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If you want to easily translate this starting time of our class or session to your time, after you finish reading this section, please click on this address: 
On the form displayed on that marvelous "Time and Date" website, if you are intending to take our teleclass, please enter 6 PM (18:00) Mountain Time USA., or if you are booking a session, enter your intended time to schedule in my time, that is "Mountain Time."  Also, enter "USA--New Mexico--Albuquerque" in the "Place/City" box.  This is a city in my Mountain Time zone. 
Then when you click their "Show Fixed Time" button, the appointment time that you just entered will be translated into concurrent times in cities across the globe.  Just look up a city that is in your time zone to figure what time you would actually call. 
Also, be sure to check the day.  If you are across the Earth from me, that international date line can be really tricky! 


Here is low priced calling card that you buy online!  You can from most any country to any country very easily and cheaply.  Here is the message that I got from them when I asked about their coverage.

"Yes, we have local numbers in 50 countries around the world.  For a list of the 50 countries, follow this link and click on the "From" dropdown bar:

Also, if the country you are in is not one of our 50 countries, you can use SIP calling to call anywhere in the world and still pay our low-rates.  To find out about this, please follow this link:

We also have a great referral bonus, so it is easy to sign people up. When you refer someone, you will each get a bonus of the same amount that the person you referred puts on his/her account, up to $10.  So if he or she puts $10 in at first, you will each get a $10 bonus.  To find out more about it, follow this link:


 Skype Phone

From Param Dhyan Kaur in Uraguay

August, 2012

Here is the information for your friend in Ecuador, regarding Skype calling.
Once she has a skype account, she needs to go to her account online, not the one she uses for connecting, but the one online . there they have a record of what she has. There are offers for buying time to make calls, and packages as well. there are some countries, like the United States, that have a deal for both landlines and cellulars. She finds the package, and then can choose to pay 3 months at a time, or a full year i believe(i pay every 3 months). she can use a credit card, or a pay pal account, and it is that quick. If she has any questions, have her reach me, either thru my email,, or skype: Lucy.Vaporis. I hope that helped, it is so simple.




Low cost "telephone" over the internet from anywhere in the world!

From Cristina in Portugal!  Thanks!!

About Skype:

  • Download the Skype from that goes directly to the webpage in the computer language
  • Create an account with your nickname for Skype
  • Look for a link that says “Buy credits”, and you put your account details to enter. You can pay them with visa, PayPal etc.
    The minimum is 10,00 for a “Pay as you go” or a “monthly subscription” unlimited to a country for 5,00 but I didn’t realize it then.  It was to much stuff and to little time.
    For call prices you can see on I spend 2,00€ on last night call. It’s great.
  • After you install Skype on your pc when you open a webpage, like the soul answer you can click on the telephone number and it opens Skype right away. It ask if you really want to call to that country etc etc.
  • When you make a call that costs money you got a line with icons like:  a red phone, the volume, the quality of the call and before this last one a little square that if you click you get a number keyboard, that’s where you are able to put the code for the teleclasse. If you make a call to another Skype number the keyboard doesn’t appear.

 Hope it helps other people.

 Sat nam