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These are 5 articles that were “heard” by Siri-Gian Kaur from the Consciousness of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan.

DELIVER!  From Yogi Bhajan as “listened to” by Siri-Gian Kaur

Aug. 27, 2013

Now it’s time for me to run the show!  And  what you are to do for me is to carry out the show!

You all are an army of Peace Patriots.  You are strong, you are willing, you are being trained right and left.  You have given me the place as headman, as your teacher for this march forward to this Aquarian Age.

You know that all of your Kundalini Yoga, your prayers, mantras, your heart-stopping medleys of tunes, the whole science of the Guru and all that that entails—it all brings you to what you call “heaven.”  It brings you to your highest Consciousness.  It all helps you pull through the devastating effects of having to unplug that which has weighted you down so that you may accept your own very divine Union in this vast and very pressurized New Age.

This is what you signed up for in this birth, my Dear Ones.  Now is the time for you to deliver!

You may have thought that these great formulas of  divine technology were meant just for you—to quell your fears, to find your abundance, to become loving and get through your parent phobias, to know the goodness of this world after grappling with so much darkness and confusion.  You might have thought these sacred technologies were just for you to free yourself of the misery of relationships gone bad, or to find your backbone, or find some kind of meaning in your life.

You may be thankful to have found a “pantheon” of help and guidance, or a full community of heart and shared values of the spirit.  You may have found your long-lost love, your heart’s quest and intention from any number of past lives that you have now recognized and rejoined whole-heartedly—as a yogi, as a Sikh, as a server of humankind, as one who is fully embedded in this God Consciousness.

You may have found the Truth in how to live in harmony with “others,” how to raise the most beautiful children without the BS that has dragged down generations before you.  You may have found how to increase and nurture your physical health with every kind of herb, diet, exercise and right thinking.

You are Who you are, my Dear One because you have the “natural way of living” from your heart, from your Truth, from the very flow of the Universal as it courses through you.

Well, now is the time that you must revisit what I have said, yelled, pronounced over my whole life on Earth!  “I did not come to gather students, I came to create Teachers!”

I am happy and grateful that you are well trained and that your life is supported now!  But now is the time to begin to think about branching out.  Now is the time to earn your credentials as a teacher.

You know that becoming certified as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga is a great gift—so much information, so much raw talent being trained to be the arch enemies of those who would destroy the Earth and all of her inhabitants—that is your own fragmented and confused consciousness, and that of all of civilization as you call it.

As you have developed your will power, cleared your consciousness willingly and without fail, you have learned the hard core process of living in the throes of the Almighty.  You have experienced the flow.  You have known self-terror and triumphed through it to find the Light.  You have learned over and over again to Trust in God and not trust in the absurd schemes of the world that try to cajole you and lull you into lapse of your consciousness by promising you the happiness and freedom that they cannot provide.

You know this, not just in your mind, my army of Soul, but you know it in your very demeanor, in your purpose, in your very life-forming experiences.  And this is how you will move forward as Teachers and Healers in this new time.

You are already seeing the increased pressure in your lives.  You are finding that there is too much to do in such a short amount of time.  You may be feeling oppressed in that too much is being asked of you.  But on the other hand, you are the living proof of dedication to Sadhana (daily spiritual practice).  You are becoming cohesive as the very granite foundation that supports this New Age when the spirits and minds of so many will be fraught with confusion and lack of true perspective.

As this old age crumbles, the old touchstones disappear.  When the fallacy of stability in this world becomes known as the floating island that it is—as the arrogant wizard behind the curtain is revealed as only a smokescreen, then the loss of confidence in what you know take for granted as the foundation of your existence in this world melts before your very eyes.  This is when the jig is up! 

This is when all delusions will be firmly faced.  And it is only you who have faced the terminal disease of untruth and put your whole trust and Truth in the experience and guidance of the Almighty—your very Soul who will lead the way to the new day.

It is only you who have turned your guts and your glory over to that which guides and loves you at every second—that is your Guru, your very Soul will give you the remarkable stamina and insight to carry on, to create that new day from that glorious realm.

Then indeed you will be Teachers, Healers and Warrior Saints!

Nothing else will do but that you live by the sword of your own strong Consciousness!  That you serve and love with all your heart.  That you care for your own Siblings of Destiny and all that you can reach from the very bottom of your Soul!

Dedicate yourselves to this most rich environment of the teachings in every way.  I left it to you for this purpose—to create the Full Human within yourself so that you can pass that baton of love, strength and pure Consciousness of Truth on to form the backbone of this new age, this new culture, this great transformation in the arc of this Earth’s conscious evolution.

It is what you have all prayed for for lifetimes.  Please accept the quality of Who you are now, Who you are becoming, and Who you are leading the inhabitants of this Earth to become.  It is all in your hands now, Dear Ones.

I will always be with you.  Just listen for me.  So will all of your divine Gurus—Guru Ram Das, Guru Nanak along with Baba Siri Chand.  Let Adi Shakti hold you and give you comfort.  Find the Light in all!  As you do, you will be so surprised to find that Light in equal or even greater measure within yourself.

All is God!  Act as though you mean it!

I am here.  I love you to Infinity!

Your Humble Teacher

Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online if you keep the copyright large and closely associated with it.


Who is Your Helmsman?

Sept. 11, 2012

Who steers your “ship” through your Life?

Is it your mind that can be so congested with so much conflicting information, so much fear, so many demands to overcome your insecurities that you want to compensate for?  And do you pray and use your prosperity projections to get the relationships and things that would compensate for your insecurities?

For instance, if we feel such an absence of love, caring and connection, do we pray and project intently for someone else to fill in those gaps in us?  Well, so even if you think that you have found that most “special” person to support you in this way, you are most likely to become really disappointed at some point.  Then what?  Are you left bereft and lost, perhaps even blaming the other person for not connecting so deeply with you that your insecurities disappear?

Oh, my!  What a predicament!

Now, here is a foolproof way to get what you truly need.  And guess what it is that you truly need!

That would be true and profound connection and guidance from your own Soul, your actual God Self.  Oh, yes.  That certainly is possible, and it surely is the goal of lifetimes!  That connection is definitely what we all deeply yearn for, but usually can’t quite find what is hidden right in front of our face.

We have had so very many people, institutions, teachers, communities, churches, bosses, families and so many more tell us in so many ways, over and over again that we are so separated from God, and that only the most holy few can get His ear, much less His constant direction.  We are educated over and over again that we are so totally separate from the God. 

But it is this great separation that actually makes us feel bereft and lost.  What we long for daily, by the second is this terrific connection in which we reside in palpable coziness, our strength is grounded, abiding and constantly expanding.  We long for the certainty of Truth and dependable direction in all matters huge and tiny that leads us to our own personal Destiny—our real purpose for being on Earth.  In our longing, we search for the great Unknown to be known to us.  We want the impeccable, forever love and support that can be so very difficult to muster, or is so very evasive in our everyday life.

Well, guess what?

What we are actually longing for is that very real God Consciousness, and that most available GOD Consciousness is YOU!  Oh, yes.  It just takes time, understanding, exploring, re-direction, healing, and practice to “get it”!  But you can tune in immediately, and all the time.  This most personal, caring and dependable God Consciousness is the Real You.  We call it your own Soul.

This is how you do it. 

Just begin long, deep breathing ( ) as you relax into your  third eye point.  Relax into your meditative state there.  Then relax into your own Soul—most neutrally relax.  And when you are ready, you can ask your Soul, “Are you there?” 

When you are in contact with your Soul, you will usually get feedback of some kind.  For instance, you might “hear” words, see a visual, have a special feeling in some part of your body, just know, or have some other special sensation.  And every time that you tune into Soul, that experience might be a bit different.   The important thing is that you understand that this special thing is the experience of your own Soul.

Now, when you feel that Soul is there, just ask your own Soul, your God Self a question.  Now don’t try to think of the answer.  Just be neutral and present to receive Soul’s answer.  You might hear it as words as though you are remembering someone’s words.  Soul often can surprise you with what It says because you never even thought of that.   Or perhaps Soul verifies what has been occurring to you for a while.

Or maybe you have a feeling, or perhaps you just “know” the answer.  This is something that you can trust and be so very grateful for.  You are using your intuition to listen to your own Soul. 

As you consistently practice this listening and are able to tell the difference between Soul and your “everyday self”—that is your mind, ego, experiences, emotions, etc., and as you heal the obstacles to believing It and following your own impeccable Soul, and just reside there in Its most neutral peace, that is where all the love in the world is simply available to you.  That is the Voice of guidance that can always be depended upon.  That is your best Friend, your true Beloved!

This is no exaggeration, Dear One.  This is certainly the very real experience that is yours any time you want to tune into it.  Soul is always there, patiently waiting.  Soul is your most true Helmsman to plot and clear your course as you allow It to.  This is the real spiritual path, your own stepping stones to full Unity!

You can do it!


And if you would like to study this further with a lovely group of co-Soul Seekers, please join us in our next teleclass of “INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening!”


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa, , 2012

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep the copyright large and readable.



Everybody Knows Your Secrets!

Sept. 4, 2012

What an illusion we carry! 

Somehow we believe that we can keep our secrets hidden from others.  We actually believe that we will stay safe if only we hide our infidelities, our guilt, our addictions, our heavy judgments about others and ourselves, our fantasizing things we have no business exploring, our own secret self-loathing and loss of self-love, our lies of all sizes, and so much more.  And we attempt to hide it all way down in the dark parts of our mind.

But, are those things really hidden?  Oh, I don’t think so.

We are in such a miraculous age!  In this time, we are becoming more and more sensitive.  We FEEL, we KNOW, we UNDERSTAND what is going on, even if we don’t have all the facts about each other.  Just remember your feelings about other folks that you have encountered in the last 10 days.  Did you sense something not quite true or not fully cohesive about them?  Was it puzzling if they presented you one face, one persona, but yet you subtly felt that there was more to it, that perhaps it might not be a good idea to totally trust what is being presented to you?

Now, turn that around.  Do you suppose that others may be picking up on your vibrations that might not be totally congruous—that might not totally jive as “one whole piece of cloth”?

If you are doing your best to keep your secrets by trying to cover them up; ignoring them; negotiating your way out; or disconnecting yourself from the natural energetic communication between our human auras and our consciousnesses, then you only provide yourself with the great pain of isolation and disconnection.   Plus you create deep mistrust in your relationships, which can only destabilize your bonds with others.  You never actually get away with anything in the long run.

So, my Dear.  Here are a few suggestions to remedy those most hurtful “sequences that lead to the consequences” of breakdown and mistrust.

1.       Really take a good, close look at what you perceive is hidden in your Life.  Don’t shy away from it.  Sometimes it takes real courage to do that.  If you have too many secrets, then just start focusing on one at a time.  Remember, this is an incredible opportunity for self-transformation! .   Then heal that reluctance to be open by opening your own eyes to that aspect of yourself.  Deeply, meditatively forgive yourself to dissolve those ties to this self-destruction.  Really use this self-focus as a crystal ball to face the causes of your deception, and realize the impact that this has on all other areas of your life.  Do your Kundalini Yoga, your daily sadhana, mantras and shabds to break its hold over you.   Work it out!  Work it out to resolve the crookedness so that you can become whole, authentic and FREE!


2.       Forgive others of their difficulties and secrets.  It appears that we are so very connected on the most profound levels, that even if we don’t know the precise details of another’s secrets, we can actually offer them healing, which in turn frees them and us.  That means not carrying grudges—secret or public, and not directing negative energy to a person.  Now, that wonderful and most simple Hawaiian healing mantra called Ho’opono pono is quite miraculous at melting the obsessive and tight energy behind debilitating secrets.  In your mind, just repeat to that person, “Please forgive me (even though you may have never done anything to them), I love you, thank you, Wahe Guru!”  You can guess that I added the last part to this because it is an amazing power booster and seal to that intention.  Try repeating this whole mantra in your mind to someone that you might otherwise offer only secret enmity.  Then take note of what happens.  And, of course you can repeat it to yourself as well.


3.       Live your life as though everyone were watching exactly what you are doing at every minute—like you are on a video-cam.  You are actually on the subtle “video-cam of the Collective Unconscious where we are all joined.  I bet your life will change!  Understand that this true transparency includes not only your actions but all your thoughts as well.  After all, our thoughts are certainly energy waves of information that connect with everyone!   So, please keep a steady watch on your mind.

One time Yogi Bhajan told a story about his conversation with a fellow who had been fairly trusted in his community.  That guy, “out of nowhere” raped a young woman—much to his own surprise!  When Yogi Bhajan asked him what led up to it, that fellow said that he would get some pleasure out of fantasizing having sex with this particular woman.  He would indulge himself in those thoughts just for the fun and satisfaction of it.  This went on for months.

Then when he found himself alone with this woman, his natural boundaries simply escaped him and he actually raped that woman without compunction, just in a kind of trance.  When he came out of that spell, he was horrified at what he had done!

Yogi Bhajan told him that he had actually trained his mind to do this thing.

Now imagine if this fellow had taken his time to heal out of this destructive fantasy habit, and had actually disciplined his mind to send pure kindness to her and to others.  Or, what if he trained his mind to constantly flow into business success, or profound neutrality where he would find great connection with himself and others in the collective unconsciousness.

Perhaps he could have created a wonderfully cozy, happy and prosperous life for himself and all that he met.  Instead, he faced jail time and his life was literally ruined, not to mention destroying the life of his victim.

Know that you ARE known, or you WILL BE known.  That is the Aquarian way.  Might as well take stock of your mind and focus the Light on all the little hidden corners of your life.  Heal them to the point that real Light can shine through every bit of your Life, and you can naturally live your magnificence that is fully known anyway.  What could be better than trading the shadows for the Light?  It is in your power!


Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2012 

You have permission to reproduce this article in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and readable.


Your Stumbling Block is Your Own Mind

From Yogi Bhajan as “heard” by Siri-Gian Kaur on his birthday, Aug. 26, 2012

Aug. 28, 2012

We have such a lot to talk about today.  You must give me your ear.

First is: what happens between your two ears?  Is it agony or ecstasy?  Does it take you up or does it drag you down?

Do you see?  Are you—your will, your knowledge, your allegiance to your kindest and utmost philanthropy to Self in charge, or is your niggling, piggling brain that is accosted by rote words and old “blessed” sayings that no longer have any bearing on your current life in charge?

That is it, Darlings.  Who is in charge?

If you want my opinion, no one is in charge.

When you have a mind that knows no discipline, when it roams and rears at every force that comes your way—whether known or unknown, when your mind goes all screwy every time that it is jolted by every little odd trick, then Dear One, no one is in charge.  You are only answering the call of the spider web.  That is when a fly vibrates your nest, you react.  There is nothing more to it and nothing less to it.  You are lost, you are non-begotten, you have lost your bearings, because your inner brain is carrying on like a drunken sailor.

Your mind knows no boundaries, no discipline, no edges or fences that can cut off the “evil” that appears to pursue you.  You become stuck in your own rampant ways.  You leave the Force that will ground you into sense—not just “common sense,” but the very sense of your Soul!

You see, you have such expert sense—what you call wisdom of your Soul within you.  You have the grace of the God Almighty in you because It is You! 

But if your mind will refuse to enjoy that grace and wisdom, if it will run after demons and chase chariots of fire that blaze you to hell, then you will never know where you are going, or how you got yourself into such a mess.

And it is no one’s fault but your own!

You see, I have given you so many mantras, so many shabads, so many kriyas, I have given you the very Guru itself to cut your anguish that if you used them in a most timely way, you would have been in heaven/ecstasy by now.  Do you believe me?

But the very stumbling block is your own mind, or I should say the habits of your mind that block your clear vision.  It is your mind with its own agenda that leads you to get lost, even though the shining Light is there in front of you, behind you, at your sides and inside your very Nature!

You must lose yourself into that Nature.  And this is the hardest thing that you can do in your everyday life.  It is the hardest thing to soften, to relax, to let go of all of those unforgiving thoughts and emotions.  That is to forgive yourself and others for the great and terrible games that you play on one another and that you have the habit of hurting yourself with.

Why would you do that—hurt yourself with your mind?

That is because you refuse to see the God of you.  You do not feel worthy of happiness, of contentment, of coziness.  Oh, I know that you have so many past lifetimes to atone for that you cannot once look squarely at the Light.  You have a need to punish yourself—whether with hate for yourself and your life, or whether you send that ferocity out to “others”.  Actually, there is no such thing as Others, they are all You, your One Consciousness.

So, you see that if you cannot tame your mind, if you cannot accept the real Good that you are, if you cannot see with the wisdom of your own Soul, your real God Self, then it is you only who cut yourself short.  You victimize yourself only.  You lose your Self and you cut your very real connection to the very real worth, the Infinite Worth of Who you are!

My Darlings, if you would want to have true health and happiness in your life, if you would want to bathe in the glory of a life well-lived, if you want to be the Radiance that truly shines from within, there is only one thing to do.

Love your Self/self.  Set yourself free from the chains of your mind.  Only experience the fullness of Who you are and let your very conscious Soul guide you in every mundane, intricate and most simple way.  Trust It, Love It—Trust the You of you, love the greatness and the smallness of you.  You will not be disappointed!

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2012

You have permission to reproduce this article online or in print as long as your keep this copyright large and readable.


 Wake Up from Your Day Dream

August 14, 2012


This is the first of 4 articles that were “heard” by Siri-Gian Kaur from the Consciousness of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan.

My Darlings,

This is my gift to you.  You must KNOW me when you see me, when you hear me, and when you love me.  There is nothing else that can come in between.  So, understand that if this message strikes your heart, you will know that it is me, and that it was meant for you.  So simple!

The first thing that I want to tell you is how very, very happy I am to see you do your sadhana.  That is where all of your gifts of happiness and coziness come from.  That is where you steep yourself in the blessings of your Soul.  That is where you kiss the nectar of your own nature.

Now, you have affairs that appear unfinished, unknown, unmeasured.  They stress you out—like continually running to the bus stop.  They can seem like a bad dream in that you are always running but never seem to make it on time with everything that you need.  There is really no one stopping you, but the pursuit is endless and never ending.

Well, this is how it is when you are in the very biggest hurry of your life, believing that in fact you are pursuing your Life, when in fact you are ignoring it.  Let me give you an example.

A mother says to the child, “Where are your shoes?”  The child may look around for about 1 second, but the child is still living in their own dream world.  They are transfixed by what is in front of them.  They are living their own dream.  It may seem to be a timeless dream, but they are stuck in it.

Finally, the mother goes to find the child’s shoes herself, and puts them on the feet of the child with the wandering/pre-occupied mind.  Now, where do you think the child is by this point?  The child is out the door on its way to school, still in his own world.  Mom has done all the work and keeps the child on course.

Now, where are you in all this?  You are the child in that you live your dream of illusion.  It takes all of your “time,” it takes all of your imagination.  Apparently there is nothing that can separate you from it.  You fully believe that your dream is true.  And to shake you out of that dream would seem like a great shock to you.  Yet your Mother Soul keeps you on schedule, even though you have not wakened from the dream.

This is your course of evolution.  You are not conscious, you don’t wake up from your day dream, you do not lose the unconscious “effort” of your everyday life—which is shot through with turmoil, grief, misgivings, worries, shame, fear, short-comings, guilt, being highly pressurized by time and space—all appearing to sabotage you.  Yet, your Mother Soul, your very Source is keeping you on schedule towards your Destiny, towards your final Union with the All in All as It continually finds the means to send you to the school of understanding your most real Roots—that is your Infinite Source.

Your Soul does this by finding the “shoes” that will help get you to “school,” that is getting a glimmer, or being educated in Who you truly are, and that is your Mighty Infinite

Now, examine your day dream—that is the very dream that you are in at this very moment.  What is it?  Are you living under the axe of time?  Are you tired and can’t get rest?  Are you scared of the poverty that seems to be haunting you?  Are you or a loved one sick and perhaps in fear of permanent disability or even death?  What is the day dream of your life that you mistake for pure reality?

At this point, please very consciously lay down your day dream for a few seconds—even a whole minute or more!  Use your long, deep breath to calm your nerves and quiet the thought stream that runs rampant in your mind.  Use a mantra and any of the other precious “rainbow” substances (kriyas, gong, banis, shabds, etc.) that diffuse the Light of your Soul so that it may enter the pure, hard-stuck perspective of your shortsighted day dream.  Allow that rainbow of Light to permeate your mind and its habitual rules that hold you with their iron grip—which is the “reality” that you have believed is most real. 

Breathe with this freedom and this flow.  You may feel it as precious open air, or pure expansiveness, or the ability to “see all” without actually focusing, etc. 

That is all there is.  That is to elevate yourself, your awareness to this most calm, swift, alive, pleasant, potent and all-pervasive Consciousness that flows, flows, flows.

Now, this is your own True Reality!  That is the very experience of that beautiful supportive Light that you immerse yourself in, that you live as, that is your own breath—your Pavan (oxygen and prana).  Know yourself as that.  This is your True Reality.  This experience of the True Light is your God on Earth.  This is the great purity of YOU! 

I know that because this experience is so simple, you might find it unbelievable, but just put your faith in it anyway.

As you live fully in that Presence of You, as you release yourself to that great experience of You as the All in All, please consciously imprint the understanding of this Real You—the One from the Infinity beyond time and space that is projecting into this world through your awareness—please imprint this Reality on all facets of your imagination, of your very practical and protective mind, of your wild and pervasive emotions, and RELAX!  Whew! 

Take your great vacation there in this great School of Knowing that flows from your True experience.

Now, staying in this great quest of absolute Knowing that is in fact this most calm, sweet condition, please begin to examine the elements of that tangled consciousness that you just left behind.  From your timeless state, see with the eyes of your Mother Soul one “object” at a time, e.g. “How am I going to finish that project on time?” 

Stay with the breath and in the condition of the Presence of You.  Do not be distracted or let that whole weight of your everyday life come crashing down on you at once.  Instead, staying in the eyes, the experience, the Knowing of the Presence of You, just wrap yourself in the arms of Its Love, and flow through your project—listening only to that Source that whispers so gently but so very reliably to you and through you.  Staying in that breeze and love of Pavan, move gently, lightly, but allowing the Power to drive though every tiny little aspect of your project.  If you have a question, abide by the answer that you are given.  Do not falter and do not look aside, or go back to check your old crushing attitude for reinforcement.  Move through your “time and space” life, work, relationship, duties, fun, and sorrows from this perspective of your own flowing Mother Soul.

This is how you wake-up from your day dream, Dear One, to the REALITY that you truly seek.  It is the Reality of your Source, your Soul, living here in this Life as the fully combined reality of your timeless Soul, living in this time and space.  In this way, you wake up from your day dream and live totally and consciously from your Reality, your Soul!

As you do, all peace, prosperity and happiness chase you.  But if your focus is on chasing prosperity, you will continue chasing that day dream with all of the attendant nightmares forever.

If you move out of your day dream full of fits and contradictions to the perspective, the experience of the Light of your own Consciousness, then all peace, prosperity and happiness will chase you, no matter what is presented to you from the finite, everyday perspective!

In Love and Service by way of Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, .

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