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Let Go and Let God?


September 1, 2015

First published April 28, 2009


 “But Yikes!  I need to be in control, and I need to control everything for my well-being and happiness.  Otherwise I am headed for annihilation!!”

Are you going through very heavy duty challenges to security, to heart, to apparent well-being that so many are facing these days?

This transformational Aquarian energy, often delivered through the vehicle of this ever drooping world economy surely is putting heavy pressure on most, if not all of us!  It is pushing us to really, deeply and thoroughly “clean up our acts” in monumental ways—to solve lifetimes of hurt, anger, fear, and so much more within this tiny window of just a few years!

But the promise of this grinding is that finally—yes finally, after untold thousands of years of human corruption and the accompanying victimization and denial of our most essential God Selves, we will at last be living totally and completely from our hearts.  As a matter of fact, it seems that heart connection, totally selfless giving, and trusting the direction and love of the God within—our precious Soul, are the only real keys to survival as the old, unworkable stuff in each of us gets crushed!  Or should I say that we voluntarily let go?

So, all of our “stuff” is up for healing/transformation right now!

My first suggestion is, “Don’t take it personally!”  The Universe didn’t put you in these seemingly crummy situations because It hates you.  Oh no, to the contrary.  We are getting this pulverizing pressure because It really loves us and is giving us the enormous opportunity to transform all of those dreaded emotions—fear, loss, separation, etc. that keep us so very locked up and short-sighted right now.  Those are the things that incapacitate our move forward to the new amazingly magic culture of the new times ahead.

Now, when you have a big question, something is really stumping you, you feel those pangs of terror, or loss of love and deep connection, just stop short , do your Heart Breath , then give the whole problem to God, or your Higher Self, or Soul or whatever you want to call It!  No fooling! 

But you have to truly, authentically give it up to God.  Your mind and emotions can’t be attached to the outcome or even the process.  Once you give it up, when you let the omniscient God Consciousness take over, then you have the unlimited Power House working for you.  Oh, yes!  But you can’t cheat by holding back with any grasping or demanding.  God knows your wants and your needs.  So, give God full rein and see what happens! Go strictly neutral as you keep up with what is happening according to Soul’s direction .   Let the magic begin!

You may or may not get what you thought you wanted, but be assured that you are getting what you really need for your life.  And if that fulfillment of your need turns out to be a great challenge to heal your emotions or change your life, then Wahe Guru!  Keep up with it, understanding that God knows best, and most perfect for you, and trust that.  Yes, trust it!


It is each of our own very personal transformations to living from Soul and merging our pure hearts with the hearts of others that brings about this much anticipated new culture—both within ourselves and each other.  We signed up so very long ago to be the pioneers.  As a matter of fact, those of you who are reading this, no doubt are meant to not only do this yourselves, but once you get it, you will also show the way to others.  So let’s just hop on the train to resurrection now!  It takes courage and trust, but you can do it!

Since our old ways of dealing with the knife-edges of fear, insecurity, loneliness, separation and so on are now beginning to viciously claw at our psyches, I am going to share with you my great experience of over 30 years on this most remarkable path.

When I feel all that hot panic, loss and nowhere to turn, I realize that I am in the grip of long time negative electrical charges!  And if I continue to believe that the way to solve my torment is anything other than neutralizing those very strong electrical charges that create this crazy virtual reality, then I condemn myself to a sentence of extreme panic, fear, hurt and so on.  It is not about what I might think it is—e.g. a shortage of funds, someone dissed me, I am losing something important—oh no!

In fact, the big jump is to realize that those aggressive EMOTIONS that fully smash me over the edge are the real problem—and not the loss of fulfillment of my imagined “needs” that appear to cause those emotions.  Way big distinction!  Again, the causes of those gnarled episodes of panic, fear, hurt and so on arise from my old stuff—repeating electrical charges lodged in my subconscious, which are only triggered by, NOT CAUSED BY actual difficulties in my current life!

So, how about if we directly neutralize the electrical charge from the subconscious that arises like a really strong virtual reality experience grabbing us when it is triggered, rather than getting confused that we have to “get something, or be something” to gain our footing, our calmness, our happiness, our contentment?

The tool that has never failed me is the mantra “Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaaray, Apaaray, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnamay, Akamay.”  Go to to print it out.  Grab onto it fiercely and don’t let it go.  Shout it, whisper it, love it, hate it.  But do it!  You don’t have to sit in front of your altar for just exactly 11 minutes to sweetly sing it with a CD.  And although you can do that, you can also get raw with your mantra as you angrily stomp and march, you can do it while you are diving, when you are washing dishes, or jump headlong into it when you wake up at 1:30 AM being tortured by that haunting negative virtual reality.

Find out for yourself if your emotions finally go to neutral—after a day, a week, a month of hanging on to your mantra for dear life.  And then be very aware to discover if things change, or open up fairly magically.  Just be neutral and keep your eyes open.  It may be so gentle that you might not realize what extraordinary but so simple events have just morphed in front of your eyes!  Just stay aware.

This is the mantra of the warrior Guru Gobind Singh.  And this is the tool with which you succeed in the battle with your own pernicious subconscious.  Corralling and taming it is how you become neutral—never numb, and that is where Soul/God/place of wisdom and power resides, where your own precious peace is hiding out, where the answers spring up, where resolution manifests.  That’s your center and your contentment.

So, why not make every effort to win the battle of Fort Terror any and every time it shows up?  You are so worth it!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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 Crummy KARMA = Great Opportunity!

April 21, 2015 & March 31, 2009

Dear One,

KARMA!  Yikes!!  The very mention of that word can bring on visions of dire dread, or sweet lightness.  How powerful is that concept?
As we understand it, the Universe is immeasurably just!  If we put out either some “mean” or some “good” action, then we definitely incur a similar, in-kind brunt or blessing sometime in the future--whether it is in the next few seconds (“instant karma”), later in this life, or even in some subsequent lifetime!
But somehow, we in the spiritual community have misunderstood this amazing Cosmic system of constant re-balancing as punishment and reward. 
But I have a huge secret to tell you.  This Karmic process is the most incredible system of evolutional opportunity that any Universal mind could ever devise, especially since we are the God Who is having this human experience.  Let me say that again.  As Yogi Bhajan taught us, we are not humans trying to have a spiritual experience.  We are God having a human experience! 
And of course, that God Essence of us is our very Soul--our Real Self!  So, it is definitely shortsighted to believe that we are victims of our karma, but rather we are full players with it!
Now, as I do Transformational Healing with folks, both their Soul and my Soul show me over and over again that in fact the very consciousness of one’s own Soul is behind this whole extraordinary process!  That’s because our amazing Souls know just what experiences They want; what They are looking for to uniquely gain the whole gamut of human experience through the course of all our lifetimes; and to develop incredible wisdom, consciousness and abilities that we could not possibly have worked out had we not grappled with all sides of the coin! 
In other words--we have all done what we might call nasty, creepy stuff over the course of lifetimes.  Yes, even the saints among us have dark pasts somewhere back there--all part of the setup!  And then subsequently, the karmic balancing act draws from our pain-causing past and puts us on the receiving end of that same sort of yuck.  Perhaps then we call ourselves a victim, or perhaps blame our difficulties on “bad karma.” 
But that attitude really retards our progress by making us feel even more miserable, hopeless and lost.  How very awful it is to feel as though we are mired in the dung heap of the Universe, with guilt continually smashing us back down!  My advice--rub out guilt with deep, genuine self-forgiveness so you can get on with your transformation process.  Please!
It’s like this:  It appears that before your Soul enters a new lifetime, in Its Infinite Wisdom, It picks Its own card hand from all your past karmas--both ones that you might enjoy and ones that might horrify you if you knew.  These “karmic cards” would include such things as who your parents are--including their attitudes, your genes, your ancestral karma, and all that you will inherit; where you will be born; what events will “pop up” in your life; and so on.  Then throughout your life, it is up to you--your free will, your everyday self (ego) to play that card hand that your Soul--your Real Self has picked out for you.  But of course, your Soul always knows how to best play that hand for your ultimate benefit. 
So, you can see the great advantage of tuning into your own Soul, your personal Karmic Card Master to guide you to best play the hands that “life throws at you”!  That means following Soul’s leads, and not your everyday self insisting on taking the lead to protect yourself from your own insecurities. 
Rather, hang tightly to your Soul, your God Self, your unique I AM presence to lead you through the fun/horror house of life’s turmoil--both its ups and downs.  This is the real meaning of humility!  It means letting go of your “stuff,” finding the hidden gems and jewels of your transformed wisdom so that you can actually experience the peace and joy of your own precious Soul that lives behind that screen of apparent fear, depression, loss, pain, etc.
Now this is the most amazing thing I have found out from Soul!  Our Souls are “hell-bent” on having our more limited self (ego) acquire outrageous experience--both in quantity and quality.  That’s because as we take the opportunities to heal from all that stuff, we find that we have gained such incredible wisdom and sensitivity that could never, ever have come about any other way! 
So, we get to work through the same experiences over and over again until we actually do bare ourselves to that compassion and depth that our Soul so pointedly wants to be developed in us.  Remember that movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray?  Kind of like that.
So, you’ve heard of the “wounded healer”?  Well, have you seen that someone who has healed from abuse, or perhaps an alcoholic who has quit drinking has such precise, needle-point precision in seeing the addict or the victim/abuser/witness syndrome in another person, and can zero right in, uncovering all its aspects as no one else can?  That’s because the healed one has been there/done that, and then has already worked through the whole poop pile themselves.  They know the whole scene, its pitfalls and its resolutions.  Therefore the healed one can then help that suffering person by actually helping them heal in such powerful, economical ways!
This process describes an extraordinary “karmic” evolutionary path that I have seen people’s Souls choose over and over again!  Even a challenging illness or accident is the Soul’s energetic portal to quick and expansive transformation if the person would like to take it on. 
And even though it may seem like a sick joke at such times, the Soul is really providing amazing karmic opportunities for great “growth” and transformation to very deeply learn to forgive, to relax, to align with the totally unlimited vision of Soul, to deepen their compassion and service for oneself and for others, to open to your Destiny, and to reap the generous grace and peace that is available when we calm down and just let ourselves receive it.  This is definitely when the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is so very effective and can move you along quickly!
Now here is one very special caveat.  Even if a person doesn’t take on the task of conscious transformation at these times, we really can’t make any judgment about that person.  Their Soul just might want that experience of living through the depths of that pain without any attempt at transformation yet.  You never really know. 
So, as Yogi Bhajan said, we can go fast or slow on our path, but we all reach the same destination--full, conscious Unity with the Infinite again at some point down the line!  Consequently, who’s to say what’s “right” and what’s “wrong” on the larger, karmic scale?  Forgiveness of everyone--including oneself, and neutrality or shunia, the zero point--where you can open entirely to Soul are the ways out; or should I say the way IN to experiencing yourself as the most amazing Being that you are! 
Karma transformed is really your ticket to your own Destiny!
Lots of Love,

 Copyright 2009, Siri-Gian Khalsa, 
You have my permission to copy this to another site or blog as long as you put in the above copyright information.



Let’s Dance!  Surrender to Soul at Every Moment.

April 12, 2016 & September 16. 2014


When I ask various people’s Souls why they came to Earth in this human body, I always get some combination of “Laugh, Dance, Sing, Love and Serve.”  Imagine!  That is why this God-Spirit that is our True Self came to Earth.  OMG! 

Now what?  How would I go about that?  Wouldn’t I be totally irresponsible to spend my life fiddling away like that?  Don’t I have to be serious and keep my shoulder to the grindstone?  What if I lightened my mood, wouldn’t I get demoted, who would believe and respect such a flibbertigibbet? How could I make a living?

Well, Sweet Ones, I have a little proposition for you.  As you know, Yogi Bhajan often said that we are not humans trying to have a spiritual experience.  But rather we are Spirit who came here to have a human experience.  So, let’s find out what Yogi Bhajan’s simple but most profound turn of phrase that brings us the real Truth has for us.  After all, we have such pain or heavy weight all the time.  It rarely seems to quit because it seems to always be running in the background.  How can I be good enough to meet Spirit, much less BE Spirit?  I am in such a mess and turmoil, whether others see it or not, how could I possibly BE Spirit?

But the answer is so very simple that it is almost embarrassing to tell you because you might not even believe me.  But to “get it,” you actually have to experiment with it.  First remember that being Spirit does not make you high or low.  After all, we all—yes we ALL are the God Spirit projecting right here on Earth.  That includes even the nastiest of us.  “If you can’t see God in ALL, you can’t see God at all.”  This is yet another amazing Truism by the Master.


If you are a regular reader of these articles, then you know that Soul’s/Spirit’s favorite instruction to everybody when they are listening to Soul is to RELAX!  When you are all pent up, when your mind is going 100 mph, when you are stressed or overcome for any reason--guess what?  You have closed Soul’s phone line to you.  You have clouded and snarled it.  Your mind and emotions have taken precedent so that you block out Soul’s “small, still voice” within.  But Soul is patient, really patient waiting lifetimes for you to pay attention.

 It doesn’t blame you when you finally, finally do RELAX body and mind by resting or meditation, etc. to finally put out your Soul antennae and allow yourself to experience the actual feeling of Soul, and listen to what It has to say to you.  Now, I hope that I am not going to spoil your experience by telling you the end of the movie even before you even begin to watch it.  But when you completely relax in Soul, you can actually feel It’s total love for you.  It feels cozy, sweet, hugging you, taking care of you, no worries.  And if you give your pain and upset to Soul, It will actually take that stuff from you for recycling!  No joke.  So very, very many have experienced this! .

And how do you relax, really relax?  Use Heart Breath, of course. .  So, try it, you’ll be amazed!  WorryàHearth BreathàRelax into SoulàCozy.  Simple formula for living the cozy life in Soul.


Now here is the latest new dance craze!  That is taking the next step to surrender to Soul.  Sometimes that can be a little tricky, especially if our “everyday self,” that is our ego, mind, emotions, habits, etc.—that is the way we know ourselves, our world and environments that have actually fed us their own lame truth that we have relied upon as our strongly held, but really shaky foundation for so long.  But now we are finding that they are actually holding us back from following Soul’s lead which may be total freedom!  Yikes!

For instance, if you are having a hard time with your job—perhaps you find it really yucky, there is no way to find or give respect.  No matter what you do, there is no satisfaction, no growth opportunity and more.  On the other hand, perhaps you are fulfilling your family’s dream by being a lawyer, or teacher, etc. rather than finding your own special way; or you are afraid of letting go of the financial security, or even perhaps the doldrums of your surroundings actually provide you with a kind of hidden, jerky security.

So, what happens with Soul?  Soul may either guide you to stay and grow through every repression and block that is raised by every encounter there.  You may scream, “NO, I’ve got to get away!”  But if you do before Soul says it is time—before you have used every opportunity available to you to blast through healing every aspect of your psyche that this job smashes you into, you shall have wasted a perfectly amazing chance to heal and free yourself from the inside out.

Or perhaps, Soul is telling you to get out of there quick, or even ease yourself out.  But your leaden feet just won’t let you go.  You are planted in your heart-hurting insecurities—no matter how damaging they may be.  You won’t let go and let God.  You can’t just “jump off the cliff” to follow Soul’s string of clues, one step at a time.  Soul won’t give you a synopsis of your total future and molly-coddle you along each step.  But It does kindly and cozily guide you, give you reassurance when you open yourself for it.  It does help you re-configure those closely held blocks as you take all your gumption and give them back to Source.  This is especially true if you have no idea where you are being led or why!

The question is, “Are you willing to do the Soul Dance?”  Are you willing to fly across the dance floor in the arms of your most expert and loving partner, your Soul as it takes you to here-to-fore unexperienced dance moves—steps that you never thought possible, or that take you to your own amazing expansion, kindness, new unexplored environments and ways of seeing?  Are you willing to expand into unknown territories such as the whole Universe, and are you willing to be FREE to step into your own greatness under the tutelage of your own Soul?

Well, are you?

Yes, it is a dance—dance for your Life, dance as your Life!  Free, swirling, open, clear, cozy, healing every hurt and misfortune, becoming conscious of the clarity of swirling and abiding with your God Self, your totally accessible Soul!

Then your precious Life becomes a true Adventure!  You never know what is coming next, but now you meet it with ease, relying on Soul to sail you through the moat of crocodiles doing their best to catch you into your old outlooks and fears.

With Soul, it is truly quite amazing!  When you are in Soul, you ask, “What fear?”  Fear, discouragement, insecurity are just not there.  I know that sounds too good to be true.  I know it sounds as though I really made that up, or read it in an obscure book somewhere.  But that is not it.  I have found it in myself and in the thousands of folks that I have taught this to.  Uh-huh.  Why don’t you try it as well?


And the next step is continually trusting, trusting, trusting every incredible step along the way, no matter how crazy you think it is.  “After all, I never heard of anybody doing THAT, certainly not ME!”  That is when you simply move with the “Force,” that is the invisible knowing, feeling, hearing, seeing from Soul.  That is TRUST!  That is how you actually relieve yourself of the craziness that hold us all back and allow the greatness, the pure, cool, clear, and most satisfying path of our own Destiny—the very real reason why Spirit—your Spirit came to Earth as YOU in the first place!

Enjoy your great Dance as Soul!  There is nothing else like it if you take the great leap—constantly.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa,  , 2016 & 2014.

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I’m Not the BOSS Around Here!


December 5, 2016 & November 12, 2013

Here is what I have found through eons and mountains of trial and error—lots of error.  But I can tell you that the results are consistent, and I wholeheartedly invite you to do your own experimentations to determine if you get the same results.  (I have no doubt that you will!)

I spent many decades:

1.       First in my youth feeling like God or Whatever had deserted me because things in my life seemed to be overshadowed by pure, heavy crappiness.  I bore up as best as I could.


2.       Then, I got up the gumption to quit falling back, being overcome by the sheer weight of the challenges that flew my way to the point that I started taking Control of my life, my surroundings, and my business—both as a graphic designer and then with healing work.  That took tons of courage to step out of the shadows and put myself out there.  OK, there was some growth here, but it was still really—I should say immensely stressful.  I was still shy, but I found ways to get “out there,” and I took on responsibility for EVERYTHING, trying to hold everything together and MAKE things happen.  Talk about a true workaholics dream job.  OMG!  Talk about the crushing weight of trying to make everything work right and on time—a thankless and impossible goal, I’ll tell you.  Well, I spent a long time in that phase.  Remember, I am not young so I have had plenty of time to experiment.  Maybe you will grow faster.


3.       Then I discovered something!  I discovered an amazing working relationship with Soul! .  If you have never had this, I truly advise you to give it a try.  Of course, I have made a lot of progress since I found this most amazing, yet totally cozy and kind relationship since I started teaching Soul Listening and then following Soul’s impeccable guidance.  Although I am still learning more and more every day, these are some of the things that I have found panned out every time.

I finally GOT this when I went through some really hard struggles.  When there was nothing left that I could do to make my life work, I found that I had only one recourse left.  I had to drop my idea of being a “responsible” human who was in charge of everything in my life.  My very last thread of trying to make all work out had broken.  Now this same situation could apply to your own challenging life in any category—money, relationships, health, business, and everything else that we humans encounter.

Out of duress, more than devotion, I finally gave my entire life to Soul/God/Guru.  That is EVERYTHING!  Soul could have my house, my car, my reputation, any money, and my very life on this planet.  Everything that I previously thought was mine, I turned it over entirely to Soul, because I figured that I just couldn’t handle it myself.  So, I just said, “Whatever you want me to do with all this, just let me know.  It’s yours now.”  In retrospect, it sort of reminds me of the guy who immediately gave Guru Gobind Singh a pile of raw flour, fresh vegetables and spices, and then said, “May I cook it for you?”

Since then, I have found over time that whatever Soul guides me to do or to hold the space for is what will work the very best!  My mind may have lots of other shenanigans going on.  It might be trying to “take advantage of the best opportunities”—not to undermine anyone, surely.  But if I try to proceed with my mind’s best laid plans according to the recommendations of “experts’” books, webinars, and well-intentioned advice, the projects just seem to disintegrate.  That happens if I rely on my mind with its ideas of “what should be,” “what I need,” its fears, worries and “intrigues” as Yogi Bhajan used to call it. 

Yet, when I just stay fully present in my Center—what you might call potent, flowing neutrality or the “Soul Space,” that is when Soul feeds me amazing ideas and guidance. It rarely—no never tells me the whole agenda at once.  Rather, Soul gives me the process one step at a time.  Consequently there is no way that I can “rely” on any kind of pre-planned security that I think has to happen for any of Soul’s projects to come to fruition.  So, when a part of a project is delayed or evaporates, knowing that Soul is the real Boss, and I am simply an hourly worker, I just ask Soul Who knows and arranges everything, “Are you sure that you’re OK with this?”  And of course, the “answer” is a kind of peace.  Therefore I can do nothing but trust the Boss.  Yet all works out through a very circuitous route.

Or if time is unbelievably tight, and I am totally in danger of a huge case of overwhelm and not getting whatever needs to be done, and thereby wrecking the whole project and everything associated with it, I just put myself totally in Soul.  The most amazing result is that I don’t have to ponder over decisions, or spend lots of time researching related “stuff.”  When I listen to Soul, all of the answers and decisions are instant, impeccable and amazing.  They work and things get done exactly on time!  There is no waste and all flows. 

Now, I am not the only one who has experienced all this.  Oh, no.  I certainly don’t keep these gems to myself.  I share them at every opportunity!  So, now we have a whole cadre of folks who have slipped into this amazing method of potent operation.

To do this takes tons of Trust because Soul rarely tells you exactly where you/this great partnership of mind and Soul are headed.  But over time, as you change your way of working in this world from rigid planning and controlling to relying on Soul with all of the twists and turns It takes, then your whole life changes to peace, flow and prosperity on every level. 

Oh, yes!  It does take infinite patience, but that happens as you consistently return to the subtle but most powerful experience of Soul as you regard It as your most expert and loving friend that you rely on entirely.  Then you hold that space entirely!  It is the same space that a true warrior or healer occupies—not fighting at all, but living in pure Presence, pure potentiality as you FLOW through the amazing miracles or synchronicities that show up.  Gratitude and wonder are then the only expressions that you can make then.

This method of miracles takes giving up everything that you think will bring you security to totally trust in Soul’s sometimes seemingly strange directions. 

For instance, that means you Trust Soul to introduce you to the absolute LOVE that you crave, although no other person could ever give that to you.  But with every challenge that Soul throws your way, you give over your overpowering neediness to Soul.  I want to be sure that you heard that.  You give over every dire and difficult situation that rattles your mind, emotions and body to Soul to work out.  Just the simple act of letting go of your iron clad expectations is your first step in this process.  And as you deeply, meditatively forgive all of the origins and manifestations of your heart break, it eases up and you become free, free at last to experience cozy love and finally let go of your most painful, screechy neediness.

For example, as you heal yourself with each opportunity of heartbreak that Soul sends your way, you become freer and more open to truly love your self/Self, which is the only real way you will ever be fulfilled!

As you give the fear of not having enough money to Soul; when you change to true real neutrality where Soul lives by using your Heart Breath, mantras, yoga, creating the mystical Naad sound current with Gurmukhi, peace becomes the “cradle” from which astonishing things and directions can emanate.

It is so miraculous, but yet the very most natural and easy or “Sahej” way of living on Earth.  So, my Dears, this is the course of our lives to true Union or Yoga.

One little tip!  When we are totally upset when we feel that we are in dire straights; when we are so stressed that we are screaming and yelling for a solution, Soul often will give such a simple direction that we think that Soul surely cannot truly understand our most extreme difficulty.  And yet, Soul’s two most favorite words to anyone who has every experienced Soul are “Relax” and “Expand.”  I know, just too simple.  But oh, my Dear Friend, if you actually follow that most profound advice, you will find that your world turns on its ear.  When you relax and/or expand, you are no longer crimping Soul’s hose of blessings and miracles that It is trying to deliver to you!  This takes practice, but what you get as you take every opportunity that you might have regarded as “bad karma,” or “everybody is against me,” and so on is actually yet another opportunity to heal the crimps in the flow of Soul’s blessings and miracles pipeline to you and your amazing life.  “Patience Pays!” 

It all just takes giving over to the Boss at every turn and then flowing with the directions that are given.  Such a beautiful and reliable partnership.  Such a blessing of a life! 

Now, you try it and see what happens.

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

 Copyright:  Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa, , 2013.You have permission to reproduce this article either in print or online as long as you keep this copyright large and closely associated with the article.You can easily print out this article at   


Digesting Ama!

February 9, 2016 & May 20, 2008

My Dear Ones,

Ama--today's newsletter is not about the revered Indian woman saint! Her name is spelled Amma. Rather it is about a phenomenon that we all face--digestion of Life in every category.

Ama is a concept from Ayurvedic Medicine--that ancient healing art that addresses all levels of human existence, which was codified from antiquity in the Hindu Vedas or scriptures, and that is still so successfully practiced today. This form of medicine goes hand in hand with the practice of yoga because it addresses all the physical, mental and energetic levels, and even prescribes various asanas (yogic body postures) and mantras (sacred sound currents) as some of its remedies!

According to the website, Ayurveda for You, Ama is undigested material that originates from improperly digested toxic particles that clog the channels in your body. Some of these channels are physical and include the intestines, lymphatic system, arteries and veins, capillaries, and genitourinary tract. Others are nonphysical channels called nadis through which your energy flows. Ama toxicity accumulates wherever there is a weakness in the body, and this will result in disease.

When giving Transformation Energy Healing sessions over the years, I have found that if a person is healthy, their energy flows through their aura on the outside of their body, as well as it flows through the inside of their body through "nadis," those meridian- like energy channels, and it affects the various frequencies generated by physical structures such as organs and cells. This free-flowing healthy energy appears as very bright white/gold Light that moves faster than the speed of light! It appears to embody the matrix, or "command central" for the body's healthy operation, and it also seems to contain all the person's intelligent functions, processing and memories as well, that are then picked up by the brain's amazing apparatus as called upon.

So, have you recognized that when something frightening, hurtful, abusive, shocking, shattering, physically traumatizing, etc. occurs, we actually hold our breath, tense our muscles, feel jangled or separated, and so on? This might result from either a one time event or something that repeats over time--such as a parent usually dismissing a child. When this happens, one's energy actually slows down or is completely halted, and it forms a slow- moving or "stuck" mass of ama, that is often stored in a particular location in the body!

Now, if that destructive event has occurred either earlier in this lifetime or in past lifetimes, and that actual energetic ama has not been "digested" or transformed, healed, integrated, etc., it stays stuck or frozen in the energy system. When working with someone, or perhaps their entering a meditatively receptive state on their own, they can actually perceive that stuck energy's color--usually dark or red (anger), have an emotional and/or physical feeling from it, and one may even discover its words, such as "I am really, really scared of being left out!"

And that slowed ama energy can actually lodge in the cells in a particular location in the body--perhaps in a genetically weak area, to thereby diminish its healthy frequency and lead to its malfunction that we call disease.

That's because this energy "blob" or virus-like program is actually the stuff of the stored emotions and story of that event. So, once lodged in the system, the stuff of those fears, hurts, separations, etc. can then leak into one's larger vibrational system, creating a similar subliminal perspective that can overshadow one's behavior or outlook, seeming to "come out of nowhere," such as anxiety, anger, depression, fear, insecurity, and on, and on. And when an event that is similar to the one that originated this stuck energy pattern occurs, it is likely to explode all that toxicity of those stored emotions and reactions, such as fear, anger, dismay, shock, etc. into one's system in a really big way! The reaction can take one over and be way out of proportion to the actual event! Yikes!

So, unless this energy patch is healed, meaning that it is opened up to release the original pain--often "sitting" with it while re-experiencing its intense feelings for a while, so that the greater healthy, fast flowing healing energy can flush out the ama and bring it back into free-flowing, vibrational movement--digest it, it will continue to fester, even through lifetimes!

Healing can occur through lancing this ama and "digesting" it with the most constructive energy frequencies of: mantra; asanas, which are particular configurations of the nadis of the body and pumping high frequency energy through them; with the assistance of an energy healer; personally reconciling that situation by "figuring it out"; support through love and care; true and total forgiveness of the action or perpetrator (although this doesn't let the "perp" off the hook because the Universe provides Its own justice, yet the "victim" or "healee" remains totally unattached to retribution); awareness and mental discipline to change one's "destructive" habits over time; and so on. Or use a good combination of all these as "digestive" techniques on one's ama.

To be free of ama is to be a complete free-agent of the Universe, living at every moment at the behest of those highest creative directions that are absolutely perfect actions in the moment! This happens in total ease, with no stress. And this is in direct contrast to living a life that is bound up in habitual reactions that erupt from old, stuck ama!

The healing path of the Kundalini Yoga is living that ama digesting process. So, if when you begin your practice of KY, you find that once you heal one bunch of ama, another pops up in line to be healed, be encouraged! This powerful practice leads to quick and constant ama transformation. So just Keep Up and ride the wave of healing!

The result of transformation then is that as those squirrelly, stuck energies are digested, they reform themselves as depths of refined wisdom and strength in that area of your life that you could not possibly have developed in any other way. You had to have gone through that whole process!

That wonderfully digested material then can nourish your depth and your growth in incredible ways--just as well digested food totally nourishes and rebuilds you! So, here we are--back again at living from an "Attitude of Gratitude" for all that the Universe, our Souls have provided for us, no matter the difficulties that were entailed!

Finally, peace, coziness, and happiness ensues, no matter what circumstances are flying around!

Lots of Love,

If you click here, you will arrive at a page of yogic remedies for digesting a number of different kinds of ama energies.


December 18, 2007

Did you ever think of what you want for Christmas? That is what you REALLY want for Christmas?

Now, I am not talking about any big ticket item, or any results of any relationship, or any favors from anyone. No, I am talking about the emotion or state of being that you imagine you would feel if you came into possession of anyone of those greatly desired objects or occurrences. You know the ones that you hang onto to so tightly, that you hope and long for to give you that special feeling--even if your greatest prayer is for someone else to benefit or be healed. We all do this, don't we? So, instead of holding out hope for the object of our desires to fulfill us with that anticipated feeling, let's just fast forward to the actual feeling that we really want in the end.

So now, let's do something a little unusual. Just for a bit, breathe deeply, clear your mind and please focus on that feeling that you are hoping for these things to bring you. Would that be kindness, fulfillment, love, satisfaction, peace, support, closeness, joy, relief of worry, fear or sadness? Please fill in the blank with your own answer, and now let's skip to actually feeling that condition that you are in fact longing for! Let all arguments against this free-fall jump slough off like a bird shedding last year's feathers so new ones can grow.

Inhale deeply as you think of the word SAT, rhymes with "hot," that means the Great Truth at all levels. Then as you exhale, think of the word "NAM," rhymes with "mom," meaning identity or manifestation. Repeating this mantra with every long, slow, deep breath--fully inhaled and exhaled actually calls in the matrix of this Truth! But don't be grabby and squeeze it to death! Just be open and fully relax; ride on the current. Let yourself be rocked by the mantra in the arms of your breath.

Live and love on this sacred and deeply powered breath! Feel as though your energy is gathered and focused into a laser beam emitting from your "third eye," which is the very powerful but subtle energy portal just between your eyebrows and a little above. Keep up this sacred energy beam while you breathe and repeat Sat on the inhale and Nam on the exhale. Relax into it--very important to relax into it! So simple, actually!

Then as you do this, let yourself actually fall into the state of being that you found you really, really want! Visualize that feeling; feel that feeling completely--even if you think that is impossible or you are unworthy. Just commit yourself to this practice and drop into it with no judgment. Relax into it in the biggest, calmest, most natural way. Don't fight with it, just experiment with it! Do this over and over. Neither believe, nor disbelieve. Only do it!

And continue doing it day and night, even while you sleep, and as a background to all your talking, thinking, entertaining, loving, and whatever else comes up. Drop your worrying. Meditate deeply with this. Just sink into this cozy, soft snowdrift of Light and let that state of being that you most hunger for come to you, rise in you on soft wings, whenever it feels like it!

This, my Dears is what Christmas is all about! Allowing the God within you, Who you really are, the savior of the Christ that glows within to be born in your own Spirit and your own heart! Please cut out the middle man of longing, hurt, worry, being anxious, lost, depressed, or unfulfilled. And cut out the "stuff" that you think will bring you your most desired state of being. Rather find that cozy, intimate magic of what lives within you, and is YOU at all times!

No, Dears. This is not self-delusion! This is Self- Realization! Realizing the sweetness of what actually is Yours, and not separating yourself by illusion! That's Reality!

Then as your insides change, you might even find that outside circumstances change to reinforce and follow the energetic, creative Force that originates from within you!

This is how Peace comes! This is a very precious secret that I am sharing with you. So, for this Christmas time, let's us just sink into PEACE, and whatever your specially desired feeling is, and let the LIGHT come alive!!


January 1, 2008

I am just tuning in to determine what 2008 will bring us, and how we can best handle it! So, here goes!

The first thing. This will not necessarily be a "jolly year," although it will have its moments of kindness and levity that give us new inspiration for the genuineness that life deeply, truthfully and fully lived can bring out.

This year will bring about very important and very powerful changes in the vibrations of Earth. For instance, changes on our Planet may accelerate-- such as "strange" weather patterns that are beginning to emerge, extreme in some places while highly docile in others. Thunder storms are heavier in some places, while dry, dry, dry marks others. This polarization of weather has not actually been seen before.

Also, Earth changes are more likely to come about, such as softening of the turf in some places--sink holes, mud, and mud slides, earthquakes from low rumbles to some "lurchers." You will find that you are giving more to our sweet Planet while getting less--that is giving more attention, more "shoring up," more subsiding of the powerful vixens of change--pollution, heat holding gases, etc. But the Big Blue One is infected and sick, and will have to play out the fever with all that that entails.

Now, Dears, this is the psyche of our Planet for the upcoming 12 months.

Expect roiling turmoil and discontent as a result of the political scene devolving. Yes, the powers that have been will find that they have been wearing the "Emperor's New Clothes," but now the population is seeing that all the obfuscations are becoming transparent. We will learn bit by bit about the skullduggery that has been attempted in our name. No, not everything will be uncovered in one fell swoop. It may take years and years before all is known, but the effects will put our planet in peril--monetarily (money systems), financially (exchange ability), and economically (the ability of populations to create a balance and influx of wealth). And because we--our ability to "support" ourselves--feed, clothe, educate, shelter, and care for ourselves and others is so very interwoven with this thinning fabric, we will begin to see rips and tears in it.

So, this is the time to "gather ye rosebuds while ye may," meaning that this is really the time to simplify and go natural. Create the systems and habits of supplying yourselves as easily as you can, for instance with local produce, grow and store your own, buy that property in the country that you have been dreaming about, make your wardrobe become as simple and natural as you can make it, stock your garage with a set of very basic hand tools for building, repairs and gardening.

But the most important thing of all, Sweet Ones is to express yourselves with genuine openness and gaiety! Dance and sing, and learn how to really let go of the deep stress that dogs us in our current culture. Let go of the old passions that drive us to drink over positions, sturdiness of income, and the fabricated "pleasures" of life. Learn to stay active while maintaining your sanity and contentment. Increase the joys of your life from the inside out. Do your spiritual work intensely so that you drop the hurts and heal your shortcomings. Learn to love, LOVE WITH ALL YOUR VAST HEART! There is absolutely no substitute for Love in this evolution of Earth and all Her minions--you and me, as we move into this new stage set of the next epoch.

Find your depth, throw out what doesn't serve it, and be the real YOU! That includes letting go of, or healing/forgiving old hurts, blames, feelings of being inadequate or superior, stressed, unheard, abandoned, grasping, craving, insecurity, feeling overcome, and so on. Everyone has their own unique set of debilitating emotional habits. Change your life to accommodate your changes of habit.

And you get there by dedicatedly using all your spiritual practices. Go to neutral! All prosperity, kindness and power live in neutral! That doesn't mean turned off or blocked, it means open to every possibility, knowing without a doubt that your very best solutions and courses of action will simply become apparent to you from the One who loves you most--your own delicious God-Self, your Soul!

So, this clearing out and switching to genuine LOVE is your very, very best survival tool. Nothing can replace that! From that, all happiness will flow--really! So, do your personal healing work and let abundant happiness well up through you this year!


Templates, Trances and Transformation!

June 7, 2016 & Sept. 15, 2009

Can you recognize these Templates of Consciousness from these true stories?  Only the names have been changed "to protect the innocent!"
When Miriam's children were 11 and 8 respectively, she vigorously supported her husband to quit his job--the one that he had carved out for himself, but at which he had grown a tad bored.
She highly encouraged him to take a position that was 2,000 miles away from their extended family and close friends that they had nurtured over the years.  They would give up their cozy home, and move to a region where the people were definitely clannish.  But Miriam and her family didn't carry the identifying marks of that clan, therefore it would be a big challenge to fit in.  And the job that her husband was to take wouldn't pay him any more salary, plus it was on the fringe of his field-not directly in line with his experience or career path.  But she was determined that this was all going to happen!
Then some time after his job negotiations fell through due to a misunderstanding, Miriam had some time to reflect about this whole episode.  She realized that when she was about 11 years old, her dad had ripped their whole family from their cozy nest to move 2,000 miles away so he could make a big career change!  She understood then that she was unconsciously feeling compelled to repeat her parents' life, no matter how difficult that uprooting had been for her as a child.
Recently, I have met a number of people who are also following the life templates that were laid down in them by their parents' actions--whether when they were young, or even from their parents' elder years! 
For instance, some people are getting divorces when their children reached the age that they had been when their parents separated.  The actual reasons for the divorces couldn't be pinpointed, but these folks just seemed to be compelled to carry out this family dissolution.
On the other hand, Martha, fearing that her genes were exactly like her mother's, found that she was facing similar physical/medical challenges as her mother had at her age now.  Since Martha developed some similar symptoms, she also developed a huge fear of what seemed to be the certain medical outcome based on her mother's experience.  Luckily Martha became aware that she had the choice at that point to consciously detour from her mother's difficulties, and improve her health, rather than "succumb to the inevitable!"
Now, Craig found that he had spent years married to a woman who mightily controlled him, although he doggedly took care of her in every detail throughout their 20 year marriage.  In the ensuing 10 years, he spent healing from her disappearance from him--with no warning or even a note, he finally realized that his mom had been an unrealistic tyrant in their family when he was a child.  He had found someone to take his mother's place!
These stories all describe hypnotic subconscious patterns that seem to get locked into our psyches, and then become activated in our lives at "age appropriate times."   We then compulsively repeat the same painful mistakes that our parents' made.  Yikes!
"Templates" are what I call these trance-like hidden patterns.  We weave them into our very deep and profound subconscious "idea" of how we are supposed to live life.  These are the patterns that seem to come from nowhere as we feel pulled to play them out, even though we have no recognition of the scenario we are repeating--no matter how terrible it originally was for us.  We royally screw up our lives without knowing why! 
I have also seen "Reverse Templates."  That is when one totally rejects an aspect of their parents' life and with unbreakable determination turns to the other extreme.  For instance, it is a striking fact that a very high percentage of the people who are quite wealthy now--the "self-made" folks, are from very poor family backgrounds.  Whether they are happier or not is a different story.
Do you recognize any templates in yourself?
Yogi Bhajan had a name for this syndrome.  He said that we suffered from Mother phobias and Father phobias, and that was our main problem!
He also let us know time and again that whatever repeating problem we had, we could just drop it!  Of course, we all thought that was way, way beyond us.  Our difficulties dogged us day in and day out.  How could it be that simple to just switch?
But now, I am getting it!  I see it in myself as well as in so many that I work with. 
When you tune into your Soul to give you very conscious and totally creative direction for all aspects of your life, you give up those hypnotic trances of living from your subconscious templates!  You move beyond being controlled by unseen forces.  You actually free yourself of the tyranny of those hidden compulsions that only bring grief, insecurity and unhappiness!  Oh, yes!
The switch to Soul is simple!  And making a complete habit of living from Soul is what the spiritual path is all about.  It just takes powering up and healing those old templates with daily sadhana (spiritual practice), and tuning into Soul!  The key is to relax, yes, I did say "relax," and go to the zero point!  That is where Soul, your own fun, most trustworthy, creative Self lives.  Enjoy it! 

Become aware of those templates and let them drop!  Be Who you are, now!  Love your Self, love your Soul, and love everyone at their very core, no matter how very ugly they may have been to you or others.  This is actually the way we change the world!

Lots of Love,
Siri-Gian Kaur