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Absolute Fearlessness!

Juen 18, 2016 & December 2, 2014


From “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD

with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD.  Kundalini Research Instititute, 1998. Excerpts from pp. 103-108.  Used with permission. Click this link to purchase this divine book. The footnotes and parentheses are from Siri-Gian Kaur.


If you live in absolute fearlessness, God will live in you because fear and Truth cannot go together.

Every human being is by nature very honest.  All that dishonesty you see displayed is done out of fear.  In your core Reality and nature, there is no such thing as dishonesty.  There is no such thing as lying.  There are many things that have no fundamental existence or necessity. 

And what is your darkness?  Fear.

When you act out of fear you try to draw attention to yourself of out any insanity you can create.  Seeking the attention comes from your darkness and insanity.

People are afraid because when you hear Truth, you also get exposed to your own lies.  You don’t want to hear that.  Why not recognize your Reality rather than pretend and project differently than you are.

Creativity and love come from your sensitivity.  A developed sensitivity in character gives you commitment.  Commitment in turn gives you more sensitivity of character.  They are interrelated.  That is how this planet runs.  That is how this planet runs.  No matter how many millions of suns rise and moons come, there will still be darkness without the touch of the Guru (the teacher aspect of God, of your Soul).

Now this is how it works. 

When you mix anything in your life with fear, it becomes a non-Reality (a non-Truth.  Living in Soul/your God Self is the only Truth or True Reality).

That is because fear itself is a non-Reality.  There is nothing foreign, nothing you are not part of, and nothing that is not for you to face.  You always want to know what is True.  It is your instinct.  Truth is that which has no fear.  Even a Truth spoken in fear is a lie.  When you mix fear with anything it becomes non-Reality.  Your mind links with the ego and instantly creates complex fantasy and side paths. 

That is why in many spiritual disciplines you have a look, a bana (an outfit that identifies you as spiritual or as a follower of a specified spiritual path), that projects your Consciousness and you are afraid to wear it.  You are afraid you will be controlled and that people will ask you for things, seek you out, and demand your top performance and Consciousness.

This is a basic personality conflict within you.  That conflict is based in fear which is based in non-Reality.  When you have this conflict, you do not live a human life.  You live like a bunch of Mr. Fears and Ms. Fears.

All your actions and friendships form out of fear, fear, and more fear.  You are not creating from your Truth, out of relaxation, out of love. 

Please understand what I am saying.  When you become honest within your self and to your Self, before your own Consciousness, there shall not and cannot be any fear. 

You all have that much blindness when you do not use your Consciousness to confront your mind with your Reality. 

Once a great painter came to a swami to show his new paining.  He was very prideful and insecure about it.  He wasn’t certain if it was great and how people would like it.  He went to the swami for a neutral opinion. 

The painter pulled out the painting and said, “Look, Swami-ji, at what I have accomplished.”

The swami said, “Where should I look?” 

The painter said, “There.” But he pointed to the wrong side of the room.

The swami said, “I don’t see any painting there.  The painting is on the opposite side (of the room).”

The painter said, “I can’t see it myself.  I have suddenly gone blind.”

The swami said, “You wanted me to see it, and you can’t see it yourself.  Be blessed.  Unless you stop this fear you’ll never see the reality you created.”


(The painter) was temporarily blind.  His own pride filled him with fear and anxiety.  His ego locked his mind and created a huge pressure so the optic nerve stopped functioning.  That happens to us all the time.  We go temporarily blind and temporarily deaf.  We become temporarily unintelligent.  We cut ourselves off from our Reality and our creativity and live in the non-Reality of a dream world created with our fears.  That is the whole problem.  God never made you to suffer and never gave you the mind to create such tortures.


Which brings us back to Sadhana.[i]

That is where you sit, and dwell in the thoughts and words of the Soul, and peel away all of your non-Reality with the vastness of your Spirit.  If you train your mind this way, then you will discover something for your self.

Sadhana can bring your mind to recognize you and your Reality.  It is a crucial question to ask your self:  “Is there any non-Reality in me?” 

The answer is, “No!” We are as real as God is.  It is our basic nature and conception.  So what has happened to us?  You are afraid.  It starts with your mind.  Your mind is afraid that it will be controlled.  It creates fear and non-Reality to escape YOU (the Real and Authentic You that is sourced in your Real Self, your Soul, your God Self).

That is why it seems so difficult to do a sadhana.  Rise in the morning, clean your self, exercise and direct your mind to Infinity.  Simple.  But the mind knows it is definitely aware of your effort and even the intentions of the effort.  The mind is above time and space.  It calculates the impact and consequence.  That little act of sadhana will contain your mind and make your Consciousness (presence of Soul) the ruler.

Your mind through its own nature forms a self-concept of you within the mind.  It is an identical identity (the ego identity) which is not the real you.  Sadhana puts you with YOU (“YOU” is the identity of your Soul, your God Self, your Real Self projecting through your everyday self).  The Soul which is Infinite is also above time and space.  Your mind knows it.  It reacts against that touch of Consciousness (your awareness from Soul) because it will lose the control, the leverage of the fears. 

As soon as you do a sadhana you will automatically begin to live more righteously and sensitively.  The first sign of that practice is that your “friends” will begin to leave you.  Why?  Because who are your friends?  Normally, your friends are there by fate and circumstance, not by Consciousness and commitment.  They are friends of your habits.  When you become a friend of your Consciousness and dwell with God, you do not need friends.  You may have many friends.  But how could you be lonely?  How could you feel needy and form connections out of emotions, and temperamental reflexes?  That is the Truth.  Can you confront that Truth?  Can you realize and live the Truth?

Yes!  Because it is all in You, and sadhana can bring your mind to your refinement and Reality.




[i] Sadhana means Daily Spiritual Practice.  The Aquarian Sadhana that was originally prescribed by Yogi Bhajan, Starts early in the morning, called the Amrit Vela or Nectar Hours from 2 to 6 AM when the ethers are so very open, making contact with the higher and more refined dimensions or “realms” of consciousness much more accessible.  And of course, those distractions of daily life are not yet awake.


One prepares for Sadhana by getting up about 3:30 AM, and then begin with an almond oil self-massage, cold shower, combing the uncut hair with a wooden comb, arranging the hair into a “rishi knot” or coil on the top of the head—on males this knot is just behind the hairline above the forehead, and on women, it covers the fontanel or where the baby’s soft spot is on top of head, close to the back of the skull.  The uncut hairs act as antennae for energy.  Then cover the head with cotton cloth, which may be in the form of a turban.  Dress in clean cotton clothing, preferably white, which allows physical movement and evaporation as well as free-flow of one’s subtle energy.


Then at 4 AM, one reads the Japji of Guru Nanak, Song of the Soul—about 20 minutes. Words are at , or listen to the original Gurmukhi in the energetic sound vibration of the “naad” at .


That is followed by “tuning in” with the Adi Mantra. .  Then about 40 minutes of a physical Kundalini Yoga set as taught by Yogi Bhajan, usually ending with deep relaxation on the back in “corpse pose.”


Next comes deep meditation. In an easy cross-legged pose, chat and sing the mantras of the”Aquarian Sadhana” .  This is where one works deeply and carefully in their most honest communication with their loving teacher—their own divine Soul!


 Next is a divine hymn for about 10 minutes, , followed by a prayer for the day, and finally the lesson for the day from a random reading or “Hukumnama” from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib—an amazing collection of writings by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs when they were in Divine Consciousness.  Mobile app:


All of this takes 2 ½ hours, or 10% of your day.  This is true work on your own spiritual evolution where you can recognize your mind’s games, fears, lies, blocks and other difficulties for the sake of deeply forgiving and healing them so that you may bit by bit live from Soul’s fearlessness and Truth!  This is where the energetic structure of the mantras reach deeply into the mind to actually clear it and provide a pure, strong, and loving foundation that allows your Soul to be the very core of your life!


Although this sadhana as described is the optimum, many people choose certain Kriyas and meditations to perform for 40 days or more to work on a certain aspect of themselves. .  And the length and time of their sadhana may vary from this prescribed format.




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January 17, 2017 


From "The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets" by Yogi Bhajan, PhD

with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD.  Kundalini Research Instititute, 1998. Excerpts from pp.59-65.  Used with permission.  To purchase this divine book, go to:



With your mind you can view every thought, every feeling, and every part of your life. 


 But you can cover that window with so much dust from your ego that you cannot see your Soul at all.  You can forget your own concept, standards, and who you are in the reality of life.

You, the Real You, can never ever be impure.  You can never be broken, incomplete or a sinner.  All these feelings and phenomena are the result of your mental facets and projections.


They gather together and form a mental breakout, an identical identity that is not real.  The fact is, you are a part of the Soul and the Soul is a part of God, and you are alive because there is a Soul in you and you have the energy of prana to live.  This is it.  But you don't agree with that.  Why?  Because you get caught in your emotions, your traumas, your emptiness, your success, your ambitions, your imagination, and God knows what else.


You should always remain You.  You are supposed to remain you, come what may.  That is the actual strength of your mind when it is clean and clear.  But you do not handle the mind right.  You distort the ego first thing.


 Instead of handling the ego, its attachments, and duties simply as they are, you overstretch the ego.  You inflate it and deflate it until the window of the mind is like those funhouse mirrors.  You overstretch your ego; you attack it as it is; and then you cannot handle the inflation and stretch. 


Every unhappy person has overstretched the ego.

Normally, somebody comes and butters you up.  They bathe you in compliments and kisses.  They pump you up as if they had a foot pump (air pump), and you let it happen!  You agree because it momentarily feels good.  And if somebody comes and deflates you, drags you down, and drenches you in abuse, rumor, and doubt you still agree.  You forget your own reality and dignity and become entranced by those projections out of fear, out of subconscious anxiety, out of many things.  They tell you that you are miserable, and you are. 


All that overstretching and understretching is someone's version of you.  It is a mental concept and projection.  Your subconscious and ego accept it.  You become that other version of you.  If God would have created you to somebody else's version of you, then you would merge into somebody for hours and come out different.  That is not what you are, nor how you are constructed to be.  That is your mental distortion.


This tendency to distort and inflate is a mental dependency that takes you beyond any reality, and that happens in every arena.  It takes you beyond your factual life, and beyond your consciousness to be you. 


You may think the spiritual world is somehow immune to this.  That is not true.  It is the worst of all.  There are many ego trips in the spiritual world.  And spiritual ego is one of the worst, most intractable of all egos. 


One trip is to always separate your cash from your pocket, as if the dollar was a currency in the heavens.  Another is indirect buttering.  Very few spiritual people speak to you straight and blunt.  I am not very young now, and I have seen very, very few.  Most speak like this, "Hummm.  Yeah, I see you are a beautiful and wonderful person.  I feel a great Light around you.  You must be a healer and had great past lives." 


They inflate your spiritual ego and make it even harder to see through the window of your mind.  It doesn't help you with the job of cleaning.  It is better to tell the student what they need to do.  Just tell them, "You are an idiot.  You are doing a terrible job.  You act nonsensically.  Don't do this with your life.  But if you choose, go ahead and walk your own way to hell.  But if you want to change directions, this is the way to be clear and go towards the heavens.  Thank you very much."  If they leave ten dollars, fine.  If not, that is fine.  You did your job and that is it.  You engaged them, looked at them clearly without distortions, classified the problem, computerized the answer and direction, and shared it.  The matter ends.  Sat Naam, Wahe Guru.  Gratitude to God and Guru, there is nothing more.  Job is done.


I have heard people in every church project their own inflations and distortion on every teacher.  Someone listed everything he believed Jesus did.  I listened and finally had to say, "What did Jesus the Christ really do?  You talk like an idiot.  Why don't you do what he did?  He didn't talk this way about himself.  Jesus Christ did a lot of things and didn't do a lot of other things.  But one thing he did for sure. 


Jesus won everybody through the heart, through compassion, and love." 


Beyond that actuality he doesn't exist.  You can stretch it and make a big deal, a huge construction around it.  He lived a simple line of life with an impact and legacy. 


I hear the same about Guru Nanak.  Guru Nanak said this, said that, had this miracle and that


Guru Nanak said one basic thing: "Live in truth."  

Beyond that Guru Nanak didn't say a word.  He lived it and his word lived it.



Buddha said one line, 
"Let your buddhi  guide you to the sattva."  



Let your wisdom guide you to Truth.



Mohammed actually only said one thing.  "Be humble, humble, humble before God." 

And yet so many things are said about him in the service of every spiritual ego.


The spiritual world is not calm, quiet, and peaceful.  It is not a special realm that is minus ego and minus the mind.  Everybody who wears white robes and has a long beard like me is just saintly and godly.  That is not true.  They are still people, and they must still deal with the mind and the ego.  You can have ego.  That is not the problem.  It comes with living.  It comes with the vibrancy and polarities in life.  The problem is when you go with the ego, inflate it, deflate it, and depend on it.


Your spirituality is basic and authentic.  Its natural authenticity does many good things for you.  What supports and carries you through challenge, temptation, and pain?  It is not my money, not my friends, not my power, and not my status.  It is the Light of my Soul that can carry me.  It is my statement, my depth, and my impact from the heart.  You think it is your environments and the things in those environments.  You put a huge amount of energy and time to create those environments.  But then you become a prisoner of them and they will never carry you anywhere.  


The security you thought they would provide turns out to be a blind spot.  It is called mental duality.  With no duality, with innocence and genuine spiritual integrity, you flow with the flow of your spirit.  Then your mind will just serve you and life will be creative, elevated, beautiful, and authentic.  And when it is authentic, you will be trusted. You will be direct, speak the Truth, and never need to manufacture anything negative to manipulate or control anything.


Love is a faculty of the spirit, and it does not know a limit or a definition.


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Slave of the Mind!

From “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD

with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD.  Kundalini Research Instititute, Espanola, NM, 1998.   Excerpts from pages 73-78.  Used with permission.

 12-3-19, 10-27-15

Instead of training your mind and using its power, you have become a slave of the mind.  Your only problem is the misbehavior of your own mind.

 Neither your body does anything wrong, nor your Soul does anything wrong. 

It is very unfortunate when a human being cannot reach the Neutral Mind (your portal to your Soul).

When you cannot reach your Neutral Mind, you are reactive.  You act as a beast instead of a human.  I’m sorry to tell you this, but it is true.  When you cannot reach the Neutral Mind, you never know what is right and what is wrong.  You lack clarity and certainty of your Soul.

We lack a simple, clear analysis of why people lie so much when it harms them.  To start, just think, “What is a lie?”  It is anything spoken with uncommitted language.  And word spoken under fear in which your personality is not clear is a lie.  Lying is not a sin.  Lying is a habit.  It is a damaging habit, but just a habit like any other habit.

Why do people lie?  They lie because they cannot love.  Instead of loving and giving love, they seek to be loved.  They want validation.  They act like little beggars who need the good will of the entire world.  They do not rely on the goodwill of God and validate themselves.

Do not seek anything from people.  Give love instead, and rely on God.

 But remember, God is not different than your own Soul, and that Soul goes through every molecule, every atom of you. 

The problem is that you can divert your mind from Reality (the dimension of Soul and of Truth) temporarily, but you can never ignore Reality.  It haunts you.  It haunts you because everything is a Reality.  It is just as the spiritual insight proclaims:  God is everywhere.

The whole world is Truth and only Truth dwells in it.  Lies (what is not Soul or Soul’s expression through you) don’t.  Therefore, the Truth will continue to haunt you, and the lies will evaporate.  Not only will the lies evaporate, they will evaporate you!

Somewhere along the cycle of the lying and the lies to support the lying, you are caught lying.  And that is it.  You are caught being phony, being jealous, and being belittled.  Caught, caught, caught, caught.

When you are separated from God and came into human form, you were in pain.  You came to a very unknown place called the planet Earth.  You came to unknown people called parents.  You came to unknown environments and food.  First your mother nursed you and then you nursed yourself.  You then grew and then you became passionate to know.  You wanted to experience and to consciously know.

If you guide that passionate self to become the compassionate self, committed and vast, and then you experience God, then life is beautiful.  It is so simple.  Then your mind acts fearlessly with kindness and compassion to express YOU.

The greatest blunder that I have seen that almost everyone makes it to just speak their mind.

It doesn’t make any sense.  They sound like the squawking ducks in a pond.  The mind is not meant to be spoken.  The mind is mostly automatic waves of thoughts and sensations from many sources.  The mind is meant to know the Truth.  Know your own mind and use it to speak the Truth.  Train your mind to speak the Truth in a committed language, so it is beautiful and effective.  If you speak whatever the mind pushes forward, you won’t make any sense.  It will just be a duck language.

To understand how to use your mind and break the web of lies (from your untrained mind that does not dwell in Soul/God) you must grasp the nature of committed language.  Your common observations and expressions are not realities, and Infinity itself cannot be spoken.  This is the normal situation.  And there are so many Infinities in our experience.  God is Infinity.  Love is Infinity.  Commitment is Infinity.  In every facet of our life we have the potential for the Infinity of our projection. 

Projecting with Infinity in our speech is the base of committed language.

Committed language comes from the heart.

Language that does not come from the heart but from the head is nothing but a bunch of lies.  When the head is subject to the heart you are in ecstasy with the Conscious self.  When the heart is subject to the head, it is too ugly to even speak about.

Lies won’t work at all.  They cannot penetrate to the heart, and they cannot take your projection to Infinity beyond time.  They serve only to satisfy your ego.  Your heart, your Soul, and the reality in others are not satisfied.  Sometimes people will listen to you, even with your lies, and out of compassion they will pretend with you.  Later on they realize you are a liar, and then they abuse you.   So, it is totally ridiculous to use lies.

Talk from your heart.  Master the art of committed language, and use your mind to project to the Infinity in every facet of your life.

The Guru’s words in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib are the perfect committed language where the heart commands the mind to serve Infinity.  Once those incantations of the Infinite are in your heart, the Truth will always seem sweet and victory in the life will be yours.





From “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD

with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD.  Kundalini Research Instititute, 1998. pp. 114-115. 

Used with permission. to buy this marvelous book.


What is it like to live with the habit to relate from your Consciousness? 

Hate nobody; love everybody!

It won’t cost you anything.  Love never costs anything.  Love is the most selfish act.  It gives you so much protection, grace and radiance.  It doesn’t give you any smallness or suffering.  The attitude of your conscious living is to love and give grace to someone worthy of your trust.  Even if you know a person who is hopeless and good for nothing, still love him.  Never trust him.  You have that right; this is up to your own conscience and intuition.

When you come from your Consciousness, you need not match those who do not, and who are caught in the tangle of reactions to their own emotions.  You will meet some people who will tell you, “I am leaving you.  I don’t care.  You are nobody.”  But those who belittle you and try to bring you down are just dogs of the time.  They have to bark.  They are emotional creeps who cannot do anything but what they do.  Love them anyway.  Be confident of your own Consciousness and let life be vast and creative as it is.

This may seem hard but your dog cannot cook food for you, can he?  Still you love him.  You have to feed him dog food, right?  He cannot dance with you.  He cannot go to parties.  Your dog cannot do millions of things.  You find a way to love him anyway. 

What happens if another human does the same thing?  They bark; they have teeth; they cannot do anything; and they do not understand your Consciousness.  Don’t get hurt by trusting them.  Do offer trust to life.  When you cannot trust, then at least love.  Hatred will go against you and kill you.  Vengeance will ruin and cripple you.  Anger will rend and cripple your body, and initiate every disease.  Your mind may drop those angers and mistrusts, but they leave a scar in the body and wear it down, so live with lightness and patience.

When you live consciously Conscious with mind and Consciousness balanced, you develop a sensitivity we call reverence.  Then relationships are healing, wise and productive. 

But in this country I have seen that almost every relationship is emotional and temperamental.  There is a tremendous lack of reverence.  Once I surveyed a dozen or so people. 

I asked, “How can you knowingly and rudely abuse somebody, and then expect that one minute later that same person will talk to you and make any sense?”  The answer was, “In this country that is our normal way of speaking.” 

Abuse and familiarity are our norms in communication.  Do you believe that?  I couldn’t believe it.  It is communication without Consciousness or relationship to the Consciousness and subtlety that is you.  If somebody takes advantage of the privilege to communicate, and just abuses, lays his number, or dumps his subconscious, that person has fallen from his own grace—his own grace! 

If you live with that attitude of reverence for yourself and all others, you will be healthier, happier, and more effective.  Live Consciously.  Try it as an experiment for one week.  Test it.  Relate to others from your Consciousness and nothing else.  You will be surprised how great a load you will drop.  In just one week without emotional and commotional interlocking, with your mind alert and Conscious, experience how light you will feel.  As that load drops, you will feel totally new, and even sickness will drop away before your eyes.

Take a chance and live consciously.  Be Light and polite and beautiful, just as Guru Amar Das showed us by serving all.  Call all your friends and three people that you hate the most, and be kind and clear.  Share your self and the feeling to just act and speak with reverence and love.  It is called Conscious living, and it gives you and your mind vastness in reality.

Sat Naam.



Now, I have found this advice from Yogi Bhajan to be so very, very true!  But the one thing that you have to remember is that when you send love and kindness to another person who is being abusive, they may still express their anger, ridicule, etc.  But the important thing is that you must not get involved in any kind of reaction to that.  


Use your amazing Heart , which is the healing energy of pure love without any expectation of what will happen next or "love hooks" that call for them to return your love. Remember, loving the other person is primarily for YOU so that you don't injure yourself!


The other person may or may not quit their nastiness.  Nut sending them love in the face of this abuse will help you ease out of feeling bad about the encounter, yourself or the other person because you realize that they are actually expressing their own pain towards you.  At that point, you are not responsible to carry their pain or their abuse towards you.


Rather, talk to Soul about it to get the wisdom.  Give it up entirely to Soul, or God, Guru Ram Das, etc. for recycling.  Yes, "Letting go and letting God" really does work!  But you have to be sure to fully GIVE IT TO God, not just ask God to take it away!  There is a big difference.  


Let go of any need for Justice, etc.  Just send love and kindness.  You will be much better off for it, and I bet that it might actually confuse the abuser.  But at least you don't have to scar your own body and mind with the anger and ugliness, and you become free!


One caveat.  If someone close to you--whether in your family, at work, etc. continues to act abusively, then please create your realistic boundaries.  Make it kindly clear to them that their behavior is not acceptable.  Remind them each time they try to hurtfully cross those boundaries, then please both of you see a therapist, or get other kind of counseling.  If this doesn't work, then leave the relationship.  Stay protected in your Consciousness.


Try it!  As Yogi Bhajan says, "Experiment with it!"



Mind’s Blind Spot

From “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD

with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD.  Kundalini Research Instititute, 1998. pp. 112-114. 

Meditation on p. 170, “Projection 11, Doer.”

Used with permission.


Your mind acts through three Functional Minds, each with its own form and characteristics:  Negative, Positive, and Neutral.  With these Functional Minds, your mind will push and pull you anyway it wants.  Your mind can trick you and create mazes that you can’t believe.  It can take away all your physical, personal, and spiritual pride. 

Your mind can drag you like a dead rat, and you will not know it. 

It can make you feel belittled.  The mind, in one second can swing you for the North Pole to the South Pole.  It can make you see things that are totally irrelevant or insignificant as the only important facts in your life.  The mind is more powerful than your estimate, more than you can think, imagine, or even feel.  This blind spot happens because whatever your ego feels, the mind interprets it, expands it, and shrinks it. 

The mind, faster than fast, automatically interprets each feeling according to its own frequency and according to the chakra it is relating to.

You are human beings.  Why do you have to act like desperate idiots?  Why?  It is not a requirement.  It is not a necessity.  The nub of the problem is you do not have the habit to relate to consciousness consciously.  ( )  You need to build in a habit for conscious living.  This is a great and practical truth, a basic principle in Humanology: 

When you relate to consciousness your neuroses will fall away. 

No one who starts to relate to consciousness can be neurotic at all.  What is it like to live as a neurotic?  Neurotic people are deceitful.  They lie.  They act unfriendly, and they are often merciless.  When you interlock with your mind and become neurotic, it is a complicated affair. 

There are 36 other qualities that invalidate and disqualify you as a conscious being.  Your anger and ego get stuck together.  That is the usual way you become neurotic.  You can change this. 

When you bring your Soul and your will together you become conscious.  (Meditation to Develop Will Power is below.)

 It is all you and it is all about you.  When you live consciously, you make a choice.  That choice has to be valid and fully from the heart; a choice without duality and with complete clarity.  Then you direct your mind—your head—to act on it.  You direct your mind to commit and go for the goal you choose.

This is a way of living.  It is a relationship to your mind from your consciousness.  You should try to practice with a simple homework assignment. 


Sit down and on a sheet of paper create four columns.  In the first column, write down any subject or question of your life.  Then in the three remaining columns write down your comments, feelings, and thoughts from three perspectives.  Be direct and honest in each mental position.  Write your Personal Choice, and lastly write from your Conscious Choice.  If you write cut and dried, straight, and honestly, you may be surprised to find how different you are on each issue.

I say to you today, if God has blessed you with a desire for conscious living and has given you a spiritual path, then take it.  Walk with it.  Excel in it.  Grow with it.  Then the most fascinating experience is that everything will grow with you.

At any stage of our life, if we can sincerely and very honestly relate to the integrity of our own consciousness and start living consciously, we will start living happily.

When we connect to that integrity, we will project that consciousness along well-defined paths and conceptions of our self. 

·         The one who works and makes others to work selflessly is a Karma Yogi.

·         One who lives religiously and inspires others to join is a Dharam Yogi.

·         One who dwells in God each moment of life and makes others to dwell in God is a Brahm Yogi

·         One who understands the subtlety and the great essence of life is a rishi.

·         One who has mastered his tattvas and the use of all nine gates is a swami

·         One who lives in truth, who practices truth, and spreads truth is a Sikh.

·         One whose personality is filled with radiance and who projects truth by his or her presence is a Khalsa.

These paths and conceptions are well-defined, well-created, and well-documented.  They establish conscious living, giving you a chance.  You all have a chance with this body, mind and breath.  It is a priceless chance, not a million- or billion-dollar chance, but a chance worth trillions of dollars.



It gives the capacity to understand the elements of your personality.  It is perfect to overcome difficulty in completing projects and doing what you intend.

Sit in a meditative pose.  The arms are straight and extend forward parallel to the ground and face each other.  Put the inside of the wrists together.  Then spread the palms apart as far as you can as though pushing against a wall.  The eyes are slightly open looking down at the tip of the nose.  Begin to rhythmically chant:

Sat naam sat naam sat naam

Sat naam sat naam sat naam

Wha-hay gur-roo

Continue for 11 minutes.


The Origin of Your Self-Defeating Patterns

By Yogi Bhajan


Your mind must not intrigue you and en-trance you into its intrigues.

The mind must serve you. 

The mind has to be developed to give you supportive strength.  There is no reason to be unhappy other than the pain you get from the results of these intrigues.  I have never been unhappy, neither in America nor in India.  I don’t believe anyone here wants to live unhappily of do anything wrong or corrupt.

You know better than to be unreal and to play games.  You know if you lie and play games that it will come back to you ten times stronger.  Then why do you act wrong?  Why do you engage in endless petty games?  You do it because your mind is ruled by mental fogginess.  That fogginess comes from the power and craftiness of your mental intrigues.  You have intelligence and common sense, but you don’t meditate regularly to clear out the mind.

When you fail to meditate, the combined strength of your subconscious and your thoughts catches you.  This combination, when the subconscious links with the play of the mind, is the origin of mental intrigues and most of your self-defeating patterns.

You need a habit to relate to your mind.  You need to sit with your mind and review it, polish it, and direct it.

You do not need to invite in an enemy or call on bad luck to have trouble in your life.  You are already in trouble when you let your mental intrigues go unchecked. 

If your inherent creativity expands that intrigue, your mind will spin it, magnify it, and spread it in every direction.  It will weave that intrigue into your words and then project those words to every part of your mind.  The result is you lose track of your real Self and become shallow, hollow, and full of games.  You lose your power of prayer.  You lose your innocence.  There is no one who can save you from this mess other than yourself.

Your ability to get into trouble was given to you at the same time as your ability to excel and be great. 

It started in the very beginning.  When our Soul was sent to the beautiful planet, it was to test your love for God and for your Truth.  God said to your Soul, “I gave you the gift of the mind.”

Your Soul said, “Just one mind with one power?”

God said, “No, as many minds as you need to do any action.  Each part of the mind will have its own positive power as well as its own mechanism and intrigue.”

The Soul asked, “What can it do for me?”

God said, “When you are on this planet Earth, you will be subjected to time and space and constant tests.  But your mind always has the capacity to act beyond time and space.  Simply direct it toward Me.”


From the book, “The Mind: It’s Projections and Multiple Facets,” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD. , Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, copyright 1998.  Excerpt from Chapter 5, pp. 51-52. $24.95




Secret Science to Reach God!     

Pratyahar, July 10, 2012, January 5, 2015


From a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, August 25, 1978, printed in “The Aquarian Teacher” Level One Textbook, published by KRI—The Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, USA, First Edition, copyright Yogi Bhajan 2003, used here with permission.  The following article is comprised of consecutive excerpts from Yogi Bhajan’s lecture on pages 130 to 132.  When you see these dots …., this means that I have left something out for the sake of fitting this teaching into the space we have for this article.


Many, many thousands of years ago, the sages sat down and divided the science of yoga into eight different aspects.  I would like to talk to you about one part.  It is called pratyahar.  Pratyahar is a secret science to reach God.  You won’t find it discussed fully in any books.  All they say is, Pratyahar means “to contract.”  Contract what?  They don’t explain it…..

The most beautiful art of yoga and the most pure science of yoga is pratyahar.  Pratyahar means, correctly in English, contract or synchronize.

I will give you an example.  Some of my students today sent me a birthday present.  I should feel very grateful that the present has come, and they wanted me to participate by thanking them.  But when I saw it, I couldn’t immediately thank them.  Since at that time, I had been analyzing just what pratyahar is.  It is a habit to synchronize towards God.  So, immediately out of my mouth came.  “Blessed is Lord God, who has given them the heart.”

I could have said, “Thank you, they are beautiful.”  But nothing like that happened, and I started wondering why I could not say that.  A gift is a source of happiness.  But who provides the gift and who is the ultimate provider of the gift?  If the consciousness does not synchronize immediately and focus on that point, you are not a yogi….

Pratyahar is also called the science of Dedicated Devotion.

It is not a simple devotion.  Simple devotion is, “Thank you, God.”  That’s simple devotion.  But it is also a dedication because when anything comes, you say, “Thank you, God for making me thank You.”  It is of a very high caliber.  It is a very simple process for getting away from sensuality and sexuality when they bring you to Earth.  Thank God for the Earth, and then God won’t let you go down the tube.  It is the power of the Word of God that you are not limited.  The moment you are unlimited, you cannot fall apart.  You will only fall apart because of ego.  You can’t fall apart because of God.  Ego confines you to limits, and your spirit then gets inflated.  When your spirit gets inflated in Infinity, because you are in mental Infinite, then you are divine.  But when your spirit gets inflated when you are confined, then you are like a balloon….

To practice pratyahar means one must synchronize, analyze, and totally shell out everything, and realize the praise of God out of everything….

In Anand Sahib the science of pratyahar is explained in such a beautiful manner.  This is where the Guru talks to the eyes, the Guru talks to the ears, the Guru talks to the breath, the Guru talks to the life.  All these similies are nothing but the science of pratyahar, which is further than pranayam.  In the entire Siri Guru Granth Sahib and in gurbani, wherever the mind has been addressed, it is pratyahar.

Re man eh bid jog kamaao.  –Guru Gobind Singh

Oh, my mind, practice yoga in this way.

When a person directs his own mind analytically towards Infinity, that process is pratyahar.

The science of spirituality is the science of union.  Technically speaking, the science of mind is the source of happiness, and when you cannot do pratyahar, you cannot be grateful to God, that Infinite Source which continually gives to you.  Then you can never learn to enjoy that thing.  A thing which does not come to you from Infinity cannot be with you to Infinity. 

Remember this law of cosmic consciousness.  If material things come to you because of Infinity and you have the synchronization of dedication of your consciousness to feel that it comes from Infinity, then you have grace.

The cause of all is the Infinite….

So the science of pratyahar is an analytical, standardized, mental state of consciousness in which you analytically understand that the very depth and source of any existence coming towards you or going away from you—the cause of all causes—is Infinity….

The Language of Pratyahar:

The dialogue of the finite and Infinite becomes one when you merge with Infinity.  It changes the language, it changes the scope, it changes the desire field, it changes every electromagnetic approach and frequency right away.  I have met some people who have that frequency.  I have talked to them and they don’t talk scriptures.

I’ll tell you something.  Once I came home from college and I met my grandpa.  He received me, and all he said was, “Blessed is this blessed time.  God must be very present that He has given me the opportunity to see my grandson in a very joyful and divine way.”

I looked around.  I said, “Have I turned into an angel?”  I moved my hands and arms up and down as if they were wings.  He knew that I am very humorous, so he asked, “You are finding your wings?”

I said, “Yes, Grandpa.  I am just trying to look at myself.  Perhaps my wings have grown and you might have seen them.”  He said, “Yes, your radiance is so excellent.  I am seeing the very excellence of His Grace through you and your presence.  Come on, sit down, let us talk.”

Can you believe this language?  Just an ordinary meeting with a grandchild, that’s all.  It is not that you have to sing slokas, take out the Rig Vedas, or always quote the Bible to prove you are very religious.  If you can talk like Infinity, feel like Infinity, and deal like Infinity, then you become a living Infinity.

But first you have to totally synchronize—pratyahar.




From “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets,” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD and Gurucharan Singh, PhD, KRI, Espanola, NM, 1998.  Pages 93 to 100.  Used with permission.  Order yours at  

Does the Camel of Your Mind Squash You?

By Yogi Bhajan

Pg. 94-95

On the spiritual path you have to pass through your mind, your power in experience, to reach the Soul.  But mind is not bound in time and space.  So you must create a focus, an identity, a sensitivity to be beyond time and beyond the challenge of space.  Then the Soul is always immediate an present.  It gives you a flow and makes your presence glow.

The Guru (scriptures called the Siri Guru Granth Sahib) puts the situation in a single line:

Man Vidh chaanan vaykhiaa

Man means the mind.  Vidh means to make a hole, like when you punch a hole in the earlobe to put in earrings.  Man vidh is a very beautiful phrase.  It means you penetrate through the mind and make a hole in it, like a pearl, or a bead.  That is a procedure.  A condition to walk the path, man vidh.  Then the Guru completes it: Man vidh chaanan vaykhiaa.  Chaanan is the Light, the Infinite reality.  Vaykiaa is to see.  So, you must go through the mind, penetrate it, and through that hole see the Light beyond.  That is what Soul is.  That is also what God is.  That vision takes you beyond your reactions and carries you for the long run to Infinity.

The mind is like a camel.  Have ever gone on a camel ride?  If you are not an expert you will tear your skin and pull your muscles and legs along with every other part.  To ride the camel successfully you have a special way to sit on it, and a special way of synchronizing with its motion.  And if you are very lucky you have a nail through its nose so that you can direct it.  Then it can carry you over endless deserts.  If on one day that nail is gone, you will remember that day well!  The camel, by nature, knows all kinds of tricks to throw you.  It loves to do it.  Then, after you fall hard from about ten feet, the camel has a very effective policy.  It sits on the ex-rider and relentlessly grinds it and finally kills it.  Now, this is exactly what the mind does to you.  You need to punch the hole and conquer the mind, ride it in synchrony to your path.

The mind is supposed to be your power, your instrument, and your projection.  It can tell you where you are and what is going on.  But that very mind becomes your enemy and it kills you.  It brings your downfall.  It was given to you to connect you to God, and to help you express and experience you.  How can you put that nail in?  How can you create the hole in the mind and see the beacon of the Soul’s Light?

Pg. 96

The problem with walking the spiritual path is that you are tested at every step.  Each step expands you, lifts you, and gives you elevation.  But on the neurotic path, the path of ego, you enjoy every step, but every step is just flat.  No lift, no elevation.  You get so tied into it that soon nothing can reach you.   Ego is the very capacity to the finite.  You say, “I am.  These are my things.  This is my life.  Nobody can tell me anything.  I’ll do whatever I want to do.”  In the end it confines you tremendously and tragically.  You give no attention to your destiny and lose perspective.  You live life through the mind’s reactions; you do not feel you as you. You do not penetrate to the Soul and live from your heart.  You avoid the tests and never gain your uniqueness in your Destiny.  The immediate pleasure of the ego cuts you out of the picture and drags you away from the Soul.  Choose that path and you will never penetrate through your own mind and see the Light of the Soul, which the part of God that is in you.

I understand your insecurities, your desire to not be tested, and your desire for happiness.  Your mind becomes satisfied and happy when you get feelings of security on the Earth.  You think, “My job is good.     My car is great.  My home is fine.  My sex life is good.  My blood pressure is fine.  My food is good.”  Everything you have is fine and good.  

But are you fine?  That is harder to answer, but everything hangs on it.  You are that you which is above everything.  You can never be this, or that.  You are that you which is You and You alone.  That is the secret of your Soul.  You must be alert because the mind’s reactions can lull you away from that close reality of your Soul.  That is called temptation.  It comes in every form, some subtle, some not.

In this article, Yogi Bhajan goes on to explain three ways to move from the mind into the Consciousness of Soul:

1.        Your spiritual name that names your Destiny.  It names the “location” of your Destiny and helps you trust your true identity.  Pg. 95.  “When you think of that person and repeat a name that calls a destiny in them, you pray for that person and that person is blessed each time.”

2.       Conscious choice:  “Each drama becomes a choice between temptation (following your habitual, unconscious mind) and Consciousness (living in the frequency of the ‘Aquarian Dimension’, listening to and following your Soul’s direction).  In giving into temptation of the mind, you lose your Self.”

3.       Pg. 97. Guru’s Shabad:  “So, what other power can we use to put the hole in the mind?  What pearl can focus us beyond the immediacy of the ego?  The problem is you cannot control your own mind with your ego.  It only produces more of the same and more complications.  The Guru tells us this and gives us a tool to control and understand the mind:

Gurshabadee eh man horee-ay                --From a verse of a poet of Guru Gobind Singh’s courtThis mind can be controlled only with the Guru’s Word.   

It is not just any words.  It is special.  What is the Guru’s Shabd?  Guru’s Shabd is words and rhythm and meaning (mantra, banis—certain prayers, reading the Siri Guru Granth Sahib) that gives you an automatic stamina whenever you face a test, a situation, or a temptation to betray your consciousness.  When you train the mind with the Guru’s Shabd, you develop a condition, a faculty called naam chit aveh—the identity of your spirit, and God comes to you instantly in your mind.  Those words come to you when you are in difficulty, you are in pain, you are in trouble, or you are in a good situation.  They come in your mind automatically like a sprinkle of water.  Then it blossoms in you.  It establishes an attitude of gratitude.  And that gives you a balance and an antidote to the egomaniac mind.

From Siri-Gian Kaur—It is really worthwhile to get your own copy of this book and to study it with your whole mind, heart and Soul.  You will be all the richer for it!


From “The Mind, Its Projections and Multiple Facets” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD, copyright 1998, Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, USA, p. 53. Available at

The Beginning of the Era of Happiness!

Published as a Soul Answer Newsletter, Dec. 6, 2011 & Oct. 7, 2014

“Sometimes you sense when you are caught by your mental intrigues and feel limited and small.  You react and try to expand any way you can.  You may try to blow apart the feeling of limitation by stimulating the mind with drugs or with some type of extreme or extraordinary experience.  That approach just causes more problems and pain.  Anything that pushes you up and out instantly and unnaturally will have a powerful reaction of at least equal force that pulls you down and back in.  Your efforts will backfire.  You can’t become spiritual or wise overnight by some grand effort.  You cannot be impatient and greedy and gobble God like It is a cookie.

To stop the games and mental intrigues and to truly be happy you must develop a consistent attitude of human life in which you can excel above time and space, using your mind at the frequency of your Soul.  That is the attitude of a happy person.  Every other approach and short-cut will prove to be false.  Any approach that relies on holding onto some aspect of finite time and space will fail because time and space constantly change.  Everything that changes will always create duality and paradoxes because of the Law of Polarity and Complementary.  That is why you have a deep and profound instinct to feel the Infinite in you, a spiritual longing.  The One that you all worship and love, and that you want to be is also that which never changes, is beyond time and space, and is always present.”

The first signal that lets you know you are in trouble with your mental intrigues is the feeling that you have to confront your own mind.  It happens when you begin to feel you cannot handle a situation, and suddenly you are here and your mind is over there.  Nobody wants to lose his or her grip on a situation.  It is threatening and you react immediately.  You and your mind confront each other.  The mind is the only tool you have.  Whether you succeed or fail, you do it with your mind.

Recognize that your mind has its own nature, virtues, and mechanisms.  It has both a Positive and a Negative Mind.  Let it have the swings and polarities that come with the play of its parts, but do not allow it to confront you.  When you confront that which gives you your strength, it only creates confusions, weakness, and mistakes.

Instead of confronting it, what should you do?  Train it.  You can train a dog.  You can train parrots to walk a tight-wire and fire a toy gun.  Monkeys are trained to help the disabled; they serve also as the best human assistants.  What about training your mind?  The best approach is to apply the mind.  When you apply the mind, it becomes engaged in the task or the experience you give it, so it won’t confront you.  Talk to your mind.  Create a relationship to apply and engage it.  Tell your mind, “I am the source of God.  I am the Soul within myself.  I am living with the Light of God, therefore you must go with me.”  Create a partnership with your mind.

When you talk to your mind, assess it.  Don’t be anxious or afraid.  As you start talking to it, it will stop working on its other games.  This mind is the biggest game player in the world and it’s right within you.  Once you have a relationship to it, it listens and it cannot play a game to slip something past you or to skip over you.  It cannot do anything to you.  You begin to use it and ultimately to master it.  When you master it you will become masterminded.  That marks the beginning of the era of happiness.


“What is there to TRUST or not TRUST?” 

Yogi Bhajan, March 29, 2011

From Siri-Gian Kaur:

In our INTUITION TRAINING COURSES, beginning with “The Art of Soul Listening!” folks actually learn to hear the voice of their own Soul, their God Self leading them in the most cozy and divine way.  And they become able to discern that Voice from that of their ego, or mind, or “everyday self”.  That’s the easy part.

The challenge is that Soul often gives us simple direction without also giving the whole picture, and not detailing the entire path, along with the expected outcome. 

Consequently, trying to follow Soul can throw you into a quandary when you are not used to easily following Soul at every minute.  Habits of confusion and mistrust often arise from the mind or “everyday self” who still feels a great need to be in charge of your welfare by judging each courses of action from every angle to determine its expected benefits before it commits to a decision.  But of course, Soul doesn’t usually give that.  Problem is, everyday self is really short sighted and just can’t see where Soul is leading it. 

So, here are some of Yogi Bhajan’s wonderful words that touch on going beyond that TRUST issue, and tells us where our Soul/your God Self will take us if we indeed clear and elevate our mind to follow our Soul!


From Yogi Bhajan:

Excerpt from: The Mind: It’s Projections and Multiple Facets by Yogi Bhajan, PhD with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD, Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM, copyright 1988, pp. 82-83.

“Why don’t you use that time (from 4 to 8 AM and 4 to 8 PM for Sadhana—daily yoga and meditation)?  Why not rise in the twilight of early morning and prepare yourself?  You sense the change in energy, why not elevate yourself and refine your mind and its faculties?

You don’t even get up just to face a problem that bothers you. 

The fact is, you are a part of this cosmos and the cosmos is part of you.  You open your eyes to face the universe and all of its problems!  And you do not want to accept this.  You are too insecure to face this reality.  You revert, invert, and divert your mind to not look. 

When you open your eyes, don’t open them to see how to be rich.  Open your eyes to be able to make people rich.  Don’t open your eyes to become wise or gather knowledge.  Open your eyes to make other people wise.  Become vast and remember that you are part of this entire cosmos.  It’s a cosmos that should be served by you and the legacy of your wisdom, love, affection, sweetness, kindness, and your compassion and caring.  Train your mind to relate to your totality and to act without fear.

Your mind vibrates and will deliver your thoughts.  It has a mechanism.  The sushmanaa, the central (energy) channel of the spine, connects to the shashaaraa, the crown chakra.  Each projected thought will vibrate a thousand in return, and those go to the cosmos like an indelible record.  For each negative thought, you have to face one thousand negative thoughts.  For one negative action, you’ll have to face the impact of one thousand negative actions.  But you don’t know your mind and its Facts.  The result is someone is rude to somebody.  Someone doubts and mistrusts somebody.  Why? 

For each disrespect, you’ll in turn not be respected.  This lack of grace, mistrust, and abuse is a habit.  You did not train your mind to realize you are here for only a few years and have a chance to serve, touch, and leave a legacy for all.  God has trusted you and respected you enough to give you this body and to put two of you together in this huge world.  What is there to TRUST or NOT TRUST?

Will you live isolated, mistrusting, and small?  It is against your nature.  Problem is not whether you will live and how rich you can be.  The problem is how much impact you have, how many legacies you leave, how much grace you show, and how much vastness you experience. Will you die like a little worm, burrowed in the earth, where no one, not even a grandchild will remember you and have thanks?  That is a choice.  That is why you encounter the mind.  That is why you rise in the twilight (early morning hours) to become a huge Light!


You have permission to reprint this article either online or in print as long as you keep the copyright large and readable.

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011


The Naad: Your Power Tool!


Yogi Bhajan:

From “The Master’s Touch,” by Yogi Bhajan, PhD., Kundalini Research Intsitute, now in Espanola, NM. Copyright 1997 KRI.  page 251.

“You decide everything with your head.  You are so ugly, so unwanted, so cruel, so negative, that even the matters of heart you decide with your head.

Folks, you are your own enemy.  This is the time to get awakened.  This is the time to look at yourself.  You can’t even read another man’s face.  Is he hurting or pleasing, is he straightforward or not, is the person believing, or not believing?  Nothing.  You have your own thing. And you happen to be here to learn to be Teachers.

Drop your prejudice against yourself—Number One.  Drop your limitation against yourself, and drop your insecurities against yourself.  Drop yourself unto the Altar of the Creator.  You will never need an alternative.  God shall come through your case, in person.

God is everywhere, waiting for you to call.  His zip code is His mantra.  Mantra is just like that:  you take a stone and your throw it in the water, and constant waves go.  That is what mantra is all about.  It is to be remembered, remembered, remembered.  It is to be chanted inside of you with your heart, your mind, your body. 

The only longing you have is to repeat it.  It may be difficult to begin with, but soon God will come through you and work for you.”


From Siri-Gian Kaur:

For so many years, I had heard about the sound current—the “naad” that is generated by chanting or remembering mantra or reading your banis (special prayers) or the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh scriptures that were written by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs).  It never quite made sense to me until recently, and now I am trying to figure out how to tell you about it.  It’s like trying to describe how a computer works before computers were invented.

It seems that there is a “creative reality” that operates as a “creative matrix” of energies, which is a refined dimension above time and space.  It coordinates all of the energies that are finally molded into the time and space of our “hard reality,” what we call our everyday life. 

This “creative matrix”, which has its own incredible intelligence takes in all of the raw material—such as our emotions, our grasping and yearnings, our belief systems (e.g. “nobody loves me”), as well as the great group subconscious of humanity, and our own great, although often unrecognized  desire for conscious reunion with the Creator.  It reorganizes all of these energies that create situations, connections and have stuff funneled our way, and delivers them to us in our daily life.

So, if the energies that we transmit into that creative matrix are tangled—such as self-anger, habits of victimization, etc., we get back what we put in.  But if we want to straighten out those tangled energies that finally are folded back into what is created as our lives, then we use certain powerful tools that can comb out our tangled energies, so they are returned to us in a much more organized, flowing, connecting manner. 

One of these great tools to actually change our energy that enters the “creative matrix” mix is the “combing” and smoothing power of the “naad,” the sound current of the mantras, the banis, and the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.  Each of these energy tools has their own special “flavor” of smoothing and rearranging.  That is why Yogi Bhajan could tell us what each one is for.  He identified the quality of the energy of each of the mantras, etc. 

And when we drop our subconscious control of those tangled energies that emanate from us, and leave it up to the Master Intelligence of the Creative Matrix to rearrange things for us, no matter what the outcome may be, we are no longer shooting ourselves in the foot.  “Drop yourself unto the Altar of the Creator.”  That is non-attachment as all the yogis and the Buddha taught.

So, the “Secrets” for operating in great harmony with the Creative Matrix are:

1.       Use of the “naad” to change the frequencies we broadcast out, and that will come back to us.

2.       Neutrality, giving up control, humility, non-attachment, devotion, yet still holding the space or intention without squeezing the unlimited life of it.  Letting it happen as it may.

I am sure that scientists of the future will formulate good explanations of this amazing operation!  But for now, we use this applied technology of the “naad” and neutrality to straighten out the situations of our lives.  We are so grateful!

Why not try this one for Green Abundance .

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

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Yogi Bhajan’s Death Experience

Yogi Bhajan had just finished a steep climb up to Vaishnoo Devee’s cave, a sacred shring in India.  After taking Ice-cold water, he lost consciousness.  In his own words he recounts his experience.

You have two paths to go in the first five seconds when you die.  When the Soul is going from the pranic body into the subtle body, its total weight is reduced to less than ¼ oz. and the size of the first thumb joint, like a gas flame.  That’s how it leaves.  Afterwards, it goes through a cylindrical movement, just like a cylinder, and it is very peaceful.

Death is very peaceful.  It is the most peaceful experience in the world.  I went through it personally.  And after going through the cylindrical experience, you reach a point where you feel very calm, very peaceful and very together.

Before that, in that time you are shown the entire action of your life in a panorama, showing from  the first breath to that second. 

There is nothing like it in life.  You don’t know you have done bad, good—it’s your karma.  You condemn yourself or you accept yourself, that is your problem.  And when you go in the cylindrical thing and you reach a point of calmness, quiet and peacefulness, there comes a big circle of light, very bright. 

On one side you will see a kind of a beautiful old, grayish door.  You always see it.  None of you can go without this process.  And inside you see warm, and you can smell food.  If you turn that way, that is the path to reincarnation.  On the other side you find a straight path going through icy snow mountains.

Choose!  On both sides are your relatives whom you love and like.  At that moment I sood still and I thought, “No, I am not going to either side because this is a holy place where I have fallen unconscious, and to die here will mean that all people who go to such holy places of pilgrimage will lose the faith.”

I bent down in prayer and I said, “Oh, Divine Mother, I mean you no harm to the faith of the people.”

She replied, “Then go back and spread the faith.”

When I woke up there were about 30 or 40 blankets around me.  The doctor had already declared me dead and it was all over.  When I got up, they all ran away.  The doctor privately told me, “It was 45 minutes ago that you died.”

I just decided not to go.  It was a holy place and I thought none of my family would go there if I died there.

Yogi Bhajan’s Meditation on Death

 Originally taught Nov. 2, 1986, Los Angeles

The night before, set your alarm for 15 to 20 minutes earlier than your normal wake-up time.  When your alarm goes off, follow these ten steps.

1.        Don’t get up.  Say “Wha-hay Guroo.”

2.       Lie in Corpse Pose (flat on your back with the arms next to your sides and the palms up).  Consciously die.

3.       Relate to your Soul.

4.       Decorate your subtle body with the mantra “Wha-hay Guroo” as you would decorate the Palki Sahib with flowers.  (A Palki Sahib is a covered sacred carriage or altar for the Sikh scriptures or Guru, which has four poles on each end to allow the sangat or congregation to carry it.)

5.       Make a Palki of it.  Walk and chant

6.       Carry it yourself to the Infinity of God.

7.       Settle there, purify yourself and enjoy the ecstasy.

8.       Then with the speed of one utterance of the word “Wha-hay Guroo,” come back into your body.  This will give you mastery over space.

9.       Next, come into Dhandwaat Pranaam:  Lie flat on your stomach with the heels together.  The arms are outstretched in front of you with the palms in Prayer Pose.  Thank God.  This will give you mastery over space.

10.   Start your day.

Practice this for at least forty days.  You can also extend it up to three to six months, so you may never forget it at the time of death.

From the book “Dying into Life, the Yoga of Death, Loss and Transformation” by Jivan Joti Kaur (Guru Terath Kaur), copyright 2006 Guru Terath Kaur.  P. 148 Yogi Bhajan’s death experience, p. 172 Meditation on Death. To order your copy of this great 319 page book of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, personal experiences, kriyas, mediations, and mantra CD, please e-mail your request to her at .  Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.


Here is an article by Yogi Bhajan as spoken to Siri-Gian Kaur

Do You Know What I Want from You?

Jue 23, 2015 & May 25, 2010

Do you know what I want from you?

I want your Soul!  I want your whole Being!  I want you to experience It with full breadth, depth and comprehension.

You know that I have given you every exercise, every breath, every inspiration, indication, mantra and technology to fully flourish in your own Soul!  But when faced with your own most precious Being, you vacillate, you hold back, you don’t give it room or credence.  You lose it, you let it slip away!

Don’t you know what your Soul feels like by now?  Don’t you know Its sweet voice by now?

My very precious ones.  Have your forgotten who I am?  I am the Master that brought you this path.  Yes.  But I am more than that.  I am something that you didn’t see while I was with you.  I am your guide through thick and thin—through the most dense forests of human nature. 

I am HERE!  I am HERE! 

I am with you all of the time.  Turn to me at every second.  Let me wipe your tears.  Let me scold you when you need it.  Let me love you, love you, love you.

Over lifetimes, have you forgotten how grand and impeccable you are?  Look back to see who drove those dirty ideas in your head to make you feel that you are less than Who you are.  You will find a long line of “friends,” and “relatives” who helped you with that along the way.

Now is the time to not fight yourself—any part of yourself.  No, no, no.  Be confident that this is the state that your Soul has brought you to, and from here you can reach your essence—with power, with love, with kindness, grace, contentment and relaxation. 

When you do this quick little yogic exercise (Relate to Your Own Essence), relax totally.  It will do you no good if you are uptight for the full three minutes.  Instead, take some time to breathe and relax first.  Then sink into the joy of the precious name of your own Soul with the mantra.  That is what you are naming in that mantra!

Know Who you are!  How many times have I told you that, Darlings.  Now is the time.  You don’t have a lot of time left before you drop the luxury of remaining befuddled.  The pressure is upon you.  Now is the time to come to your very pure vibration, your ease, your contentment and commonality.

Love yourself, love your Self.  That is what I am looking for and will be holding your hand to love you for rock solid support!

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2010.

You may reprint this article on another website or blog, or on paper if you include the above copyright.




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