecution!" So, I asked her Everyday self if she/it had been persecuted in other lifetimes for following the direction of her Soul, and of course the answer was, "Yes, many times." At this, our lovely yogini could feel some of the pain, panic, confusion and grief that had accompanied all that persecution!

So, then I thanked her Everyday self for wanting to take such good care of her in avoiding persecution again, but then asked it if in this day in 21st century United States, if it thought she/it might be persecuted again in this lifetime for following her Soul's direction. Of course, its considered and honest opinion was, "No!" And so when asked if in that case it might like to just ease aside to listen to her Soul's direction--just test it out, her Everyday Self thought it could give it a try! And so with feeling the agreement of her Everyday Self clearing resistance in her mind and body, our yogini was actually now looking forward to this grand Soul communication experiment!

So many times in working with people who are coming into their healing abilities or their place of profound wisdom that has been with them for uncountable lifetimes but locked off somewhere in their subconscious in this lifetime--to keep them (us) "safe," we have run into this paralysis as a result of persecution from past lifetimes over and over again. The authorities of past ages guarded their power--expressed as control over their populations and grabbing their wealth, as well as effectively brain-washing them to the extent that the "in-charges" enforced persecution of anyone who listened to their Soul's most unique Truth that may have collided with the rulers' control of people's minds and actions. Joan of Arc is my favorite example of this!

No wonder our Everyday selves just want to protect us so very carefully from those old difficulties. After all, protecting and promoting us is a very important role for our Everyday selves--it just bases it judgment of how to go about that on the gnarly past, and I include "way past" experiences as well! It does that with its very limited and misguided, but very real perspective!

The consequence is that our Everyday self develops crippling life strategies--seemingly strange habits that might include either a controlling or retiring personality, fears that come out of nowhere, unreasonable loss of direction, and on and on! All of this when we actually have total access to our God Selves--our Infinity, our Souls at every second that seeks to give us real comfort, love, and the perfect direction for our own very best interests at every second!

So, finally when people genuinely forgive and let go of the horror and the agony that has hunkered in them for so very long, that actually goes a long way toward healing the rift that has separated them from their most precious relationship with their own Divine Soul! The most amazing irony is that living from your Soul is actually the most real happiness that you could ever experience!

It just takes switching from the grips of our limited Everyday selves--just asking it to loosen up a bit, and then moving over to access the Consciousness of our God Self. And that's the ability that we develop through meditation! That's what it's all about! Moving our mind a bit to access our very most cozy Source--our Soul, while asking our limited gate-keeper--our Everyday self to soften up some so that we can make this simple move! This Life-giving habit, of course comes with dedicated practice!

So, we are coming into the time when our own Soul Communication will be the most important aspect of our lives! More about that as we go on with these newsletters, Dear Ones! But this Soul Revolution is on! And it is my prayer as well as the direction of my own Soul to help folks ground themselves in this most cozy and aware relationship with their own Souls. That is what "INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening" is all about!

I just heard Yogi Bhajan's recorded voice saying, "Your Soul is your employer, you are the employee," that is in service to your Soul! Also saying that real happiness comes with serving your Soul Self! Why not try it now?



Nov. 5, 2013 & April 28, 2015

Have the energies of the past few months given you fits?  Has all of your old junk that you thought you had dismissed or healed long ago coming up to bite you again?  Have you felt a very acute lack of love or appreciation for your work, what you give, or just simply Who/who you are for being here on this planet?

OMG!  We are all going through it!  And the primary thorn in our collective side seems to be loss of love.  Oh, yes.  People may ignore us, bypass what we really want, which is human recognition and kindness, or actually be mean to us.  Then we register it as hate, usurping MY power, inhibiting my expression of the Real Me, having people act towards me just like my mother or father did.  Yikes!  Who can live the rest of our lives with that torment?

Now, Sweet One, this is what I find is really happening in this most monumental soup of change.

As we all know, in the Aquarian time, there will be a great “shift of Consciousness,” which actually means “shift our sh__!”  And that pressure to change is what is happening right now.  So, when the junk comes up, settle yourself enough to realize that what is happening is actually a gift to you, not yet another battle to pummel you.


This past week, in our Habit of Happiness course, one of our Fellow Journeyers put himself to an experiment.  He found that if he was in a state of fear, annoyance and anger, then his family member would come no more than 10 feet near him, and seemed to be avoiding him.  But when he sent kind and loving feelings to his kinsman and used heart breath , then this family member for whom our classmate actually longed came within 1 ½ feet of our man.  This beloved family member then actually changed his tone of voice entirely to being warm and interested—all in less than a minute!

Then our fellow tried experimenting.  He would try sending anger and distrust to someone he was having a conversation with.  And amazingly, that is what he received in turn.  Then, mid-conversation he would send kindness, love and acceptance and within seconds the attitude of the other person changed to match the originator!  Our fellow tried this experiment over and over again with consistent results.  Amazing!  Why not try this amazing experiment yourself, Dear One?  Don’t trust me, trust your own experience!  

As Yogi Bhajan always said, “In the Piscean Age, you believed, then you experienced.  In the Aquarian Age, first you experience, then you believe!”  We would love to hear the results of your own experiments on our group Facebook page at .  Come join us in this amazing sacred conversation.

Now, here is another example of how this subtle energy is so very much more powerful than actual muscle strength.


A number of years ago, I was most joyfully engaged in the martial art of Akido.  I loved that practice and did it every day.  “Aikido” means the practice of blending energy or “Ki.”  One of the exercises involved is to sit in rock pose in front of your partner.  Both people have their elbows bent, with the forearms of one resting in the palms of the other.  The object is to have your partner fall backwards.

Well, of course, the big brutes of guys usually were the victors within the ranks of us neophytes.  But I noticed that Mary Ann, a very thin middle aged lady who had had a most horrendous childhood always won out over these big guys.  I said, “Mary Ann, what are you doing?”  She said, “I love them down.” 

Of course my response was, “Huh?”  So, I quickly asked if she would do this with me.  When we sat down, I thought, “Oh, I am going to do my best here.  I bet that I can have some effect.” 

But after we settled in, out of nowhere I felt a huge tsunami of LOVE, and I mean LOVE wash over me!  I could do nothing but be swept into that very real experience of “I will joyfully go with you anywhere you take me!”  Right away I was happily on my back—having lost the competition, but so very, very blissed.

 So afterwards, of course, I could only say to her, “Do it again!” and again, and again!  That was such an extraordinarily ecstatic experience.  She was most kind to allow me to experience that great LOVE tsunami over and over again.  That is literally the “heart” of Akido.  Imagine!  A powerful martial art based in your most authentic love energy.


Over the past couple of months, a wonderful member of our Soul Answer Tribe has let her young cousin rent space in her home.  He suffered from so much—drugs, “friends” that undermined him, sleeping all day, threat of returning to jail, and more.  In other words, he was sincerely confused with no good guidance from this mixed-up culture. 

But even though his habits often woke her up in the night so that she lost rejuvenating rest, made a mess of their environment, created real insecurity in her home, and more, she continued to send him heart breath.  Amazingly she became grateful for these huge irritations because staying Soul and doing heart breath for herself and him was her only refuge from unleashing her own huge stress and anger.  And, she also taught these marvelously powerful arts to him.

This morning, she reported that for the very first time sincehe has been there, he woke up on time with bright eyes, a clear head, and ease as he planned his day ahead.  A true miracle as he learned to live in Soul as he did his heart breath.

Now of course, there are quite a few more stories like this!  But know this: “As you give, so shall you receive!”  Sound familiar?  Well, perhaps that quote is not talking about physical stuff, but about the great, powerful energy that we continuously exchange with each other.  Know that as you consciously, HUMBLY give out this beauty of your Soul and Heart Essence, others will respond in kind—even if they were yelling at you, their reactions will change.  Experiment!

Now on the other hand, never ever try to control anyone with this knowledge.  That will surely backfire, and you really don’t want that.

Humble to Soul, no expectations.  Only being neutral, watching the magic that occurs, spreading and sharing the very deliciousness of what Soul/your heart have to give and receive with “others.”  Mmmm, yes a delicious life as you get the hang of it!  Don’t you suppose that is really why you came to Earth in this lifetime after all?

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

 Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa,  , 2013.You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep the copyright large and closely associated with the article.You can easily print out this article from  . 


RELAX!  Soul’s Most Sacred Word.

April 5, 2016 & November 19, 2012


Do you believe that?

You know I teach people how to listen to their own Souls—their very God Selves.  It is the most cozy, loving experience that lets us receive impeccably wise guidance.  People’s Souls give them all kinds of incredible information about their lives, their relationships, healing, and so very much more—from the most simple and mundane such as “Where are my car keys?” to “How can I move into my/Our Destiny?”

But the one word that folks’ Souls most surprisingly tell them is RELAX—over and over again!  I am now convinced that “RELAX” is one of the most sacred words in the Universe!

No doubt you have heard of scriptural admonitions to make your mind like a calm lake.  Well, RELAXING does just that.  When you are relaxed, your “calm-lake mind” can tune into Soul, your True Essence, your “small (subtle), still voice within.”   When you RELAX, you can even experience Soul’s 24/7 outrageous, cozy love for you.  Imagine that—experiencing True, Secure Love, no matter what, at every second.

But you can’t get to that receptive condition if you are consumed by worry, pain, lethargy, anxiety, fear, stress and so much more that may have hijacked your mind and emotions.  When that does happen, when you are obsessed with those things, or your sense of responsibility keeps you locked in that emotional prison that produces a rough, stormy lake of the mind, and no really effective solutions, you just cannot reach that cozy, flowing, stable energetic condition of being in Soul.  If you have gone into meditation to the point that nothing really bothers you, but you feel expansive and full of Light, that is what this “Soul Dimension” feels like.

But you don’t have to sit in meditation all day and night to have this experience—although please do your daily Sadhana to clear the ground for this in your daily life.  All you have to do in the moment is to first be willing to give up that wrenching confusion, and then RELAX in order to move over into Soul’s “dimension,” Soul’s energy field if you will.  After all, Yogi Bhajan always told us to say in a meditative state during the day, which is most highly efficient, creative, active, fun and authentic.  In no way are you a cut-off zombie in this RELAXED condition.  You don’t lose awareness at all. 

To the contrary, you become so much more aware of what is happening when your head is not stuck in your “sight-blocking” emotional box.  Rather when you RELAX—sometimes called “surrender,” you feel juicy expansion while being grounded, and you naturally trust in the wisdom that is given to you, knowing that if you follow Soul’s lead, all will work out.

 Things probably won’t happen in just the way that you expected them to in order to cover your insecurities.  After all, that original uptight trajectory was leading you into hell rather than perfect resolution, wasn’t it?  But all will be well if you just RELAX to ride Soul’s train to wherever It wants to take you.  And the first place it may take you is to clear/heal that torturous, habitual, stressful way of believing, feeling and acting.  As you RELAX into Soul, that beautiful energy of Soul can actually disperse/heal those old panicked or destructive feelings.  So simple, but so down-to-earth powerful.

That clearing in turn give you even greater ability to RELAX in Soul.  Oh, my Friend, this is the ever snowballing effect of moving along your spiritual path to total Union with your God Self—RELAXING into Union! Hah!

So, no doubt you have heard Yogi Bhajan’s really important teaching on going to Neutral or Shuniya, which is not numbness, or excluding this big world from your own little world.  Oh, no!  Pure, aware neutrality is your simple, flowing access to your own Soul Consciousness that naturally is the Center of All that is known and Unknown!  Believe me, nothing is left out.

So, here’s how to RELAX.  You can do all of this in less than one second, and extend it as long as you like:

1.    1.   Realize that you are caught up by your own “Mind-Monster”!

 Because we are so used to being tangled in those less than pleasant states of fear, anxiety and so on, we take for granted that they are natural to us.  We may even feel justified by engaging our own Mind Monsters, “Wouldn’t anybody be worried about this?”  Or those dark fellows may just jump from out of nowhere to capture us.  Consequently we remain bamboozled by their shenanigans, not facing the fact that we might actually be committed to an intense shadow boxing event that goes nowhere.  So, the first phase to RELAXING is to become aware of what is happening on the actual “lake of your mind.”  If it is choppy, then proceed with the next step.

2.    2.   Make the decision to RELAX!

Be alert!  By using your mind and will power, decide to RELAX, or surrender, or flow to neutral.  If we remain in victim mode, e.g. “bad stuff always happens to me,” then you just might passively continue your drama with your Mind Monster.  It is not unusual to subconsciously believe that that puky-stuff is who we really are, and if we change those nasties, then we won’t be ourselves anymore.  Question is, wouldn’t you rather consciously be Who you really are—Soul?  Remember, you are not avoiding those Mind Monster “problems.”  In fact you are solving them by cutting to their core.  So, literally straighten your spine, take responsibility for yourself and make the decision to move over into Soul’s space.

3.     3.  Use your yogic tools to RELAX your Mind Monster.

Your Yogic Breath is your very first line of action.  It powerfully moves your healing prana to take you out of your chained, barking dog energy so you can ease into your Soul Dimension, which is an identifiable condition or experience.   Long, deep breathing is perfect!  Then add one little thing—on the exhale, feel as though that powerful breath is moving out of your heart center.  Commit yourself to this healing breath, and your whole mental condition and aura will change in seconds, or maybe minutes if you are really stuck.  This is truly active RELAXING!

Add to that a powerful mantra such as Gobinday, Mukunday… that has the superhero power to break the grip of your Mind Monster, to explode it into a thousand Light particles so that you may RELAX into Soul’s Dimension of ease, trust, coziness and well-being.  You may have to become a real warrior in the moment to wage the battle of Heart Breath and Mantra, but you are out to win over your Mind Monster.  You can do it!  And if you do come into that genuine RELAXATION into Soul, such freedom and ease will ensue.

4.      4.  Accept that you are developing a new, cleared persona that is RELAXED in Soul!

When you regularly do this procedure and you find that you are acting differently than you used to, do not go back to your old Mind Monster ways!  For instance, if you are not worrying so much about your job, or your child, etc., but you look around to find that things are being handled very subtly, almost like magic, don’t suddenly panic because you don’t feel like you are not being “really responsible” by not worrying anymore.  This is an extremely important point.  Don’t retreat from Soul’s taking beautiful charge of your affairs.  Rather, be so very grateful, fully accept this prosperous heaven on Earth, and RELAX even more into your Best Friend, your Best Beloved!  And truly change your idea of Who you really are.

Try this and test out for yourself what happens.  You might even like to print this out so that you can refer to these easy instructions when your own personal Mind Monsters try to eat you for dinner.  Then make this RELAXING bit a solid habit.  Believe me, your whole life will change for the best over time.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

Copyright, Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2012.

You may reproduce this article online or in print as long as keep this copyright large and readable with it.





September 6, 2016 & April 22, 2008


My Dear Ones,

I have been asked these questions any number of times, so I thought that a lot of you might be interested in the answers!

"When will my Life's Work begin? I feel as though I can't begin my Destiny Work until my children are grown (taking care of them puts off my REAL Meaningful Spiritual Life). I don't want to work for this corporation anymore; how and when can I start my Life's Purpose?"


But first, it appears to me that the real questions that are being asked are: "How can I feel fulfilled? How can I be content to the core? How can I feel that I am doing something worthwhile and important in this life, rather than being dragged down by the same old, same old every day duties--wasting my days on Earth? When will my life be smooth and glowing because I am doing something genuinely good (being rewarded by the Universe for carrying out the fine, idealistic things that can only be done by me when I am living my own unique Destiny)?"

Well, perhaps you would agree that two people who genuinely were doing extraordinary Destiny Work in the world were Yogi Bhajan and Mother Theresa. But my observation is that their lives were not easy! Rather as their sphere of extraordinary service increased, so did the challenges and headaches, as well as the tremendous weight that they bore.

People fought against them with bigger and bigger battles! People often wanted to be involved with them for their own fantasies and their own advantages, rather than looking to them as examples for surrendering totally, TOTALLY to their God Self within to be guided completely to give that tremendous selfless service in the very direct ways their Souls led them. And just take a really good look at the lives of THEIR role models--Guru Gobind Singh and Jesus! Yikes! Talk about challenging times!

What these saints did do was to keep up, inspire and serve with dedication and humility far beyond what the rest of us might even consider bearing--way beyond the personal breaking point, over and over and over again! Each lived a life of consistent selfless service as they were led by the God within them, no matter what! And that is the tremendous legacy that they have left us--that is the prime example for our own lives. Now, that is truly living your Destiny!

So, if upon closer examination you are looking for the circumstances around you to become easy and to gain acknowledgement for your good work--please come back to Earth, Dear! That way of thinking will only continue to tie you in knots!

My belief is that our Destiny work is already here! Each of us can open to our Destinies, and be humble to all that that entails right at this very instant! The very only trick is to tune into your Soul, your own God Self--to be completely cozy and trusting of It, and to follow It at every turn--no exceptions--even when it is boring or scary! And that's it!


Too simple, you say? Try it and see what happens. You might gain some extraordinary gratitude of consciousness as you become just Who you are-- the "front" for your Soul. You might find great ease and freedom from your worries as you live in Its comfort and safety. You might also find the "world" is flinging all kinds of poop at you, but steadfastly holding onto following your Soul's directions at every instant, and trusting that is your only course--no matter how strange it may seem, while moving through your fears of the outcomes, and so on--now that's how you become a real Warrior of the Soul! That is how you move more and more into your own unique Destiny! That IS your Destiny!

This part of our lives is our dojo (martial arts training arena) where we can take the opportunity to let go of the limitations of our everyday self (ego) and live consistently by our Souls! Thank God we do have "small lives" at this point while we engage in these amazing lessons so that a huge number of people are not affected as we make our mistakes!

It can take endless humility, along with a full course of giving up what you think you know, and moving through great fear to merge with your God Self. But what else is there? I can't think of any thing else for the person who really, really will not be satisfied by anything else but to live from the full Infinite Spirit!

And just a word about raising children: I can't think of any more important work in the world than raising children WELL! Helping these precious Souls know Who they are and live from their own Infinity is the very greatest calling there is, my Dears! And of course, that includes providing all the worldly stuff as well-- changing diapers, carpooling, dealing with tantrums, helping them gain interior strength through their struggles, doing what you have to do to financially support them, and of course giving them total confidence in your love, security and training their own self-discipline so they can really be happy! What more sacred work could there be?

So, my advice would be to work consciously and persistently in the dojo of your Destiny all the time! We need you, Sweet Ones! You are being called by the times to BE your Soul--to be the Earth-Living God at every moment! Not some stiff churchy idea of God, but the way-personal, juicy, cozy, all-wise, funny Infinite reaches of your Self! And your Destiny work will flow from that inseparable relationship!

To learn how to easily tune into your Soul, please click here! Doing this will take your spiritual blindness away! True!


Simon Says!  Soul Says!

June 17, 2008


Do you remember that game we played as kids--Simon Says!

One kid who acted as "Simon" would call out commands to the group, such as, "Take three hops forward!" But the words "Simon Says!" had to precede the command to make it valid. So, the trick was that if those words were not called out before the actual command, the players in the group were supposed to hold still. But if anyone mistakenly followed an order that didn't include the words "Simon Says!" they would have to retreat back to the starting line. It took a lot of alertness to be successful at discerning when to move and when to stay still! Then the first kid to actually reach the kid who was "Simon" by their flawless following of "Simon Says!" instructions was the winner and became the next "Simon."

Well, it occurred to me that this is a lot like the biggest game of our lifetimes, but it is called "Soul Says!" That is, every time we actually listen to our Soul and follow Its lead, we get closer to the finish line, which is total unity with our most cozy, Universal Divine! Actualization, Realization--whatever you want to call it!

But each time we follow the urges, the directions, the promptings of most anything other than our Soul, we either have to stay in the same place, or fall backwards in our progress towards this Divine Union! Do you get my drift?

So, just as when we were kids, we really need to be alert to discern the everyday (ego) source or the Soul Source of our direction. That means "tuning in" all the time--living in full partnership with our God Self! Unraveling the habits and hurts developed by our everyday self (ego), changing how we see the world to now see through our Souls' eyes and not those of our friends or family, our culture, or even our past experiences, whether good or bad. Oh, no! Live only to "Soul Says!" commands. To quickly learn how to listen to your Soul, please
click here.

But of course, the real game is to develop a fail-proof habit of only following our Best Beloved, our Soul. That's what this spiritual path is all about! Then we finally "win the game" by realizing fully and completely that we are our Souls! And the complete experience of this is called "merger". Now, that's really winning everything--and I mean Everything!

So, how about really learning how to do this and having lots of fun at it by coming to my next course on INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening!

It will be on Sunday, July 5, 2008 from 10 to 5 at my home in Espanola, New Mexico, USA, right after Women's Camp! Not only will you learn and practice the technique of listening to your Soul, and doing some powering up Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, but you will also actually listen to your sweet Soul and then share it with others! What incredible wisdom you will recognize in each Soul, and that will reinforce your belief in your own Soul's direction!

To learn more and to register, please click here, then scroll down the page to "One-Day Intensives!"



# 4
OCTOBER 4, 2016 & July 15, 2008

When I was a kid, I would pester my dad until he would pin me down and tickle me mercilessly into a frenzy!

Of course I loved it! But then, part of the game was that he would continue with all this until I was breathless and had more than enough. Then it became a game of wills! My very strong determination caused me to hold out as long as I could endure. But inevitably there came a point when I would become exhausted and overcome, so I would want to get out of there. But the rules of the game were that I had to cry "Uncle," meaning "I surrender!" before he would release his hold on me, and let me free. I would fight really hard before giving up, believe me! I loved this game with him--both the ups and downs, and it taught me a lot!

Now, I have seen that a similar game is often played by many of us between our Souls and our egos, or "everyday self" as I call it!
Itis that in all good faith we are dedicated to living our lives really well, working hard, worrying about what is best for ourselves, our families, friends and business associates and trying to achieve what we think is best for all concerned while totally stressing ourselves out. This whole style is commandeered by our everyday self in its quest to be good and to live a good life!

But the truth is that at its very origin this entire approach is powered by our fears! Oh, yes! That is, our fears of not being good enough, not being accepted, not having enough money or goods, and so on, and so on! Just take a moment to meditatively follow the thread of any recurring stress you have right down to its very source. You might be really surprised at what you find! Somehow we have gotten the ingrained idea that to be truly worthwhile in life, to justify our place on this green Earth, to survive, we have to be heavily stressed in carrying out our "responsibilities!" This is what it means to be "strong" or "good!"

We get exhausted to death, feel beat up, strangled, fitfully worried, become screechingly fearful of certain encounters, of deadlines and shortages--both with time and money. And as a result we lose intimacy with partners, family and friends because we are "too busy," too angry, too annoyed, upset, distracted or insecure, and even side step incredible opportunity because we are so dedicated to the fears our everyday selves have insanely committed us to!

It's as though we have blinders on that perceive that this is the ONLY way to live! Yet all these gripping commitments are based on everyday self's very tight hold on what it feels must be achieved to live a good life--usually based in fear! Yikes!

So, finally when enough is enough, when we get the stuffing beat out of us, when we are finally sick and tired of being sick and tired, when we have at last literally worked ourselves into the ground--if not 6 feet under, that's when we might just try crying "Uncle!"
Finally, when we find ourselves totally spent, at last dead to our lives, feel beaten beyond caring what happens, that's when we at long last may give up that ultra tight grip on all that proceeds from our deepest fears--those fears that may have been hidden in what we thought were the noblest of guises.

It could take a heart attack or even cancer to get that greatest of shake ups! To know that simply living kindly and cozily from your heart with others' hearts, being sweetly satisfied with your Self and with Nature is the very most important thing that there is here on Mother's bosom. That crying "Uncle" to finally and perhaps even grudgingly give up every aspect of your life to your Soul--your God Self's comfort and direction--no matter how strange or insecure you feel that journey may be, is what your whole Being yearns for!!

So, just step over the bridge, and let your Soul take charge!
To get started, you might experiment with this new Leadership in your Life for small stretches of time to gain some confidence in this new approach. Kindly ask your everyday self to just relax and take a well deserved vacation from being in charge all the time, and see what happens. Or, if you have really hit bottom, you might finally be ready to sign on for your Soul to be in charge ALL the time!

To live in the confidence, guidance, and support of your own Soul is what Life is really about, believe me! Just try it!

And guess what? Your Soul is not wimpy or weak!
Quite the opposite. Rather It will give you the most amazing and magical direction--way beyond your wildest imagination! Unfettered trust is what is required to activate this most miraculous of relationships. But if your Soul puts ease and fun on the top of your agenda, and if It introduces you to creativity that takes you way out of the box, don't fight it! It'll be OK. Really! Stick with it and find out how the adventure goes! Crying "Uncle" is your ticket to Real Freedom!

To learn how to contact your Soul, please click here.


Believe and You'll Be Saved!


December 13, 2016 & October 14, 2008

I got to thinking about that religious dictum "Believe and you will be saved!"  At first I couldn't find any correlation between my way of thinking and this simple and very direct missive.  What a puzzle it was!
Then I got it!  If you really do get that GOD is within, that your Soul is your God Self--that this effervescent, all pervasive core of Who you really are is your very own Atman, your Soul, God projecting as you, then my Dears, you must believe in your Self!  That is your very best Self! 
If we realize that, there is no falling back on old voices of "I'm no good. I can't do that. I'm not enough," and on, and on, and on!  Those are actually voices of what I call your "everyday self," also known as your ego--but that word ego is just too heavily laden, right?
You need your everyday self to be so very clear and neutral so that it can carry out the instructions of your sweet and cozy Soul in your life at every minute.  And actually, your everyday self tries so very hard to do what it can to support you, to promote you and to keep it safe.  But, yikes!  It bases all its ideas on how to help you on its past experiences-from this life as well as others. 
So, why wouldn't it get fearful and upset and try to rip you away from a circumstance that perhaps resembles some past occasion when you got your teeth kicked in, were totally abandoned, or even tortured and killed? 

To try to keep you safe, it might say, "Be afraid, very afraid," meaning, "Don't you remember what happened last time?  Let's get outta here!"  Or, "Let's do everything to control everything!"  Those kinds of former experiences, plus training by others based on their fear viewpoints are the cause of those repetitive frights and confusions that get locked up like broken records in our everyday self. 
And did you ever come across that nasty, authoritative interior voice that says things like, "Look, you did it again!  Can't you ever get it straight?  You're just a loser.  Believe me, I know!  Oh, my Dears.  This is the voice that I call "Mother Superior" or even "Father Superior."  And Freud calls it your super ego.  I have a tip for you regarding that voice.  DON'T BELIEVE HER/HIM!  Just kindly tell her to get a grip and keep that lip buttoned!  She doesn't actually tell you the truth, so why believe her and keep your panties in a twit over her lousy story?
Relax!!  Because there is a Voice within that you can believe!  It is a Voice that will actually save you.  Oh, yes!
That is the voice of your very own Beloved Soul, your most intimate, kind and wonderful God Self!  Just ask the hundreds of folks who have taken INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening! They will tell you about that remarkable experience of being with that calmness, that flowing energy, that elevation, that knowing from a place beyond questioning.  That is the experience of their own Soul, their Real Self!
Then when your Soul actually gives you answers, they are the ones that you can believe and that will lead you to your own "salvation."  That is healing your life, plus coziness beyond words with your dear Soul.  But you really have to experience it before you believe it though.  That's what Yogi Bhajan said about this new age.  "Experience first and then believe!"
But here's the catch.  It is important to grab hold of that everyday self and work out a plan in which it can not hound you with its old programs anymore.  Instead it needs to relax and open up to the direction of your Soul at every minute!  Make it feel safe to do that, then create a pact or partnership if you will.  We are not advocating killing your ego here, because you actually need it to operate in the world as you.  We just don't need it tripping you up!
Then when you hear from your Soul, that direction may not be what your everyday self might think would give you peace and security--such as "You won't be happy until you: get a husband, get a great house, are really rich," and so on.  Your Soul may even lead you into difficult situations, but that is for the sake of moving you into circumstances in which you can consciously face and break that strangling hold that everyday self's old baggage has over you.  And you can do it!  Yes!  And thank God for Kundalini Yoga and Meditation that help you get that victory!
So, my Dears, my advice to you is to believe in your most wonderful, supportive and loving Self that is always, always there for you and which is You!  You know, you are God having a human experience after all.  And when you really believe that and act accordingly, listening with every breath--that is when you will really be saved!