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Thanksgiving 2007

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When You Become Soft Like Wax
By Yogi Bhajan

One day when you become soft like wax,

Then my thread of life will pass through you, and

Out of the accident of the warmth of my heart

One end will get lit.

And you will burn--slowly melting in the heat of the flame.

And when you will reach the end,

You will find God waiting for you

To embrace you into His Infinity.


And one day, when you will become soft like wax,

My thread of life will pass through you, and

Out of the passion and compassion of the time

Your one end will get lit

And the spread of Light through you will bring joy--

But the jealousy will hover on you and the moths will burn alive.

But you will keep on--

Melting and burning and spreading the Light,

Knowing that on the base of you

God is waiting to embrace you and to merge you in Infinity.


When one day you will love me and become known to me

And in that knowledge when I will forget

The meaning of life and your image--

You will exist no more,

And that is the state of experience in consciousness:

Then God wants you and you don't want God,

The face value of every human is mostly not like that of an adult,

Because that inner being has never tried

To merge with the outer being.



In the depth of my heart there is a beat.

Sometimes I hope against hope that there will be common moments of life

When neither you will talk, nor listen

But will enjoy the experience of the voice

Which comes through my heart,

Through my beat.

And when our vibration will merge

We may be in a position to experience

The ecstasy of Undying Self.

This poem is published in the book "The Master's Touch," published by Kundalini Research Institute, 1997, page 221.  Please click here to order it.